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  Xina muttered and morphed into a dragon, she lashed her long tail. "Will we be off, then?" She noticed Grasha and Feralie weren't here. "Farren, find them." Her hellhound barked and ran off, searching the temple for them. She saw Wolf and tugged at his pants, he looked at her and sighed, "Fine." He followed the hellhound as she sniffed the ground, following Grasha's trail. She wagged her tail when she found Grasha and her dragon. She barked to get their attention.

  Lilya crossed her arms, glaring at Xina. She didn't trust this idea, but what else could they do? Grow wings and fly? SHe mused at her thoughts.

Grasha saw Ferru just stand there, "I wonder why he's just standing there... It's just weird...." She turned around when she heard Farren, "What is it Farrren? Are we leaving?" Feralie turned around growling at Farren, "We mets agan... Farren..." Grasha glared disappointedly at Feralie, "That's enough." Grasha saw that Wolf was fallowing Farren.

Errala didn't like this idea, after almost being killed by Farren she was very nervous.

Deonday was too tired to care about this idea now, he just leaned against the wall lazily. He knew Lilya was unsure about this idea. Deonday continued leaning against the wall, he was exhausted after being in the freezing cold, walking around all day, and being hit against a wall.

  Farren rolled her eyes at Feralie and barked at Grasha again, pacing around in the direction her master was. She led them back to the groups and wagged her tail, sitting next to her master.

  Xina glared at Feralie, "That.. thing is not going on my back, she gets to fly on her own." She waved her long tail calmly, looking at Grendile, "Well, Casper?"

  Lilya sighed and stared at Grasha and Feralie, "Yay, them," her voice was unenthusiastic. She closed her eyes lightly, pondering something.


Grendile thought for a second, looking at everyone around him, then at Xina, "As long as you don't kill us I'm fine with it..." He knew that if Xina would dare try and harm any of them he'd be there to react. Grendile would keep the pterodactyl statue he was possessing just a bit longer, at least until they were at Sharquee.

Feralie snorted and looked the opposite direction of Xina, I wod huv fluwn meself anee woy! Feralie thought stubbornly. She grunted angrily and looked at her master.

Deonday moved away from the wall, still exhausted. He was tired and didn't feel like walking more than two feet.

  Xina sighed and laid down, "Then those who cannot fly, please get on my back. A few rules- don't break my spikes, don't squirm, no screaming, no laying down, no hitting me, and you better hold on tightly because I fly quickly." She looked at Baltor, "I'll carry you in my claws, and Errala, please no using your claws." Farren climbed onto her master's head, twitching her ears.

  Lilya stared at Xina for a second then sighed, climbing onto her rough back. Hokey followed close behind nervously.

  Wolf grunted as he climbed on her back and clutched one of her spikes tightly.

Errala unsheathed her claws and climbed on Xina's back, she sat infront of a spike and noticed how long Xina actually was in dragon form.

Deonday climbed onto Xina's back easilly, he sat by a spike that was close to Lilya. He wondered how long it would actually take to get to Sharquee.

Grasha climbed up almost tripping once or twice, once she had gotten up she clung onto the nearest spike nervously.

Usud climbed up Xina's back and sat by the nearest spike, he looked at the ground bored.

Grendile stretched his wings and prepared to leave soon.

Baltor whinnied, not really sure of what was going on. All he knew is Xina wasn't going to kill them.

  Xina sighed when everyone was on and crawled out the temple and flew up, flapping her massive wings wildly, she found a good wind current and flew inside it. She barely had to flap her wings, the powerful wind was helping her soar effortlessly.

  Lilya sighed and looked at the ground below them. "Carnon seems so small now, it's hard to beleive we walked for months on that land." She said to herself mostly.

   Hokey shuddered, being so high up scared him to death. He buried his face into Xina's back and whimpered. Xina seemed annoyed, "Hokey, stop it." She snapped.

Deonday looked at the ground, he had never been up this high before, he was amazed at how far they were from the ground. He was amazed that they were taking a short flight over land that had taken them weeks to months to cross. He saw how small everything looked, wondering how large everything actually was.

