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(This might be fun)

Nightshade dived down from the sky and landed gracefully, she lifed her head up and smelled the air for any other dragons; she roared loudly. She stopped roaring and decided to curl up in the sunlight, her dark blue and green scales glinting, the royal purple tints on her wings glowed, her ruby colored eyes closed but she was still alert.

Alex heard the dang roar on her hunting reserve... She was in the middle of dealing with a griffin in human form a bunch of magical creatures thought they could 'vote' her off her property but she was explaining to the idiot that just because he and his girlfriend 'held a vote' did not mean she had to leave her legal property.

She'd spent two hours arguing with this guy and his stupid mate and she wanted him to change form so she could snap his beak off. Alex reminded them she could call the state police and have them removed. The police got a discount for having to go so far out of their way to deal with her stuff she also basically ran a hotel slash bed and breakfast and when it was too far for the officer to make it home after getting off the job some cops were known to stay the night.

As a result the police were fond of her. That shut the griffin up and he left muttering it wasn't over. An off duity officer walked out of his room and said "Thanks Alex... Those two still giving you trouble... What is their problem thinking they can vote you out?" She had to play dumb and call them bat crap crazy. In reality they had no right and she'd get a talk from an old phoenix later and she'd have to mention it was legal rights to her land... This officer was a werewolf and she decided to mention they were 'griffin weres'. The local pack generally appreciated Alex and her discretion about their hunting habits and she admittedly got away with stuff...

Nightshade got up and smelled the air, another dragon, a werewolf, and formerly two griffins. She could be in trouble but she lingered around where she was laying in the first place; she knew the roar would attract attention.
Alex preferred to be called Nightling in her beastly form but she was sitting there with a woman with flaming red hair discussing the griffin pair. "They had no right to demand your property... We all appreciate you keeping this place running and let us be ourselves. They are new from the adjacent territories and believed they could do that. The police chief is informing them that is not how things are done here... Nightling had to address the other dragon and give her a pamphlet of the rules and regulations of her territory they were simple 'if you are hungry eat but food is to be shared and stay away from the deer, stay out of Nightling's inner sanctum that is just her happy place, the police are in on it so it's alright to change form in front of them, the local hospital is as well so that's all good, if Nightling AKA Alex tells you to leave it's an official banishment, and lastly find a legit job and contribute to the community Alex usually needs the help but ask around. Alex just dropped it off and said "If you can't read I'll read you the rules." Then she saw trouble in the form of the male of those griffins in his beastly form charging at her... She shifted and lightning sparked from her maw... A roar sounded from her and more sparks... It was resolved quickly most magical creatures did not fear fire breath in a dragon that was common but spitting electricity unnerved most. She shifted back when the griffin was gone and waitied for a reply...

(I forgot to list if my character had powers)

Nightshade saw lightning flash through the sky, she stared nervously towards the area where it came from. She had an idea there was rules around the area she was in; her stormach rumbled with hunger but she shook it off, not knowing if she was supposed to hunt certain things or not, Nightshade gave a uncertain whining sound that was oddly similar to a dog's.

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Alex spotted the other dragon the pamphlet. 'If you are hungry eat but food is to be shared and stay away from the deer, stay out of Nightling's inner sanctum it's just her happy place nothing special, the police are in on it so it's alright to shift in front of them so is the local hospital, if Nightling AKA Alex tells you to leave it's an official banishment, and lastly find a legit job and contribute to the community Alex usually needs help but ask around.' Alex offered to read in case this other dragon couldn't "I don't know how old you are but in times past reading was reserved for people of high social standing and you might not have learned. I've lived here for fifty years and founded this town with my hunting reserve but with the sheer amount of telocommunicators the town is currently thriving... If there are a pair of griffens claim they own the place they are lying... I cannot be voted out or fought out of my hunting reserve..." Alex was wearing appropriate attire for being out of doors during the summer as was her custom for summer. Alex founded the place sure but there were a couple council members and the phoenix Fae thought she could rule the roost...

Nightshade nodded and decided to shift, she stepped forwards cautiously and took the pamplet from her "I understand" she said "But what are some of the jobs?" she asked, curiously. The wind shifted and an unfamilar scent came to her 'I can't tell if it's a griffin, a dinosaur, a dragon, or phoenix' she thought to herself. "What is that scent?" she muttered to herself, Nightshade got uneasy and shifted back into her dragon form; her scales starting to spark and crackle with lightning and eletricity in case of a fight. She looked uncertainly around the forest not moving from her spot, Nightshade was half-tempted to get in the air and find out what was the creature with the odd scent, but she didn't know if she was allowed to or not. Nightshade looked at the person standing with her uncertainly, she stretched her wings out, the dark blue and purple shining in the sunlight, her sky blue undersides shone like the moon even with the minimal amout of sunlight reaching through the wings, her stance shifted to alert, ready to fight, and slightly relaxed for a few moments. She controled the

