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   Jason seemed to be happier when he saw Jewels.  "Jewels!" He yelled as he ran up to her, "You're alive," he said in a breathless voice as he hugged her.


   Lilya looked at Deonday, she understood that he probably felt a little angry at Jewels for shooting at her. But, she didn't feel as if she should interfere. She glared at Hina, ready to snap at him if he even stepped one step closer to her.


   Xina raised her head to see Jewels had returned. She sighed heavily and back to her book, not really wanting to talk to anybody.


   Hokey gurgled and laid on his back on the sand, blinking madly to get the small bits of sand out of his eyes. He heard a loud commotion and turned his head to see Jewels was there.

As Ferru trode foward, he remembered a couple of dimwitted loose ends.  Best to tie up loose ends, he thought, as he turned around.  In the same moment he approached them, disteneding his shock arm, his miniature companion crawled onto the neck of the other.  They both delivered a shock at the same instant, stunning the dimwits, regardless of what they had to say.  Ferru knew from experience that it was much easier this way; ignore them instead of taunt them, and you came out on top much more quickly.  He turned back around, treading through the forest to, ultimately, destroy his opponets.  The dimwits were left twitching on the ground.

Zonan suddenly had an involuntary muscle spasm and slapped himself in the face. He flailed his arms uselessly as he fell to the ground and started to do the worm. he then found a large can of beans and chugged it, and dropped to the ground. There was a loud sound and then, he began to hover. He suddenly flew across the ocean, screaming at the top of his lungs "Imma pretty pony!"

(ignore this, its a joke XD lol---> real post afterrrr)

Jewels smiled at him and managed to pry him off of herself. "So," She began, "Where are we headed? And when? We should get a move on if we dont want to miss him!" She pulled out her gun again and began to polish it with a handkerchief in her pocket.

Hina ran up to her and jumped on top of her, showering her with his tongue and magic saliva. She pushed him off of her and stood back up again, brushing herself off.

Zonan rolled his eyes at Jewels, Jason, and Hina. "Morons..." he muttered and closed his eyes again.

   Xina looked at Zonan and stood up, standing next to him. She stayed silent, staring at the ground. 


   Jason smiled and held her hand tightly, not feeling so rushed to leave her side just yet. "Him? You mean Sinew? But Grendile's still out there, he needs to come back. How will we ever navigate through Sharquee without him? The only one here who has ever been there is Zonan, but none of us can trust him."


As Ferru trudged through the jungle to destroy his adversaries, a crow flew unnaturally close.  He was startled for a moment, before the obvious solution occured to him.  "What do you want?"  he growled.  The crow turned and reversed the explanation to his companion, as it was in a manner he could not understand.  It automatically updated itself in his head, and he began ro rise, to anger, and seemed almost as if he would explode, he seemed pushed to the edge of sanity-  and in the next moment he was fine.  Yes, yes of course your right.  He said in his head.  "But do I really have to lead them there?"  he said aloud to the crow.  As it bobbed it's head in response, he nodded as well, plotting in his head to this knew information.  "Thank you coon. Now, off with you!"  He said, shoving her off his arm.  He strode foward through the jungle, ready to fool every dimwitted adversary he had.  
   Lilya felt unnerved to see the crow. They shouldn't live on this island, and why would it be flying towards the ocean? Most specifically, towards Sharquee? She shifted uncomfortably, looking back at the group who were swarming over Jewels. She sighed heavily, how can they not see or feel the dread and the danger? They were about to walk upo to the most dangerous and powerful criminal in history and kill him, but they didn't even know what they were up to. There had to be a reason why Sinew survived this long with such a high bounty with so many sweepers chasing him. But what was it?
Grendile lifted himself off of the ground, he was about move ahead when he heard a noise. He looked around, there seemed to be no one there, he guessed it was just a forest animal and began moving foreword. When he hears the noise again he looks around wearily, "Is someone there?" Grendile stood there listening for a response in case some one was there.

Maddock scurried across the forest trying to find the strangers he had seen from the temple. He stopped when he saw the others, he then scurried to Hokey who seemed to have his face in the sand. Maddock stood in front of Hokey and tried to get him to get up.

