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The morning sun's glare had woken him. He looked onto the bed to see Vaan wasn't there. They must already be outside, he thought to himself. He cleaned up his equipment in his bag and had walked outside to see everyone was waiting for him. "I apologize Prince for keeping you waiting" He looked onto the forest as he usually did. He saw Lanzia impatiently pacing as she usually did when she was waiting. Vaan still had a smile on his face. It made him happy to see a boy with such a positive attitude. "Eric? Where are we to head first?"


'It is perhaps useful to look around in the shops maybe we need something.'And then we need to go to the town to the east ....i heared that there is a accomplice of the wizard and he might get us some useful Information.'Eric spoke as neutral  as Always.'I GO TO THE WEAPONSHOP!!' Vaan yelled and sprinted off in top speed leaving the others behind in a cloud of dust.'Where does he get the energy from in this early morning?' Eric thinked.Then he heard Vaan yell again.He rolled with his eyes.'childish' After the cloud of dust was gone Eric walked to the pharmacy.''With Vaan here may be useful.'

"Can you believe the nerve of that kid?" Lanzia had a frown on her face about to run after Vaan herself. The only one holding her rage back in the group seemed to be Fronder. "Sometimes I wish I could kill that boy!" Her rage made her seem that fire burned in her eyes. She eventually calmed down fallowing Eric. Fronder on the other hand had caught up to the boy.

                                                    Lanzia had seen the town pharmacy before. It didn't get much customers. Once she was in there with Prince Eric she began thinking to herself. Why would Fronder like some one he's just met? I guess I might want to calm down more when I'm around him. Still, for some reason I don't like him. I wonder why? Still, I can't let that boy get in my way. He might slow us down.

Lanzia sighed looking at Vaan who was running to a shop nearby. He best not get in my way. Or he is dead.

Vaan was sprinting to another shop when he saw something black move in front of his feets, he tripped and felt on the stones.It didn't hurt him that much he looked at the black thing. It was very small and hairy: a little black kitten.The tiny kitten licked his/her tail meowing to Vaan.''s just like haired..clumsy...'Vaan thinked petting the little kitten.Without thinking he gave the kitten some food and water.'hmm..Lanzia and Prince Eric probably would be angry but i don't care''That poor thing needs it better.'Then he heard some footsteps in his direction.He looked up and saw Prince Eric, Lanzia and Fronder.The kitten fleet away to one of the alleys leaving Vaan sitting on the ground alone.'

'Ready kid?' Eric asked.

'Yeah im ready' he said smiling.

He stood up.

Then they headed to the other village where the accomplice was been spotted.

"So who exactly is the wizard?" he questioned Eric. Fronder only knew of the bad wizard, and as far as he knew they all wanted to kill him. He let the others walk in front of him, unsure of who's accomplice this was, and if he was hostile to them or not. Looking to his right and left no one else besides their group had noticed the accomplice. From the distance they were he had no idea what creature or thing he was. In fact he couldn't tell if it was a he or she. Of course he was behind the group. The only real thought in his head was, who is the wizard, and his accomplice.

Eric stopped walking to answer Fronder's question.Vaan didn't look where he was walking and bumped into Lanzia.He quick walked back afraid for her reaction.Eric now stood next to Fronder.'I better start by the begin wizard is actually familly of uncle, but he was very jealous on my dad,nothing really hapenend, but then one of his dragon killed some people mainly elf's....My parents killed the dragon and my uncle was furious and as a punishment he cursed my and locked up my parents.''Hey thats a coincidence, my uncle hates my and your uncle hates you..funny isn't it?' Vaan asked smiling. Prince Eric immediately begon walking again. Vaan started to sing a song because he was bored.But after a glare of Lanzia he stopped with an apologetic smile on his face.

She was holding most of her rage back. Her hand was on her ax. She literally was about to knock her ax into Vaan's head. She hated when people ran into her, now she had a reason to kill Vaan. Of course, Fronder had stopped her from doing such. She took her glance off of Vaan and onto Fronder. She thought to herself as they walked.He must really be furious. If that was my family I would be furious by now. She continued walking ignoring the fact that Vaan had run into her. She stayed silent daring not to say a word. Eric was now in front of the wizards accomplice.
Prince Eric stood still looking with an suprised look on his face.The man in front of looked terrified.'Y-Your highness i-i didn't expected to see you here....W-What brings you here?' The man spoke scared to dead.' I heard that you are the accomplice of the wizard...right?' Eric said. 'W-Wizard?...what wizard i don't know any wizard!' the man lied. Eric pulled out his sword to the throat of the man saying'oh no....and now?''O-Okey i might know a wizard b-but not that good and i never gona tell even if you kill me!' the man said.'Lanzia... i might need your help here...Fronder you watch Vaan...and Vaan stay away before you mess things up.' Eric said pulling the man to an alley.' Lanzia i think you are convincing with your axe'
Lanzia was happy he said this. She had been bored to death and Vaan didn't seem to help. At least she was of some use. She fallowed Eric into the alley way obeying him. Once in the alley way she had walked up to the accomplice with her ax in attacking position. The kitten in the alley had ran out in fear. Rage had shown on her face. "So help me! If you don't tell us what we need to know I'm going to give a slow and extremely painful death!" She neared the accomplice who still refused to speak. "Your really just going to stand there? Aren't you!?" She now had her ax up to his neck ready to kill. "I assure you I'm not bluffing!"

