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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Alex was stuck tracking a 'girlfriend' for 'Sarge the sabetooth...' She found the lair where there was a mother, her cub one cub, and the sire... He was not happy and Alex shifted and he was clearly protecting his family... She moved on and found a young stray female and shifted back reporting it and explaining that she was not messing with mother cub and father... She darted the young female and she was picked up and put in an adjoining enclosure... She had a collar put on her too.. She was an adolescent fresh away from mom... Or the adolsencent daughter of the pair... She'd put a camera around the den before they knew she was there... The young female woke up and Alex realized that this was a very young but well fed male saber tooth and a wild caught female... He was excited about the female. She was still groggy and didn't care for this new male... She was being condtioned once she woke up and was fully aware of them... Human equals fun... Honestly Alex was surprised that they were using social and enrichment rewards and had Sarge there and Alex thought it was a bad idea but she had to admit they knew how to train animals.
Ghost kept tracking scents until the man used the collar until she came back, without a word he stapped the muzzle on and put the lead, which was like a horse lead, on the muzzle and led her back to the cell, he put the two heavy restraints on the muzzle and left again, Ghost paced around the cell for a while, the only noise being the restrains and her metal coated claws clicking and a slight scratching noise. She finally settled down and lay down, she lay there for a few moments and got up, she began to jerk her head up to see how durable the restrains were, she came over to where they were and she easily sliced through them with her sickle claw, they should have gotten restrains for her legs toom it didn't occur to them that she could slice through them, she then put her head down and sliced off the muzzle too. Ghost's pale white and bright green scales shined in the
artificial light, if there was no green she would have lived up to her name because the light made her glow, she came over to a bar on the cell and bit down, feeling it give out slightly to her jaws.
Alex was back at council and the council was not happy about Sarge and his girlfriend... Sabertooths had a bounty and they didn't want cubs... Alex actually had a knife with a saber tooth fang handle... The tooth was more like antler and most people thought it was just an antler knife... She had it on her thigh at the moment. The general mentioned he was a classified and experimental works mascot and a sort of test to keep quiet about it. Alex said "Well Sarge's girlfriend's family seems to be looking for her... Her mother is chuffing wandering around so I have half a mind to release her and wait for her to mature to leaving home. Getting too close to town..." The general was not happy but allowed it and the saber tooths steered clear of town again but the trail cam was showing a fairly loving family... The general saw the cub get thrown out when a new male showed killing the old and Alex collected the tiny female cub. "So you can raise her right... Keep her sepereated from Sarge but let him smell her he might adopt her you never know..." Alex had collected the fangs from the big male sabertooth for her own personal use... If she hadn't seen them use the darn things based on how they were she would have expected them to shed them based on composition...
Ghost snapped the bar in two with two more tries, she quickly went to work on the lower ones, it seemed that they had never planned for her to get loose so they never put in reinforcements for the cell. She heard someone coming so she growled and stuck her muzzle through the opening she had made, she heard a startled noise come from her handler "How the world...?" he asked, then looked at the muzzle and restrains "Looks like we need to fix that" he said to himself, he got a basket and threw it in. Ghost poked it and saw there was some food in it, she quickly ate it and looked at the handler, she growled impatiently and he walked off, she didn't know why he did that but she looked at the bars again, she latched her jaws on a lower bar again and bit down as hard as she could, the metal started giving a sound that sounded like creaking, she knew it was on the verge of breaking so she let go and bit down again, even harder. The bar gave out with a snapping noise, she kept going and managed to make a opening big enough for her to get out.
Maiko was around Jonah again in fox form and stalking a game bird tails wrapped together to pass for one tail and a black fox was not unheard so unless she was forced to use her powers she wouldn't be notice. She struck and killed the bird it was big and fat and would make a good dinner for her and her brother and she loped off with her kill it was outside the reserve so she was all good. She had a game bird with pretty feathers and took human form again walking back examining her catch. She was a fox and had the impulse to hunt so she hunted... She walked back with a bow and arrows and had stuck the arrow into the bird as a cover. She went and started plucking it carefully and saved the brilliant feathers to make some ornament. She went and made a pair of earrings and they were lovely... She kept encountering Jonah and wondered why but shrugged it off and she prepped the bird to roast. She made a sauce and vegetables... Her brother didn't have her prey drive. Maiko didn't have company and her brother commented that she might be able to provide all the meat for the restaurant with her hunting drive...
Jonah huffed "I'm going to take a walk in the forest" while walking off, he shifted to a wolf and sniffed the air, he walked around then burst into a sprint, he enjoyed being in the forest again, he crouched and pounced on a rabbit, he picked it up and ran into the shadows where he felt safer, he ate it and stood up, stretching he looked around 'Surprisingly quiet for a forest' he thought as he tried to hear something, anything. He started walking around looking for any sign of life, he shook himself off and heard Nightshade so he started running, seeing how fast he could go compared to a dragon, he weaved through trees he glanced back, not seeing her he slowed down only to have a dragon land in front of him, he yelped and scambled back, he saw who it was and snarled and the dragon growled in amusement 'Nightshade' he thought and turned to walk away, he got tackled by Nightshade and she didn't let him up. He growled and she let him up, he shook off and huffed at her in annoyance, he took off running again, Nightshade decided to go back to the town.
