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Final Fantasy Farm
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"In School and is tired!!!"
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Hey, would you mind breeding me a male and female spino?
5:25am Jul 27th, 2015
sure wich ones?
5:15pm May 1st, 2015
what do you want?
5:10pm Apr 30th, 2015
Nothing really, you? :)
8:03pm Apr 27th, 2015
8:01pm Apr 27th, 2015
why lol =3 they are 6/6
12:54pm Apr 25th, 2015
0% and they should be done tomorrow
4:24pm Apr 24th, 2015
how many spinos? )% imbred and i think they are 6/6
4:15pm Apr 24th, 2015
And dodos would be cool! pm me a price! or if you want i have a batch of spinos comming
7:18pm Apr 23rd, 2015
and btw that is a awesome farm name xD
7:16pm Apr 23rd, 2015
Woolys would be Amazing!! how much?
7:16pm Apr 23rd, 2015
Here are some healing Cherries, just as a thankyou gift!
6:41am Mar 6th, 2015
Uh huh...yeah. Actually that would be really smart. Thanks for the help :)
8:01pm Mar 5th, 2015
Hey, i'm in trouble. I can't feed all of my dinos, i don't have enough money to even buy food. If it isn't too much trouble...can you help me out?
3:40pm Mar 2nd, 2015
I'm so stupid
10:47am Mar 2nd, 2015
Oh, okay. I sold my oviraptors since I was getting kinda bored of looking at them.
9:38am Mar 2nd, 2015
It won't let me place her in my enclosure.
9:35am Mar 2nd, 2015
Thank you :)
9:33am Mar 2nd, 2015
Sure :)
9:31am Mar 2nd, 2015
Adult female, if you can.
9:29am Mar 2nd, 2015
I would like an allosaurus :)
9:20am Mar 2nd, 2015
It's fine
10:55am Feb 27th, 2015
Yes i have some tickets. I currently only have one but everytime i get one i'll send it your way. And you can just trade me the perfume bottles
6:51pm Feb 10th, 2015
Ahh!!!! Thanks and ok :)
5:21pm Feb 9th, 2015
Okay i am going to go crazy! How do u get valentine perfume bottles?!
10:45am Feb 7th, 2015
I forgot about the dinos, lol. Do you happen to have any Oviraptors?
4:26pm Feb 6th, 2015
Yes, I do like spinos. Why?
6:42pm Jan 16th, 2015
Yes i did, thankyou :)
6:17pm Jan 14th, 2015
You came and asked me a question. My answer is yes. X3
2:54pm Jan 14th, 2015
The orthinolestes?
8:50pm Jan 13th, 2015
Do you want a female allo? I have no use for her because i can't get a male to breed her with. So if you want her you can have her.
8:21pm Jan 13th, 2015
I can take the other one now. My crate is empty
3:54pm Jan 13th, 2015
7:57pm Jan 10th, 2015
Yeah, that would be cool.
7:52pm Jan 10th, 2015
That would be great. A spino would be preferable, but anything would be good.
7:48pm Jan 10th, 2015
It's really fun . . . a lot like Pokemon but with fewer creatures and more of a variety within the look of each species.
7:37pm Jan 10th, 2015
So you play Sylestia too?
7:16pm Jan 10th, 2015
Nothing much . . . just battling with my dinos.
7:10pm Jan 10th, 2015
7:09pm Jan 10th, 2015
Ok, thanks!
10:42am Jan 10th, 2015
Haha just kidding, i meant a carno...those look beast!
8:26am Jan 10th, 2015
Ooh! May i have a spino, then?!
8:22am Jan 10th, 2015
Oh man that would be very helpful and I would really appreciate it thanks
1:56am Jan 10th, 2015
I love them!! They are great and i plan on using them to good measures. Thanks for them, btw
6:04pm Jan 9th, 2015
Oh, it was great! How was yours?
2:35pm Jan 9th, 2015
Hmm...i would probably prefer call of duty black ops, and that stinks. I honestly wouldn't mind if my son was a gamer. YOLO!!!
11:02am Dec 27th, 2014
Wow, a wii game! I totally get that! What wii game? For me, my book was Blood of Olympus. It is a Greek Mythology book that i am in to.
10:26am Dec 27th, 2014
Well, i got a lot of clothed, really cute, new boots, and a book that i have waited to read for like a year and a half.
