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Joined December 13th, 2010

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"Homera is cool and all, but I'd be in Scepter 4. ;D (Message me if you know what I'm speaking of!)"
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Okay, great! I'll keep you updated! :) Sorry I've slowed down on the art so much, I've been busy pretty much the whole month of August with various vacations and school starting again. Could you send me your Sola refs again? My messages deleted them and I
11:55am Aug 27th, 2015
Just wanted to give you the heads up of OMG I am SO SORRY that I haven't gotten any progress done on any artwork. School for this month has slammed me harder than I thought and not only that but I am on a team of people who aren't even attempting to do ou
7:10am Aug 26th, 2015
That's cool! :D
11:24am Aug 1st, 2015
Learning how to drive and also having to go to collage. Real interesting stuff going on. Over all I am not stressed like I was. I am very happy now :> also been improving my artwork to haha.
9:47pm Jul 28th, 2015
YESS! I have been off for so long ;A; had so much going on. Been on DA and a few other sites a lot tho. How have you been?
9:43pm Jul 28th, 2015
That's really interesting
9:24am Jul 1st, 2015
I also have a villain OC that kills off the insane because he thinks he's better than them and my main OC, Shadow Wolfess.
8:48pm Jun 30th, 2015
That's pretty cool, my OC's name is Cynthia, I made her a month ago
8:33pm Jun 30th, 2015
Sola looks really cool :3
8:21pm Jun 30th, 2015
Me too. :) I have even made an OC that is pretty much a gryphon human hybrid
8:08pm Jun 30th, 2015
What kind of Rps do you prefer?
1:16pm Jun 30th, 2015
Pretty good. :) wanna rp?
10:13pm Jun 29th, 2015
hello :)
7:45pm Jun 28th, 2015
I answered you :), and that's fine. I will see you tomorrow... hopefully. :)
10:48pm Dec 20th, 2014
its cool, just people can be butts at times
5:18pm Nov 26th, 2014
no, sadly no one cant rely do anything ;-; just have to wait it out
10:30pm Nov 20th, 2014
with being up and down? Just been harassed by some folks but that's it .-.
2:17am Nov 18th, 2014
Been okay, mostly up and down xD been gone for awhile
12:35am Nov 17th, 2014
Ah! Nice post! I've responded and it's a little shoddy but I hope it's OK xD Now I don't have to worry about holding anyone up :P
10:00pm Nov 14th, 2014
I would... But can you answer my question I put on OOC? If you answer it, then I will join.
2:05pm Nov 11th, 2014
*wriggles in like jaws* hai owo
1:38am Nov 10th, 2014
Thanks ^^, He`s from short stories that I wrote so he`s more well developed than most of my characters. I don't have a good idea of how to introduce him yet though, so I'm brainstorming. I'm thinking this will be fun too, hopefully it will be active. :)
5:39pm Nov 7th, 2014
I will write up an into post for my other chara soon.
5:39pm Nov 7th, 2014
Joined my second character. I accepted it so I could edit, but if you don't like the character you can remove him. If you prefer I can switch him to the teen version if you like it more than the child.
2:33am Nov 7th, 2014
How`s Athanasia's bio coming along. I will add my other character tonight. Look forward to starting tomorrow. ^^ I hope more people will join though. I may have gotten someone to join, but not sure yet.
5:41pm Nov 5th, 2014
Added a character. This is one I haven't used in ages. Let me know if you want me to change anything and I will redo. I'm going to add another one soon and that will be it for now, But I will make a Shard if this takes off.
12:16am Nov 5th, 2014
Wow, missed a lot Ill go and answer Judes questions, but first I will review Silvers character for you. It seems that what they've described would fall under resurrection masked as healing, which isn't typically allowed, however, this is unique so Im
9:59pm Nov 4th, 2014
confused. I think because theyre character can die--even though it`s apparently difficultthat it should be okay, especially since their character cant use the ability on others. It`s an odd case though. They did write in draw backs. Id say let them keep
9:59pm Nov 4th, 2014
the characters as is, but tell them not to overdue that ability, because I could see it getting out of control with repeated usage. If it bothers you though, then I'd tell them to edit it since it is technically a resurrection.
