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I happened to see Tigre while I was looking at your Deinonychus. I didn't even realize it was him at first, he looks completely different! But I am glad to see that he is doing well with you. :)
3:02pm Sep 21st, 2015
Okay :3
4:33pm Sep 12th, 2015
Could you heal up Gully so I can breed my Spino to him?
1:41am Sep 11th, 2015
your very welcome keep an eye on the board there is number 3 to come very soon :)
11:15am Sep 2nd, 2015
Yeah I've not been battling all of my dinos every day due to a lack of time because of late school work and this final week. Thankfully everyone is on board and we're likely going to finish stuff up before Sunday.
7:02pm Aug 28th, 2015
Yeah I think I unloaded about a million on new herbies and enclosure space @_@
6:58pm Aug 28th, 2015
So Deers, Mammoths, and Dodos :V I can do that. I've got some nice herds going with decent grades so I'll hook ya up :V And yeah @_@ I actually am trying to earn back what I spent on herbie enclosures now since I had to expand a lot lol
12:25pm Aug 28th, 2015
Let me know what herbies you might want next month so when mine breed out I can send you some herds :V Herbies I have start from that enclosure and go alllllll the way back :P
12:17pm Aug 28th, 2015
Looks like good news for me and my team, we're communicating more and the teacher gave us the chance to turn in last weeks work for a partial grade. Hopefully we can do that AND the final before Sunday... YAY Rush end dates :D
12:05am Aug 27th, 2015
XD Yeah I just don't remember when I would have seen it, like I said it's been a good 10 some years since I last actually sat down to watch any of these lol
9:54am Aug 26th, 2015
I might have a heck of a long time ago... read that as you know, when it was still playing on Food Network XD
9:45am Aug 26th, 2015
Plus in the Japan one you get that awesome Pepper Scene in the beginning :P
9:20am Aug 26th, 2015
The only good thing from the American one is Morimoto being in it XD I think he's the only reason I watch it most of the time anymore if I even do lol
9:16am Aug 26th, 2015
Yeah and it didn't help when the teacher messaged us asking what was up but only after saying she was disappointed in us because we didn't get the project done. And that was 2 days ago, I posted something myself 2 days ago and none of my fellow teammates
9:15am Aug 26th, 2015
Yeah I prefer it over the American one, I like the classic XD Glad to know there's a playlist of episodes on youtube :P Also, gonna see what I can do to help you with that money problem of yours :V I only just started battling so I should have plenty to s
9:13am Aug 26th, 2015
And I got cut off there lol but yeah watching Iron Chef Japan (the original Iron Chef) to keep my mind off it.
9:11am Aug 26th, 2015
Yeah by the time everyone was responding it was already too late for us to do anything 8 I just mass e-mailed my team in HOPES that we'll get this weeks done. I mean, if we don't I'll likely pass with a C but that's just ugh... been watching Iron Chef Ja
9:10am Aug 26th, 2015
Getting frustrated with school seeing as my teammates aren't pulling their weight. We got an F on last weeks projects and I feel we're going to do that again this week if they don't pull their butts in gear. Otherwise doing decent, I got some new herbies.
9:06am Aug 26th, 2015
Rawr~ What's shakin'?
9:01am Aug 26th, 2015
Oooooooooooo just saw a bunch of Neuquenraptor's up for sale for 5k :o Let me know if you want any and I can throw you a little moolah~
10:26pm Aug 22nd, 2015
Really XD I didn't know
12:27pm Aug 21st, 2015
Discovery~ Hatchlings/Baby Herbies grow up at age 20 :D
8:31am Aug 21st, 2015
Nice farm :3
6:35am Aug 21st, 2015
Tomorrow I shall be breeding you a lovely Terror bird as well :3
12:36am Aug 19th, 2015 EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT :D ALBINO EYES YAAAAAAAAY! I actually had 4 to pick from out of a nest of 8 :O
12:33am Aug 19th, 2015
Whelp I got a special Bary with your name on it :P Purple Eyes baby~
12:30am Aug 19th, 2015
You know I love to spoil ya :P
12:27am Aug 19th, 2015
If my results for Purple/Albino eyes don't go well you'll likely be getting more in a few days :V
12:25am Aug 19th, 2015
They also have some AMAZING stats so they should be some great battlers for you :D
12:23am Aug 19th, 2015
A couple little gems that should be 'het' for some very good eye colors ;) Enjoy the little buggers~
12:23am Aug 19th, 2015
Also Surprise delivery. You now have a pair of little Dimetro's waiting on your doorstep :V
12:21am Aug 19th, 2015
Whelp one of my Senior's finally passed. Surprisingly enough she lived to be 100! >_> That's actually quite amazing.
