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Hokey waved his hand and the bullet fell out of the air, making Deonday ticked off. He glared att he ghpst and kept slashing angerily, the ghost looking very terrified of the red and blue glowing sword that Hokey was attackingn with. The ghost kept narrowly dodging, but it can be only guessed on how long he can keep this up..

Lilya smiled and narrowe dher eyesat Deonday, "Well? Surrender yet? My elf can  destroy your bullets, an your ghost will probably die, you will have to surrender if you really like that ghost of yours." Lilya was starting to get annoyed, this battle was starting to get long.

He had promised to himself when he was young he'd never surrender to another, even if it cost him his life. But he couldn't bare to watch his ghost die. Still, he was to stubborn, he wouldn't stop until be won, died, or until this issue was resolved. His ghost was quick but so was the elf, he had no idea how long this would go on. He should have told his ghost to leave. That would save his ghost, but he knew his ghost would say, do, and go anywhere he did. "I don't surrender, neither does my ghost. We don't accept defeat until death." Deonday had probably just said the stupidest thing he could Grendile tried his best to dodge the sword swings, but he was beginning to get exhausted, sooner or later one of them had to stop, he just hoped the one who stopped first wasn't him.

Hokey was starting to get tired, but elves have lotf of energy thanks to how much they sleep, and Hokey knew he wouldn't be sleeping for a while with this ruse inside of him, pumping him to kill the ghost and show Deonday once and for all...he kept slashing hoping thatt he ghost would pause..and that puse would mean the ghost's death.

Lilya rolled her eyes, "Then accept the fate of your ghost..because my elf shows no sign of stopping, I don't think he will. But your ghost...if you knew wise, you would surrender and save your ghost's life, but, evidently wise doesn't come to mind..I can order my elf to make the final strike any second now." She warned.

Jewels had been watching this battle from the other side of the alleyway. She watched as they lundged toward eachother with swords and shot at eachother with guns. She looked closer and saw the green glow from her gun. "Why does that elf have my gun?!" She said to herself. She decided that it was time to leave so she tried to sneak out the alleyway before they noticed. Hina trotted close behind, and barely made a sound. But, there was a small peice of glass on the ground and he stepped on it, making a small yelp. Jewels looked over to the others, hoping they wouldn't notice.
Lilya glared att he direction a yelp came and narrowe dher eyes. Jewels and her wolf were trying to escape!  Lilya pushed Deonday out of the way and glared at Jewels, "Coward! Are you trying to escape? What kind of a Bounty Hunter are you, escaping from a fight! A weak one, I would say!" Hokey had stopped slashing at the ghost and now looked towards his master, who was yelling at Jewels with the growling wolf behind her. Hokey blinked, confused on what exactly Jewels and Hina has done and glared at the ghost who looked distracted as well.
He began thinking to himself as he continued dodging, this was getting pointless, he couldn't even remember why they were fighting, only the fact that pausing would mean death he had to keep dodging. He looked at his master, he knew that he was stubborn, but so was he. As he continued dodging he remembered why they were fighting, his master was angry that one of the strangers were fallowing him. It seemed stupid that if he died it would be over that. The one thing that Grendile couldn't do that most ghosts could is phase through walls. That may have helped him. Grendile waited for the right moment and dodged to the left of him so he wouldn't end up cornered. But the elf still swung the sword at him. Right now dodging seemed pointless. "Deonday you have to get away from here now. You have to go!" Deonday was forced to leave the area, leaving his ghost to fend for himself. Deonday continued dodging, at least his master Deonday would be safe. Then he heard a yelp, almost making him stop dodging.
Jewels smiled. "Im not a coward. If it were me fighting, one of them would be dead by now" She looked forward and began walking away again, but was again stopped by Lilya. She was getting frustraited at her. So, she tripped her, and ran off for the busy streets, but not without her gun. She ran up the wall, snatched it out of the elf's hand and landed on top of the man, and ran away. She was a master at these kinds of escapes, and loved performing them. Hina ran close behind her, and finally they met the busy street.
He gave a sigh and began panting. At this point he was exhausted, there was almost no energy left in him. He caught up with Deonday who was on top of a nearby building. "I don't know about you but I'm about ready to take a nap. Probably the only ghost in this entire continent who needs rest and can't phase through walls. At least their gone now. So, who's next on your list of 'chores'." Deonday gave a sigh and pulled out a small sheet of paper. According to this we need to take out a man who had stolen a 40 carrot diamond. If we turn him in we get twice the money the diamonds worth." Grendile sighed nodding in agreement. "We should find him now, rest can wait until later. Not every day we'll get this much for one person. Let's go." With those words the two of them began searching for the man explained.
Jason looked behind him as he walked down the street, there were people following him, he knew it. So he stopped ran into an alleyway and ran into a woman with brown hair. "Watch it!" He growled and glared at the person who ran into him. She blushed and nodded, "O-okay." She had a wolf following her, as Jason noticed.  Jason glared at her and sighed, "My name's Jason, and you are?" She blinked, "My name's Jewels, and this is my pet dire wolf, Hina." Hina glared at him, but thewolf's tail was wagging. Jason nodded and looked away from the glaring wolf and back at Jewels, "Okay the, Jewels."

