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"If I'm on, feel free to talk to me!"
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Been good, dealing with this year as it is. Been spending a lot of time on this ghost town as well. Some days I'm lucky to see one other person. Haven't heard much of Evosaur.
9:30pm Dec 28th, 2020
Been a while since I've seen you on. How've you been?
8:35pm Dec 28th, 2020
I don't know, I'd rather have you start, to see more or less how it'd be. D:
3:16pm Jan 5th, 2016
Oh and do you want me to make them adults?
10:46pm Jan 2nd, 2016
Cool. Should I just transfer them?
10:45pm Jan 2nd, 2016
10k is plenty! I have enclosure space for Eoraptors and Sinorns if those are ok.
10:44pm Jan 2nd, 2016
You can pay when it hatches.
10:38am Jan 2nd, 2016
Here is your egg.
10:24am Jan 2nd, 2016
10:23am Jan 2nd, 2016
Sorry I couldn't find your post.
10:21am Jan 2nd, 2016
Which form?
10:03am Jan 2nd, 2016
A regularly customer will get a better price. ;) Twice a day? LOL, like me. After cleaning the enclosures and after they entered the trials. :D Well, will go to bed now. Here in Germany it is 0:50 in the night. See you tomorrow! :)
4:51pm Dec 28th, 2015
And let me know if you need Baro meat, or Edmonto or Bonita, ok? ;) Or anything else. ;)
4:37pm Dec 28th, 2015
Great! Since I have problems with the Exhi-Server I'm never sure, if everything works.
12:56pm Dec 28th, 2015
Got the meat?
11:01am Dec 28th, 2015
Ah! Sorry yes
7:24am Jun 6th, 2015
Hi im Awesomepup I see you are in the quil cause I am to my dino is Daisy.
9:49pm Jan 3rd, 2015
hi havent talk to you i awhile thought i would say hello
11:03pm Jan 2nd, 2015
yeah I was so bored with out internet lol
12:53pm Dec 16th, 2014
hehe hi haven't been on because ive had no internet :(
11:51pm Dec 15th, 2014
Yay! It has been a year since you joined! Im not sure what that means....
2:17pm Dec 15th, 2014
4:07pm Dec 14th, 2014
4:07pm Dec 14th, 2014
Hi! :)
11:21am Dec 12th, 2014
Im good how are you
6:30pm Dec 11th, 2014
6:22pm Dec 11th, 2014
4:36pm Dec 11th, 2014
lol sounds fun xD if you need help lemme know... unless it goes beyond calculus
4:19pm Dec 11th, 2014
4:07pm Dec 11th, 2014
lol u rock! /mehug
10:44pm Dec 9th, 2014
lol...i through a snowball at u!!! :P
9:22pm Dec 9th, 2014
lol u have lots of friends!!!!
9:13pm Dec 9th, 2014
Yeah, I haven't had a lot of faith in it, either. xD However, I say EXII will be awesome! I'd like to have herbivores like we had the carnivores on here instead of just meat and little pets. xD Maybe so. :D I figured we would have had a small upd
6:38pm Dec 9th, 2014
Yeah. :/ Maybe it'll pick up again? xD Have you heard anything new on EXII, lately? c:
6:30pm Dec 9th, 2014
*throws sn... Wait, I haven't enough snow pieces for a snowball right now. xD Lol. Thanks for the present! I've been good. Trying to improve a little in my art. Lol. It is sooo slow here now. I remember all the active players we used to have.
6:24pm Dec 9th, 2014
Hi! It's been foreeverrr.......xD How you been? How's EX? ^^
3:30pm Dec 9th, 2014
My day was awesome got 4 new dinos counting the spinos
10:12pm Dec 8th, 2014
how are you today
8:17pm Dec 8th, 2014
He's in his enclosure and he's amazing ready for the next and thank you so much !!
5:58pm Dec 8th, 2014
I love my Utah! Thanks so much! And I'm glad your day was bettered.