Deonday noticed Lilya seemed worried about some crow that flew by. He thought for a moment thinking about the criminal they were after, surely if there were any metal men they could handle it, then again he really didn't know how many of them Sinew had. He looked at the sky wondering when Grendile would be back.

   Lilya noticed that Deonday was watching her and turned to face him, "Yes?" She asked in a somewhat testy voice.

   Farren padded through the forest again, her brown-orange tail flowing slightly. She raised her snout into the air, sniffed and bared her teeth. That smell was oddly familiar. It smelt like that weird metal-man.. Ferru is it? But tens time that. And then there was the smell of that Nightwhispers and her annoying pet raccoon. And there was an unfamiliar scent, and one of snakes. The snakes that tried to kill her master. She barked and ran back to the group, feeling alarmed. She ran to her master and started barking madly. 

   Xina seemed surprised. "What is it Farren?" She knew her pet well, and she seemed awfullly disturbed. Farren whimpered and pointed her nose to the forest, barking again.

Sorian scratched her head boredly,leaned against a tree and stared up at the patches of star-light sky, peeking through the forest canopy. That was where she belonged- up in the sky, touching the stars and the clouds. "Enough of this." Sorian though tiredly. "I'm going, now." She said to no one in particular, as she spread her wings and went up and up, till the people on the ground were mere specks. Then- The ground gave way to the vast, deep blue ocean, and Sorian felt a thrill go through her. She suddenly changed course, making sure it was the opposite direction of sharquee.
Deonday looked at Lilya who seemed to still be a bit concerned still about the crow, "Nothing, you just looked a bit worried."

Grendile heard the sound again, he knew he shouldn't be waiting and taking up time. He went into the temple that sounded just about deserted, if there was a chance anyone was still in the temple he had to search, "Hello? Is anybody here?"

Grasha was forced to fallow her dragon who was chasing after a mouse, "Feralia stop!" Feralie grunted and stopped, "Tut noot fayr, I almust haed eet." Grasha heard something nearby, whatever it was it had shaky breath. She tried to move away from the noise but Feralie moved towards it, "Feralie no!" She fallowed Feralie until they found two living things on the ground, she remembered these two, "It's the demon and it's owner, come on Feralie, we should drag them to the others." Feralie nodded and began dragging Brench, Grasha dragged Thern and put him on Feralie's back. It would take a few minutes until they would get to the others.

 Lilya shook her head. "It's that crow, Deonday. Crows shouldn't be on an island in the middle of an ocean. Where's Grendile? I need to discuss this with him-I'm sure he would understand my concern."

 Farren grabbed a part of Xina's cloak, puling gently. "Okay," Xina said softly, "lead the way then." They went into the forest, the heat and mild darkness was unsettling to Xina, but Farren was unaffected. Farren's fur began to stand on end, so Xina unsheathed her sword, narrowing her eyes. Farren lowered her belly to the ground, sniffing and glaring forward. Xina saw a flash of metal, it was so familiar. Her heart lurched, "Ferru?" She said in a gasp.

Deonday truley didn't understand why Lilya was so upset, it was just a crow, even if it was strange it was on this island, it couldn't harm anyone. He wondered what was taking Grendile so long... "Grendile should've been back by now, he was looking for the others we left behind." The ghost can't just leave them, can he... Deonday thought annoyed. Grendile had searched high and low for the others, they weren't there, he saw Catrin walk outside, Catrin looked up at him annoyed, "Haven't you and your friends done enough damage to this temple?" "Im looking for a demon and a shapeshifter, have you seen them?" Catrin wanted Grendile gone as fast as possible, "A cyborg took them, I'm not sure where they went." "Then they're probably dead... thanks anyways," Grendile decided to go back, there was no point in looking for a man or demon that was already dead. He flew off to go join the group again.

Lilya stared at Deonday, "Grendile is basically bound to you and to the death of Sinew, he can't leave us. Not yet, anyway." She saw Grendile and felt a bit relieved.

