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Dr.Speedy Fox (#28236)

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"Waiting for Evosaur "
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Hello, Im sorta new, This is a OLD account, but I stopped playing when I was newer. So wondering if I could get help to get another cage for dinos! I need 5k left!
11:28pm Nov 11th, 2018
Yep thanks :)
7:41am Jun 17th, 2016
I kinda figured. But I was confused about something and I pretty much only did that to figure out something. :)
7:39am Jun 17th, 2016
I noticed you posting about art for furries and saw you can drawings of furry characters. Are you a furry, because I am one to.
6:34am Jun 12th, 2016
Wait! She has a son. He has all but one perfects. But he needs about 7 or 8 days to grow up
3:33pm Apr 22nd, 2016
OK . I have a female balaur with all the perfects. I can try her. In 8 - 10 days.
3:32pm Apr 22nd, 2016
Your a bit unfair with the club stud. Nothing was wrong with those to dinosaurs
3:19pm Apr 22nd, 2016
I said 'Echindons Echoing' to because, you know, its an echo. xD
11:59am Mar 11th, 2016
okay just came over from LD... I feel like such a newb again
8:48pm Mar 6th, 2016
Well that's a bit hard to do, since you can't exactly pick which club you'll be in, plus there isn't much to spy on xD
3:31pm Mar 2nd, 2016
I heard that there is a spy in the Claw Clan
4:01pm Mar 1st, 2016
Come on, Claws. Let's defeat our enemies!!!
2:38am Oct 19th, 2015
you are going to do your nut when you see the new babies in my incubator -grins- they are all girls and BEAUTIFUL
12:16pm Sep 18th, 2015
-laughs- don't worry my friend, i'm sending the girls over
1:05am Sep 17th, 2015
-snickers- they are ! i'm reluctant to let them go !
11:19am Sep 16th, 2015
Hiya. I did reply to your email. as you can see I currently only have female babies. but it only takes three days to breed 12 males. do let me know how many you want.
9:36am Jul 30th, 2015
Thanks for the balloons :)
8:49pm Jul 26th, 2015
Cool xD
9:37am May 25th, 2015
I'm good. 0w0 Just hopping around the map, looking for cool overlays x3
9:37am May 25th, 2015
chu have very pwetty spinos. x3
9:33am May 25th, 2015
ovo How about you?
9:33am May 25th, 2015
kewl. >w
9:33am May 25th, 2015
Nothing much xD beeding dinosaurs to sell to people for lots of moneyz
9:31am May 25th, 2015
wassup? x3
9:30am May 25th, 2015
3:24pm May 22nd, 2015
Yo ovo
3:19pm May 22nd, 2015
Hi ;o
2:50pm Oct 25th, 2014
Hi there! I've never seen you on the site before, so I just thought I'd say hi :D
2:26pm Oct 25th, 2014
I do thank you so much ^.^
10:13am Jul 8th, 2014
sent her. ^^ I hope you like her! :D
10:10am Jul 8th, 2014
Thank you I will cherish it ^.^
10:10am Jul 8th, 2014
sure! I have one that would be Purrfect fur you! :3
10:07am Jul 8th, 2014
No thanks I'm fine, but if you have any spino babies you don't want I would love to have them!
10:05am Jul 8th, 2014
thank you so much! :D if you want you can release them back into the nature reserve. oh! and to thank you, would you possibly like one of the demetrodons I got? :3
10:01am Jul 8th, 2014
Okay I'll be waiting xP
9:54am Jul 8th, 2014
thanks! i'll send them over. ^^
9:52am Jul 8th, 2014
Sure I'll take care of them
9:51am Jul 8th, 2014
can you hold these bambiraptors in your empty enclosure reel quick? there are some demetrodons in the nature reserve and I keep on getting the same bambiraptors over and over again.
9:49am Jul 8th, 2014
Sure, what is it?
9:43am Jul 8th, 2014
hi! can I ask you a reeeaally quick favor reeaally quick?
9:41am Jul 8th, 2014
8:02pm Jun 30th, 2014
good news! :D all of the linheraptors were sold to a good home. ^^ yay!
8:01pm Jun 30th, 2014
ok. ^^
3:18pm Jun 28th, 2014
I think those were my Linheraptors that I sold because I saw them on sale and clicked and I was their breeder, I don't want them but you should sell them for a lower price so they get bought
10:58am Jun 28th, 2014
Hai! I'm selling some cute Linheraptors, and I was wondering if you would possibly like some? ^^ (I need to have them gone by the end of the day to make room for some bigger dinos)
10:41am Jun 28th, 2014
Ok. ^^
9:15am Jun 27th, 2014
Nah I don't have any more cages plus I like smaller dinos c:
7:43am Jun 27th, 2014
want a t-rex? :3
6:19pm Jun 26th, 2014
lol, sorry. xD I was trying to get these creatures from the nature reserve. x3 there was this creature who was a different species that I didn't have room fur, but I figured out a way. ^^ now I have some more spinos, carnos and t-rexs though! x3 want a t-
6:19pm Jun 26th, 2014
Okay xD I don't know how I would anyway
5:24pm Jun 26th, 2014
sorry about that. ^^'
1:38pm Jun 26th, 2014
never mind. ^^
1:38pm Jun 26th, 2014
can you hold on to this dino reel quick fur me? i'll take him back in a tiny minute. ^^
1:37pm Jun 26th, 2014
Eh I don't know I think its fine as it is
12:36pm Jun 26th, 2014
I found a rainbow colorant! :3 yay! :D (they are worth 10 scales and I found one fur $25,000) I'm gonna try and sell it fur 7 scales. ^^ or do you think I should upper the price? :3
6:22pm Jun 25th, 2014
Oh xD
3:46pm Jun 25th, 2014
cool. ^^ I'm just roaming the site looking fur something to do. XD
3:45pm Jun 25th, 2014
Fine just relaxing ^.^
6:23pm Jun 24th, 2014
how are you? ^^
6:22pm Jun 24th, 2014
Hi .3.
4:58pm Jun 24th, 2014
hai. :3
4:56pm Jun 24th, 2014
No idea it just does it's a miracle
5:40pm Dec 25th, 2013
Why does the 1st enclosure say that it has "-1/12" dinosaurs?
6:11pm Dec 24th, 2013
XD I also thank you for leading me towards that website XD
12:01pm Dec 14th, 2013
Gah! Didn't mean to put 'tell' in the sentence. *facepalm* sorry...
11:29am Dec 14th, 2013
I love making tags! ^w^)/ tell and thank you! ^w^)/
11:28am Dec 14th, 2013
Thank you its epicly cute!
11:16am Dec 14th, 2013
11:13am Dec 14th, 2013
^w^)/ Here is the link:
11:12am Dec 14th, 2013
Thank you X3
10:48am Dec 14th, 2013
Ok! I'll get right on it! ^w^)/
10:46am Dec 14th, 2013
A fox would be fine! And Thank you!
8:13am Dec 14th, 2013
Are you looking for tags? I could give you one for free if you'd like. ^w^)/ just name an animal! ^w^)/
7:13pm Dec 13th, 2013