Baltor felt a bit panicked as he looked down, he neighed, frightened of the fact he was being held by claws.

Grendile flew closely to Xina, making sure none of his friends would get injured. He knew that if Xina dropped anyone he'd be able to catch them.

Feralie flapped her arms/wings, she never actually knew what they were called, she only knew she could fly. She looked down at the buildings as they flew, she could see forests, cars, ponds, and many other things. She looked ahead, it was difficult to keep up with Grendile and Xina, they were both in forms that were bigger than her. Feralie had to struggle just to keep up.

Sorian stared up at the departing figures sadly. No one had explained where they were going at all, and they just up and left. "Cacatua, you still here? She called out. It echoed off the temple ruins and no answer returned, so Sorian figured she had gone with the group. Suddenly she remembered something, an idea, a wonderful idea, and for the first time in months a smile lit her face. "I can't wait.. I just can't wait to go..." She muttered excitedly to herself. Sorian began to run out of the temple again, and smashed into at least three walls in the process. Oh well, she didn't care, all she cared about was her plan. She leaped up to a high outlet of stone on the side of the temple and took off, without a moment's hesitation, and headed in the direction she hoped was right. 
Jewels turned around and saw Sorian fly out a large window. "Wait! Sorian! Where are you going!?" She ran as fast toward the window to try and catch up. She nearly ran out of the window herself because she was focused on catching Sorian. She held onto the nearby wall and stared into the darkening sky. "Sorian! Where did you go?!" She called into the night. She looked around. There was no sign. Suddenly, she heard the familiar wing flaps and looked down to see Sorian flying just below the window. She grinned and jumped onto the Bird-woman's back, trying not to hurt her too much.

Sorian Oofed and flew back the way she had come, very glad to see someone acutally noticed her existance. "Well then! I'm quite happy you came along, I am not sure where the others are going and I do not care. Probably to another gorey, disgusting battle someplace." She resisted doing a loop-de-loop in the air, knowing Jewels would not be happy with being dumped on the ground. 

"By the way.. Do you even know where we are going?" She asked with a grin. "I've wanted to go for so long.. but never got a chance to, I was so busy following those...groups.." 

Jewels smiled excitedly. "I dont know. Where are we going? I hope it's better than this place." She looked back at the temple quietly and held onto Sorian's neck, hoping not to slip off because of the high winds in the sky. She looked toward the horizon and sighed.

Zonan sat on Xina's back, slightly mad he couldn't fly by himself. He didn't like being helped by people. He looked around and saw that the sky was starting to dim, and the warmth of the day was devoured by the dark chill of the night. The stars started to peep out from their hiding places and seemed to smile at them from the sky.

Dimitri rolled his eyes and shifted into a dragon,twice xina's current size, and he took off nad flew nearby her.

He looked at her adn extended the frill around his neck,which made him look liek a dilophosaurus.

The frill was a beautiful mix of red,green,black,orange,and  2 other unknown shades of colors.

"Pretty aint it?"He smiled nad he get oscar onto his back,allowing the little dragon to sink its claws into dimitri rasckolov's back for a better grip so that he would not fall off.

"got a good enough grip oscar?"He asked him and he smiled warmly at the baby dragon riding his friends back.

Thern had heard everyone leave, then Jewels. He was too tired from the trip to care. He rubbed Baltor who was next to him. "They all left us again... do you think we should fallow?" Brench was angered by the fact the others had left them, how could his master be so casual about this? He snarled and snorted when Jewels and Sorian left last. "I don't think we should..." Brench wanted the others to pay for leaving them behind, his master couldn't help if he was slower! In fact it was Lilya's fault he was blind anyway! Brench wished he had never revived Deonday, he wanted to see Lilya suffer, he wanted her to suffer like his master did! "I wish I could tear Lilya to shreds, if it wasn't for her elf I'd be tearing her to shreds!" Therm heard Brench's comment, "Well we did kill Deonday-" Brench cut his master off, "She blinded you! She cut off your arm! Lilya deserves to die!" Thern tried to calm his demon down, "Brench you know we can't kill her, I deserved it anyways." Brench angrily thought, imagining what joy he'd take in tearing Lilya shred to shred. Brench was very humane, but he still was a demon, and with that he had demonic thoughts.