Nightwhispers held out her arm, letting the crow land on it. Slowly it changed into a slender raccoon, crawling to her neck and curling around her shoulders. "You contacted Ferru?" Coon nodded, twitching her tail. "Good, because I still don't know why he wants to linger near those freaks. I had the right mind to run off!" She went into a nearby cave, eventually it widened into a huge cavern. She was welcomed by glittering metal eyes. The cyborgs always disturbed her- what person would want to make one of these mutant things? "Finally Nightwhispers!" Sinew stared at her, perched on a boulder. His arms were crossed, a gun near his side. "Is Ferru coming soon? It's been ages since he actually listened to me." Nightwhispers bowed her head, "Yes, he should be, he knows how to tame those idiots. Soon they'll be here for the fight to begin." (dun dun DUNNN)

Catrin remembered the cyborg had said he was heading to Sharquee, perhaps this was important for the ghost to know. But it was too late now, and she could care less about what happens to the ghost and the others.

Grendile had felt he had wasted his time going back to find the others they had left behind. He was relieved to see the group again, he hated being alone and it would make him very nervous. His wings ached and he felt grateful to be on land again. "I wasn't able to find any of them, I'm sorry I've wasted your time," he spoke to whoever was nearby.

Deonday looked slightly annoyed, "You took forever! You could've at least been quicker!"

Grendile scoffed, "Well I'd like to see you sprout wings and fly."

A Day in the Life of a Sweeper

The setting is on the continent of Carnon. Carnon is a huge land with many cities and different climates. Covering the land are series of species of mythical creatures, animals, and humans. It is said that under the city are underground caverns...


Mariola: A smaller, more peaceful city than the others, many people with children choose to live here. It is on the plains Mariola and the largest, and most successful, farms are started here. It it known for it's best produce and best onion buns.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a mysterious and small town in the high, misty Mountains of the War. This was where the many wars were fought to free this country from the evil people of Sharquee, their former controller. Nobody really lives in Capricorn, except for widows and the extremely poor. But, some say that the secret entrance to the underground caverns, is in one of the shops... but no one really knows.

Kolnco: The Gem of the Coast. Thats what the people call Kolnco. Its a beautiful place for vacation, retirement, or just living. The beaches are the best on Carnon and the people are friendly and kind. It's famous for it's yearly 'Fish Feast. That's when all the fishermen in the city go out and catch as many fish as they can, then they fry them all up and the entire city gets to eat all-you-can-eat fish!

Carnon City: The largest City on Carnon. Everyone who's anyone lives here. The people here are normally very very rich. But the crime rate has gone up, and the people hid to protect themselves, and their money.

South Banks Megalopolis: A huge city on the river of Ja where the crime rate is large and the death toll is also large. Many sweepers come here to earn huge bounties but are often killed in the process. Only the most elite can come here and earn the bounty.


" A sweeper only needs a genuine desire to help..."

This land was once peacful and quite. It was very rich and prosperous. But, over the years, the law enforcement has been overturned and completely removed. Now, the only hope for Carnon, is their sweepers. The 'good' sweepers have been given a license to do so. The 'bad' sweepers have just been hired as practically assasins. They will stop at nothing to get their prize, and many others as well.

A person has gone missing and there is a very large bounty for whoever finds him. The only problem is: it's like he disappeared from the face of the Earth! No one can find him, for he is expert at hiding, and now the two sides of Bounty Hunters feud, which doesn't help find this person any faster. Evil Bounty Hunters will kill anyone that gets in their way, as good bounty hunters only kill to cover their bare necessities.

This person that has gone missing has made the Bounty Hunters angry, by stealing many of their bounties and killing many of them. This person also killed many innocent people and robbed them of their money. He is a greedy thief, and we have no idea what he's doing or where he is. And when he disappeared, the Bounty Hunters were trying their best to find him...but he just disappeared suddenly. The bounty for him has risen as the years went by-but, no one can seem to find him no matter how much riches are at stake. And the Bounty Hunters still try to find him.


Standard Exhibited RPing rules and as these followed:

There is an unlimited count of characters, but you must keep them active!

Keep gore to minimum, blood is allowed, but not too much.

No powerplaying, godmodding, sueing, yeah those aren't tolerated here. ^^
Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling!

Do not kill one's characters unless you are told too....

Kissing and hugging is allowed, but only to that, nothing beyond.

Listen to the RPM's please. 8l

Please refrain from putting words in ()'s in a post. That is what the OOC is for...

Feather will be monitoring closely with these rules. If you disobey one, you are out! This is your warning..

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