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Serpant (#28766)

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Tyrannosaurus Island Farm
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Bill was so good ;-; I'll take good care of these babies, I promise!
12:47pm Mar 15th, 2017
Nice, nice! I'll keep my EYE on you. *finger guns* Lovin' your icon. Bill is a precious demon. Oh, do you mind if I send you a friend request? :0c
12:29pm Mar 15th, 2017
Oh! Sure! I'd be willing to take them! :3 I'm starting fresh and rexes are life
11:55am Mar 15th, 2017
Hm, I don't really take care of dino anymoee..
8:06pm Mar 6th, 2017
i would need a female Megaraptor for breeding...
9:16pm Feb 28th, 2017
Ah, nice. All right then, I guess I haven't got much to give you in return then lol. Good luck on the auctions!
1:15pm Feb 27th, 2017
to begin with) but I don't think you can get them anymore.
11:08am Feb 27th, 2017
Oh, really? Thank you xD If you like, I can send you a couple of my reindeer once they're grown (and once their grade is above D lol). I got them long ago, before I took a break from EX, so I'm not sure of their exact stats (or where I even got them to be
11:08am Feb 27th, 2017
Hey, you won the auctions. Nice job lol. If you ever decide to sell them, do keep me in mind. xD
9:15am Feb 27th, 2017
10:30pm Feb 26th, 2017
Same, and to you as well! XP
7:01am Feb 25th, 2017
Me too, actually; those deer things are only available in starter herds through scale purchases, so I'd like to get at least one as well, get my own herd going.
6:29pm Feb 24th, 2017
... Apparently these have a character limit! Anyway, I meant to say I'm happy to offer reduced stud prices if you're ever interested in breeding your tyrannosaurs with mine. xD
3:29pm Feb 24th, 2017
Lol, hello. No hard feelings on the herbie bidding war. xD I noticed you're looking to breed perfect tyrannosaurs -- that breed happens to be my specialty, and all of mine are gene-perfect or very close to it, so if you're ever interested in collaborating
3:28pm Feb 24th, 2017
Um... Can you message me when the Terror birds will be mine?
6:31am Jan 31st, 2016
How long til the Phro Hatchling is mine ^^
4:49am Sep 24th, 2015
I would like to buy your other Allo. I just need to sell off my Compsos. Could you please hold it for me maybe?
6:04pm Sep 18th, 2015
Yay! Thanx :3
4:32pm Sep 12th, 2015
Am I still getting a Terror bird? :3
1:22am Sep 11th, 2015
Okie :3
12:49pm Sep 5th, 2015
I'm transferring them to you :3
6:34am Sep 5th, 2015
I'm sorry, I giggled way too hard when I first saw that GIF pop up as I went over your name. Day made.
10:29pm Sep 2nd, 2015
awesome :D sorted then I'll put them up for P Bid?
7:10am Sep 1st, 2015
:D Okay That's fine by me, I need to get rid of them anyway to make room for the little Terrors ;3 (See what I did there? xD)
9:26am Aug 31st, 2015
:D I want to know... If I can breed your Terror Birds together and have a baby Terror for the price of the breeding... Which means I'll give all my Arches as a bonus...
2:42pm Aug 30th, 2015
Got ya taken care of! Sorry about the delay, I was pretty much crunching on my last day of homework.
12:31pm Aug 30th, 2015
Meep! Sorry about taking so long to get back to ya, was out for dinner and just got home D8 Says she's not healthy enough ;A;
6:54pm Aug 28th, 2015
You're more than welcome to use any of my studs :) I think I just didn't have him up due to the contract on him XD but he's set up for you now ^.^
6:59am Aug 28th, 2015
Lol xD
5:29am Aug 28th, 2015
Just let me know if I have any dinos you could use and we can work out a deal. Lol
6:38am Aug 27th, 2015
WE should be official trade buddies xD
6:34am Aug 27th, 2015
Okie :D
6:26am Aug 27th, 2015
Done :3
6:23am Aug 27th, 2015
Okie :D
6:22am Aug 27th, 2015
Do ya wanna do a Dino swap? Your little female Spino for mine?
