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Cheebear (#31568)

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Battery City Farm
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Joined August 11th, 2014

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"Totally gay and not okay."
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CanadianBacca (#68779) This is me on Lioden
12:31pm Aug 21st, 2015
12:31pm Aug 21st, 2015
XD I am sending you a request now
12:30pm Aug 21st, 2015
6:32am Aug 21st, 2015
I just noticed you play a game I've been playing for a week almost XD Lioden Wow just seen that even though I've red your farm bio
2:59pm Aug 20th, 2015
2:46pm Aug 10th, 2015
the female lolo is up for stud for you.
10:02pm Aug 8th, 2015
about the mascot submissions- the links lead to a blank page. we cannot see which dinosaur it is.
10:30pm Aug 2nd, 2015
Amazing how the 2 herds can get such different ending prices isn't it.
12:01pm Jul 24th, 2015
Thank you! :)
6:07pm Jul 23rd, 2015
Hallo? Maybe hallo? Greetings and salutations?
8:10am Jan 20th, 2015
I'm so glad you love her! :D I hope she battles well for you for a long time!
8:54pm Dec 8th, 2014
Are you enjoying your new Grim? :D Ans thanks sooo much for the gifts, they really made my day better. <3
8:19pm Dec 7th, 2014
hi im new here
7:59am Dec 7th, 2014
Hi there! :D
9:16pm Dec 6th, 2014
I have a lot to do currently, but we should chat more some time.
4:16pm Oct 23rd, 2014
I haven't lied truly in a month.
4:13pm Oct 23rd, 2014
Until it sometimes becomes brutal like mine. XD
4:05pm Oct 23rd, 2014
I do not have one. I just follow the characters. XD At least I am honest.
4:01pm Oct 23rd, 2014
I can relate.
3:51pm Oct 23rd, 2014
Mine is doing great. So, you are a fan of home stuck yes?
3:43pm Oct 23rd, 2014
*giggle* Anyway, How is your farm going?
3:37pm Oct 23rd, 2014
Um, I meant the home stuck icon, Miss. But thanks. :)
3:34pm Oct 23rd, 2014
I think your character is really sweet. :3
6:28am Oct 23rd, 2014
1'V3 4LR34DY F1N1SH3D 1T. 1'M W41T1NG FOR TH3 UPD4T3! >:]
3:14pm Aug 11th, 2014
3:13pm Aug 11th, 2014
S4M3 W1TH M3. >;] SH3'S 4W3SOM3.
3:10pm Aug 11th, 2014
Oooh! Th3r3s 4noth3r T3r3z1 1n town? Oh, goody! >:]
1:48pm Aug 11th, 2014