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Clara (#2793)

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Khemet Farm
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Joined September 12th, 2010

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Greetings. Just stalking around through tbe boards and discovered you. Your avatar is adorable.
2:19pm Aug 10th, 2015
Lol! AWESOME Trick... XP
9:48am Oct 22nd, 2014
Clara, could you help me with making an overlay? I use a phone, and I'm having trouble. :(
8:46pm Dec 28th, 2013
Yay! :D I'm glad you like it! :3
5:06pm Dec 27th, 2013
Hi Clara :)
5:04pm Dec 27th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic *gives a present for you and zani*
7:17pm Dec 24th, 2013
Ok, thanks! (^w^)/
1:17pm Dec 22nd, 2013
Hello! (^w^)/ i wanted to ask what the elixir of success was worth and if you would possibly want it for that price. (^^')/
12:55pm Dec 22nd, 2013
Ok! ^w^)/
10:07am Dec 8th, 2013
Hello! Would you possibly like to buy a Graciliraptor or 2 for 50,000$ each? ^w^) I is a little low on money, so I decided to sell some of my Dino's. ^w^)/
9:52am Dec 8th, 2013
You're most welcome. :D *looks nervously in all directions* Anyone see the lorry that just hit me? XD
3:28pm Dec 6th, 2013
Clara! :U What kinds of items do you hoard/collect?
12:25pm Dec 6th, 2013
Thank you :)
3:43pm Dec 5th, 2013
Thankz! ^w^)/
1:55pm Dec 5th, 2013
Hello! ^w^)/ I love your tag! It's really good. ^w^)/
12:59pm Dec 5th, 2013
Okey-dokey! ^w^)/
5:07pm Dec 4th, 2013
Hello! ^^') I was wondering if you'd like to buy precious (an lolosaurus) my best Dino for 650,000$? ^^')/
4:12pm Dec 4th, 2013
Thanks for the present! I gave you one in return! I hope you and your dinos like it!
10:04pm Dec 3rd, 2013
No problem :{D hope your dinos have a good munching on that, and merry Christmas!
6:12pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Awwww :3
5:20pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Quick question: are you and Zani related?
5:15pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Thanks so much! ^w^)/
5:08pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Sure! I could sell Lilo for 500,000$. ^w^) tell me if you think the price is to high, or to low. ^w^)
4:58pm Dec 3rd, 2013
I mean 600,000$.... ^^')
3:38pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Hello Clara! ^w^) would you possibly like to buy a baby lolosaurus for 500,000$?
3:32pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Thanks! (^w^)
1:57pm Dec 1st, 2013
Do you know how to make a tag appear? ^w^)
11:17am Dec 1st, 2013
*butts all over your shoutbox!* 8||!!!
12:28am May 25th, 2013
Happy late bday clarafacebuttfacemechface! 8||!!
6:53am May 2nd, 2013
Happy belated birthday, Clara. LOL
4:49pm Apr 30th, 2013
Happy birthday, Clara! *hugs*
7:08am Apr 29th, 2013
Happy B-Day! :D
6:46am Apr 29th, 2013
Hey! It's Kaalie! My email for my other account got deleted. And I moved here! Haven't seen you in a while!
12:01pm Apr 19th, 2013
6:18pm Mar 29th, 2013
Sent you a message about your egg thread.
2:54pm Feb 24th, 2013
6:46pm Feb 23rd, 2013
Thanks for buying my little Acro! Take care of her :)
12:34pm Feb 15th, 2013
Thanks for buying my little Acro! Take care of her :)
12:34pm Feb 15th, 2013
Happy V-day
1:17pm Feb 14th, 2013
Added some more mailboxes to spawn since we were full. Board whitelist needs to be updated. Dome's coming along great.
8:12am Feb 5th, 2013
That'sssss a very nice farm you have there, be a shame if something were to happen to it.....
5:41am Jan 11th, 2013
No, It's OK. I already knew that my dinosaurs would not age when I leave. I just wanted to give them to someone more active on the site who would take good care of them. I'm sure I don't want to keep them. Farewell for now! :D
1:56am Jan 8th, 2013
Hey! Thanks for buying all/most of my dinosaurs! I'm going to go on a temporary account shut down (for school purposes). All my dinosaurs are on sale. Feel free to buy, and take care of them! :D
3:07pm Jan 7th, 2013
the dinos were set to bid now :D just put a price that you think is right for all of them :p
6:34pm Jan 6th, 2013
okay the dinos hatched :D
8:49am Jan 2nd, 2013
okay so I decided to breed you some blue eyed atrocitys...would you like a link to them?
11:22am Dec 29th, 2012
*dizzy from barrage of snowballs upside the head* wow. didn't know you had that kinda ammo in reserve. *passes out* p.s. hey :)
8:10am Dec 28th, 2012
Thanks for buying my dino!
8:33pm Dec 24th, 2012
6:09am Dec 19th, 2012
Revenge >XO!!!
5:40am Dec 11th, 2012
I'm sorry I seem to have accidentally torn off your arm with my snowball. Oops.
6:20am Dec 4th, 2012
Thanks for purchasing my dinosaurs!
2:55pm Nov 29th, 2012
thank you for buying my dino weehee
6:35am Nov 2nd, 2012
Finally got the Butt Jack o' Lantern! It is full of win.
6:05am Oct 26th, 2012
i love your trick NYAN CAT RULES
4:11pm Oct 25th, 2012
You seem really cool. Would you like to be friends?
4:04pm Oct 24th, 2012
3:12pm Oct 24th, 2012
Kitties rule!
3:07pm Oct 24th, 2012
I haz holy water and I plus the Nyan cats know it! XD
2:31pm Oct 24th, 2012
why do you change nyan
7:48am Oct 24th, 2012
do you watch avatar the last airbender on nicktoons
4:24am Oct 23rd, 2012
.0. sweeeeet marf
4:57pm Oct 22nd, 2012
4:24pm Oct 22nd, 2012
I have a queston are nyan cats body made out pop tarts
4:48am Oct 22nd, 2012
trick or treat these nyan cats are exlpoding all over my face AAAAHHHHH
6:30pm Oct 21st, 2012
Wow!Cool nyan trick!
10:58am Oct 20th, 2012
your nyan cat trick is cool but mistyfeos i likey
6:01pm Oct 19th, 2012
:D Yay, nyan cat~! That was the only reason I came here. xD
9:04pm Oct 17th, 2012
2:26pm Oct 17th, 2012
ACK! Nyan cat prank!
2:14pm Oct 17th, 2012
Ahh nyan cat D:
2:06pm Oct 17th, 2012
You are the one for meeeeee your my everythingg don't tell Zani about us, ok?
2:48pm Oct 2nd, 2012
aaaaaa! *joins in shouting*
2:44pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Here, I'll go ahead and take the first shout in your shout box. This is me shouting at you!
2:08pm Oct 2nd, 2012