Alex was back at the bed and breakfast after the meeting about Sarge and she was reading the paper. The smiladon was a lazurus taxon officially... General hadn't blabbed but they were listed as critically endangered and Alex had to report what she'd been doing and that she was going to work with the conservationists from then on out and not hunt them anymore... She had a pack of them in her hotel the next day and took them to her trail cam feed. Mentioned that the cub was missing and she hadn't found the damn thing and that she'd scavenged a couple fangs and made one into a knife... They wanted to destroy it and she declined but took them to the rest of the carcass... The fangs didn't have as many nerves as one would expect and Alex had requested some conservationists who were in on it and could 'officially' research them now. She wanted to keep the pelt too after they dissected the remains... As an endangered species nothing could change hands in terms of money but she could keep parts legally... She mentioned they were fond of elk... Much to her annoyance but there was actually still too many elk in the area... They needed culling badly. She was giving the general some extra permission to take part in the cull at this point a new herd had wandered in and sure it offered a genetic exchange but this herd just merged and it was a super herd and they'd strip the place bare without a cull.
Ghost's cell was getting reinforced with metal and they got a another muzzle, now she was being sent to attack a huge elk herd that is actually two herds in on, her shock collar was on and they sent her on her way. She sniffed the ground and got the scent of elk, she raised her head and saw them, she changed her scales to a dark brown and her stripes were patches, they were a lighter tan but not that light, she crouched and stalked towards the elk, she focused on a strong female and she attacked them, she almost got trampled a few times since the herd spooked but she managed to dodge the blows, she had turned her scales and markings back to their regular color and pattern, she leaped on the female's back and bit her neck, she was not given a limit as to how many she had to attack. She went for a another female but this female was a little weaker thean the one she just attacked, she brought her down easily and she snarled at a bull elk who just threw her onto her side, she got up and scractched his side with her claws, she was having a bit of a hard time getting him down.
Alex saw this crud going down and had to put a stop to it... She shifted and ripped the collar off the raptor's neck crunching through the metal. There was a shock and the raptor might have been knocked out by the shock. Now the raptor was less of a problem... She had the general collecting fresh elk to feed Sarge... Nightling kept the herd from trampling the raptor as they vacated the area... The bull was hers and she brought the scratched up bull down with a savage growl that startled the general... This thing was going to the butcher and she was going to be serving elk sausages at the B and B... Horses with sleds were produced and the collar was left on the ground broken for a moment after it stopped sparking. Nightling's maw was reisitant to electricity. So now she had a raptor that might help population control for these elk... They left a dead elk for the raptor and removed the collar taking it to town for the military to take a look at and it was clear the collar had been about to grow into the raptor's neck... She hoped the raptor would go and hide... That it wouldn't be recaptured that it would move south and find a pack and be happy. She bore it no ill will. Nobody in town did...
Maiko saw her brother practicing with his training sword again in the park and said "The police are short tempered." "Not illegal sister." Sure enough the officer wanted to do something but he couldn't unless it was a public threat. "Practice with me sister." She obliged and there was a crash of bamboo on bamboo cracking outwards people were watching and they did it Maiko had more artistry to it but her brother's sheer technical skill made him hard to beat and they kept up that dance until normal humans would be tired and faked panting. The officer dispersed the crowd and sent the pair home like they were children and Shinji had his real sword at home that he checked over it was a legit folded steel blade and not just an antique it was a legit weapon and he had several spares... Maiko had a blade edged fan of all things that she preferred... Looked perfectly normal and the splatter didn't smell of blood it looked like a piece of modern art. She checked it over and made sure to her fox nose it didn't smell of blood and that it was oiled and clean. She put it away and her brother casually split a hair of his... They kept their weapons maintained.
Rose tore through the forest with her Dire wolf, Storm, running ahead of her, the mystery group had spotted them and they now were running from it, she was getting tired, Storm suddenly doubled back and attack a man who had gotten too close. After a while they managed to lose them "That was close girl" she said, sitting down and stroking Storm's back, she caught her breath then stood up, she walked a distance and saw a pale white and green body, she reconized it, she walked carefully towards it, the Raptor woke up and snarled at her "Whoa! Ghost, don't you remember me?" she asked, Ghost looked at her and gave a sound that sounded like a cat purring as she nuzzled her in Rose's side. Rose smiled and watched as Storm came towarss them, she gave a friendly growl and Ghost gave the same, she didn't have to worry about them fighting, and she climbed a tree while watching the two play, she was hidden and it was very hard to see her in the tree, but she could see clearly, Storm pounced on Ghost's back and Ghost tried to get the wolf off of her, Storm jumped down and sat down.