Jewels stood up and brushed herself off. She was still holding her gun from when she stole it from Hokey, and she quickly stuffed it back into her gun holder.

Hina pawed at the ground wondering who this stranger was. Who is this strange male? He thought, growling at him. Jewels smiled again and walked away, trying to ignore Jason.

From the building behind them, she could hear the sounds of breaking glass, moving, and finally, a gunshot. "Where did that come from?!" Jason yelled to her. She spun around, and pointed toward the building it came from. "It must be our friend again" She said to Hina, who was already wagging his tail and barking.

Jewels bid a small farewell to Jason, and took off running for the building. She kicked the door down, finding the man they met ealier hunting down a dangerous criminal. Jewels whipped out her gun and gave a small smile to him and his ghost friend.

Lilya was exhasuted, Hokey had passed out earlier so Lilya carried him back to the alleyway. She layed him down on his little bed and yawned. She took out her sword and polished it, it looked dented from trying to disarmv Deonday's gun with it. SHe polished it until it shined and placed it next to her bed, she took out her gun, polished the silver finish on it and reloaded it and placed it next to her sword gently. She looked at the sky, the pretty pinks, goldens, blues, and reds of sunset always calmed her, even after an agering fight.
The criminal he was fighting had grenades, guns, and knives with him. He was very dangerous. He also was very smart, but they were far more intelligent then him. Deonday had chased the man to the exit. When the criminal tried to leave the exit Grendile quickly killed him with his swords. Deonday gave a sigh, Grendile grunted. They both still were tired, but they had to take down this victim. Turning around Deonday he saw Jewles. "What do you want? Can't you see we have better things to do?" Deonday was extremely annoyed right now, so he turned the opposite direction of Jewels. Grendile sighed, his master had been acting very restless. Grendile turned to Jewels. "What do you want? Sorry if my master has been rude lately. My name is Grendile, and this is my master Deonday. Do you want something with us?" Grendile had a very forgiving nature. Even after what had happened he still forgave the strangers, unlike his master Deonday. "I'm sorry my master was rude to you, I usually don't get a say in what me and Deonday do. I just fallow orders, and also protect him."

Jewels glared at Deonday then looked at Grendile. "I just thought you guys would need some help with this guy." She said loading her gun. She just walked through the ghost and observed Deonday's fighting, then the criminal's. "This criminal has terrible balance, and a weak knee." She said, eyeing his movments. She knew how to take him down, she just didn't want to bother Deonday.

The man who had the weak knee, limped right after he jumped. Thats how Jewels could tell he was weak. The man noticed Jewels standing in the door, observing them. He pointed his badly aimed gun and her and shot it. But, right before it hit her, she pulled out her gun and stopped the bullet with one of her's. The limping man stood dazed at this.