4:31pm Dec 8th, 2014
I replied to the dimetrodon thread :D
2:10pm Dec 8th, 2014
9:22am Dec 8th, 2014
not as well as I thought don't like him to much im selling him now :(
11:25pm Dec 7th, 2014
Hi how are you
6:31pm Dec 7th, 2014
Herro! :)
10:26am Dec 7th, 2014
hi im new here
8:15am Dec 7th, 2014
hi im new here
8:15am Dec 7th, 2014
Hi I cant wait for my first megaraptor egg to hatch his in my incubator and wont hatch till tomorrow :( im inpatient
3:49pm Dec 6th, 2014
Hope you're well. Got the day off & it's raining. *sighs* No recent pet pics. It's strange: I always take livestock pics, because they're growing or reproducing. Everybody indoors is grown & "fixed". ;)
10:04am Dec 6th, 2014
lol oh I have cats to I play basketball and swim
11:23pm Dec 5th, 2014
I work out to just not heavy lifting lol do you play any sports ?
11:08pm Dec 5th, 2014
Why are your arms sore ? ( kisses feet ) thank you so much im super excited for them !! YOUR THE BEST !!
10:34pm Dec 5th, 2014
Hi :) How are you today
10:29pm Dec 5th, 2014
Two tabbies, an orange & a gray, & a white/black shorthair. My pits are black/white & tan/black. Love to chat more but I'm wiped out. Shout when you can. :D
11:58pm Dec 4th, 2014
I would be so happy hehe you are the most awesome person ever i owe you big time if you can get me a pair
11:40pm Dec 4th, 2014
omg if you could that would be amazing i would be so happy but you really don't have to lol
11:33pm Dec 4th, 2014
My 3 cats & 2 dogs are rescues, so I know how important your work is animals. Much respect. :D
11:26pm Dec 4th, 2014
aww thank you hehe :D
11:11pm Dec 4th, 2014
You are to nice :p
11:07pm Dec 4th, 2014
hehe well your getting quite a tip for keeping them I normally bid 500 on everything just to be generous :)
11:03pm Dec 4th, 2014
is 500 okay for a bid don't want to give you to little
10:59pm Dec 4th, 2014
I work at Tractor Supply Company. And raise a few animals of my own. What keeps you busy?
10:57pm Dec 4th, 2014
Okay that would be wonderful thanks
10:54pm Dec 4th, 2014
they are great actually :)
10:51pm Dec 4th, 2014
Just got home from work, so all's well. How're you? P.S. Duck.
10:27pm Dec 4th, 2014
sure I can wait what species is it and I already have you as a friend hehe
8:30pm Dec 4th, 2014
Oh but you wouldn't have any herbivore auctions going on anytime soon would you im looking for some new ones to buy got a empty enclosure that needs filling lol
7:56pm Dec 4th, 2014
im doing good :)trying to get some money saved up lol How are you doing in ex?
7:36pm Dec 4th, 2014
im good
1:17am Dec 4th, 2014
Hello :) How are you today (throws snowball )
9:17pm Dec 3rd, 2014
Cool well I think im going to have to talk to you tomorrow it almost 1:30am here hehe your winning the snowball fight but I will get my revenge :p
12:24am Dec 3rd, 2014
My favorite is spinosaurus at the moment cat really get my hands on a pair though whats your favorite dinosaur?
12:16am Dec 3rd, 2014
Hehe thanks that will be really helpful Thanks for being so kind and helpful so how are you ?
12:09am Dec 3rd, 2014
I actually really like this game but im still learning about everthing it has to offer
12:04am Dec 3rd, 2014
Hi and thanks for the shout out message !! Nice meeting you (shakes hand excitedly)
11:58pm Dec 2nd, 2014
Hello there my fellow wolf lover.
10:24pm Dec 2nd, 2014
Hi leader
9:05am Sep 20th, 2014
That's okay ^^
8:58am Aug 22nd, 2014
Hey, just wondering, do you roleplay?
9:55pm Aug 21st, 2014
True, I should breed them first :P
8:31am Aug 1st, 2014
No no it's okay I would just spend like an idiot
8:28am Aug 1st, 2014
lol yeah unless your me and wanted your weekly allowance and bought a lot of useless stuff
8:12am Aug 1st, 2014
I had like 3 of them two days ago too -.- dangit for selling them
8:09am Aug 1st, 2014
I need a sandwich of doom for a quest...
8:04am Aug 1st, 2014
The food store hates me
8:03am Aug 1st, 2014
I saw it, and thanks it really helped, check out my reply.
4:51pm Jul 31st, 2014
We don't really know when it will come out. I think the issue is some main players left and took their friends with them.