6:14am Aug 27th, 2015
6:00am Aug 27th, 2015
XD I tend to just buy healing creams and I hoard a lot so I tend to have wayyyyy too much >_> Enjoy though :D Excited to see what the baby looks like :o
3:26pm Aug 24th, 2015
XD Sorry about that haha you're fine. But hey if you need any help for it do let me know ^^
3:24pm Aug 24th, 2015
Well if a Dino isn't healthy enough they won't be able to breed XD I just don't know why it's not letting me send you a tube of healing cream oxo I can help ya out though if you need to buy one
3:24pm Aug 24th, 2015
I was going to send you a tube of healing cream but for some reason it's not letting me D8
3:23pm Aug 24th, 2015
It works now, just need him to be max health now XD Saying he's unhealthy~ but I'll send ya a Healing Cream :3
3:21pm Aug 24th, 2015
Meep D8 it says your incubator is currently full D8
3:18pm Aug 24th, 2015
Yup! In fact, the very first dino I ever bought was this one:
1:16pm Aug 21st, 2015
The link took me to my territory. X3
11:05am Aug 21st, 2015
Thanks so much! (And yes, a couple of these dinos were once yours, I believe :3)
7:10am Aug 21st, 2015
Lol, yeah, I've been playing for awhile now. What's your lioden id? I'll send you a friend request. c:
7:01pm Aug 20th, 2015
I think if you bred a lower inbred to a higher it might even it out but I don't know exactly how inbreeding works XD I just know that for me I always try and find a mate that's 0% so I can dock it down. Like with Cazedon (my female rex) who is 100% if I f
12:21am Aug 13th, 2015
If you breed a pair of Dinos that have the same parentage that usually generates the inbreeding. For the most part to get it to go down you'd want to look for a parent that has a 0% inbreeding to it (At least that's what I do myself) so that you can slowl
12:18am Aug 13th, 2015
I don't remember who I got Nazmiel from (she was my first) Izxurein and Sanrael are her offspring and the other little boy I THINK I got from the breeder I could be wrong though oxo I know I saw quite a few up for sale but there like 2-3mil each D|
5:29am Aug 3rd, 2015
Alrighty :3 Very excited to see what it is~ I should have a enclosure all ready and stocked for it by then as well :D
10:58pm Jul 31st, 2015
Oh my now I'm really curious >3> And excited <3< Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun as well (And if I can guess I think I might know what it is :P)
9:56pm Jul 31st, 2015
I'm actually really excited to see this little surprise :O I honestly don't care about stats or things like that. I've actually made my own little project to try and breed out any inbreeding from Dinos I've gotten that have it >3> a stretch but well
9:51pm Jul 31st, 2015
It's actually very easy :) My advice is to retreat if your dinos get below or around 20% if your opponent is over 35% or something along those lines. You want to put your first 2 skill points into Battling Prowless to unlock Bite and then well with what I
7:32pm Jul 31st, 2015
Sadly I don't have much in the way of selling but I make a decent amount from battling all of the Dinos have I have daily (I get 15-20k per dino from 5 battles so yeah >>) I actually did the math and I think I make some like 1.5m daily << And
7:27pm Jul 31st, 2015
I know the feeling >> I find it so hard to save. I know what I earn is always going to be thrown at pretty dinos or possible breeding project dinos << there's a couple Spino's I want for 2m each but I have to save up a couple days of battling
7:22pm Jul 31st, 2015
I swear you are going to be rich from me constantly stopping by and picking up such pretty babies~
7:14pm Jul 31st, 2015
oh sure its fine no worries doesn't bother me at all :)
2:43pm Nov 11th, 2014
nice i play on the pc to but only when come to visit my parents house and i do have a computer at home which is what i am playing on right now but this computer is so crappy and slow
2:24pm Nov 11th, 2014
oh ok because if you had minecraft ( if you play ) i was hoping you could come to my world and play considering if you wanted to
2:21pm Nov 11th, 2014
oh ok wish you well also by any chance do you have a playstation 3 or 4
2:14pm Nov 11th, 2014
nice. so wait you make videos and post them youtube sends money for top notch videos i think or you mean your working on a new app that involves youtube. the thing is i might get a 2nd job both as a cook a video game maker twice the work but it will be w
2:10pm Nov 11th, 2014
yeah thanks the 1 thing i need are scales but it won't happen soon since the last time we talked i got a cooking job C:
2:04pm Nov 11th, 2014
oh yeah right sorry i forgot since you changed yo gamer name hehe ....
1:59pm Nov 11th, 2014
uh... who are you
1:53pm Nov 11th, 2014
Thanks but no thanks, I figure with school it's going to be hard for me to look after them. Sorry but thanks
12:51pm Sep 26th, 2014
Sorry I am busy now in school -_- stupid school
5:08am Sep 21st, 2014
Where are the auctions?
9:05am Sep 20th, 2014
No problem :)
1:47pm Aug 24th, 2014
There should be a button that says view bids where the price is.
