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As his target stood there, Insanek's demented laughter increased in volume, and not once did he stop for breath. With a crazy glint in his eye, (he usuallly has that glint) he lunged as his knife, and when he picked it up, licked his teeth with a long pointed toungue.  he twitched uncontrollably, and then turned around and hissed at Jewels, hoping this would keep her from shooting again because she already seemed somewhat frightened, somehow managing this in the midst of his laughter, ever mounting in volume, and lunged with his knife, once again, at a weak spot in Deonday's armor.
He could feel a sharp pain imediatly spread across his neck, the only weak spot on his armor, just had to be on his neck. He fell to the ground in shock, he couldn't even tell what had just hit him. A knife had just slid across the side of his neck almost penetrating his wind pipe. As he was on the ground he could see blood, his own. The cut in his throat drasticly reduced breathing, almost to the point where he would be suffocated. Pain had taken the best of him, the reducement of breathing had eventually sent him into a state of uncontiousness.
Cacatua watched the violence in horror. She still didn't have an explanation of what these people were doing, but she didn't like it. She backed away just as quietly as she had come, away from Deonday's body. She tripped over something and screeched loudly. That was one drawback of her shape-shifting abilities; she sometimes still made the same noises as the bird rather than a person. The creepy lizard-person, Insanek, turned and stared her way. Cacatua seemed to shrink under his cruel gaze. However, she stood up and faced her enemy. She would NOT be called a coward by these strangers. Cacatua felt for her claw-weapon she carried around, and pulled it out quickly.
Insanek turned around for a moment, regarding the shapeshifter for a moment, (he could tell that because of the bird noise) and turned back around.  What?  Not dead yet?  He thought as he cackled.  Oh well.  He still had his choice of fressh organs, as soon as he tore one out, he would have a body for the six hundred thousand bounty, and a few organs.  He bent over Deonday, and started to remove his armor, ignoring the rest of the bounty hunters as his insane laughter loudly rang over a large area.  (Who can save Deonday from imminent doom?) 
Jewels aimed her gun for the creature's skull, which was hard to do when there's a person about to get mauled right in front of you. She pulled the triggor, hoping her Aim wasn't too bad. But, it wasn't and it hit the creature in the shoulder, stunning it long enough for Jason to swoop in and drag Deonday out from under the creature. The creature shreiked in pain, causing Jewels' ears to ring. The creature gave a mighty hit with his tail to her, and she flew and hit the wall of a building. She was knocked unconsious, and Hina rushed over to lick her face.
After he hit Jewels into a building with his tail, Insanek, continued laughing, and pulled the bullet right out of his bleeding shoulder.  With what seemed to be an immunity to pain, (that's very common to his species, the single minded determination is part of their insanity.) he pulled out the elvin heart and bit into it like an apple, swallowing half.  He then swallowed the other half, and, aware how incredibly gruesome this spectacle would seem to any non-demented Iziek, began slowly approaching Deonday, moving much slower than before due to his wounds.  He still cackled, and he twitched uncontrollably.
He slowly had woken up. The spell used previously had a great effect on him. Even now his body still stung, what was weird to him was the fact he could feel pain as a ghost. He saw the situation now, there was some one trying to kill his master. He was familiar with hI'm as well. He had heard others on the street mention this lizard man creature. He was said to use a knife and eat organs. He knew this was true. Before Insanek could proceed any further, he began using a spell of his own. He created a wall of purple, red, and blue fire to separate Deonday, and Insanek. This kind of fire was able to burn through bones. He grabbed his own two swords preparing to fight. "Stay away from him!" Grendile showed great aggression towards Insanek, Grendile showed no sighn of letting Insanek through. Not without a fight that is.
Insanek cackled once more, and turned to Grendile.  "Ah.  You must be the faithful and invulnerable servant they mentioned, aren't you?  I was beginning to wonder where you were.  I was hoping to would let me do a service to my stomach and my wallet, not to mention all of mankind, due to the countless murders he has performed against the innocent.  But now I realize your all-consuming bloodlust is just as bad, if not worse, than that of your master." He said the last two words condescendingly, and cackled once more, while twitching uncontrolably, and, still chuckling, was over a corner, in a limping sprint.

Hina looked over to the cackling creature and decided enough was enough. He gathered up all his energy and strength and transformed into a large werewolf-like creature, except much larger. He growled at the creature and ran full speed, charging at the creature. Everyone was amazed at this including Jewels, who never knew her wolf could do something like that.

Jewels got up from her little injury. She rubbed her head and saw a wolf creature fighting the lizard creature. She looked around and couldn't find Hina anywhere. Was that here? No, it couldn't be! Is what whent through her head.