Thern thought he had heard something nearby, he couldn't see but he knew there was definitely something watching them. Brench heard the noise too and moved protectively next to his master.

"Oh its a wonderful place... if it is still there to see." Sorian said with a slightly mournful note in her voice.  They flew in silence for quite a long time, then she suddenly gasped as she remembered something important. "We forgot Thern! I hope he's alright..should we go back for him?" She asked Jewels. 

Cacatua was asleep, dreaming that she was being chased by corndogs. Really big corndogs. With wings..She suddenly woke up with a snort and found herself still in the temple, in her human form for some reason, and  no evil corndogs or Sorian to be seen. She could hear voices but couldn't see anyone, she somehow sensed that most everyone had left a while ago. "Hellooo? Is anyone still around?" She called out to the gloomy stone walls waiting for a response. 

A Day in the Life of a Sweeper

The setting is on the continent of Carnon. Carnon is a huge land with many cities and different climates. Covering the land are series of species of mythical creatures, animals, and humans. It is said that under the city are underground caverns...


Mariola: A smaller, more peaceful city than the others, many people with children choose to live here. It is on the plains Mariola and the largest, and most successful, farms are started here. It it known for it's best produce and best onion buns.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a mysterious and small town in the high, misty Mountains of the War. This was where the many wars were fought to free this country from the evil people of Sharquee, their former controller. Nobody really lives in Capricorn, except for widows and the extremely poor. But, some say that the secret entrance to the underground caverns, is in one of the shops... but no one really knows.

Kolnco: The Gem of the Coast. Thats what the people call Kolnco. Its a beautiful place for vacation, retirement, or just living. The beaches are the best on Carnon and the people are friendly and kind. It's famous for it's yearly 'Fish Feast. That's when all the fishermen in the city go out and catch as many fish as they can, then they fry them all up and the entire city gets to eat all-you-can-eat fish!

Carnon City: The largest City on Carnon. Everyone who's anyone lives here. The people here are normally very very rich. But the crime rate has gone up, and the people hid to protect themselves, and their money.

South Banks Megalopolis: A huge city on the river of Ja where the crime rate is large and the death toll is also large. Many sweepers come here to earn huge bounties but are often killed in the process. Only the most elite can come here and earn the bounty.


" A sweeper only needs a genuine desire to help..."

This land was once peacful and quite. It was very rich and prosperous. But, over the years, the law enforcement has been overturned and completely removed. Now, the only hope for Carnon, is their sweepers. The 'good' sweepers have been given a license to do so. The 'bad' sweepers have just been hired as practically assasins. They will stop at nothing to get their prize, and many others as well.

A person has gone missing and there is a very large bounty for whoever finds him. The only problem is: it's like he disappeared from the face of the Earth! No one can find him, for he is expert at hiding, and now the two sides of Bounty Hunters feud, which doesn't help find this person any faster. Evil Bounty Hunters will kill anyone that gets in their way, as good bounty hunters only kill to cover their bare necessities.

This person that has gone missing has made the Bounty Hunters angry, by stealing many of their bounties and killing many of them. This person also killed many innocent people and robbed them of their money. He is a greedy thief, and we have no idea what he's doing or where he is. And when he disappeared, the Bounty Hunters were trying their best to find him...but he just disappeared suddenly. The bounty for him has risen as the years went by-but, no one can seem to find him no matter how much riches are at stake. And the Bounty Hunters still try to find him.


Standard Exhibited RPing rules and as these followed:

There is an unlimited count of characters, but you must keep them active!

Keep gore to minimum, blood is allowed, but not too much.

No powerplaying, godmodding, sueing, yeah those aren't tolerated here. ^^
Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling!

Do not kill one's characters unless you are told too....

Kissing and hugging is allowed, but only to that, nothing beyond.

Listen to the RPM's please. 8l

Please refrain from putting words in ()'s in a post. That is what the OOC is for...

Feather will be monitoring closely with these rules. If you disobey one, you are out! This is your warning..

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Dire Wolf
Evil Bounty Hunter
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Other (tell me in description)
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