12:15am Aug 19th, 2015
Oh right, as a warning. Merging herds if the other herd is grades lower than the other herd will lower it the herds overall grade. I got my Maia's and my A+ Group lowered to C XD So yeah. Just fair warning for ya
9:47pm Aug 18th, 2015
Thank ya kindly :3
9:54am Aug 18th, 2015
Yo' favor to ask ya. Do you think you can keep an eye out to see if any herds of Maiasaura are up for sale in the lab? Trying to get a few more so that my herd doesn't die out on me before breeding season.
9:10am Aug 18th, 2015
Some help has been sent :V
3:08pm Aug 17th, 2015
I can help you with the Terrorbirdies when I get to breeding a couple for you. I'm sitting at about 2mil in the bank (Even after all the babies I got you :V) so yeah haha but yeah, you can expand your enclosures so I figured I'd help pitch in for that if
3:03pm Aug 17th, 2015
Well I mean expanding them owo7 You can gain space in your exhibits at the bottom where it says Additional Space. 1 extra space costs 2500 owo7 More space = More dinos in one enclosure~ You can expand to have a total of 50 slots for 1 exhibit :V
2:59pm Aug 17th, 2015
Also lemme know if you need some moolah to help expand your Exhibit spaces :V
2:56pm Aug 17th, 2015
Well enjoy a couple gifties for joo :V And also, Dom is up for Private breeding for joo~
2:34pm Aug 17th, 2015
I have lost many a baby to the cursed Critical Hits when I was winning. I know many of my rexes have gone to the great beyond because of that >A< So yeah I feel ya man @_@ but yeah I can set him up for you owo7
2:31pm Aug 17th, 2015
XD Well I know Cazedon was one that earned a personality and 'profile' from me. Same with my first spine. I might do something with my custom rex boy and speaking of, did you want a breeding to him later :V
2:27pm Aug 17th, 2015
RP WOOOO! I never really did much RPing on FR save for once with Amarah XD And I'll make a note to breed a couple lady birds for you :V that way you can have ladies to breed and make more :V
2:20pm Aug 17th, 2015
Even Terror babies :V
2:17pm Aug 17th, 2015
Because I can and will pamper you with all the babies :V
2:14pm Aug 17th, 2015
I've got some studs bookmarked, all the eggs I have are products of them but sadly, no eyes that I want :C which means you get some of them :V
2:13pm Aug 17th, 2015
Well when my group of 5 eggs hatch I might take you up on that :V Although I'm on a breeding project currently trying to get some rare eye colors >3> Like an Albino Eye'd Carno and Dimetro for example :V
2:06pm Aug 17th, 2015
But I like spoiling the Kompy~ Just as a FYI, you might be getting a couple spinos as well in a day or two :V
2:03pm Aug 17th, 2015
Bary babies~ I figured you'd like a couple more to go with your lonely girl~
2:00pm Aug 17th, 2015
Enjoy da babies :V
1:57pm Aug 17th, 2015
I actually have to get my Wisdom teeth removed and then a bunch of fillings. ALSO I might need to get 2 root canals >> and that's not mentioning the fact that my two upper canine teeth never grew in and are actually in the bone above my front two te
1:26am Aug 13th, 2015
Been busy with school so I've been sparing my dinos from a starving death >> but not much, just feeling meh. Found out I need a lot of work done on my teeth.
1:21am Aug 13th, 2015
1:15am Aug 13th, 2015
Pfft how dare you let your hand slip :V Pretty baby though~ I'm working on getting a new pair of Acro's for my growing fleet >> pfft
2:55pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Yeah once I get a couple more prospects I can breed you some Spinos. Heck I can breed you Carno's as well once I get some good mates as well. I wanted to get a nice stock for you to pick from of course :V
2:39pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Ooo~ I actually got a couple pretty Dime's from that seller as well <3 More for my prized collection of Dime's >3> haha I just keep adding I need to stop |D but it's addicting!
