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King Casque, Leader of The Hornbills (#23623)

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Lime Prairie Zoological Gardens Farm
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"See you all! School's back so bye!"
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Could you maybe take better care of your one trex or give her back to me? She is my older babbys and if she is just gonna die I want her to live
8:11pm Sep 6th, 2015
I sent the first Acro. Let me know when you move that one.
4:32am Feb 1st, 2014
Ok, I have the two dinos. I'll send them over.
6:42am Jan 28th, 2014
Hey, I bred the two dinos. Do you want one male and one female or what?
5:48pm Jan 26th, 2014
ALL of your dinos are dying of starvation!!! feed them all before they all die!!!!!!! don't let them die of starvation because that would be animal cruelty!!!!
2:59pm Jan 21st, 2014
Yeah, that's fine.
2:59pm Jan 20th, 2014
Do you want one egg or both? Also, I bred the female recently, so it'll take a few days for breeding cooldown.
2:34pm Jan 20th, 2014
Hey, which one of your dinosaurs do you want to breed with mine?
2:21pm Jan 19th, 2014
5:31pm Dec 31st, 2013
do you like skydoesminecraft?! *hopeful eyes*
2:30pm Dec 25th, 2013
*Drops gift at your farm gate* Merry early Christmas! ^^
8:44am Dec 18th, 2013
Tried to accept your breeding request; it says that you dinosaur is too hungry to breed. Feed her and then I can accept. :)
8:42am Dec 18th, 2013
hi u bid againsed me
4:01am Dec 18th, 2013
7:49pm Nov 19th, 2013
2:52pm May 7th, 2013
5:02am May 5th, 2013
The squids tried to take my butter statue, but i fought them off! Yeah!
6:03am Apr 5th, 2013
BBBBUUUUUTTTTTEEEEERRRRR butter butter butter! lol :)
6:01am Apr 5th, 2013
2:13am Jan 25th, 2013
2:06am Jan 15th, 2013
is this sky from youtube BUTTER!!
1:38pm Jan 7th, 2013
Thanks for giving Astro a new home. Are you interested in his daughter, too? I'd like to try a different species. Let me know, and I'll see what we can work out.
7:47pm Jan 5th, 2013
May I ask when you will send payment for the rex? :3
8:47pm Jan 4th, 2013
Would you like for me to change the eye color?
1:11am Jan 1st, 2013
Your Kirin is done! (: Tell me if you like it..I hoope the colors are what you had in mind
1:02am Jan 1st, 2013
Hey just letting you know that I'm doing your Kirin idea, check my topic and message me what you would like.
2:31pm Dec 31st, 2012
Are you actually SKYDOESMINECRAFT from YouTube?
11:33am Dec 27th, 2012
can I ask you something :3 do you do any youtube things with minecraft at all? :3
9:42am Dec 27th, 2012
Thanks for buying my dino!
11:35am Dec 22nd, 2012
I got a pumpkin.
6:15pm Dec 21st, 2012
Merry Christmas! ^^
6:13pm Dec 21st, 2012