9:59pm Nov 4th, 2014
XD I was actually looking at that earlier and thinking "Cool, I should join that." But then I was too lazy to type up descriptions for my Chars and I had to ask you something and then I had to clean my room... Yad yada yada.
6:08pm Nov 4th, 2014
Alright I'm going to jump off for now, but I will be back on later tonight, and I will throw in a character. Going to join two for now, maybe a Shard operative later. Hopefully we can get people to join. I will be campaigning it as much as possible. ;)
5:34pm Nov 4th, 2014
Maybe we should post up a bio for Athanasia, since everyone can post as her, so that they will know her personality and appearance.
5:19pm Nov 4th, 2014
Alright, that's fine, gives me time to decide on characters. I will go ahead and try to recruit some people as well. :)
4:04pm Nov 4th, 2014
Looks great, love the name you came up with for Shard, and I like your title more than mine too. I edited it to fix grammatical errors and spacing, but otherwise I didn't change anything. I will join a character sometime tonight. How many people should
9:00pm Nov 3rd, 2014
we wait for before we start?
9:00pm Nov 3rd, 2014
Oh and, other than what you wrote there is jumping through additional porthole to other worlds at places called otherworldly shrines.
7:34pm Nov 3rd, 2014
Well Awhile back I was discussing starting a Portal Jumper/Many Worlds type RP with Scrup, but we never got around to actually making it and Scrup disappeared. Would such a thing interest you at all? Basically portal jumpers are an RP archetype that's ve
5:51pm Nov 1st, 2014
flexible, possible the most flexible type of RP because of all the character setting possibilities; they are of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, and have just enough plot to be interesting and have an end result to work toward, while being mostly
5:50pm Nov 1st, 2014
character driven and not necessitating the participation of any particular characters so no one person can hold it back too much if they decided to drop out/vanish. If any of that interests you I can go into more detail as I have participated in this
5:50pm Nov 1st, 2014
type of RP in the past. I`d like to hear your ideas as well maybe we can create an RP together. :)
5:49pm Nov 1st, 2014
now. I'm just itching to write after taking such a long break from it. :p
4:06pm Oct 31st, 2014
could have written it. Don't worry it will come together eventually. :) Anyway, life has quieted down; that's why I'm back. ;) So let me know if there are any good ones and I'll join, or maybe we could make one if there isn't any good ones going right no
4:05pm Oct 31st, 2014
Thanks, glad to be back. :) Sounds like we're in the same boat with that. I also keep putting my book off and rewriting what I have as well because I'm never satisfied. Look at the bright side though; when you eventually finish it, it will be the best you
4:04pm Oct 31st, 2014
How goes it? Sorry for just disappearing like that and for so long. Had way too much going on, so I waited to have enough time for EX. Anyway, How's your book coming along? Hope yo have been well; wouldn't mind RPing again sometime. Sorry for killing
4:55pm Oct 30th, 2014
your other one -.-'
4:55pm Oct 30th, 2014
Thanks! Yeah, life has been kind of hectic around here. I missed Exhibited!
6:11pm Oct 19th, 2014
What can I say, I've got a twitchy trigger finger, you just got in the way... :P
5:46pm Oct 19th, 2014
yeh :c *hugs*
1:01am Oct 16th, 2014
ah its fine, will probably explain what happened later on, but one of my pets died in a horrid way.
7:11pm Oct 15th, 2014
okay I guess, depressed but otherwise okay
1:19pm Oct 15th, 2014
hi :D
11:46pm Oct 14th, 2014
Alright, you're move on the rp!
7:09am Oct 14th, 2014
I poked Bob for you, seeing as he's a little more in control of the project than I am. I would've answered your question without bugging him, but it seemed to be a popular one. If you have any more questions though, feel free to poke me again.
4:27pm Oct 13th, 2014
I'm wanting to see if Jude comes around first, as he's a little hit or miss. Unless you're going to be unreachable for the upcoming week, would you mind waiting until tomorrow at the earliest?
1:55pm Oct 12th, 2014
ah uvu that's interesting. I might think about it a bit uvu
3:58pm Aug 12th, 2014
nice xD
3:51pm Aug 12th, 2014
ohhh what is it about?