Nightling was overhead and saw what was going on and she took a note of where they were and landed smoothly a short distance away making no attempt to conceal herself and she shifted back and passed the pamphlet and said "You need to get those two registered... Government might ask how the heck you managed to train them and if the military gives you crap about them I picked them up and am using them as elk population control since the ordinary wolves, pumas, and bears aren't able to handle the sudden surge in the population. I get away with way too much as is but the general likes me. I'm making eggs benidict for breakfast tomorrow at the bed and breakfast... I snapped the collar on the raptor..." Alex walked and carried herself like the alpha predator and she had a high powered rifle strapped to her back at the moment and she asked "Can you shoot? I can't allow you to traipse around here without a gun and an emergency flare..." She had a handgun and said "This isn't much but it will make a big predator think twice with a warning shot. It makes enough noise... Your two friends can't watch you at all times..." Alex had the dang premonitions giving her near omnipetence at the moment and if it kept kicking in like this she'd put herself in a near coma... Part of the reason the military let her get away with crud all the dang time. Her premonitions had predicted several terrorist attacks but the higher tiers of the government ignored her... This general saw her value and had referred to her as 'the oracle' Just seeing this one showing up like that meant she'd be important later...

General was back at the smoking room with a big cuban cigar... He had his magical creature recruitment grounds... Now this terroristic organization was posing a problem. Sure he couldn't initiate a draft but in a place like Arcane Place... He just had to wait and that was enough for him...

Rose nodded "I yeah can shoot, how do I get them registered?" she glanced over at Ghost who had came to her side, growling softly, she reached up and scratched her chin, Ghost relaxed but was still alert. Storm trotted around the area searching for threats, her grey tipped ears standing out from the almost pure black coat, she turned towards them and watched them closely, she was tense too and was waiting for something to attack, Ghost bumped Rose's side, Rose stumbled a little and caught herself before she fell. Ghost snatched the pamplet and ran off, Storm stayed because she knew there were many threats around her owner and her, she walked over and sat by Rose's right side "Ghost..." Rose moaned in annoyance from something being taken by the Raptor......Again. She watched the stranger then after deeming her not a threat at the moment she ran at a tree and jumped, digging her claws into the bark she then balanced on a sturdy limb, she saw a white blur and turned around, falling off of the branch, Ghost dashed out and grabbed Storm by thr scruff. Rose sighed and then Ghost and Storm snarled at something in the forest.
Alex passed registrations and the containment was set up as a precaution ages ago so they had 'pens' as per law... She was starting to get groggy already and headed back to catch a nap before she fell over... If she rested enough she'd be able to stave off the effects of her premonitions the general got her to write down what was to come that she'd seen and she said "You know full well my premonitions are subject to change based on the choices the people involved make sir." "I know kid... We got a kitsune willing to be poked and prodded for money and honestly you know what I'm up to and I know if I cross a dang line with you the reprisals for my men will be severe." "Yeah... Thanks for sticking to smoking on the balcony... Dang near impossible to get that smell out of a fur rug..." He chuckled and said "Yeah..." Alex got some sleep in her own bed and knew she'd need to take it easy and not do much except run the bed and breakfast. The next morning she made the eggs benidict, and Fae was there with her proverbial feathers ruffled about a younger male phoenix showing up and deciding he owned the place. He was sitting there and Alex said "You are not on the council you do not basically run this town end of discussion. Have you even hit the first burn?" "No..." "So you're under a hundred years old. Get out of here and stop wasting time. Go be productive."


Suvival of the fittest, mythical animals and extinct creatures exist but no one knows about them.


(I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing my best:))

Play as a mythical creature or extinct, try to survive by making alliances, packs etc. hunting, everything around there.

Regual RP and Exbhibited rules.

Don't kill characters without the owners permission, don't make to fights too gorey, stick to very mild fights.

No power playing.

Overpowered characters.

Cursing not allowed.

Only go as far as hugging and kissing.

You can have more than one characters, as long as you can keep track.

Only female or male.

Correct spelling.

Dragons, phoenixes, Griffions, werewolves, etc. can have a human form.

Your character can have limitless powers, but after 3 any other ones have to have a limit, like: Mind reading, the charcter can't read minds for long or both the mind reader and the other person will get a severe headache. Like that.

 if you're having problems posting PM your post to Wulfraptor


Word Minimum
200 words per post.

Joinable Species
Human with special powers
Hybrid (Like Werewolf/human)
Normal Human
Saber toothed tiger
T Rex
Velociraptor (Jurassic Park version)
Warlock (Male witch)
Werewolf (Normal looking wolf but bigger

Second RP Master
Wulfraptor (#170)

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