3:22pm Dec 26th, 2014
Oh, it was great. My mother recently got a knee replacement, but she was actually enjoying her day. I got pretty much what i wanted. How was yours?
2:26pm Dec 26th, 2014
That's good. Was the kitten okay?
5:43pm Dec 24th, 2014
Merry Christmas! (Eve)
7:25am Dec 24th, 2014
6:50pm Dec 19th, 2014
you care about him. I think over time you guys will be the best of friends because you obviously love this kitten, and soon he will live you! My mom wants me to go grocery shopping :( gtg, i don't know if i will be back on later but i will try! Cya and go
6:50pm Dec 19th, 2014
:) no, i don't think you are too worried about him. I feel like this every time i have to leave my dog behind to go on a vacation. It freaks me out, and she is almost seven! But i have had her since i was eight, so, yeah. I think you are a good owner, bec
6:47pm Dec 19th, 2014
Aww, well, maybe you could take him out but only if you like watch him and stay by his side. Maybe if you start playing with him then he will eventually warm up to you. Idk about anyone else though
6:34pm Dec 19th, 2014
Well, if he is just a baby then i would not leave him home alone. I think you should try the aunt that doesn't have a son who is mean to animals. Btw, that son is so mean. I personally am an animal lover. Even for one night, he is still a baby.
6:21pm Dec 19th, 2014
Oh, that stinks. Poor cat, is he gonna have to stay home alone? How old is he?
6:14pm Dec 19th, 2014
Oh, geez. Idk, i am not really one for naming animals except for virtual ones. Like my dinos. My cat's name was boomer, but idk if u like that. Because he is black, white, and grey, umm...what about something with storm in the name?
6:04pm Dec 19th, 2014
A boy cat? Wow, i stink at names. this cat like an actual pet? Like real? Or is it an animated cat, 'cause i have animated dog like that. But i also have real ones too
5:17pm Dec 19th, 2014
I did, but i got bored of them. I need new ideas for games. U got any?
11:53am Dec 19th, 2014
Wait u don't have to go to school? So unfair! I wanna go home and sleep! :)
5:23pm Dec 18th, 2014
Yeah, me too. I am goiing to head to bed, Good Nite
9:15pm Dec 17th, 2014
Yeah, still gotta take like 4 and a half finals tomorrow. And the rest on friday
9:13pm Dec 17th, 2014
Yep, no problem :)
9:06pm Dec 17th, 2014
Okay, i had to go for a while but i am back also :)
3:41pm Dec 16th, 2014
Okay, bye. Ttyl
2:40pm Dec 16th, 2014
Yep, they just came through. Thanks for those :)
2:38pm Dec 16th, 2014
Okay, then i will take those then. Thanks :)
2:34pm Dec 16th, 2014
Pills? Idk
2:25pm Dec 16th, 2014
Funny u should say so, i kinda need meds :)
2:23pm Dec 16th, 2014
Yep! I got both of them, thanks so much for the dinos!
2:18pm Dec 16th, 2014
So am i :) my moving crate is empty now
1:53pm Dec 16th, 2014
Well, then my crate is empty. I will keep it empty until i have the hatchlings Lol, i like having friends!
8:39pm Dec 15th, 2014
Thanks for the money! I could finally buy an adult female t-rew while i wait on the babies! I am going to start a whole enclosure full of t-rex's. I am SO breeding the two babies when they are older! *squeal* i am so excited! I can't wait for the babies!
2:53pm Dec 15th, 2014
Well that is always fun! Hru, it is almost one in the morning where i am so i am gonna head to bed. Ttyl
10:46pm Dec 13th, 2014
Thanks, oh my gosh i hope so too! I am going to freak out if i fail any exams!
10:16pm Dec 13th, 2014
Well, that is okay. Idk if i'll be on because of finals as well
9:53pm Dec 13th, 2014
Um, how about one of each gender? It will be easier for me to get a full enclosure over time, then. I don't have a lot of money
9:44pm Dec 13th, 2014
Probably not, i have and empty enclosure
9:41pm Dec 13th, 2014
What about a t-rex? Those are pretty cool
9:39pm Dec 13th, 2014
Eh, it honestly doesn't matter to me, i am up for anything. Just not a ceolophysis because i already have a full pen of those.
9:35pm Dec 13th, 2014
Sure, i would love a free dino!
9:30pm Dec 13th, 2014
an interest for the ocean, so i know that it is a good choice for me. The only downside is that i am claustraphobic, by a lot.