1:38pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Doing good, just going through the daily grind of fighting over 150 dinosaurs and leveling them up to earn money. Got some new breeding stock and a couple new breeds :V but that's about it. Also managed to get me a herd of Grade A Brachi's :3
1:31pm Aug 3rd, 2015
yo' wassup?
1:22pm Aug 3rd, 2015
I haven't played a new mega man game in forever ;m; but I had some of the old ones >3>
10:51am Aug 1st, 2015
Haven't played it, I've watched videos of it but I don't know if I'd want to play it. Maybe eventually.
10:47am Aug 1st, 2015
You know something is either going to happen to it or the boy >> Because the creators are EVIL!
10:39am Aug 1st, 2015
There is, I believe the SO has it but we haven't pulled it out yet. Then again the PS3 we have is her father's so lol >> I want to play the newest game as well "The Last Guardian" I believe it's called >>
10:37am Aug 1st, 2015
Hnnng Shadow of the Colossus... a game I want to play. Arg... I need to find a good LP of it at some point to watch again >>
9:40am Aug 1st, 2015
Not much, just same old same old. Battling dinos and watching youtube lol
9:19am Aug 1st, 2015
Gotcha covered owo7
9:16am Aug 1st, 2015
Glad that he made a full recovery and I was able to help :P And yeah, home alone. I know I can go out but there's not a lot of places to go around when you basically have no money. And I have the feeling that if I went out for any extended period of time
12:57pm Jul 30th, 2015
Oooo pretty little Sino. Do you need help with medicine for her? I have a milk to spare to send if you need it. And as for me, just dealing with stress and mild chest pains and pressure. Le Wife is on Vacation and won't be back until Monday so I'm alone
12:50pm Jul 30th, 2015
Heyo~ :V
12:42pm Jul 30th, 2015
Was doing my routine in the morning of feeding the cats and doing my 9AM Insulin, my chest started to lock up and by the time I was done I collapsed on the wifes bed and was gasping for breath for about 5-10 minutes before it finally let up. Doing better
3:40pm Jul 28th, 2015
Recovering from a little bit of a health problem from this morning but overall doing good and better than earlier. Yourself?
3:34pm Jul 28th, 2015
3:23pm Jul 28th, 2015
Figured out the darn Mic problem. The mic was apparently muted on me dur hur |D I r smart I swear
4:19am Jul 27th, 2015
BTW This girl is for you :V
2:07am Jul 27th, 2015
It seems to have stumbled into your farm all lost and alone :V
10:54am Jul 25th, 2015
Working on battling my dino army to buy things to spoil a Kompy :V
10:04am Jul 25th, 2015
Also, if you ever want Mammoths when mine have another group of calves I can set it up to send them to you :V
11:04pm Jul 24th, 2015
Sadly not on me, most of what I got went to a Carno Exhibit and the 3 Carnos I currently have. But if you wait 2 hours or are still on I can send you over a quick 80k owo7 I just need to wait for my battles to reset at midnight.
9:50pm Jul 24th, 2015
Doing good owo7 was trying to get a few things done and get some more Dinos for my collection hur >3> And some new herbies to raise as well Yay~
8:33pm Jul 24th, 2015
6:38pm Jul 23rd, 2015
When I can I'm going to throw some moolah at you on here. Which will possibly be tomorrow or the day after >> I have so many dinos to battle I think I bring in like 300-500k a day |D so yeah... If I make enough I'll throw some stuff at you to help y
8:35pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Oooo best of luck with the interview then! And with winning the bidding war as well :P And yeah I'm working on catching up on some backlogged schoolwork right now since I've fallen behind due to health issues.
8:04pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Doing better than I was, I have like 3 more appointments next month though yay! Blood and other labs and then a Cardiologist to see about my heart.
7:58pm Jul 22nd, 2015
'Sup :V (Sorry about the late reply, on and off due to Doctor stuff)
7:28pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Spino's and the Bary's would have some good stats for you :V And like I said 2 skill points in Battle and get bite and you win easily :D
9:12am Jul 20th, 2015
Woo go get dem groceries :V And once I get them ready for breeding again I shall be sending you some good fighters for getting the moolah :P
9:07am Jul 20th, 2015
Besides PMs or the Shoutbox I dunno oxo And all goes well, I'm fighting my dinos and making the moolah ;V
8:43am Jul 20th, 2015