3:48pm Aug 12th, 2014
hi :D *hugs*
2:56pm Aug 12th, 2014
Heading there now :3
8:36am Aug 12th, 2014
Well, I hope things do get better then. I totally understand how it is, just let me know whenever you are up to it. Glad to hear from you ;)
6:14pm Aug 5th, 2014
Hey Nightly! How you been? Been forever since I've been online, sorry for disappearing :( Doing any RP's? I just made a new one. Let me know if you wanna check it out and I'll send a link :)
7:59am Aug 3rd, 2014
It's definitely not coming soon. :/ Kitty said she'll close registrations for EXI when EXII is close to coming out, so I know it's not anytime soon. I wish some other players left would get back into the game and bring others in too. :/ It's not fun when
12:26pm Jul 31st, 2014
That's the problem-EXII won't be coming out for several months. With many older players holding out for it, it's causing this game to rot and ruin it for newer players because barely anyone is here. :/
12:19pm Jul 31st, 2014
It's very horrible. :( It's depressing, really. I'm trying to get more players in the site, and trying to keep them active.
12:13pm Jul 31st, 2014
Haha, summer boring you? I'm dying for my throat to stop hurting lol. And for people to buy my dinos. >.
11:30am Jul 31st, 2014
I'm okay lol. :) How have you been?
11:19am Jul 31st, 2014
*Flings one* Mwahahaha!
9:44am Jul 31st, 2014
*Is temporarily out of ammo* Noo! I shall keep you company! *Stalks off for more balloons*
9:30am Jul 31st, 2014
*Throws 3 more* Yes! I see you in your solitude!
9:26am Jul 31st, 2014
*Flings a balloon at you* o3o I see youuuu!
9:20am Jul 31st, 2014
I understand ;; if you need anything just let me know k?
10:32pm Jul 21st, 2014
I am sorry for what happened, I feel horrible about what has happened. I only hope it gets better.
11:22pm Jul 20th, 2014
daw cool :D
9:40pm Jul 17th, 2014
whats up with the emote btw? :O something happen?
8:38pm Jul 17th, 2014
ah cool c:
6:39pm Jul 17th, 2014
how you?
6:14pm Jul 17th, 2014
hai c:
12:13pm Jul 17th, 2014
*scoots another stream not so threatening here. *
2:01pm Jul 16th, 2014
2:00pm Jul 16th, 2014
12:15am Jul 16th, 2014
thats good c:
9:10pm Jul 13th, 2014
sounds hard :
6:43pm Jul 13th, 2014
how is your day today? :D
11:59am Jul 13th, 2014
Aw, that's coolness. Is it a big family event? Or are you guys just putting up with paid construction right now? x)
12:38am Jul 11th, 2014
It's fine, lol! Just don't take the roof down! :D
12:00am Jul 11th, 2014
kk c:
10:33pm Jul 10th, 2014
I am :D I have just been rather busy with work since I have two jobs going at once, however yes I will work on it possibly during Tuesday of next week?
10:32pm Jul 10th, 2014
oh its totes fine xD how have you been? C:
10:15pm Jul 10th, 2014
10:13pm Jul 10th, 2014
sure :DDD
12:11pm Jul 5th, 2014
age :O fave food, color, drink. and would ya want anything elsa cause I already have race and name c:
12:05pm Jul 5th, 2014
finished sola ref but want to know detail to put :O
12:07am Jul 5th, 2014
working on your sola ref :D
10:56pm Jul 4th, 2014
ops XD welp place the " at the end of that lol
11:46am Jul 3rd, 2014
I've got to go -.-' see you later. :)
11:29pm Jul 2nd, 2014
Alright, but I'm getting off soon
11:06pm Jul 2nd, 2014
I'm not sure, did Alianna transform or did you save that for the next post? Just to be safe I wrote as if she didn't.
9:14pm Jul 2nd, 2014
Alright, when I'm finished with my dailies I'l go post. :)
7:47pm Jul 2nd, 2014
I'm going to be doing dailies so I might take a bit to respond; just letting you know.
7:33pm Jul 2nd, 2014
Thanks :), and sure, that would be helpful.