8:32pm Dec 13th, 2014
Well, it took a lot of thinking, but i guess i have an interest for my country. My family is scattered all throughout the military, and my cousin is getting shipped off in like a month. The military populates my family. So i guess it is passed on. I have
8:30pm Dec 13th, 2014
Video game designer, interesting. I have never talked to someone who wanted that. I think that is pretty cool. I mean, i know i am a girl and stuff, but i am a pretty big video game player. I hope you are successful, and make some great games for us citiz
9:29pm Dec 12th, 2014
Oh, well lucky for you! you only have a year left, i have two :( i totally agree though. I am not ready for the real world either. I am going to go into the navy i think. Not ready for that either!
2:27pm Dec 11th, 2014
Oh, trust me, i know. I feel the same way! I am a sophomore and i already can't wait to graduate! 😒
2:25pm Dec 10th, 2014
See you too, bye my fellow companion.
8:22pm Dec 9th, 2014
Ahh...I can understand that.
8:17pm Dec 9th, 2014
Well, You do have a great imagination and that is all you need. :D
8:14pm Dec 9th, 2014
Actually it is an original name, I came up with it myself. :) I named myself that by using my real name, and what I feel deeply about.
8:08pm Dec 9th, 2014
May I ask where you got the name Bahamut?
8:03pm Dec 9th, 2014
Hello. :)
8:02pm Dec 9th, 2014
Same. That and school :(
5:42pm Dec 9th, 2014
Many thanks for the Christmas gifts. :D
12:54pm Dec 9th, 2014
Hey, what's up?
1:59pm Dec 8th, 2014
final can you breed me a carnotaurus i will give you 100,000 dollars if you do
12:35pm Nov 7th, 2014
I will be sure to do that! Thank you again so very much!
2:55pm Sep 2nd, 2014
I just received it thank you so much <3
2:52pm Sep 2nd, 2014
Hello lovely <3 you wanted me to post on your shoutbox so here I am c:
12:12pm Sep 2nd, 2014
Hi Dragon :)
9:16am Mar 12th, 2014
I get lost here *lol*
8:16am Feb 5th, 2014
Hi :)
8:14am Feb 5th, 2014
Take care of "Rosie" ok?
10:02pm Jan 14th, 2014
Been busy.... Trying to get bids on some dinos... and also hoping to give a tyrannosaur away for some scales. I have 11, but I need 25 to make my own tyrannosaur.... that's my big dream to make my own.
10:24am Jan 7th, 2014
9:34am Jan 7th, 2014
9:02pm Dec 12th, 2013
i think 45 days for being a 4k something amount of meat and since dinos wont need to eat for 1 day after getting filled to 100%
5:13pm Dec 12th, 2013
oh ok well haw many weeks or days do you think that grade a + meat with last you
5:06pm Dec 12th, 2013
how many uses
5:03pm Dec 12th, 2013
ok well what food were you giving you dinos before i gave you the grade a meat
5:00pm Dec 12th, 2013
do you need any medicine
4:50pm Dec 12th, 2013
your wellcome i bout it for 750k
4:50pm Dec 12th, 2013
ok well here is some food that will probably last you 6-10 weeks hopfully
4:44pm Dec 12th, 2013
ok well do you need any food
4:35pm Dec 12th, 2013
wow well ok i need to catch up last year i think i only threw 250
4:29pm Dec 12th, 2013
how many snowballs have you thrown i have thrown 42
4:25pm Dec 12th, 2013
hey what's up well how many snowballs do you think are thrown the most
4:22pm Dec 12th, 2013
Because going to sleep late is fun lol
10:19pm Dec 10th, 2013
I might go to sleep at around 11:30am
8:43pm Dec 9th, 2013
Lol true, so how everything
8:37pm Dec 9th, 2013
I'm on facebook liking everything in sight lol
8:33pm Dec 9th, 2013
Whatcha doing?
