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Scrup, I'm sorry I missed you-- I was away for a long time. -.-' I can see that you haven't been around, but if you see this I would love to RP with you sometime. It`s too bad I saw this so late...
4:57pm Oct 30th, 2014
Glad I joined too, thanks for telling me about it so I could. It's late here, so I'll make a post tomorrow, we just got home and I'm too tired to think lol.
8:10pm Sep 10th, 2014
Nevermind, I think I found it.
8:11pm Sep 9th, 2014
I don't think we've RPed before, but I've got a lot of time on my hands, what's the link to your RP?
8:02pm Sep 9th, 2014
Just saw your shout box message about roll playing. Sure I'm interested, why?
7:44pm Sep 9th, 2014
Sorry, haven't been on often
6:09am Sep 2nd, 2014
No I don't, sorry. ^^;
7:50am Aug 22nd, 2014
Hey! I posted a question on the RP, just so ya know
2:42pm Aug 11th, 2014
HEY!!! :D I'm ok, been better. :) My RPing has died down now. School started back today and I have 3 collage classes and one honers so I'm going to be really busy.
1:03pm Aug 4th, 2014
So what do you think? Does it need any changes or anything or should it be left as is. I was just thinking that some people will probably be put off by such a wall of text. -.-' Maybe should shorten it a bit? Or not? I too hope Nightly will join
11:25pm Jan 9th, 2014
that would be great. :)
11:25pm Jan 9th, 2014
It`s all open and ready to go now. :) that took forever -.-' Anyway, guess what? Nightly is back. :D
9:18pm Jan 9th, 2014
Alright, thanks ^^, and feel free to make suggestions; it`s always good to have the opinion of experienced writers. :)
9:57pm Jan 7th, 2014
It`s okay, and that`s great. I`d love to write with you again. :) Oh but, you didn`t answer my questions; I was really hoping you would.
9:53pm Jan 7th, 2014
So, what go you think?
8:15pm Jan 7th, 2014
I`ll PM you since these shout boxes have character limits. Might take a few minutes, don`t worry I won`t write you one of those long messages like before. :p
7:02pm Jan 6th, 2014
pretty quiet, so maybe I`ll hold off for a month or so... but what do you think is best?
6:53pm Jan 6th, 2014
Hey, I`ve been thinking about going ahead and creating that RP we talked about soon, since I finally have lots of free time again. I was wondering if you`d like to help me with it? I don`t know if now is the best time anyway, the RP forums seem pretty qui
6:52pm Jan 6th, 2014
Well I hope you had a good holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you around again. :)
9:22pm Jan 4th, 2014
Thanks, and you`re back. :) Awesome; welcome back! ^^
7:54pm Jan 3rd, 2014
Happy New Year! :D
10:29pm Dec 31st, 2013
Psst! Hey.
9:31pm Aug 19th, 2013
Heh sorry.
11:57am Aug 16th, 2013
6:19pm Aug 13th, 2013
I guess not?
12:41am Jul 12th, 2013
If that was too graphic let me know.
12:17am Jul 12th, 2013
12:03am Jun 25th, 2013
I just can't sleep xD I wake up periodically through the night and take forever to fall asleep in the first place. That, and addictive games don't help me get to bed earlier xDD
1:35pm Jun 15th, 2013
Pretty good. Tired though, not enough sleep
12:55pm Jun 15th, 2013
Hey! :D How are you?
10:00am Jun 15th, 2013
Mm, not too much! Just waiting for people to post :-)
11:33am May 23rd, 2013
wats up?
11:25am May 23rd, 2013
Posted :)
9:37pm May 9th, 2013
posted :)
9:33pm May 8th, 2013
Yeah, I guess that would be okay :) Didn't even think of it >.<
9:16pm May 8th, 2013
Suggestion: For the RP could we have regular human characters
9:04pm May 8th, 2013
9:01pm May 8th, 2013
Sup with you?
1:55pm May 8th, 2013
12:15pm May 8th, 2013
Okay! :)
11:18am May 8th, 2013
Posted :)
10:46am May 8th, 2013
My dino's are good. The RP is going good
9:53pm May 7th, 2013
What's up? How are the dino's doin? ;D
6:34pm Apr 29th, 2013
Cool :D
3:40pm Apr 29th, 2013
Hey hey! Lol, I know, right? I've been busy, but I think now I'm gonna try to get my rp going again.
12:23pm Apr 29th, 2013
Hey whats up? long time no chat lol :)
10:32pm Apr 28th, 2013
Me too :D
5:40pm Apr 4th, 2013
I just posted :D
5:31pm Apr 4th, 2013
I was just posting on the rp lol I'm also eating cookies for dinner ^^
5:10pm Apr 4th, 2013
Whats Up
5:09pm Apr 4th, 2013