Eric leended on his sword looking at the man.'You know i am not going to stop her because i don't care if die a very painful and a very slow you know why?...because i am hearless' Eric said with a grin on his face.This is the first i uses his hearlesses.the man admitted':'O-Okey i tell you where he is..but you first need to go through several towns..i don't kwon where he exectly is and.....he sended some monsters and a few dragon to stop you form your Quest...Please that's all i know!!' the man said saking in fear and then he fainted.'OH...good...Lets go then' eric mumbled to Lanzia.When they where back to Fronder and vaan He telled them what to do now.'Let's head to the next town to the nord.'

Fronder nodded in agreement. He knew they must set out. They began walking, but he had a seance he was being fallowed. He turned around to see the kitten. Lanzia had noticed it to. She walked up to the small kitten about to kick it. "Wait! Don't." He had grabbed the kitten in his arm and began walking. "I can take care of it. But please don't kick the small creature." He pet the kitten.

Lanzia turned around to face Fronder. "Well you better give that dumb thing a name."

Fronder gave Lanzia a mean look. "I'll name him Bandit. Now leave it alone!"

He ignored any insults given and fallowed the group to the next town.

Vaan noticed the kitten in Fronder's arms. And looked back to Lanzia saying' i didn't know you where heartless to and...' ten he runned for his life becouse Eric pulled out his sword . after eric pulled his sword back Vaan walked to Fronder and Bandit wispering:'Luckly you have a heart....becouse im sure Lanzia is born without a heart.'then he giggles and walked to eric with a smile on his face.'Sorry i didn't wanted to make you angry' he said feeling guilty.'Fine' Prince Eric mumbled.'But i think you making Lanzia angrier then my' Eric said.'but i can't help Lanzia hates my!' Vaan said.
Lanzia was frustrated with Vaan now. She had heard what he had said and would have sliced him into pieces if it weren't for Fronder. She was having second thoughts about Fronder as well. She had kept her eye on the road trying to calm down. It was almost impossible to calm down after what Vaan had said. She had thought of him as a childish, idiotic, and sensitive boy. She had known that Fronder had different thoughts. Why would he want a stupid kitten? It had made no sense to Lanzia, but for some reason it had to Vaan. "Eric, why do we need to go to this town?"

Eric didn't saw the town at all he was looked at Vaan who was playing with his life by making Lanzia angry.Then he looked in front of him he saw a small town 2 miles away.'Maybe there are no other town around so we better go this one'He said ignoring Vaan who was complaining becouse he was tired.

finally they arived at the town.Eric feeled that it wasn't right but now he sees.The whole town was deserted.In other words a ghost town.Vaan began to sweep.'I don't wanna go to a ghost town, it's creepy!' Eric sighed.'It's the only town around so we have no choice.' 'But if we find another town?'Vaan brought against it.' i don't know...Fronder?...Lanzia? are we going to stay here and camp in the wildernis, stay at the town or go find another town?' Eric asked.'I vote for another town' Vaan yelled

'I didn't asked you Vaan'Eric said offended.

She had heard his question and knew he required an answer.She glanced at Fronder. She waited for him to respond first. "I cant see another town in sight. I think it would be best if we stay her." She saw him look around. Something wasn't right with Fronder. He didn't seem to like this place any more than Vaan did.

Lanzia now kept her eyes on the Prince. "It would be better to stay here. I don't think we would find another town before night." She sighed. She didn't seem to like this place either. She now turned to Vaan. She knew she was going to have to get used to him. Right now that didn't seem to matter though. "Vaan, Eric. I think something terrible must've happened here. I'm pretty sure people wouldn't leave a town this nice unless something terrible happened."

Save The Prins His HEART.

max√ā¬†4 caracters...and i spelled prince wrong because im duth.


The young prince as been cursed so he doesn't feel anything.

you wants to help the prince.

(in a group ofcouse)

with him and others you are√É∆í√ā¬Ę√ɬĘ√Ę‚ā¨Ň°√ā¬¨√ɂĶ√ā¬° going to defeat the wizard.

but he as set traps.

...and monsters.


The bad wizard has cursed the prince.

just help the prince and defeat the bad wizard.

and maybe the prince likes you.

And if you help him you would be a hero.


no bad langue

no bad stuff

only√ā¬†4 caracters max

you may use magic.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
bad wizard
good wizard

Second RP Master
Nanave (#7827)

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