8:31pm Dec 9th, 2013
8:29pm Dec 9th, 2013
wow ok well i am going off to search a store near that place
1:38pm Dec 7th, 2013
oh well i guess i can find a cheap store that has those things so your mom doesn't have to spend a lot but i will need your address and i promise i m just a 11 year old kid so if you tell me i can help you get your sister a gift lol
1:28pm Dec 7th, 2013
well i can help you find them on my computer just tell me what country you live in like state and then i will hope back on and tell you simple
1:21pm Dec 7th, 2013
well how old is your sister and what does she like 2 basic and simple steps to finding out what you want to get her also her most favorite thing she likes
1:16pm Dec 7th, 2013
ur welcome
1:10pm Dec 7th, 2013
once i solve the problem about the scooper you can have it and here is some money
1:00pm Dec 7th, 2013
i get lucky i guess by doing scratch cards like right now i won on one of the scratch cards and got a super dooper pooper scooper but i don't want it but if you want it for free i don't care
12:55pm Dec 7th, 2013
hey what's up i just made another trade with my friend and got 11mill
12:48pm Dec 7th, 2013
8:35am Dec 7th, 2013
Wow, that's a great offer, I'll shoot you a message :D
9:29am Dec 6th, 2013
Hello there :)
8:45am Dec 6th, 2013
its open
9:53am Dec 5th, 2013
Nice penguin. ^w^)/ ..... It's eyes.... 0.0
9:31am Dec 5th, 2013
Thanks! Like yours too! ^w^)
9:28am Dec 5th, 2013
Hello! ^w^)/
8:41am Dec 5th, 2013
they are going to carefully break the top of her head and get to the core then they will ever so carefully stitch the new brain and cord back together and how they will put the top of her skull back i have no clue so i will ask her when she wakes up in a
7:37pm Dec 4th, 2013
so right now she is having her brain removed and replaced she will be put asleep
7:20pm Dec 4th, 2013
oh what nothing my cousin is sick with brain cancer
6:45pm Dec 4th, 2013
Hmph..... Nothing
5:02pm Dec 4th, 2013
What's up
4:55pm Dec 4th, 2013
6:22pm Dec 1st, 2013
am back from dinner and as an early christmas gift here is some well.... a lot of use food
6:17pm Dec 1st, 2013
then i do not know well by for now have to go eat dinner will be back in 15 minutes
5:56pm Dec 1st, 2013
you know trading cards
5:48pm Dec 1st, 2013
how about TC's you no longer need but make sure you get a lot of wrapping paper i still have some left from last christmas
5:45pm Dec 1st, 2013
oh yah i am so ready to wrap presents to give to my friends on exhibited
5:41pm Dec 1st, 2013
yah it is hard to find snow well... so far i have thrown 9 snowballs so far today and also not trying to brag i hope you know that
5:37pm Dec 1st, 2013
hey what's up how many snowballs have you threw so far today
5:31pm Dec 1st, 2013
I know! He's all yours. Transferring him now. ^_^ take good care of him.
6:11am Nov 29th, 2013
whats up bahumet happy thanks giving have a nice one
3:22pm Nov 28th, 2013
oh ok do you get really hungry
9:13am Nov 27th, 2013
why did it make your day it made my day because i bought it for 9k but so what are you doing for thanksgiving
9:06am Nov 27th, 2013
what i am doing well i am going to cook with my mom the biggest family turkey along with cooking some mashed potato's also with some buttered corn and while we do that we cook some homemade biscuits fresh from the oven then after the feast then we make fr
9:04am Nov 27th, 2013
no not 90k 9000 and i looked at his player and his money was not on private and he only had $150 and thus he is actually my friend i just call him stupid because he never went to school in his life
8:52am Nov 27th, 2013
lol what??
8:45am Nov 27th, 2013
hey what's up i think today my friend has the 10 million because i am giving him a herbivore lake planning permission and here is a secrete this stupid guy sold this little puppy on player shops for 9000k and this lake permission is worth 10mill-15mill
8:38am Nov 27th, 2013
Yeah, I'll take a baby girl. Is that okay?
3:22pm Nov 26th, 2013
Hi! I have a baby rex for you as promised. ^_^ He's not hatched yet. It'll be about two more days from the time I've posted this message.
7:04am Nov 26th, 2013
oh yah and you will probably get over 250k-450k because i am still bidding but when someone else bids i will bid higher
10:01pm Nov 23rd, 2013
i am bidding on your A+ barosaurus also check out cinder you gave me i paid over 450k in overlays to make it look cool
9:47pm Nov 23rd, 2013
hey whats up
9:42pm Nov 23rd, 2013
hey what's up how is your dragon cave coming along
6:39pm Nov 23rd, 2013
My Raptors are taken care of and battled nearly every day (unless college gets in the way). I wouldn't sell her for profit. If anything I'd go searching for a potential mate for her, and train her.
