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chase (#21045)

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Chase the Dragon Farm
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Joined July 30th, 2012

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What's really good? Long time, no type. Gives me a warm feeling to see you back online. But it may be gas, dunno. P.S. Git it, go, gone.
9:42am Jan 10th, 2014
Take care of your new Linheraptor! I couldnt afford room for her :(
2:37pm Aug 10th, 2013
Nothing says "Happy New Year" like getting busted in the forehead with a snowball. P.S. Pelted your bear upside his melon too. Yeah, that's right. Bring it on, ding-dong. Hey. :)
6:51pm Dec 31st, 2012
*pulls pin on snow grenade, cooks its, throws it to home plate* It's on, baby. Like Celine Dion. Like Sean Jean. Like the band Mastodon. But not Red Dawn. Not like that. P.S. Hey :)
7:23pm Dec 27th, 2012
no its a joke
10:49am Dec 21st, 2012
so u believe in that stuff
6:10pm Dec 20th, 2012
normal end of the world prepping xD
5:25pm Dec 20th, 2012
nothing u
5:20pm Dec 20th, 2012
hello dragon whats up
3:52pm Nov 30th, 2012
3:51pm Nov 30th, 2012
Please give Rose my best. XD Play on, wild pimp. P.S. Gotta get dat wota.
9:55am Nov 27th, 2012
Don't smoke crack BrotherWoodchuck
8:33am Nov 21st, 2012
P.S. Whites.
8:00am Nov 21st, 2012
Chase has a severe case of cooties, but I'm still his #1 fan. P.S. They got a shot now. For cooties. Just so you know. You wild. XD
7:59am Nov 21st, 2012
i was still the first to post XD
6:42pm Oct 7th, 2012
Breeder of some of the smexiest Coelophysis known to man. And woman. You wild, pimp.
6:16am Oct 5th, 2012
hey hey first to post XD
6:10pm Oct 3rd, 2012