1:45pm Aug 24th, 2014
How do I go to auctions
1:53pm Aug 20th, 2014
Sorry for being away for so long
8:27am Aug 13th, 2014
Well I don't really care on running low, whatever is in my shop is what I have at any given time. I don't store things like that if I can sell them XD And don't worry, I don't care too much about mine being bought over yours. I've had sales before that wo
6:41pm Aug 7th, 2014
No thanks, I only buy out sandwiches and ice creams from people that have them priced lower than mine, for obvious reasons XD
5:11pm Aug 7th, 2014
No thank you
8:14am Aug 5th, 2014
An ILU Plushie is... an ILU Plushie lol It's a shelf item.
11:35pm Aug 4th, 2014
It's alright I can wait :3 Black ice just looks pretty
1:59pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Thank you so much. Would you like payment for it?
1:58pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Might I do Black Ice and Blood
1:43pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Aw thanks :3
1:42pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Sure, how much do you need? And please message me about money stuff, because I won't talk about that too much in shoutboxes. :3
3:58pm Jul 31st, 2014
Well alright. Still, if you need me to hold dinos or need money or something, feel free to ask XD
3:02pm Jul 31st, 2014
Sorry those messages got here a bit too late it was almost 1 am for me! I was asleep so I didn't respond! Sorry about that. If you need money I wouldn't mind giving it to you. You don't have to pay me back. If I'm not too late XD
11:03am Jul 31st, 2014
You gots yourself a deal! Oh man she is so cute I wanna rub her belly!
12:30pm Jul 29th, 2014
I literally just screamed! Thank you so much *glomps*
12:27pm Jul 29th, 2014
Done :3
12:25pm Jul 29th, 2014
if u don't I will keep it on hold till then ;3 u will like it
12:24pm Jul 29th, 2014
Oh my o.o I shall see if I has the money
12:24pm Jul 29th, 2014
Hehe Surprise to you~ For being there for me on my first day of the site and cause I figure being nice means good karma
12:21pm Jul 29th, 2014
Thanks and sent you a little gift
12:20pm Jul 29th, 2014
You only need one?
12:18pm Jul 29th, 2014
When you have nothing better to do all day while resting but check the food shop amazing things happen
12:09pm Jul 29th, 2014
hehe yep
11:36am Jul 29th, 2014
Mississauga Ontario :D its 2:26 pm here
11:28am Jul 29th, 2014
Oh fun, it's night where you are?
11:19am Jul 29th, 2014
How are you today?
11:02am Jul 29th, 2014
Hey dere
8:47am Jul 29th, 2014
Well, the food store. They only stock them up 1 or 2 at a time, so you have to be lucky and get them fast enough.
11:45pm Jul 27th, 2014
Plus I stock my shop every few hours or so, and if not that then just every day. It's not like I sell them every single day, but every few days someone comes along and buys all my stuff.
10:42pm Jul 27th, 2014
Well, people buy them! I am kind of the cheapest person with them most of the time, so it's good money :3 Plus, people seem to like them. Never used them so I have no idea what they do actually.
10:40pm Jul 27th, 2014
No I actually haven't heard of it. *Pushes away toy shark*
2:04pm Jul 27th, 2014
X3 that's what I do as well do u play a game called FeralHeart?
1:58pm Jul 27th, 2014
I love this site lol now I actually have money *Looks for cheap yellow ballons or to find any*
1:57pm Jul 27th, 2014
Thanks for the info! XD
1:51pm Jul 27th, 2014
Aw thanks
1:41pm Jul 27th, 2014
lol alright fair enough. I have a yellow balloon now :P
1:38pm Jul 27th, 2014
Yep I am back :)Just sitting at my actual computer now. I am so hungry
1:35pm Jul 27th, 2014
Aw thanks. I am hoping that one day my mom or dad will let me buy an upgrade. BRB changing my computer this one is dying
1:20pm Jul 27th, 2014
Thanks again for buying. I wouldn't call you baby. It's my goal before I die to collect them all. So far I have a Diphlio,Velo and Stego. I would totally buy it
1:13pm Jul 27th, 2014
Awesome. I am collecting the Jurassic Park toys that they came out with a while ago but I only have three so far, I love dinosaurs and people at school always think that its weird since I am a girl
1:08pm Jul 27th, 2014
Wow thats... woah. I absolutley adore Velociraptors and T-rex's. What about you?