He was enfuriated with Insanek by now he clenched his swords tight, he wondered how Insanek had passed his fire wall. That didn't matter to him the most. What did matter the most to him was making sure that Deonday would live. He clenched his swords even tighter now, rage drove him foreward. He disappeared and rematerialized infront of Insanek. He swung his sword at Insanek's head, missing by a centimeter. Even more angered he attempted to cut his neck, again he missed by a close centimeter. "Stay away from him!" Grendile now was extremely ticked off, no matter how many times he swung his sword, he couldn't get a hit on Insanek. Looking to his right he could see what Hina had turned into. Even with Hina, Insanek kept dodging his attacks.
Insanek gave a frightened, fake sounding laugh, and screamed "Ack!  Call the wolf off!  Tell it the laughter is a natural response!" Insanek gave a bout of nervous, high-pitched weezing laughter, which was accompanied by the sound of steel hard claws clashing with Insanek's knife.  Insanek grouled hissed at the huge wolf, and ducked under it, stabbing it's belly ashe went over.  He ran, limping, over to jewels, and held the knife to her neck, laughing.  "Sorry, it's nothing personal, I'm just worried your pet will tear me to pieces if I don't have a hostage." He cackled again.
Now he was even more infuriated. He held his swords down though so Jewel wouldn't be injured. "Leave my friends alone." Grendile didn't want to see any of his friends get injured. "You can't hold her hostage all night, eventually you'll have to let go. Now what's the point of holding her hostage?" Grendile calmed down to look around, none of his friends were dead yet. But he noticed his master was terribly injured by a knife that went through his throat. Then he looked at Insanek's knife, it was still dripping with fresh blood. "You tried to kill Deonday!?" Grendile was furious now, but if he attacked Jewel might be killed. He didn't calm down or attack. He could only wait to see what would happen next.
"Well of course" Insanek told him, after laughing.  "what else would I be here for?  I'm not a monster, unlike your friend over there." Insanek gestured towards Deonday, and laughed again.  "You didn't actually think I'd kill this one, did you?  I only kill anyone due to my strange diet, and I consider killing someone like him a service to all." He laughed, he laughed loudly, and finished with "And one who knows of your death might even say you're crazier than I am; I did my research before trying to kill your master." He laughed once more, before saying "and you still can't attack, because my insanity make me unprdictable." he laughed and laughed and laughed.
Rage and hatred still was shown in his eyes, even though he now seemed calm. He looked down at his swords, then back at Insanek. He hated it when others were right, he hated being wrong. He looked at Deonday who still lay uncontous, then back at Insanek. He didn't want any of his friends injured. So he payed close attention to Insanek's movements. It was difficult to tell what Insanek was going to do, his twitching made it impossible to tell which direction he was going to move. And now his laughter was beginning to annoy him. If he looked to see if his master was okay it could be to late, he put all his focus on Insanak, he couldn't tell what he was going to do. But he did know one thing, Insanek had bad intentions for his master.
Lilya looked at the lizard with hatred. SHe looked at Hokey, who was now standing perfectly healthy, and he glared at the lizard as well. "Hokey, don't kill him, just stop him long enough for us to get out of here!" Hokey nodded and glared at the lizard man. He mumbled and few words and a wave of his hand, the lizard man froze. He snarled and cackled and laughed. He glared at Hokey and looked as if he was struggling to move. Hokey glared att he lizard man and growled in his high voice, "No one tries to kill my master's friends! Hokey does not accept this!"

A Day in the Life of a Sweeper

The setting is on the continent of Carnon. Carnon is a huge land with many cities and different climates. Covering the land are series of species of mythical creatures, animals, and humans. It is said that under the city are underground caverns...


Mariola: A smaller, more peaceful city than the others, many people with children choose to live here. It is on the plains Mariola and the largest, and most successful, farms are started here. It it known for it's best produce and best onion buns.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a mysterious and small town in the high, misty Mountains of the War. This was where the many wars were fought to free this country from the evil people of Sharquee, their former controller. Nobody really lives in Capricorn, except for widows and the extremely poor. But, some say that the secret entrance to the underground caverns, is in one of the shops... but no one really knows.

Kolnco: The Gem of the Coast. Thats what the people call Kolnco. Its a beautiful place for vacation, retirement, or just living. The beaches are the best on Carnon and the people are friendly and kind. It's famous for it's yearly 'Fish Feast. That's when all the fishermen in the city go out and catch as many fish as they can, then they fry them all up and the entire city gets to eat all-you-can-eat fish!

Carnon City: The largest City on Carnon. Everyone who's anyone lives here. The people here are normally very very rich. But the crime rate has gone up, and the people hid to protect themselves, and their money.

South Banks Megalopolis: A huge city on the river of Ja where the crime rate is large and the death toll is also large. Many sweepers come here to earn huge bounties but are often killed in the process. Only the most elite can come here and earn the bounty.


" A sweeper only needs a genuine desire to help..."

This land was once peacful and quite. It was very rich and prosperous. But, over the years, the law enforcement has been overturned and completely removed. Now, the only hope for Carnon, is their sweepers. The 'good' sweepers have been given a license to do so. The 'bad' sweepers have just been hired as practically assasins. They will stop at nothing to get their prize, and many others as well.

A person has gone missing and there is a very large bounty for whoever finds him. The only problem is: it's like he disappeared from the face of the Earth! No one can find him, for he is expert at hiding, and now the two sides of Bounty Hunters feud, which doesn't help find this person any faster. Evil Bounty Hunters will kill anyone that gets in their way, as good bounty hunters only kill to cover their bare necessities.

This person that has gone missing has made the Bounty Hunters angry, by stealing many of their bounties and killing many of them. This person also killed many innocent people and robbed them of their money. He is a greedy thief, and we have no idea what he's doing or where he is. And when he disappeared, the Bounty Hunters were trying their best to find him...but he just disappeared suddenly. The bounty for him has risen as the years went by-but, no one can seem to find him no matter how much riches are at stake. And the Bounty Hunters still try to find him.


Standard Exhibited RPing rules and as these followed:

There is an unlimited count of characters, but you must keep them active!

Keep gore to minimum, blood is allowed, but not too much.

No powerplaying, godmodding, sueing, yeah those aren't tolerated here. ^^
Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling!

Do not kill one's characters unless you are told too....

Kissing and hugging is allowed, but only to that, nothing beyond.

Listen to the RPM's please. 8l

Please refrain from putting words in ()'s in a post. That is what the OOC is for...

Feather will be monitoring closely with these rules. If you disobey one, you are out! This is your warning..

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Dire Wolf
Evil Bounty Hunter
Good Bounty Hunter
Neutral Bounty Hunter
Neutral Human
Other (tell me in description)
Other Canine Species
Other Feline Species

Second RP Master
Feather (#958)

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