12:22pm Jul 31st, 2014
I'm holding out for EXII. I think it will get better once its released.
12:17pm Jul 31st, 2014
I HATE summer. It's always boring. >> the ex economy is horrible right now
12:10pm Jul 31st, 2014
Eh, I've been better. I'm dying for school to start back
11:29am Jul 31st, 2014
How are you? Lol
11:18am Jul 31st, 2014
*Throws the rest of my seven* I am solitude.... xD
9:27am Jul 31st, 2014
*Throws 3 back* Nevah! *melts into the darkness*
9:24am Jul 31st, 2014
Sure thing :)
8:17am Jul 31st, 2014
I never video chat. I just use it to IM if I am not on another site, maybe thats why youtube never works when I am on it
7:46am Jul 31st, 2014
Oh man thats awesome! Hey do you have skype?
7:41am Jul 31st, 2014
Well your doing great. Maybe I will try that after a year or so of being on here :P I need to figure everything out *whispers* every little thing
7:36am Jul 31st, 2014
Yes I did thank you :) your very nice
7:33am Jul 31st, 2014
Well then you are very smart. :3
7:31am Jul 31st, 2014
Oh... thanks o.o man I suck :P
7:30am Jul 31st, 2014
And the bra still shows....
7:25am Jul 31st, 2014
Thanks :D
7:23am Jul 31st, 2014
Also how do I dress my character?
7:22am Jul 31st, 2014
No I am actually unsure of how to battle them o.o
7:21am Jul 31st, 2014
Pretty good, just got on :3 sold all my terror and doom items so I am rich beyond belief right now. :D how about you?
7:16am Jul 31st, 2014
I've never had a boyfriend so I can't really say but he sounds lovable in a "I'll protect you from the zombies" kind of way :P
7:09am Jul 31st, 2014
I would be the first one dead in a zombie apocalypse...
10:58am Jul 30th, 2014
My mom also hates Jurassic Park. She fears that it will actually happen and that she won't have a chance. She makes me feel bad about loving the movies.
6:55am Jul 30th, 2014
yeah u-u
7:51pm Jul 29th, 2014
I agree, I havent been on since not a lot of my friends play anymore and Rping is not fun anymore here since no one is up for it u-u and the ones that do happen die quickly...
5:53pm Jul 29th, 2014
same here u-u
5:35pm Jul 29th, 2014
nice c:
5:00pm Jul 29th, 2014
I have been good uvu delt with a lot of things in those few months but made it out alive xD
4:54pm Jul 29th, 2014
hi uvu sorry if I dont come on or am on and off, been rather busy this month, how have things been?
4:53pm Jul 29th, 2014
I am good thanks and yes I am I always loved dinosaurs and when I found this I was so excited. My friend recently set me a T-Rex today too! How are you?
2:09pm Jul 29th, 2014
Hi there
1:59pm Jul 29th, 2014
Hello! :)
6:53pm Mar 13th, 2014
Sure I have. Will made my offer! ;)
2:30pm Feb 15th, 2014
I saw your trade with the CD's. Which items do you need?
2:21pm Feb 15th, 2014
I'm feeling tired. How are you feeling?
12:11am Feb 13th, 2014
10:07pm Feb 12th, 2014
No problem :), I hope you will join us; we`d love to have you, but if you don`t that`s fine too. No pressure. I know it`s not everyone's cup of tea. :)
11:08pm Jan 29th, 2014
started, but are not far and could definitely use more characters. :)
8:31pm Jan 29th, 2014
It`s called 'Brotherhood of the Claw', it`s on the front page. It`s a lot to explain in summary, but at its core it`s a fantasy RP about clans of sentient raptors. You should check it out and see if its something you`d be interested in. We`ve already star
8:30pm Jan 29th, 2014
Hey again, sorry to bother you, but I am currently trying to recruit some new players to my RP. Would you be interested at all in joining?
3:16am Jan 29th, 2014
too poor for clothes much lazy no money can not sorr xD
2:32am Jan 17th, 2014
very clothes much wear
2:28am Jan 17th, 2014
No you put clothes on lD
2:19am Jan 17th, 2014
kk, still working on the animateing xDDD
5:37pm Jan 13th, 2014
*paints your page* 8D how chew?
