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Waiting was not her specialty. The longer they stood there the more impatient she became. She began pacing side to side. Fronder, a male elf had joined but would this be enough? For Lanzia waiting seemed dead hopeless. No one else had seemed to be coming. She looked over her shoulder seeing that the human and Fronder didn't seem to mind waiting. How could they be able to wait so long? Would anyone else ever come? Was this group as big as it could get?

                                            These questions made Lanzia even more impatient. Finally she had ceased her pacing staring at the other two. This elf might be the only one who cares about getting Eric's heart back besides her.

Fronder had began to feel doubt that anyone else would come. He looked onto the horizon looking onto the forests wondering what challenges lay ahead of them. If this group was Eric's only hope of getting his heart back they best all be prepared. He stood up exhausted of sitting on the ground for so long. He looked back at Eric who was still sitting on the ground. Waiting seemed pointless to Fronder.

"Eric. It would be best if we head out soon.It is your choice though. Do you think we should head out or wait awhile longer?" Fronder waited patiently for an answer.

Eric signed and watches the Fronder speak.
Now it was his time to speak.
'you're right how longer we wait the smaller the chance know it.'
He stood up and looked at is 'army'.
two very strong companons and himself a heartless prince.
'Lets go' he mumbled.
He grabbed his sword and started walking.

He just looked at the sun, high in the air.(again)
Then he realized that he even't thankt them.
But now his heart is cursed.So he doesn't care.

He touches his chest: no heart beat.

He puts his hand down, he can't forget it.

He's heartless......heart beatless.
After a few steps he notices a stranger running to them.What does he/she want?

After vaan heared that the prince needs people to help him he fast headed to him.this is his chance.....finally a mission.

He scrached is black messy hair and looked around.

'if i were a prince, were would i be....?'

How is he going to find the prince anyway? he's heartless and desperate.So he really needs him.He asked some people they sayed that he better head north.That ther is a chance to find the prince. then he thinks:'Why they doesn't help him? i the only one...or are there more?

He started to walk north with all his stuff. mainly food and water.

Then he spots 3 figures walking.An elf an dwarf and...THE PRINCE!.

He sprinted to them...'Hey..prince..wait!'

The female dwarf had turned around knowing she had to wait again. Sighing she turned around to see the human run towards Eric. The fact that he was running with a sword had made her jump back a bit. Fronder had to keep Lanzia back to prevent her from attacking. Once relaxed and assured he wouldn't attack she and e had backed off a bit to let Eric and the human talk without interruption. Lanzia was far more distracted by the sky. The sun now was at it's fullest. Now she looked out onto the forest which looked as if it never ended.
finally vaan stopped in front of the prince.
He looked at him and the others who where staring at him.
'Yes..?' prince Eric said more as a question then an answer.
Vaan was thinking wat to say.
Then the idiot in him awake and he says' are heartless?!'
Prince glares at him.
'..If you say it so.' The prince said a bit angry.
Vaan sees he is making the prince angry so he quick says:'I would like to help you on your quest....prince.'
'oh...we need another hand so it's good by my..'
Then he turns around to the elf and the dwarf asking ' Is it ok for him to join?'
She looked over to Frondor who had already nodded. Decisions seemed to be no hassle for him. Even though she had only met him she had a feeling he was only get in their way. Still, Frondor and Eric had no problem accepting him. Why can't she? She personally had wished to accept him. But would this be too risky for her? She sighed and gave a response. "If it's OK with you I'm fine with it. But if he gets in my way I Promise with all my heart, I'll kill him." Frondor took a step back. It would take allot of courage for Vaan to join. Especially with someone as hot headed as Lanzia.

Prince Eric started walking again to the north.
But he feeled that Lanzia wasn't happy with Vaan.
'He might get in the way but i better give him a chance.'he thinks.
He hoped that they didn't get in problems because of him.'Atleast he wants to help me...'.
Frondor has no problem with Vaan but why he and Lanzia didn't like him? Maybe because of my heart, if it wasn't cursed would i accept him ?

He looked at Vaan: walking with a big smile on his face.
It seems he didn't care that Lanzia and He don't like him that much.Then he looked at Frondor who was walking behind Vaan. It seems it didn't bother him.
'I better accept him or i stay heartless forever.

