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emily56 (#368)

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I saw your message on my post about the ghosts. That is really scary actually, I'm not the brave type
1:08pm Nov 10th, 2014
Ah sorry I was on my mac book so it was smaller for me
6:54am Jul 28th, 2014
Your picture is Gorgeous. That is one pretty birdy
11:29am Jul 27th, 2014
Yaaay! :D thanks! :DDD
12:47pm Jun 28th, 2014
Thank you sooo much! :DDD
12:41pm Jun 28th, 2014
Thank you so much! :3 :D I put him in his enclosure. ^^ ready fur the next one! Yay! :D x3
12:39pm Jun 28th, 2014
Ok, thanks! ^^
7:14am Jun 28th, 2014
how are the Phorusrhacos chicks doing? <3 :3
9:29am Jun 26th, 2014
thanks! ^^ and I'm glad you like her! :3
3:39pm Jun 23rd, 2014
I love surprizes. :D
3:36pm Jun 23rd, 2014
sure! ^^
3:36pm Jun 23rd, 2014
that spino, is a very special spino. ^^ it was born on Christmas eve. it says that it is 40 though, because dinos only age when their owner logs in and I was gone fur a long time. I hope you like her! <3
3:35pm Jun 23rd, 2014
thanks! :3
3:33pm Jun 23rd, 2014
ok. ^^
3:33pm Jun 23rd, 2014
yay! I collect dinos with only 6 perfects. if there is an egg with all perfects, may you choose it fur me? ^^ and would you like me to send your spino now? :3
3:26pm Jun 23rd, 2014
could you breed summer with scarlet and sky with Magnolia? ^^ oh, and one more question, do you have egg insite?
3:23pm Jun 23rd, 2014
agh, 1 male and 1 female chick, I meant. Xp sorry, I'm not tiping correctly.
3:14pm Jun 23rd, 2014
male and female chicks, I meant. ^^
3:11pm Jun 23rd, 2014
I do not have any Phorusrhacos at the moment though. that's why I was wondering if you could do the breeding and I could give you an allosaurus and a spinosaurus in return for you breeding a male and female Phorusrhacos fur me.
3:10pm Jun 23rd, 2014
umm, anyway. I do not have any Phorusrhacos to breed with yours, so I was wondering if you could breed a female and a male fur me and I could give you a spinosaurus and a male allo in return. ^^
2:59pm Jun 23rd, 2014
??? I still do not understand. ^^')
2:49pm Jun 23rd, 2014
I'm looking fur a male and female Phorusrhacos chicks. ^^ but am I supposed to supply a female or male Phorusrhacos to breed with though? :? I'm a little confused. ^^')
2:36pm Jun 23rd, 2014
hello! ^^ I read your profile and I was wondering, are you possibly still breeding dinos and splitting the clutch?
2:28pm Jun 23rd, 2014
I'm doing just fine. Hatching a few chicks & working a lot. Hope your family is well. :)
4:35pm May 2nd, 2014
Just wanted to say "howdy". So: Howdy. XD I haven't seen you online in a bit. Hope you're doing well. :D
4:17pm May 2nd, 2014
Hey! Wanted to tell you, please do not send money until I am finished. This way, I get the orders done in the right order and can not stress about making art because I've already been paid. ^^ But thank you anyways. <3
2:57pm Dec 10th, 2013
happy halloween club wars. p.s. boo xD
10:34am Oct 17th, 2013
:< that is sucky ;-; hope you get better
10:11am Sep 16th, 2013
just woke up and caught some darn cold yet again @-@ I hate having a weak immune system. So a bit of my morning was just coughing and tired xD
9:54am Sep 16th, 2013
how are you this morning?
9:24am Sep 16th, 2013
9:16am Sep 16th, 2013
hello did you know where can i but fishing net... im kinda new here..
8:45pm Jun 24th, 2013
hello emely
8:27pm Jun 24th, 2013
thank you <3
10:17am May 27th, 2013
8D congrats on da' baby *hugs*
9:32am May 17th, 2013
what kind of healthy dog food should i feed my dog if you know please answer back
6:25pm Feb 28th, 2013
Thanks. :)
12:27pm Feb 14th, 2013
And a Happy Valentine's Day to you. BTW, another brilliant tag. I've seen several like it, but your dragon's colors are spot-on. If you don't mind me asking, who drew it?
12:20pm Feb 14th, 2013
Happy V-Day :)
12:07pm Feb 14th, 2013
emily56 (#368)
11:34pm Jan 29th, 2013
Go to link please
10:34pm Dec 30th, 2012
merry christmas. :D hope you're doing well. p.s. duck :)
5:39pm Dec 25th, 2012
You`re welcome :)
10:32am Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! ^^
10:27am Dec 18th, 2012
hey. :) hope you're doing well.
9:13am Dec 11th, 2012
beautiful tag: barn owl? :)
7:55am Dec 5th, 2012