7:29pm Jul 2nd, 2014
I'm great; just got back from CTR today, took second place ^^, thanks for asking. :) And You? Oh and, sorry about the lame post; didn't know what to write. -.-'
7:25pm Jul 2nd, 2014
I'm great; just got back from CTR took second place ^^, thanks for asking. :) And You? Oh and, sorry about the lame post; didn't know what to write. -.-'
7:25pm Jul 2nd, 2014
heading off early tonight, see you tommarow C:
12:00am Jul 2nd, 2014
Will do! I really need to get a good team together. I got so many plans, and hte means to get the pokemon, but I'm just lazy with my training. Maybe this next week i'll get a lot of training done.
3:00pm Jul 1st, 2014
Alright, thanks a lot! I'll be training up that koffing and hatching the egg you sent! Thanks a lot again!
2:07pm Jul 1st, 2014
Whoops, sorry about that, my finger slipped and hit no instead of yes at the save screen. Resending the request!
1:25pm Jul 1st, 2014
If you're still up for it, sure! I may have to disappear at any moment for a dinner thing, though. Do I have your friend code?
1:20pm Jul 1st, 2014
your welcome :D
1:00pm Jul 1st, 2014
anyways night :D see you tommarow? ;v; *hugs*
1:04am Jul 1st, 2014
also chor tag is done ;v;
1:04am Jul 1st, 2014
okay xD I can do the lines :D
1:03am Jul 1st, 2014
your choice xD
11:34pm Jun 30th, 2014
Sure :DDD
11:25pm Jun 30th, 2014
sure :D want the fire eel names that? ;v;
11:21pm Jun 30th, 2014
yeah super exited about it XD thinking of nameing one of the knife fish Beo xD
11:19pm Jun 30th, 2014
I actually used to have a live reef aquarium xD was a pain in my tush
11:08pm Jun 30th, 2014
xDDD nice, a lot of cool fish and such are banned so I couldent get axolots ;v;
11:06pm Jun 30th, 2014
yeah xD I am thinking of doing that xD its gonna be some peackock eels and a couple ghost knife fish ;v;
11:01pm Jun 30th, 2014
Ooo, awesome, thank you for poking me! I was playing around with my enclosures (haven't been on here for, so I got distracted! ^^
10:58pm Jun 30th, 2014
fresh water live aquarium with predatory fish ;v; but might not be live since the knife fish and eels imma get dont like bright lights.
10:58pm Jun 30th, 2014
oh gosh D:
1:13am Jun 30th, 2014
fleas are horrid ;v; had to deal with them a bit ago
11:03pm Jun 29th, 2014
*hugs* C:
9:48pm Jun 29th, 2014
yes XD I have done it myself before tho lol
2:27pm Jun 29th, 2014
hitting send while scrolling again? xD
2:23pm Jun 29th, 2014
okay :D nn c: *hugs*
11:59pm Jun 27th, 2014
ah XD okay
10:34pm Jun 27th, 2014
the message didnt seem to send :O
10:32pm Jun 27th, 2014
oh gosh I am so hyper right now XD
9:38pm Jun 27th, 2014
been working on those urn tags and a ref of that gingsa I shown you xD
9:09pm Jun 27th, 2014
awesome :D
8:57pm Jun 27th, 2014
im good :D got addicted to star trek XD
6:47pm Jun 27th, 2014
also ment collar instead of color 8I hate auto correct xD
4:56pm Jun 27th, 2014
C: how you btw?
4:41pm Jun 27th, 2014
okay XD
9:58pm Jun 25th, 2014
okay akjhasjhsjd XD
11:43pm Jun 24th, 2014
makeing the Urn tags 8D
11:38pm Jun 24th, 2014
Well they are not one of my favorite bands, but I can see why you like that song. :)
8:39pm Jun 24th, 2014
its so good ;=; THE FEELS *dies*
8:37pm Jun 24th, 2014
great :D saw the new HTTYD ;v;
6:52pm Jun 24th, 2014
Great song :), and no I've never heard it, but glad I did. I will go post now.
6:47pm Jun 24th, 2014
how you? :D
6:31pm Jun 24th, 2014
Lame post I know, but I don't really know what to write. -.-' I'll do better next time.
5:51pm Jun 24th, 2014
Lame post I know, but I don't really know what to write. -.-' I'll do better next time.
