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Baltor was in a state of shock as he looked down at the ocean, he thought quietly to himself fearfully, "I don't taste good! Let go of me I'm not tasty!"

Grendile looked ahead, the stars could barely be seen, he hoped that he was reading the stars right. He wondered how much longer it'd be until they reached Sharquee, probably many hours. Grendile looked below for a few minutes, seeing that there were strange figures, they were so high he couldn't be sure, but it looked like a boat. He looked back ahead, not concerned at all about the boat.

Deonday looked at Lilya, wondering if she'd be alright.

Insanek looked down, and cackled, noticing the shadow that looked somewhat like an artificial craft.  Specificially a boat.  Specificially, one boat in particular.  Why, They'd come after all!  Insanek had been starting to not worry.  He cackled aloud again, though he wasn't exactly sure; it could be a trick of the mist and the light, as they were rather high up, and therefor far away.  But still, if the shadow was what he thought it was, and, assuming what he thought it was, if who he thought it was was riding it, then the band, him inclueded, were in for a rather wild ride.  Insanek cackled again.



Xina sighed heavily, flying on. Now, she didn't want to have fun flying in the air drafts, she wanted to land so she could sleep. She had to wake herself up whenever her transparent dragon-eyelids fell. She blew a few sparks at her paw to wake herself up.

Lilya sighed heavily, trying to suppress fear. She closed her eyes tightly, wanting to be on Sharquee.

Grendile looked sleepily at the path ahead, he tried to focus on the stars and flying, but it was getting difficult. He tried whatever he could to keep his mind off of sleep. As he began trying to distract himself from sleep be thought of something, he couldn't remember the rest of the group had eaten. He figured that after everyone had slept when they had gotten to Sharquee he should think about how to get everyone food. Grendile continued to think, keeping his mind active so he wouldn't think of sleep.

Deonday looked back down at the ocean, they were still very high up. He started to feel the rain beat down on them, his hand slipped, he had to quickly grab back on to Xina's spike, he felt the wind pick up quite a bit too. He found that it was hard to keep hold, it was very slippery now because of the rain.

 Xina grunted. She looked at Grendile, shouting over the bone-chilling rain and the crashing thunder. "Isn't there any land nearby? Like an island or... something solid we could land on to get some rest before we get to Sharquee? I mean, it's still a long way off, who knows what would happen to us before we get there?"

  Lilya hated to admit, even to herself, but she agreed with Xina. She looked back at Deonday to see he was just ready to fall off. She looked back up at Grendile, hoping there was someway they could stop to rest before anything unspeakable happened.

Deonday was exhausted and his arms were about to give out. He looked around sleepily, wondering if he'd fall before any of them found land. Deonday looked down at the ocean, trying to think of how painful it would be to drown.

Grendile looked in every direction he could as he flew. The rain was making it harder to see. He had problems seeing the water below because of how thick the rain was. As Grendile continued looking another flash of lightning spread across the sky. He manadged to spot a small piece of land, from this view he could tell the land was covered in palm trees. "I think I see something below us."

Catrin noticed Maddock had disappeared. She called for her squirrel but there was no answer, she had no idea that Maddock was fallowing the demon Brench. She began looking around, she heard someone elses voice, and looked confused, while walking she ran into Cacatua, "What are you doing here?"

  Xina saw it too, it was hard to make out in the rain and the darkness. "Alright, let's land." She folded her wings and started into a steep dive, fluttering down to hit the land. She lied down so her passengers could step off easily.

  Lilya sighed heavily with relief and almost jumped off Xina's back, feeling relieved to be on solid ground again and not in the air.

  Hokey was trembling wildly, afraid of every single thing that was happening. The storm, flying, and being with the other group entirely terrified him.

  Jason sighed and stepped off.

Feralie heard the others had found a piece of land, she headed towards the land and had managed to make a crash landing in a group of trees.

Grasha had gotten off of Xina's back and stumbled a bit because she was dizzy. She heard something crash near them and saw Feralie walk towards her. Grasha was happy that Feralie seemed fine.