Alex sniffed the wind and said "Were hybrid something or other... With magical creatures living here and interbreeding we have a few hybrids. He'll either show himself now or later. Unless they start acting hostile relax about that. As for jobs... The diner is looking for someone to take the late night shift as a waitress we have some nocturnals in the area. Apartments have some openings for a place to stay..." Alex pulled out a town map and pointed out things like town hall, the police station, hospital, the 'high end' restaurant, fast food place, the regular diner, craft store, home improvement store, the 'trade house' where the licensed electrician, plumber, carpenter, among others worked out of, and lastly the grocery store. There were a few farms and a farmer's market for anything in season that was grown around there... With that dealt with Alex said "Nice to see another lightning elemental dragon..." Alex left and got back to her work. She checked over her stuff and the griffins were back and one said "How much is this place worth?" "Doesn't matter not for sale." One of the cops walked up wolfy as Alex called it or in wolf form... Maxwell he was usually around because he had nowhere else to be when he was off duty... Solid black and the griffin said "Ok I see how it is you're buddy buddy with the police." Alex said "I built this town. And I'll leave only if it dies. People respect me for that. Leave me alone."

Nightshade nodded but had trouble relaxing, she had a encounter with a werewolf hybrid and it did not end well for either, Nightshade had gotten away with a broken leg and wing, and various other almost fatal wounds; she could feel the memories coming back to her. She was thankful for the help with the job and where she could stay, her listened to the encounter with the griffin 'What a annoying person' she thought. Nightshade got tired all of a sudden and just lay down where she was, then she got up and circled the place where she was laying like a cat....Though she let fire at a very very low flame come out as she circled, she then lay down and made sure it wasn't going to make a forest fire. Her eyes closed but she was slightly stiff because of the new area. She heard a twig crack and she lifted her head again, she shot a echolocation ring, said ring looks like a very light purple and blue-ish mix in the form of about six rings spaced out inbetween; the echolocation can detect moving things, not like leaves but actuall creatures or animals, when it hits something it lets off a high-pitched ping and comes back to her, it gives her a idea of how far away the thing is.
Alex heard the ping and was in the middle of talking to of all things a kitsune who looked like a young man of Japanese descent and his name was Toshi looking for work in hospitality in particular and he was surprised to see a werewolf in wolf form. Alex passed him the pamplet and asked "Why do you want the hospitality business?" "My family serves it is what we do." I said "Ever consider opening an Asian restaurant? Seriously we don't have Chinese or anything..." The kitsune chuckled and thought about it and admitted it sounded like a good idea... Alex saw the griffin listening, and looked at him. "I am a pillar of the community what did you want to do with this place?" "Make a resort for the rich." Alex said "I don't think so." The town would die if it happened the way this man wanted and the wilderness these people depended on to be themselves would be destroyed. Alex was going to keep this place alive if she had to. She saw the griffin off her property and saw a military man sitting in her office. "Miss James... I need a word." "Concerning?" "We found out about other magical creatures and you are in a position of authority. Ask around if any of these tax paying citizens would be interested in filling in the gaps so we know how to handle them." Alex called a council meeting with the general and floated the idea. Fae said "Check our hospital records, we've had years of notes collected about these things and the veterenary office." "We need behavioral information." Alex said "You've found my psychology unremarkable and we behave like regular people so there is no reason for anything invasive we get visitors all the time so just send someone to sit around places where everyone is and take notes... We have our quirks of course. But it isn't anything worth looking into so intently..." Alex had dealt with this particualr military man before and stuck to rational debate and he agreed to be uninvasive about it. The pack alpha and the 'elders' in the community stared at Alex and the military man said "You can tell them the story if you want they're in on it."

(Made a new character)

Jonah heard the echo come back to Nightshade, he is in his wolf form, his evil green eyes shining as he watched Nightshade get into a fighting position.

Nightshade snarled as she picked up Jonah's scent, he never relents from his prey...Which is at the moment her "Jonah..." she muttered as eletricity started to crackle again, her red eyes narrowed along with her pupils as she got a good look at Jonah "Well. Well well, if it isn't Nightshade" Jonah said with clear and utter malice in his tone, not knowing if she could understand him but from her reaction he had a feeling she knew what he said. Nightshade snarled at him "Jonah, you came back for another fight?" and Jonah's only response was a growl, Jonah saw the lightning and knew to tread carefully, he had gotten quite a shock with the lightning last time they fought. Nightshade watched him carefully, making sure he didn't have backup "It's nice to see you again Nighty" Jonah decided to say, using his ability to understand and talk to other creatures. Nightshade growled "Don't you DARE call me that, why are you here?" she asked, Jonah gave an evil wolf grin "Well. We have that fight.."