5:51pm Jun 24th, 2014
allo ;v;
5:33pm Jun 24th, 2014
Lol, that would be something to see wouldn't it? Kind of makes me want to try riding a cow now. xD Bet that would be frustrating though, cows are stubborn. :p Anyway, I will post soon, sorry for delaying.
5:25pm Jun 24th, 2014
That`s not necessarily a bad thing though, it lacks discrimination. Someone riding a cow out there would be something to see. Even better that they would actually have a chance to win. ^^
11:53pm Jun 23rd, 2014
Oh and, the menace said you could join storm. :) Also, sorry about the weak posts lately. I'll do better. Just need an angle.
8:30pm Jun 22nd, 2014
It`s too bad you didn`t place; sounds like the judge was maybe playing favorites? But at least you had fun that`s the important thing. :) It`s great that your sister rides too. ^^ Hope you guys do better next time. :)
8:28pm Jun 22nd, 2014
So, how`d your show go? :)
4:35pm Jun 22nd, 2014
and I'm off for the night. I'll try to get on tomorrow evening if I can though. :)
11:14pm Jun 20th, 2014
I'll try to squeeze one more, but it might be pithy. Also good luck at the show! :) I might not be on tomorrow either, but not because I have a show. I'll be pretty busy, but I'll see if I can get on.
10:59pm Jun 20th, 2014
Sorry for the lateness of that-- my brother keeps calling me away. It was lame, but there might be time for one more.
10:38pm Jun 20th, 2014
Guess we're all good than :). Just a heads up though, I will be getting of in another hour.
9:56pm Jun 20th, 2014
Sorry for the late reply, I was AFK. I think my responses are getting worse and worse. -.-' Getting burned out tonight.
9:36pm Jun 20th, 2014
I joined two years ago and the RPs have never seemed active since I joined, and there's always been a 100 word limit. I can't wait for EXII either, It`d be great to see more activity.
8:28pm Jun 20th, 2014
Alright, I know it took a bit but I replied. :) Also, it`s a shame that ex has gone down hill. I would have liked to see RPs that active, but only if one liners were permitted. :p Oh and, hope to see you join. :)
8:13pm Jun 20th, 2014
Three pages in one day fast? Anyway, you should check it out; it`d be great to have you in there. :) Oh and, I'm going to respond on cursed shortly. Though I use that term loosely because I a slow typer.
7:58pm Jun 20th, 2014
I'm in a storm rising, but I don`t know if I can keep up with it; if they keep posting as fast as they have been. -.-'
7:53pm Jun 20th, 2014
Just let me take a breather, been typing a lot. :p I will be back in ten.
7:45pm Jun 20th, 2014
Alright, I'll be here. :)
7:40pm Jun 20th, 2014
Sorry I was caught up typing in another RP. Those people are too fast -.-' I'll get a post up right away.
6:52pm Jun 20th, 2014
No, but I will definitely check it out when I get the chance! :)
3:28pm Jun 20th, 2014
Thanks ^^, and it would probably be better if you do it as an RP master post. I'll keep a look out for it as I will be on until server flip most likely.
8:13pm Jun 19th, 2014
Hmm... I'm not sure what to post. Do I forward it to the next day or what?
7:01pm Jun 19th, 2014
Okay, I understand!
5:59pm Jun 19th, 2014
Looks like someone else added a character to your RP :)
11:58pm Jun 18th, 2014
yes :D it shall be done <3
8:48pm Jun 11th, 2014
hai :D *sorry was spazzing out, gonna reply*
8:35pm Jun 11th, 2014
just got back from the beach and okay c:
1:41pm Jun 8th, 2014
ty :D
8:26pm Jun 7th, 2014
where is your Gym? :O trying to remember if its a city, village, or town
7:46pm Jun 7th, 2014
Might figure it out :'D thinking of haveing a couple post building the relationship between him and his duskull.
7:20pm Jun 7th, 2014
lol I was confused at what to do xD and I have two Escra characters now, their is Escra and Escraa *dies*
7:16pm Jun 7th, 2014
posted finaly D': sorry for being a bit slow thar.