Vaan was happy they accept him, because it was his first mission. But after a few steps he thinks about the words of the female dwarf. She just have met him and now she hates him already?He feels a bit stupid.
'Maybe they think i'm only getting in their way. I better do my best and don't do anything stupid. Don't say stupid things......and hope they don't kill me.
But on the other hand the prince needs me.!
So they don't have a reason to kill me!' He think happy.
Then he notices that the prince stares at him.
He keeps his mouth shut. And looked at the horizon far away.

The trees seemed to be the only thing in that direction. Just facing it you could smell tree sap. It seemed like all there was, was forest. He took another glance at Vaan. He seemed as happy as ever. It made Fronder glad to see that Lanzia's word's wern't getting to him. Now he was positive this was as big of a group Eric would get. He didn't see anything wrong with it. With a human as positive as Vaan it seemed like they were unstoppable. He gave a smile to the boy not sure if he looked back. "Eric? Where are we to head first?"
It was getting dark the sun was almost under.
Eric heard the question of the elf.
'I think i see a village over there maybe we can spend the night there.'
Wen they where closer they see it's a tiny village.
Lucky for them there is an inn.
The group walked to the inn and they where greeted by the owner.' Hello sir can whe all spend the night here?'
Eric spoke.'Sure your highness..but there are only 3 rooms left.' The owner said.
' No problem..Lanzia you get a room alone.' 'and Frondor would you prefer sleep alone or would you share it with Vaan?'' It's your choice i don't mind what you pick.'Eric said.
"Whatever is best. I don't mind having to share a room, just as long as the floor is comfortable I'm fine." He looked at the fine plywood. Which tends to splinter, but he had leather with him to cover the floor it didn't matter. The inn seemed nice and warm and the floor's were in almost perfect condition. He couldn't see any pests on the way in so it didn't matter. He looked outside the window when they were in their room. It had a terrific view of the forest. "Vaan? Where are we going to head first in the morning" He stared back at Vaan waiting for an answer.

Vaan was looking around in the room.

It was a pretty large room with sadly one bed.

He was very thankful to Fronder,.

Then fronder asked him something he can't really answer.

He tried to sound as normal as posible and not to stupid.

'eeuuuhh... if i decide something i think Lanzia and Eric would be very angry at me and i don't wanna do stupid things.'Like last year when i decided to go to my uncle...the result was that i accidentally burned his house....accidentally' He spook.''Actually it was not my fault..But my uncle hate me now....never mind.'Ten he realised what he said.He just talked about one of his accidents. He changes the subject before Froder could ask things.'Sooo..why do you want to help the prince?' he said with a big smile.

He stared out the window again, then back at the boy. "What your real question should be, is why not?" He sighed knowing he wanted answers just as much as he did. He stared back out the window. He didn't want the boy to see his tears. Once calm he turned around. "If you must know, my parents were killed by dragons. It was his parents who had saved me from the dragons rage. The dragon was a follower of the Bad Wizard." He took a pause to sigh. "The very person who has cursed Eric. I fallow him to protect, and get a chance for revenge." He stared at the emptiness of the room. "I'm sorry if my stories bore you. It's best if we get our rest."
Vaan realised that it was a very stupid question.
Because he saw his tears in the reflection of the window.Fronder's story wasn't boring at all but... it made him almost cry.It was a very sad story.'I-Im sorry i didn't meen to...You right we better sleep...i-im sorry.'He said stuttering with an apologetic smile. He turned of the light saying 'sleep well' to Fronder.After a few moments he said''My parents where killed to..but by a dragonknight in fact...And he burned down the our house..and took our stuff.' 'Im telling you it because i feel guilty about asking about your reason.''But in fact we must be happy with what we have and the fact that we are alive..i think....and..sleep well Fronder' Then he fellt into a dreamless sleep.

Save The Prins His HEART.

max√ā¬†4 caracters...and i spelled prince wrong because im duth.


The young prince as been cursed so he doesn't feel anything.

you wants to help the prince.

(in a group ofcouse)

with him and others you are√É∆í√ā¬Ę√ɬĘ√Ę‚ā¨Ň°√ā¬¨√ɂĶ√ā¬° going to defeat the wizard.

but he as set traps.

...and monsters.


The bad wizard has cursed the prince.

just help the prince and defeat the bad wizard.

and maybe the prince likes you.

And if you help him you would be a hero.


no bad langue

no bad stuff

only√ā¬†4 caracters max

you may use magic.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
bad wizard
good wizard

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Nanave (#7827)

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