Grendile managed to scratch up some of the ground when he landed. He wasn't used to landing yet. He looked around to make sure everyone was alright. Grendile's wings ached and he felt tired, he was getting sick of the pterodactyl form.

Deonday had gotten off of Xina, feeling like colapsing at the spot he was at. He looked at the trees around them, the trees prvoided some shelter from the storm.

  Xina morphed back into a human once everyone was off and stretched, comfortable to be a human again. She looked at Grendile, "So, Casper, what will we deo about those we left behind? Like Jewels, Thern, Brench, and Ferru?"

   Hokey happily collapsed to the ground, his face in the sand. He made gurgling noises and rolled around, happy to be on a solid land base.

   Farren patrolled the area, her head held up high proudly. She heard a bird in a tree and shot a spark at it. Soon, a tropical bird body fell down near her, she grabbed it and trotted back to the others, hoping to make them pleased by hunting this bird. 

Grendile looked up at the sky, the storm showed no sign of calming down. "I'll go back and get them now before we get too far ahead. It would be difficult to fly to and back from Sharquee, so I guess it'd be best to go now." Grendile shook some of the water from the rain off, he then looked at the direction from which they came. "I think it would be a good idea for me to go back."

Deonday walked under a nearby tree and sat down exhausted. He was relieved to be able to take a break. He leaned against the tree happy to know he'd be able to get some sleep.

Errala looked at Hokey in a strange way, wondering what in the world was he doing.

Sorian flew on and on until her wings ached, and then she flew some more, hoping Jewels would manage to stay on her back long enough to reach whereever they were going. She had stopped multiple times to rest or find something to eat, so the land journey wasn't too arduous. By the time they reached the sea, Sorian wished they could just be done with their journey already. "Jewels... are you sure you want to continue with me? It is going to become much more difficult, and I think I see a storm coming.. " Sorian said, pointing with a talon at the ominious black clouds. 

Cacatua smiled nervously. She wanted to be friendly- But she couldn't remember who on earth this was that she was talking to. "Well, I'm lost- again. I'm not sure where Sorian is.. What are all of you doing here? And by the way, do you have any soup?" 

Zonan sighed and walked into a nearby patch of grass. He fell onto his back under a tree and closed his eyes, trying to get some rest. He fell asleep soon after and started to dream a strange dream. He saw a small puppy trying to fight a large wolf. The wolf knocked the puppy to the ground easily and it seemed to laugh at it. But, right as the wolf wasn't looking, the puppy grew into a lion and killed the wolf. He woke up that instant. He didn't know what the dream meant.

Jewels nodded and looked at the large black storm clouds. "Yeah, I think I'll manage. I've been through a lot worse." She sighed and laid her head on Sorian's soft feathers. She had never been to the homeland of Sharquee. She sighed and thought about what may be there.

Hina trotted up to Jason and sniffed his hand gently. He whined at him, letting his large, slobbery tongue hang out.

   Xina nodded to Grendile, "I understand." She sat on the ground and pulled out one of her books. She began writing about what had just happened, and her recent feelings. She didn't even get past the second paragraph before Farren crawled to her and dropped the roasted bird on her lap. Xina sighed and smiled, tossing the bird aside, "No thanks, Farren. I don't need it."

   Farren tilted her head and trotted to the bird and grabbed it, wondering what she could do with it.

   Hokey looked at Errala and shook some of the wet sand off his face. "What are you looking at?" He challenged her playfully.

Grendile spread his wings and took off again, it would take awhile for him to get back, but at least it was better than having to travel even further. He looked at the sky, it was still pouring and now it was almost impossible to see the stars. Grendile looked ahead, it wasn't until the island was out of sight he felt fear set in... He realized he was now alone, one of the things he feared most was loneliness. He had second thoughts of going back, but he had to reach the temple. He flew nervously, jumping at the sudden sound of thunder.

Catrin looked at Cacatua confused, "This is my friends' temple, and no we don't have soup, at least I don't think. I'm Catrin, who are you? And why are you here?"