Nightshade lunged first and Jonah leapt to meet her, she tore away from Jonah and scratched him; he responded with a snarl and jumping onto her back, trying to get the back of her neck, Nightshade got enough fur to pull him away. Jonah yelped as he got flung into a tree, Nightshade winced and growled at him; she lightly bit him "Back off Jonah" she said to him, showing her teeth. Jonah immediatly fired back "Why? You want to?" he asked, Nightshade slunk into the shadows of the forest, then as he turned around she attacked again, then jumped into the shadows "Smart..Smart. Much more of a experianced fighter than last time" Jonah remaked as he bit her and got swatted away with her tail "Well a lot's changed" she snapped at him as she got scratched on the muzzle. Jonah got up and ran off, waiting for another time where Nightshade was not so ready for an attack. Nightshade winced as she stood up and she walked off into the forest to hunt, she growled in pain as she brushed against a tree and it hit a deep gash on her shoulder "I should find help" she muttered. (Sorry it was so late!)
Alex had a new kitsune in town and she was pretty Maiko... Alex was meeting with the council and the two siblings were making their pitch and Alex was all for it. Fae was worried about the hybrid in the area he was young and inexperienced and based on his driver's license that the police chief had run and the sheer amout of things he'd gotten in trouble for he was bad news someone had to sit this punk down and lay down the law. There was a plan for Alex and the police chief to sit him down and explain these things to him. So the restaurant was approved by town commerce and the Johna guy was rounded up and sat down. The police chief was a massive man and imposing enough to make most think twice before starting trouble. He had fifty years of hand to hand and police experience so he was not to be messed with. Alex told him there was a fight club and it met on tuesdays at the rec center. Any fighting outside of that was going to get him in a crap ton of trouble and depending on who he ticked off possibly killed and eaten... The pair that had been giving Alex trouble weren't the only griffins in town... Only reason he hadn't tried to eat a member of the community or a tourist was he didn't want the 'indigestion' anymore...
Maiko was with her brother when she got some news that troubled her... A shinto priest was going to be in the area to 'banish' kitsune that always boded ill for them as they were actually known to just kill kitsune who did not heed it but she was surprised when the priest was arrested by some government official. She was at fight club and watching like a few of the younger werewolves actually boxing formal boxing and one of them got knocked the heck out. An off duty paramedic checked him over and said "He's out for the night... Maiko was actually trained in several martial arts including drunken fist and mui thai combined she was unpredictable and deflected attacks threw even the most trained marital artists off their game... With her grace and fluid motions the weaving and false stagger looked like a dance. Everyone was obligated via off duty officer to do a breathalizer before fight club and anybody suspected of sneaking in booze could be thrown out... Finally it was her turn and she was squared up against a big burly werebear who laughed at her but she started weaving and the guy said "Is she drunk?" She had to blow and the cop said "Stone cold sober..." She took out a werebear over twice her size and wasn't even out of breath...
Nightshade limped through the forest, she paused as she smelled rabbit; waiting for a second then bounding towards the smell, she reached the rabbit and killed it, she set it in one gulp 'I was hungry' she thought as she started to explore again, it was pretty peacful...Except for the little encounter with Jonah but over all! She was still tense, waiting for the wolf to jump at her again and to fight him as well, she winced again "I need to find someone" she said to herself as her vision went a little....Fuzzy; she shook her head and wished at that moment that she could heal herself instead of waiting for it to heal on it's own. She didn't lay down because with the blood loss it would be fatal unless it healed, her red eyes searched the area, alert and ready to fight. She groaned and decided to find a water source without going into the town, she got up and started walking again, she stopped and licked some of the bleeding injures then started walking again, her sense oddly alert for something that just got into a bad fight. Although it wasn't as bad as when she was younger and less experianced in fighting.


Suvival of the fittest, mythical animals and extinct creatures exist but no one knows about them.


(I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing my best:))

Play as a mythical creature or extinct, try to survive by making alliances, packs etc. hunting, everything around there.

Regual RP and Exbhibited rules.

Don't kill characters without the owners permission, don't make to fights too gorey, stick to very mild fights.

No power playing.

Overpowered characters.

Cursing not allowed.

Only go as far as hugging and kissing.

You can have more than one characters, as long as you can keep track.

Only female or male.

Correct spelling.

Dragons, phoenixes, Griffions, werewolves, etc. can have a human form.

Your character can have limitless powers, but after 3 any other ones have to have a limit, like: Mind reading, the charcter can't read minds for long or both the mind reader and the other person will get a severe headache. Like that.

 if you're having problems posting PM your post to Wulfraptor


Word Minimum
200 words per post.

Joinable Species
Human with special powers
Hybrid (Like Werewolf/human)
Normal Human
Saber toothed tiger
T Rex
Velociraptor (Jurassic Park version)
Warlock (Male witch)
Werewolf (Normal looking wolf but bigger

Second RP Master
Wulfraptor (#170)

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