3:08pm Jun 7th, 2014
ah kk c:
7:33pm Jun 5th, 2014
posted again c: hope everythin is alright
6:51pm Jun 5th, 2014
sent first post ;v;
2:19pm Jun 5th, 2014
hi c:
6:59pm Jun 2nd, 2014
been good c: roleplaying a lot ;v;
1:32pm May 7th, 2014
how have you been? :D
1:50am May 7th, 2014
Hi C:
7:06pm Apr 30th, 2014
your choice
8:46pm Apr 13th, 2014
6:10pm Apr 1st, 2014
LOL I'm a switcher upper
3:41pm Mar 19th, 2014
I didnt get it in that week, does it count if the time has passed?
1:01pm Mar 17th, 2014
okay ;v; also need herlp with like my pokes ;-; pokie transfer cost 5 bucks and I dont want to pay that at all ;n;
12:54pm Mar 17th, 2014
hi ;v; found my 3D's
12:49pm Mar 17th, 2014
time to toss you some pocket monsters* Didn't realize my text was cut off.
7:30pm Mar 14th, 2014
Yeah, the knee's just been a killer lately, and physical therapy is throwing off work and home schedules. I think my next non-busy day will be Tuesday, if not next Friday or Saturday, but thanks for understanding, and tell me when it's good for you next t
7:30pm Mar 14th, 2014
Okay, I'm extremely sorry I haven't responded to your trade requests. I've been busy, tired, and knee pain, so not much time to focus on the game. Saturday I'm free all day, so if you want, just let me know if you still want to trade.
7:26pm Mar 13th, 2014
so yeah, I know exactly what to do for you and I will make it beautiful ;w;
11:25pm Mar 1st, 2014
yes xD I remember sola well c: drew her once remember? c:
6:36pm Mar 1st, 2014
thank you *hugs*
6:27pm Mar 1st, 2014
thank you. I feel betrayed right now beyond feelings.
5:56pm Mar 1st, 2014
will be out most of tomorrow, my previous message got cut off.
7:33pm Feb 26th, 2014
Ack, sorry I missed you twice in a row! D: I've had a lot of schoolwork these past two nights since just missing two classes can set me back pretty much an entire week. The next foreseeable time I can be open to trading is sometime later on Friday, as I w
7:33pm Feb 26th, 2014
Yesh XD Best movie evah. Thx
6:10pm Feb 25th, 2014
yeah :< I will let you know when I find it
7:03pm Feb 24th, 2014
yes, cant find my 3D's though
6:56pm Feb 24th, 2014
*hugs* c:
1:03pm Feb 22nd, 2014
been rather stressed, but now I have to act kind and happy around people even though I am hurt. so right now isn't my best of time if that makes seance?
11:13pm Feb 21st, 2014
yeah, been on and off. Missed hanging out and chatting. Course I haven't been realy active since almost all my friends left. Those who I have left we chat on skype and hang out. Anything new with you? ouo
6:13pm Feb 21st, 2014
*hugs* :D
8:50pm Feb 20th, 2014
I will be back on tonight to RP by the way, but if you want to post in the mean time; that`s fine since we would both be responding to Spino`s post anyway.
1:57pm Feb 11th, 2014
That`s fine Nightly we all get busy, but it`s nice to see you again. :) Oh and, I`d love to see the poem, it sounds awesome. I don`t mind not having it to myself either, good art should be enjoyed by many not just one. :) Or at least, that`s what I think.
1:57pm Feb 11th, 2014
Me too, but who know maybe she will change her mind sometime; unlikely, but anythings possible I guess.
1:30am Jan 21st, 2014
Oh and, just noticed your mood; happy birthday! :D *sends you a gift*
5:10pm Jan 20th, 2014
That`s okay, I`ve been on pretty sporadically myself lately, so we`re pretty much in the same boat. Oh and, you might want to read the OCC chat, I just made an announcement there.
4:59pm Jan 20th, 2014
2:10pm Jan 15th, 2014
I`ve got to go now, but I`ll be on tomorrow much longer.
10:11pm Jan 14th, 2014
That`s fine, take all the time you need. :)
9:21pm Jan 14th, 2014
Okay great ^^, can`t wait to read it. :) Oh and, I`d prefer it on OCC chat since there are no character restrictions there. :)
9:16pm Jan 14th, 2014
Well okay that makes sense too. :) Well if it helps I really like horses a lot, especially mine. :) Though if that doesn`t inspire you my favorite animal is dolphins.