9:58am Nov 23rd, 2013
Sure. I've been trying to get my hands on a T-Rex for a while. As long as it's not in-bred c: - Thank you so, so much.
9:38am Nov 23rd, 2013
Hello, pleasure to meet you.
9:34am Nov 23rd, 2013
will train your dinosaur i think 1 or 2 more times
5:32pm Nov 21st, 2013
hey thanks lol would you like free elixer
5:29pm Nov 21st, 2013
sure i just need fossil no1 (#1)
5:25pm Nov 21st, 2013
Well right now I am collecting plushies
5:16pm Nov 21st, 2013
So that is why I sometimes get off exhibited so I can sleep for 5 hours
5:08pm Nov 21st, 2013
For me all this running is making me pooped as well as waking up at 3:43 in the morning
5:05pm Nov 21st, 2013
Yup pretty much cross country I am already tired from that I would rather write essays than run 15miles each day
5:02pm Nov 21st, 2013
Your welcome and i am in 6th grade 2nd quarter already tired from running 15 miles WITHOUT STOPPING!!!
4:56pm Nov 21st, 2013
Oh ok well anyways I just sent it now and what grade are you in
4:53pm Nov 21st, 2013
Good I just give 300k every month to my friends who are online when I am online
4:51pm Nov 21st, 2013
Hey what's up would you like a free 300k
4:49pm Nov 21st, 2013
Yeah sorry. I was gone for a while. How about 100k?
2:15pm Nov 20th, 2013
So do they get together? I didn`t really like how much they changed Yuna and Rikku`s characters though. It was just to extreme. Both of them were so far out of character it hurt.
10:14pm Nov 19th, 2013
person. My favorite Final fantasy is VI and my least favorite is a toss up between X-2, XII and the original 2. Can`t decide which is the worst of that bunch, couldn`t finish any of those games.
5:01pm Nov 19th, 2013
Well I had never actually finished X-2 (lost interest after an hour) but it`s cool that Tidus comes back; didn`t know that. Though I`d suspected as much. It kind of doesn`t make sense though, since Tidus was just a dream in the original and not a real per
4:59pm Nov 19th, 2013
Changes base color your dinosaur I would 1mill or750-900k each
3:49pm Nov 19th, 2013
How much would you buy a colorant for
3:42pm Nov 19th, 2013
3:36pm Nov 19th, 2013
Yep, I loved Final Fantasy X, it`s one of my favorites and I put it in the list that I made. One the other hand... I hated X-2; everything about it. That game sucked badly, and was clearly just fan service.
10:28pm Nov 18th, 2013
How about I breed it for you and I will keep it my incubator then when it hatches you give me the money and I will give you the dino also don't you have a spare incubator
8:12pm Nov 18th, 2013
Well how about this I will let you breed with one of my allo's that has stats up to 550 something for only 100000k
8:03pm Nov 18th, 2013
Well do you have any allosaurus
7:31pm Nov 18th, 2013
I met like pidgey, but lugia's nice. I'm partial to braviary, honchkrow, and ho-oh.
7:24pm Nov 18th, 2013
Hi again why do you keep swithching characters
7:18pm Nov 18th, 2013
An nothing just trying to sell stuff but anyways how much would you pay for one baby allosaurus
6:42pm Nov 18th, 2013
6:37pm Nov 18th, 2013
I like all the Hoenn Region starters, Snivy, Chimchar, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Squirtle. What's your top bird Pokemon?
10:39am Nov 17th, 2013
Nothing much. Just dealing with a headach and going to feed my dinos ^_^
7:26am Nov 17th, 2013
well could you buy my magic peaches i will combine there uses and make them have 3 uses(price:100000k)
11:08pm Nov 16th, 2013
hi charizard how much would you pay for 3 magic peaches
6:40pm Nov 16th, 2013
No probs. I'm not like some other players that will get them and sell them right when they get the chance. It's not right. :( I feel bad for the poor dinos that do...especially the ones that don't take care of them in the end.
9:32am Nov 16th, 2013
I'll NEVER sell them. They're too precious (firstly). Secondly, I'd rather end up selling the hatchlings of my other dinos first before selling my first dino couples of any species. Never fear. They'll have a wonderful home long after their old and tired.
