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Hello, how have you been?
3:31pm Jul 27th, 2015
Hello. (Random)
12:49pm Sep 23rd, 2014
I wish that 'Work' was still there... I am good at saving when I have enough cash... when I have little I just spend it up. and I forgot my PIN to the bank, which also sucks.
7:26am Aug 12th, 2014
I wish I was.... The highest I can ever get is $30,000, then it falls like the canyon! I can never save...
7:23am Aug 12th, 2014
Also, I had to raise the price. I saw how much money you had, I just had to do it.
7:19am Aug 12th, 2014
Also, can u look at the advertisements for other games? I would appreciate if you joined The Fire In Our Blood.... Only if u want..
7:16am Aug 12th, 2014
Herbivore action, I did.
7:15am Aug 12th, 2014
What are u going to do with your herd? If your not keeping it, can i have it? *puppy eyes* please? FYI, i am not that rich soo yeah.
5:17pm Aug 11th, 2014
Lol, it's my favorite number. And after a long time of having it on here it just sortof stuck. I use it everywhere the name's not already taken now.
4:43am Jun 30th, 2014
3:53am Jun 30th, 2014
You have christmas stuff?
6:42pm Jun 15th, 2014
You can ask me whenever you like and need help. ;) Would be glad to hear from you from time to time. ;) Have a great weekend!
12:31pm Jun 14th, 2014
I know what you mean. ;) Ok, than write a pm with your questions and send it to me. I will give my best with the answers. :)
10:09am Jun 12th, 2014
Would you understand it if I try to explain anything in german and you can ask me your questions in english? Or is english better for you?
2:55pm Jun 11th, 2014
So english is not your first language? My is german. Are you german, too? I can try to explain everything you need to know. ;)
2:40pm Jun 11th, 2014
Really forgot how to do some things here? I tried to explain that in the thread and hope it will help you. Feel free to ask me for help. ;)
1:09pm Jun 11th, 2014
Hello, how are you?
1:29am Nov 4th, 2013