1:02pm Jul 27th, 2014
I'm a newbie so I am just trying to make money but also give other newer people or other members some extra items for cheap. I'll pick the balloons up even though I am going for red :P
12:53pm Jul 27th, 2014
Thank you for buying some of my balloons :) I really appreciate it
12:51pm Jul 27th, 2014
omg do you still have the dino
7:15pm Jul 20th, 2014
oh ok man that is a stupid way to loose an item
7:07pm Jul 20th, 2014
hey whitestar sy i have not yet recieved the magic peach you still got it
7:05pm Jul 20th, 2014
ok thanks but if i am not online then just save them k
3:19pm Jul 17th, 2014
ok well if you ever get anyof them can i have them please
3:16pm Jul 17th, 2014
ok thanks
3:14pm Jul 17th, 2014
hey you have any magic peaches or healing cherries i could have
3:13pm Jul 17th, 2014
your welcome but please calm down ok :)
2:03pm Jul 17th, 2014
heee :)
2:01pm Jul 17th, 2014
there you go you got everything i promised :)
2:00pm Jul 17th, 2014
oh ok gotcha
1:56pm Jul 17th, 2014
ok i will send the food and the other dino shortly ok
1:55pm Jul 17th, 2014
well i am not a dude i am actually a girl :)
1:54pm Jul 17th, 2014
your welcome also buy the habitiat then i will send you a male some when the female is old enough they can breed :)
1:53pm Jul 17th, 2014
of course i promise i will do it i have done this about 15 out of 15 different times i love to be nice to people :)
1:48pm Jul 17th, 2014
ok well as a to you being a new friend i will send you a allosaurus some money and how does that sound all for free :)
1:45pm Jul 17th, 2014
i have a male allosaurus for sale his name is the new era also you may not know me but i am a friend to blackfox and dragonbahamut
1:42pm Jul 17th, 2014
1:37pm Jul 17th, 2014
yep so how r u?????
7:25am Jan 30th, 2014
7:54am Jan 22nd, 2014
um, I don't have one
7:25am Jan 16th, 2014
9:12am Jan 7th, 2014
5:33pm Dec 31st, 2013
5:33pm Dec 31st, 2013
5:36pm Dec 12th, 2013
nope do u
6:54am Dec 3rd, 2013
who is they?
9:25pm Nov 30th, 2013
lol is it with food or not?
1:18pm Nov 30th, 2013
am not real fan of the hunger games but have fun watching the movie and r u going to get a pin?
10:09am Nov 30th, 2013
nothing u
10:01am Nov 30th, 2013
12:20am Nov 30th, 2013
gtg am really tired I think because of a over stuff stomach lol XD
10:09pm Nov 28th, 2013
lol its ok am glad to help
9:57pm Nov 28th, 2013
oh well XD lol
9:50pm Nov 28th, 2013
nothing u and Happy Thanksgiving :)
9:36pm Nov 28th, 2013
whats up?
8:02pm Nov 28th, 2013
7:08pm Nov 28th, 2013
bye have fun at school :)
7:47am Nov 28th, 2013
Am just glad to help :)
7:45am Nov 28th, 2013
8:15pm Nov 27th, 2013
yes i do and thank you for remembering me almost forgot about it XD
8:02am Nov 25th, 2013
Hey snow
10:31pm Nov 23rd, 2013
Hi snow, nothing u
11:57pm Nov 22nd, 2013
sorry but no
9:54pm Nov 22nd, 2013
watch this video its really funny
9:50pm Nov 22nd, 2013
by making me laugh
9:46pm Nov 22nd, 2013
lol XD u killing me lol XD
9:42pm Nov 22nd, 2013
lol by taking care of the dinos that I will send later on and being a good friend :)
9:40pm Nov 22nd, 2013
u get the money?
9:34pm Nov 22nd, 2013
9:33pm Nov 22nd, 2013
60.00 well its for my 4 enclousuer
9:32pm Nov 22nd, 2013
how much EXD do u need to get an other enclosure?
9:31pm Nov 22nd, 2013
thank you
9:28pm Nov 22nd, 2013
But i do have a catch that u promise not to sell her and take care of her, kk
9:26pm Nov 22nd, 2013
so is that a yes?
9:22pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Would u like a free female allosaurus?
9:05pm Nov 22nd, 2013
8:54pm Nov 22nd, 2013
nothing u
8:49pm Nov 22nd, 2013
6:46pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Wow that sounds really fun
4:01pm Nov 14th, 2013
Whats AJ?
3:20pm Nov 14th, 2013
is here to help. I hoped I helped you with the crates :3
4:27pm Nov 7th, 2013
next to the create will be a white box that will tell you where you can place your dino with the enclosure name. From my knowledge you cant place a different species in with one another. If you have any more questions I suggest asking the Gurus, everyone
4:26pm Nov 7th, 2013
is it in the create? or in a enclosure?
4:18pm Nov 7th, 2013