9:30am Nov 16th, 2013
Again, thanks a whole bunch. I'll take wonderful care of them. ^_^ *cuddles baby rex(s)*
9:24am Nov 16th, 2013
Bid in place ^_^
9:19am Nov 16th, 2013
Thank you a ton. I'll be sure to return the favor someday if you fancy any dinosaurs I might be willing to sell. ^_^ I can promise that. And if you like, I'll give you the first hatchling between the two. ^_^
9:15am Nov 16th, 2013 and I can only afford one just now, so I'd appreciate it if you'd hold the female for me. ^_^
9:03am Nov 16th, 2013
oh wow! I got your message about selling me a baby rex! Thank you a ton! I'll probobly have enough by tomorrow. ^_^ Just let me know which ones I'd be able to pick. ^_^
8:29pm Nov 15th, 2013
It's ok then could I have 350k and I will also give you something you may need like food
7:42pm Nov 15th, 2013
could i have 1000000k please and be right back need to take dog out for walk
7:20pm Nov 15th, 2013
exd or scales does not matter and not trying to be mean i always do that
7:15pm Nov 15th, 2013
how much would you pay for a magic potion that heals 100% health and will feed you dinos to 100% hunger so they won't starve and it has i think 49 or 50 uses
7:11pm Nov 15th, 2013
hi charizard
7:09pm Nov 15th, 2013
All evee evolutions, suicune, and arcues. Favorite starters?
6:35pm Nov 15th, 2013
What's your favorite Pokemon? ( don't say charizard cuz that's obvious)
6:19pm Nov 15th, 2013
Nothing just thought it'd be fun to chat.
6:01pm Nov 15th, 2013
Hi! :D
5:57pm Nov 15th, 2013
I'll take a male. How much are we talkin' about here?
2:05pm Nov 15th, 2013
Ummm... Which would be cheaper? lol
9:50pm Nov 14th, 2013
ok have you got my dinosaur and item
9:43pm Nov 14th, 2013
also i will have money manegment for sale in my shop for 100000k each also please feel free to my other items if you want
9:36pm Nov 14th, 2013
i have sent the item and dinosaur
9:34pm Nov 14th, 2013
could you pay 300k or 350k if i also added in one my strongest allosaurus
9:15pm Nov 14th, 2013
hi charizard how much would you pay for an item collecting guide book
9:08pm Nov 14th, 2013
well it tells you how to manege your money like not how to spend it and stuff
7:56pm Nov 14th, 2013
Sure, I'd like a Carno. How much?
8:17pm Nov 13th, 2013
how much would you pay for a book(money managment)
7:51pm Nov 13th, 2013
i have been doing well some how i got 10 scales after the halloween infection event and now i have a overlay lisence oh ya i have a gift for you i will send it right now
6:41pm Nov 12th, 2013
4:02am Nov 12th, 2013
hi charizard have not talked to you for a while how have you been
7:22pm Nov 11th, 2013
Oh, nothing much! Love your tags btw!
3:39am Nov 8th, 2013
Herro. :3
10:17am Nov 1st, 2013
Got one and attacked ;)
4:02am Oct 27th, 2013
Good and fast counterattack. ;) Happy club wars!!! :)
12:47pm Oct 26th, 2013
I'm fine, sadly i do not have any anti-penguin grenades to take revenge on you because you attacked me xD
11:44am Oct 26th, 2013
Hello there.
5:02am Oct 26th, 2013
Nice shot. *waits for cool-down period to end while room smells like toasted woodchuck*
8:03am Oct 21st, 2013
Hey, I'll buy all the valentines items you will sell me. :D
8:07am Oct 18th, 2013
Oh okay. o3o I'm fine, thanks.
8:40am Sep 5th, 2013
Hello dere. :) Are you the person I was talking about scales to? I forget. o3o
8:38am Sep 5th, 2013
who knows then whoever you sent it to has done away with it and here is an item you can have i will send it right now
8:18pm Apr 17th, 2013
no you didn't i never recieved it
8:12pm Apr 17th, 2013
hi did you get the 700000k not trying to be rude and i can trade this item called submitive
8:04pm Apr 17th, 2013
Will wait 5 minutes before accepting the other to make sure the moving box is clear. ;)
10:21am Apr 12th, 2013
sure no problem
5:58pm Apr 11th, 2013
not trying to be rude but did you almost get 700000k yet
5:51pm Apr 11th, 2013
are you allowed to by scales by yourself ?
5:59pm Apr 10th, 2013
no i am completly rich because i have like 864,724 exd which is the game money
5:49pm Apr 10th, 2013
hello do you need any money?
