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geogur (#5952)

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The Jurassic Experience Farm
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Joined January 30th, 2011

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Hello! saw you were on my friend's list from years ago. Hope you are doing well <3
5:51am Mar 18th, 2022
Hey! Long time to chat :)
1:10pm Apr 21st, 2019
Would you consider selling some mammoths and reindeer?
7:34pm Mar 23rd, 2019
Glad I'm not the only one online anymore. XD
8:37pm Jan 15th, 2019
Hello. :)
9:49am Jan 15th, 2019
whats up?
12:53pm Aug 12th, 2017
10:04am Aug 12th, 2017
Thanks for buying my dinos
7:26pm Aug 28th, 2016
How are you?
1:58am Aug 7th, 2016
9:00pm Aug 5th, 2016
Thanks again!
8:27am Jun 1st, 2016
Thanks so much!
8:23am Jun 1st, 2016
I will split a herd and put it on friends only auction for you
8:20am Jun 1st, 2016
Thanks do you have mamoths by any chance if not it ok
8:16am Jun 1st, 2016
You..did you transfer that money to me thank you solo much!
8:02am Jun 1st, 2016
hi im shy but .... do you ..... what to be frends?
7:33am Jun 1st, 2016
Hello! I'm new! Just saying HI trying to find other people who play daily so I don't get bored :)
10:15pm Feb 9th, 2016
"to see u" haha lol typed too fast
12:43pm Feb 3rd, 2016
may i have some more money?i spend most of it on buying herbie enclosures and herbies.Thank u!!
4:54pm Feb 2nd, 2016
hi its me agen i fell bad for asking this but can i get some money about 60000 for an incloser
12:16pm Jan 15th, 2016
hi i am in need of money can i ples barow some
12:21pm Jan 13th, 2016
Thank you for buying some of my microraptors! I hope they enjoy your place :)
3:33pm Jul 16th, 2015
ello srry to bother but what is EXD?
2:36pm Feb 24th, 2015
ello been a while hasnt it?
1:53pm Dec 17th, 2014
Herp a Derp!!
11:23am May 23rd, 2014
my herbivores r doing just fine now =^_^=
9:22am Apr 30th, 2014
my herbivores r doing just fine now =^_^=
9:21am Apr 30th, 2014
and I'm getting my weekly allowance tomorrow and I have some funds left in the bank for special occasions like for dinosaurs and friends and stuff
1:53pm Mar 26th, 2014
I only need to expand about 56 more times, I had to do the math to figure this one out
1:51pm Mar 26th, 2014
THANK YOU!! =^_^=
8:30am Mar 25th, 2014
Do you know any one that can help me get enough money to expand my herbivore enclosure so that I can fit my new herd in, that I just bought from you?
1:48pm Mar 24th, 2014
I bought two herds from you thanks
9:24am Mar 19th, 2014
Happy Club Wars. ;)
6:38am Oct 25th, 2013
LOL you'r membership expires on April 1st! XD
4:16am Jun 26th, 2013
Hai owo
8:41am Jun 22nd, 2013
Thanks for buying my Acro. :D
8:16am May 9th, 2013