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Rykos (#2477)

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sollux what are you doing here O:
5:37am Sep 18th, 2017
Could it be that the new server doesn't work good? It's very slow for me and I always have to stop and refresh the page. :(
5:00am Dec 6th, 2015
4:30pm Dec 5th, 2015
Hi Rykos! First I want to say again: good job and a big thank you! :)A little problem I found ... I have some Archaes for sale, but it seems, that they're not in the Cheap dinos for sale section. Can you please take a look? Thank you!!!!
4:26pm Dec 5th, 2015
Sorry about the snowball Rykos, I couldn't help myself. *rubs back of head sheepishly*
3:52pm Dec 5th, 2015
Why hello thar!
8:07pm Aug 28th, 2015
Hi Rykos!
4:31pm Aug 18th, 2015
Rykos was online recently!!! Insanity!
11:33pm May 6th, 2015
10:01am May 8th, 2013
6:23pm Mar 10th, 2013
rykos get back online so I can hit you with this snowball
7:01pm Dec 8th, 2012
Erhmagerd! Merseges!
12:42pm Nov 24th, 2012
my dad tried to ranslate the binary was fun to watch
4:48pm Oct 28th, 2012
Aint no one messes with tiny hippo
2:22pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Wanna go for a sleigh ride? ;D
2:16pm Oct 2nd, 2012
I wanna go on a sleigh ride together wit chu. ;D
2:11pm Oct 2nd, 2012
2:09pm Oct 2nd, 2012