9:33pm Jan 10th, 2014
also if you need anything like art for your thin or custom layouts dun be afraid to ask ^^ they will be free for no charge :>
5:43pm Jan 7th, 2014
yw ^^
4:49pm Jan 7th, 2014
sending you a nice male to :>
4:41pm Jan 7th, 2014
yis ;u;
4:38pm Jan 7th, 2014
Either putting my carnos up for public stud or selling one of my carnos to you, then again it is your choice
4:03pm Jan 7th, 2014
Glad to hear that, if your do expand to carnos, let me know if I can help you with that.
3:47pm Jan 7th, 2014
I see the Grim Utah project is going well :)
3:42pm Jan 7th, 2014
Well maybe I will try GIMP then, and also I may check out aywas sometime too, since it sounds like fun. :) For now though, I just concentrate on what I can. Hopefully my schedule will be freed up again in the coming months. :)
9:49pm Dec 29th, 2013
lines that are not in the format of a PSD?
8:17pm Dec 29th, 2013
Sounds cool, too bad I don`t have time for more then one game online or I`d check it out. Is GIMP a good program, I`ve heard a lot of people say they use it, but I`ve only heard people give accolades to paint tool SAI and the like. Can you also color line
8:17pm Dec 29th, 2013
Yeah, I prefer coloring to drawing myself, though being able to create something from nothing still always feels more rewarding in the long run. :) What is Aywas by the way; I feel dumb for asking, but I really don`t know.
11:13pm Dec 28th, 2013
have access to a computer, so that will have to wait. :p I`m glad you had a great holiday too, maybe you can sell some tags some time or something. That would be cool. :)
9:59pm Dec 28th, 2013
so that was the best gift I could have asked for. :) Well that and a got a spiffy new English tack set, including a really pretty saddle; can`t wait to break it all in. Which I shall do tomorrow, but for now you got me wanting to draw too, but I don`t
9:59pm Dec 28th, 2013
Doesn`t matter if it`s nothing major, I feel much better now just from knowing the rest of it, lol. :) Oh and, my Christmas went great, thanks for asking. I got to hang out with my older sister and her family, and I don`t get to see them very often,
9:59pm Dec 28th, 2013
it will drive me crazy, lol. :p :)
6:09pm Dec 28th, 2013
Thanks, and congrats on getting a tablet, those are fun to play around with. I have one, drawing is fun, but I`ve been too busy to really use it lately. Anyway, your message cuts off... it ends with how-- how what? I need to know otherwise the mystery of
6:09pm Dec 28th, 2013
I`m back now, hope you had an awesome holiday :), oh and I was just kidding about the snowballs, lol. :P They don`t bother me at all. :)
5:12pm Dec 27th, 2013
Merry Christmas! :D Oh and, what`s with all the snowballs? Not nice, lol. :p
6:22pm Dec 25th, 2013
Thanks, it`s going great so far. Speaking of that, I won`t be on much if at all until around the 28th. So if you don`t see me around that`s the reason.
7:01pm Dec 23rd, 2013
Fine, how are you? :) I`m just getting ready to leave tomorrow. I will be visiting family for Christmas. Can`t wait to see everyone, it`s been awhile. :)
3:01pm Dec 21st, 2013
Heya, Eevee. :D
11:02pm Dec 18th, 2013
Tis fine, do with it as you please it`s your now. :) Also, I don`t mind people opening the gifts right away, it`s all in good fun. :)
2:49am Dec 18th, 2013
Turns out the mystery prize is the most valuable of all; you were wise to take a chance on it. That item is worth 10-15 scales easily to a buyer. ;)
2:44am Dec 18th, 2013
Thanks :), and actually just clicking on my farm would be enough I can see who has visited. ;) Anyway, gift will arrive to you shortly, enjoy it. :)
2:22am Dec 18th, 2013
*Returns Huggles*
9:43pm Dec 17th, 2013
Take care of "Tiger" ok :)
9:29pm Dec 17th, 2013
Thanks! And I'll get to reading those guides, thanks for the advice!
5:13pm Dec 17th, 2013
Yes, I just created one, but I'm still not exactly sure what else I do XD
5:08pm Dec 17th, 2013
Hey Eevee! <3
5:04pm Dec 17th, 2013
Haha, thanks! :D
9:50pm Dec 15th, 2013
Welcome to Exhibited!
9:49pm Dec 15th, 2013