8:23pm Jan 14th, 2014
wb, sorry if I am a bit slow, depressed and also crying atm ;-; *hugs*
9:19pm Jan 13th, 2014
coolio :> brb food 8D
4:32pm Jan 13th, 2014
frokie and charmander
4:09pm Jan 13th, 2014
idk o3o I have no idea since I dont have a guide so I am just goin through it. Some of the pokes are awsome <3
3:57pm Jan 13th, 2014
yes, but imma distressin fome school but in about 30 mins I totes can get on :>
3:38pm Jan 13th, 2014
nice xD and you have a deer tag, more odds
3:35pm Jan 13th, 2014
that is epic 8D
9:03pm Jan 12th, 2014
yeah ;n;
10:30pm Jan 10th, 2014
I love puzzles too, but isn`t searching for the hidden the definition of being deep? Maybe I`m off, but it`s still a good quality regardless. Oh and, just write what ever you want, no need to pigeonhole your creative process. :)
10:25pm Jan 10th, 2014
its a mix atm xD since I cant transfer my legindarys or lvl 90+ includeing my lvl 100 ;^;
9:48pm Jan 10th, 2014
That`s a truly special quality, I wish could be more like that. You must be a profoundly deep thinker. Oh and, I`d love a poem, that would be great. ^^
9:45pm Jan 10th, 2014
probibly on sunday or monday
9:43pm Jan 10th, 2014
sure 8DDDD but idk if I can connect now since I am at my aunts XDDD
9:41pm Jan 10th, 2014
I have both XD
9:39pm Jan 10th, 2014
otherwise it could probably use some work. Anyway, I can tell that you`d be awesome at poetry; I`m the opposite of you, I write poetry poorly. -.-'
9:37pm Jan 10th, 2014
Hmmm, I haven`t noticed that about your posts though, guess maybe my definition of detail may be loser then your``s, but then again everyone seems to be their own toughest critic. Filler is only good when I can`t think of enough to reach 100 words :P, oth
9:36pm Jan 10th, 2014
I am playing it, and oh my they did a beutiful job, just wish you could walk around with your pokemon and start a adventure with friends XD
9:36pm Jan 10th, 2014
nothing much, still doing the map and species art for that one rp (which will also have linless things so that if people make a character of that species I or they could color them in and add stuff) but anyways how have you been :>
9:33pm Jan 10th, 2014
*throws a pokeball at* I shall catch chew *hugs*
9:30pm Jan 10th, 2014
Great post, love the imagery of it. :) Also you shouldn`t feel weird, it takes real talent to say more with less; personally I wish I could learn to write shorter posts. I feel like I write a lot of filler. :p
9:21pm Jan 10th, 2014
9:03pm Jan 10th, 2014
Well I would, but unfortunately they are on paper , so I`d have to type them up, and they are from a few years ago, so not the best, but I`m thinking I'll do that eventually, but for now it seems like too much of a hassle. Thanks for the compliment though
9:02pm Jan 10th, 2014
Oh and, let me know if you`d like me to throw in extra characters. There are a lot of named characters from my original short stories that I adapted this RP from.
8:56pm Jan 10th, 2014
Awesome character, I like her already, she should make things interesting :)
8:54pm Jan 10th, 2014
Going to accept right now, sorry for taking a bit, I was away from the computer
8:49pm Jan 10th, 2014
Everyone is free to write unclaimed positions until they are filled, so that shouldn`t be a problem :)
8:19pm Jan 10th, 2014
When the current Alpha either dies or retires. They typically retire in their elder years and pass the torch to their heir, but sometimes step down early if they have overused there power.
8:12pm Jan 10th, 2014
write that she is marked in the additional notes section. Marks usually appear between the ages of 13 and 15.