5:44pm Apr 10th, 2013
well i dont have a favorite dinosaur but i have a favorite marine reptile named pliosaurus which his name me T.Rex of the Sea no jokes this is a real monster because he has an appetite of 2-3 t.rexes
8:09pm Apr 7th, 2013
come on please it is fine with me this game is so fun
7:40pm Apr 7th, 2013
o ya and this is me samantha i am back on again erikqa is my best friend and sister she is pleased to meet you
7:39pm Apr 7th, 2013
i figured if you did not have a chance to play dragon cave i can let you use my account if you want and i don't really mind at all
7:37pm Apr 7th, 2013
hello this is eriqka samantha's best friend
7:31pm Apr 7th, 2013
hello do you like the eoraptor i gave you and how is he doing
1:00pm Apr 7th, 2013
hello have you got the money also i have a trade up with a colorant you should check it out
4:01pm Apr 4th, 2013
Would messages be easier? or do you like the Shoutbox better? and, just alot of stuff going on in-real-life that was keeping me away. (lack of internet, for one)
2:18pm Apr 4th, 2013
I love my dinos :D Just have to re-work my farm since I've been gone for so long now. *just came back from being away for, like, a year*
2:15pm Apr 4th, 2013
oh, btw = "by the way", sorry, lol.
2:11pm Apr 4th, 2013
Nothin' much, you? How you liking your dinos btw?
1:40pm Apr 4th, 2013
1:34pm Apr 4th, 2013
here you go he may help you during battles tell me if he has killer stats unlike other eoraptor that you have seen or if you have seen one
8:14pm Apr 3rd, 2013
tell me when you want him
8:02pm Apr 3rd, 2013
oh sure but here let me send my top male eoraptor to help you battle and earn some money look at it and tell me if its stats are ok or awesome for this species
8:01pm Apr 3rd, 2013
sure but why?
7:56pm Apr 3rd, 2013
no i was just hoping at least mabey 450000k then if you want i could pay you back with my top eoraptor not veary high levled but high in stats unlike other eoraptor you probaly have seen
7:51pm Apr 3rd, 2013
well depending how much you have because i dont want to make a mistake and ask you for all your money
7:46pm Apr 3rd, 2013
hello do mind if i can borrow some money or scales please
7:43pm Apr 3rd, 2013
no not really have you been playing dragon cave
11:26am Apr 3rd, 2013
hey whats up
11:24am Apr 3rd, 2013
hello do you still have your kitty birthday cake because withen 1-2 days you you could easily sell it for 400000-500000 k
11:53am Apr 2nd, 2013
hello how are you doing tonight
9:15pm Mar 22nd, 2013
is it fun playing
8:35pm Feb 26th, 2013
so have you thought about playing yet
7:28pm Feb 26th, 2013
yah of course i play it i have been playing it for over 5-6 years in fact
6:58pm Feb 26th, 2013
so then try it if you want to
8:03pm Feb 25th, 2013
there are over 500-1000 different species of dragon the dragons come in what you know commons,uncommon,rare,and,epic you can also get dragons from the abandoned cave where the dragon mothers neglect there egg after someone touches them or you can steal an
9:42pm Feb 22nd, 2013
yes it is very fun you can pick out your own dragon eggs and raise them until they hatch plus you get to keep them
4:03pm Feb 22nd, 2013
hello have you ever tried playing a game called dragoncave if you like dragons
2:09pm Feb 22nd, 2013
ok then can message them that your doing it for kindness please because kitty can check all of our deleted messages and our messages that we have not deleted
4:51pm Feb 21st, 2013
i cant because spotty and kitty think i am begging
4:36pm Feb 21st, 2013
do you think there should be your dinos shedding some scales every 6 weeks so we dont have to pay for them or buy them with in game money
4:32pm Feb 21st, 2013
did you get the scale i sent you
4:27pm Feb 21st, 2013
sure but I am still sending you the suprise
4:13pm Feb 21st, 2013
i have a suprise for you and i am being very kind
4:08pm Feb 21st, 2013
3:58pm Feb 21st, 2013
7:28pm Dec 18th, 2012
You`re welcome, and thank you. :)
10:33am Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! :)
10:30am Dec 18th, 2012
We meet again i found one of your raptors ya want her back
8:01am Nov 25th, 2012
thank you.
9:11am Oct 20th, 2012