Deonday had a small smirk on his face, when the man was baffled he took the chance to attack him. He ran up to the man punching him in the stomach which pounded him against the nearest wall. The man was temporarily paralyzed so he was able to shoot the man in the neck killing him. "And they said he was extremely dangerous, he couldn't even fight right. Now that that's out of the way I can leave." Even though Deonday said he would leave he couldn't because Grendile wasn't fallowing him. Grendile walked up to Jewel with a smile on his face. "Thank you for the help. My friend is evil, that's why he acts like this all the time. I'm so so sorry if we caused you any trouble. Oh, and if you run into that other bounty hunter and her elf, could you tell them I'm very sorry. I have to go now, sorry, bye." Grendile had fallowed Deonday out of the building to their only hide out. They lived in a shelter made in the canopy of a forest nearby. It had bridges, ropes, and wooden shelters made onto the trees. They live here so they can steal goods.
Lilya woke up with a start, she blinked and looked around, Hokey wasn't there. "Hokey?" She called drowsily. SHe looked into the sky and decided that it was about midnight. She blinked and rubbed her head, aching from earlier today. "Hokey? Hokey, where are you?" She called through the alleyway. Hokey wasn't in the alleyway, he was nowhere to be found. "Unluckily for me he cleans up after for himself, so finding him won't be easy." Lilya muttered to herself. She inspected his bed, by the feel of it, there was no heat, "He must've left a while ago." She decided.

A Day in the Life of a Sweeper

The setting is on the continent of Carnon. Carnon is a huge land with many cities and different climates. Covering the land are series of species of mythical creatures, animals, and humans. It is said that under the city are underground caverns...


Mariola: A smaller, more peaceful city than the others, many people with children choose to live here. It is on the plains Mariola and the largest, and most successful, farms are started here. It it known for it's best produce and best onion buns.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a mysterious and small town in the high, misty Mountains of the War. This was where the many wars were fought to free this country from the evil people of Sharquee, their former controller. Nobody really lives in Capricorn, except for widows and the extremely poor. But, some say that the secret entrance to the underground caverns, is in one of the shops... but no one really knows.

Kolnco: The Gem of the Coast. Thats what the people call Kolnco. Its a beautiful place for vacation, retirement, or just living. The beaches are the best on Carnon and the people are friendly and kind. It's famous for it's yearly 'Fish Feast. That's when all the fishermen in the city go out and catch as many fish as they can, then they fry them all up and the entire city gets to eat all-you-can-eat fish!

Carnon City: The largest City on Carnon. Everyone who's anyone lives here. The people here are normally very very rich. But the crime rate has gone up, and the people hid to protect themselves, and their money.

South Banks Megalopolis: A huge city on the river of Ja where the crime rate is large and the death toll is also large. Many sweepers come here to earn huge bounties but are often killed in the process. Only the most elite can come here and earn the bounty.


" A sweeper only needs a genuine desire to help..."

This land was once peacful and quite. It was very rich and prosperous. But, over the years, the law enforcement has been overturned and completely removed. Now, the only hope for Carnon, is their sweepers. The 'good' sweepers have been given a license to do so. The 'bad' sweepers have just been hired as practically assasins. They will stop at nothing to get their prize, and many others as well.

A person has gone missing and there is a very large bounty for whoever finds him. The only problem is: it's like he disappeared from the face of the Earth! No one can find him, for he is expert at hiding, and now the two sides of Bounty Hunters feud, which doesn't help find this person any faster. Evil Bounty Hunters will kill anyone that gets in their way, as good bounty hunters only kill to cover their bare necessities.

This person that has gone missing has made the Bounty Hunters angry, by stealing many of their bounties and killing many of them. This person also killed many innocent people and robbed them of their money. He is a greedy thief, and we have no idea what he's doing or where he is. And when he disappeared, the Bounty Hunters were trying their best to find him...but he just disappeared suddenly. The bounty for him has risen as the years went by-but, no one can seem to find him no matter how much riches are at stake. And the Bounty Hunters still try to find him.


Standard Exhibited RPing rules and as these followed:

There is an unlimited count of characters, but you must keep them active!

Keep gore to minimum, blood is allowed, but not too much.

No powerplaying, godmodding, sueing, yeah those aren't tolerated here. ^^
Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling!

Do not kill one's characters unless you are told too....

Kissing and hugging is allowed, but only to that, nothing beyond.

Listen to the RPM's please. 8l

Please refrain from putting words in ()'s in a post. That is what the OOC is for...

Feather will be monitoring closely with these rules. If you disobey one, you are out! This is your warning..

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Dire Wolf
Evil Bounty Hunter
Good Bounty Hunter
Neutral Bounty Hunter
Neutral Human
Other (tell me in description)
Other Canine Species
Other Feline Species

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