Errala looked at Hokey who still had some wet sand on his face. "Your covered in sand."

  Jason looked down at Hina sadly and rubbed his head gently, "I hope she's alright, boy," he said a soft voice.

   Xina looked over at Zonan, who seemed a bit panicked. She blinked and stood up, walking over to him, "What's wrong?" She asked in a concerned tone.

   Lilya sat on her own, watching the storm, wanting to see any signs of it calming down. She saw something through the dark clouds. It was rather large and bornw.... she narrowed her eyes and stood up, studying it, "Is that.. a bird?" Then she could see it clearly enough to see a familiar human figure on top of the brown thing. Her eyes widened. "I can't believe it," she whispered. "It's Jewels."

A Day in the Life of a Sweeper

The setting is on the continent of Carnon. Carnon is a huge land with many cities and different climates. Covering the land are series of species of mythical creatures, animals, and humans. It is said that under the city are underground caverns...


Mariola: A smaller, more peaceful city than the others, many people with children choose to live here. It is on the plains Mariola and the largest, and most successful, farms are started here. It it known for it's best produce and best onion buns.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a mysterious and small town in the high, misty Mountains of the War. This was where the many wars were fought to free this country from the evil people of Sharquee, their former controller. Nobody really lives in Capricorn, except for widows and the extremely poor. But, some say that the secret entrance to the underground caverns, is in one of the shops... but no one really knows.

Kolnco: The Gem of the Coast. Thats what the people call Kolnco. Its a beautiful place for vacation, retirement, or just living. The beaches are the best on Carnon and the people are friendly and kind. It's famous for it's yearly 'Fish Feast. That's when all the fishermen in the city go out and catch as many fish as they can, then they fry them all up and the entire city gets to eat all-you-can-eat fish!

Carnon City: The largest City on Carnon. Everyone who's anyone lives here. The people here are normally very very rich. But the crime rate has gone up, and the people hid to protect themselves, and their money.

South Banks Megalopolis: A huge city on the river of Ja where the crime rate is large and the death toll is also large. Many sweepers come here to earn huge bounties but are often killed in the process. Only the most elite can come here and earn the bounty.


" A sweeper only needs a genuine desire to help..."

This land was once peacful and quite. It was very rich and prosperous. But, over the years, the law enforcement has been overturned and completely removed. Now, the only hope for Carnon, is their sweepers. The 'good' sweepers have been given a license to do so. The 'bad' sweepers have just been hired as practically assasins. They will stop at nothing to get their prize, and many others as well.

A person has gone missing and there is a very large bounty for whoever finds him. The only problem is: it's like he disappeared from the face of the Earth! No one can find him, for he is expert at hiding, and now the two sides of Bounty Hunters feud, which doesn't help find this person any faster. Evil Bounty Hunters will kill anyone that gets in their way, as good bounty hunters only kill to cover their bare necessities.

This person that has gone missing has made the Bounty Hunters angry, by stealing many of their bounties and killing many of them. This person also killed many innocent people and robbed them of their money. He is a greedy thief, and we have no idea what he's doing or where he is. And when he disappeared, the Bounty Hunters were trying their best to find him...but he just disappeared suddenly. The bounty for him has risen as the years went by-but, no one can seem to find him no matter how much riches are at stake. And the Bounty Hunters still try to find him.


Standard Exhibited RPing rules and as these followed:

There is an unlimited count of characters, but you must keep them active!

Keep gore to minimum, blood is allowed, but not too much.

No powerplaying, godmodding, sueing, yeah those aren't tolerated here. ^^
Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling!

Do not kill one's characters unless you are told too....

Kissing and hugging is allowed, but only to that, nothing beyond.

Listen to the RPM's please. 8l

Please refrain from putting words in ()'s in a post. That is what the OOC is for...

Feather will be monitoring closely with these rules. If you disobey one, you are out! This is your warning..

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Dire Wolf
Evil Bounty Hunter
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Neutral Human
Other (tell me in description)
Other Canine Species
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