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Hello, you wanted my dino Tears of a Dying Angle right? Still interested?
5:55am Dec 21st, 2017
Sorry no.
6:10pm Apr 2nd, 2017
sorry, not for sale
3:10pm Mar 22nd, 2017
9:31pm Jan 21st, 2017
Could you message me personally? I'll try and help you out.
3:34pm Jan 4th, 2017
Sadly no. I'm currently saving up.
3:22pm Jan 4th, 2017
changed the price...I'm trusting that you honor our agreement (3 scales next week?)
8:42am Dec 31st, 2016
Thanks for the reason. I been watching your dinos over the last few days and I am not happy that you are caring for yours so the rule on my page from 2015 sticks and the answer is no, There is herbies in the shop and people do auctions for them
7:00am Dec 30th, 2016
give me 1 reason why i should give you anything when you dont care for your dinos and kill the herbies you do have for meat
1:23pm Dec 27th, 2016
Sadly I cannot do that, sorry.
10:45am Dec 26th, 2016
three is a dodo auction on now
8:10am Dec 22nd, 2016
It's fine! I have more than 1 mil so it's fine :) ills end over 500k
6:34pm Dec 21st, 2016
Alright how much?? I can Contribute alot of money for it :)
6:41pm Dec 19th, 2016
Alright accepted also I will send the rex after it hatches.
5:02pm Dec 17th, 2016
Says yours is too hungry.
4:55pm Dec 17th, 2016
Would you prefer the egg to hatch male or female also don't the forget the Dimetrodon on my farm is set to free stud whenever your ready.
4:48pm Dec 17th, 2016
here, make a market sale for 4 scales, requesting 450k so we both get what we want
3:28pm Dec 15th, 2016
I'll be willing to give you 500k, including what ive already given you. BUT you must transfer the scales first.
3:26pm Dec 15th, 2016
How much you need? BTW its a deal.
3:01pm Dec 15th, 2016
You said yes to it but which do you want, i'll give ya any of the loners save jade and jen. others are up for talks.
2:53pm Dec 15th, 2016
sent the dimetrodon
6:18pm Dec 14th, 2016
yea thats fine, thanks
3:43pm Dec 13th, 2016
Is this one ok? (
3:38pm Dec 12th, 2016
Hey, If your offer is still there for 2 scales for a dimetrodon, i'll breed a new one for you?
2:01pm Dec 12th, 2016
Have you placed the others? For some odd reason it says you still have one out.
12:15am Dec 11th, 2016
I have them all on bid so they all are bought by you.
11:45pm Dec 10th, 2016
Whoops sorry let me change that.
11:32pm Dec 10th, 2016
Sorry, I need all my Dimetrodons for the time being, i'll breed you one sometime soon (I hope) for that price. thanks.
11:30pm Dec 10th, 2016
2k for each ?
10:48pm Dec 10th, 2016
How much are you willing to give. And still why not just buy the one's in search?
10:48pm Dec 10th, 2016
The ones in the albertsaurus enclosure, the loners, but first, how come you've come to ask me for dinosaurs?
10:38pm Dec 10th, 2016
yes, I have three are you interested sweetheart?
10:35pm Dec 10th, 2016
Wow thats so cool! Huge congrats!
5:13am Dec 8th, 2016
Oh that's no fun! The office is always a bad time. What did they call you in for?
4:35pm Dec 5th, 2016
Sending them over. And what happened today?
4:22pm Dec 5th, 2016
Actually if you want those two you can just have them. I have no use for them. I can just send them over to you if you want.
4:17pm Dec 5th, 2016
If you see any I have for sale that you are interested in, all my prices are negotiable so just message me and we can probably work something out.
4:02pm Dec 5th, 2016
your welcome any more you have for sale i will buy all that you have for sale as long as they are priced fair
3:55pm Dec 5th, 2016
Thank you for buying my dinos
3:51pm Dec 5th, 2016
scales are always accepted
6:13pm Nov 28th, 2016