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Talk about anything and EVERYTHING here, but keep it friendly.

~~ Wishing Well ~~~
Since the original post was closed (and I totally didn't copy from it ;D), and several others have popped up now and then, we decided it was time to start a new, fresh one that is official, so that people won't be confused!

Make a wish, grant a wish
The wishing well is a simple thing, you make a small list over items/things (3-6 max!) you wish for, things which others may be able to give to you!

Then, you look at the post above yours, pick one of the things they wish for and give them that! (Make sure to edit your post to say you gave them something!)

Can I post again?
Yes, of course! But please wait for atleast five other people to post and get a wish granted before you do another.

But I didn't get what I REALLY wanted!! :(
Well the player chose one or more of the things to grant. Maybe they didn't have or couldn't get what you really wanted. Be happy and grateful that you got something you wanted. ;D

Also!! Please put your name and ID in your post, so it's easier to send you your stuff! :D

Please keep things only on track with posting your wishes, and when granting wishes. <3 Have fun, good luck, and give a smile, get a smile!

Post: #245069
My wishes(#8704) ^^
Do you want anything Herb?

1.A Scale
2.A fertility potion
3.A Kitty B-day cake slice
4.Anything not on my shelf
5.An Item Bug Survivor Plushie
6.A blue, yellow, or purple Color Potion(or any colorant)

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Post: #276729
Sent you an Olm in a Jar, Carnomaniac. I know it's not much, but... :(

Diamond #22311

1. A scale
2. A level 10 Trading card
3. Anything not on my shelf
4. A free breeding or split clutch
5. Suprise me! ;D

And thank you in advance! :)
Post: #276737
Hey Diamond, how does a Dimetrodon Card sound? ;D

1) Scales
2) A bit of money
3) The new pumpkins 'cuz i missed them
4) Anything else not on my shelf
5) T-Rex

Thank you in advance!
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Post: #276753
Thank you! XD
Post: #276757
sent you a pumpkin!

1. scales to renew upgrade
2. large compressed items
3. exlir of life

um...I can't of anything else
Post: #277734
1. Scales
2. Golden Egg
3. History of Exhibited
♫Well, looks like it's just me and you Piglet......✞
Post: #277737
protoman, you have to send me a gift off of my wish list in order to have your wishes granted.
Post: #277738
DragonBahamut (#17087)
1. Upgrade that never expires
2. 5,000,0000 money
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Post: #277740
dragonBahamut, you must send a present before you can wish for a present =3

also, you might want to lower you expectations >.> thats quite a lot of money and a lot of people on EX dont have that kind of money and probably would like to keep their money, and a forever upgrade is even more money (in real life) its more than $50 USD

"Chocolate is great"~Xervos Qiyn
Post: #277741
sending you a compressed item blingy^^

1. arts, i love arts =3
2. EXD would be nice also
3. doubt anyone would have this but, i would love a lolosaurus egg =D

"Chocolate is great"~Xervos Qiyn
Post: #277755
Cora, I sent you a little something.

As for my wish, I'm still new to all this so...

Think back to when you were new. What's the ONE thing that you were really excited about getting? What's something that would have made your first few weeks/months in game easier and more fun?

Send me that. Surprise me.

Just make it something that would wow a newbie and get me off to a good start. #23738
Post: #283161
Well when I first joined I wanted money so here is some money and a little surprise....

I would like a free breeding or a T-Rex
PitBulls and Stafford if bought up the right way will be wonderful pets!!!
Post: #283162
#19116 sorry I forgot it
PitBulls and Stafford if bought up the right way will be wonderful pets!!!
Post: #284049
I shall send you a T-rex ^.^

I want:

1) 1-3 scales
2) EXD
3) a male baryonyx C:

Dinosaurs are really alive, they're just living happily underground playing a virtual human sim game :D
Post: #284051
I will send you a baryonx male
I want
or A+ Baro meat
Always intrested in buying Acro Message me :D
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