8:06pm Jan 10th, 2014
Yes it`s first come first serve, so feel free to make a marked one. The rest of your message is cut off, but I think I know what you wanted to ask. Your character doesn`t have to be Alpha to be marked but does have to be related to the Alpha line, just wr
8:06pm Jan 10th, 2014
Alright, I look forward to writing with you again :)
7:41pm Jan 10th, 2014
Awesome ^^, and sorry about the length... I got kind of carried away -.-' :p
7:39pm Jan 10th, 2014
It`s fine everyone gets busy sometimes, and welcome back! :D Oh and, guess what? Scrup is back. :) Also I created an RP, you should check it out... if you want to. ;)
5:18pm Jan 8th, 2014
Happy New Year! :D
10:29pm Dec 31st, 2013
Why haven't you claimed your Barys yet? They are waiting for you. Oh and, hope you`ve had an awesome holiday season so far. :)
7:16pm Dec 28th, 2013
Don't forget to add in what you want from the scale shop in your message, nightly!:D
11:46am Dec 25th, 2013
c: marry x-mas
4:29pm Dec 24th, 2013
hai hai
3:36pm Dec 24th, 2013
yeah xD but just trying to thin
2:59pm Dec 23rd, 2013
wanted to ask, when should I put and make the rp on here :O? cause I have been debating on making this rp I have been working on for awhile now.
1:29pm Dec 23rd, 2013
12:33pm Dec 23rd, 2013
Thanks :)
11:22pm Dec 18th, 2013
Just got to stay positive, I myself will most likely be gone from the 22nd to at least the 28th for Christmas, so I can understand be away. Anyway, I need to get off now, so I will talk to you later. Have a good one! :)
6:43pm Dec 18th, 2013
could be something bad. Hope she come back soon though.
6:25pm Dec 18th, 2013
Must have been destiny then; that we trade ICoTs. ;) Oh and, unfortunately no; I haven`t talked to scrup since about three weeks ago. I'm thinking the holidays are probably keeping her away... or at least that`s what I want to think, because otherwise it
6:25pm Dec 18th, 2013
Tell me about it, I`m glad I don`t have to deal with things like that anymore, and yes I`m stoked for Christmas. :D Thank you, and thanks for the gift too. It was an ICoT, lol. That`s the same thing I sent you. :p :)
6:20pm Dec 18th, 2013
I am great, really feeling the spirit of the season. :) And how are you? Oh and Merry early Christmas! ;)
6:10pm Dec 18th, 2013
what happened to the wolf adopts?
5:39pm Dec 14th, 2013
9:13pm Dec 9th, 2013
yay xD
3:55pm Dec 6th, 2013
oh gezz
3:46pm Dec 6th, 2013
oh gezz, like hail D:
3:22pm Dec 6th, 2013
ice storm?
2:59pm Dec 6th, 2013
how are you?
2:19pm Dec 6th, 2013
nothin much, just makeing some tags to sell on ex
2:19pm Dec 6th, 2013
hi :D
1:12pm Dec 6th, 2013
5:46pm Dec 5th, 2013
cool :O I might join it but it may take me awhile
5:43pm Dec 5th, 2013
its been great, I have a rp I am whiping up I hope everyone likes. Much like four kingdoms but much brighter, more open, has its own species, folklor, tales, and will have much more of a good melody.
5:32pm Dec 5th, 2013
blargagagablarg *huggles then chucks a snowball in the face* 8U haiii xD nice to see you again c:
5:27pm Dec 5th, 2013
its fine it has the basic colors
4:12pm Dec 4th, 2013
send me a link to janes ref pleeeeeassse
2:41pm Dec 4th, 2013
send me a link to janes ref pleeeeeassse
2:41pm Dec 4th, 2013
heres the final one! sorry it took me a bit longer.
1:28pm Nov 16th, 2013
*spams inbox with links* :
2:16pm Nov 15th, 2013
boop, here's another one:
1:45pm Nov 15th, 2013
I finished one of your tags. you can find it here: :D
1:28pm Nov 15th, 2013
xDDD nice
9:04pm Nov 14th, 2013
awz D: *hugs*
8:58pm Nov 14th, 2013
I thought you wernt coming on anymore? or for a long while? o.o
4:48pm Nov 12th, 2013
6:19pm Nov 4th, 2013
okay :< *hugs*
2:32pm Nov 4th, 2013
1:57pm Nov 4th, 2013
I've finished the tag you requested for jane. I have given her the links to my photobucket page on her farm shoutbox. I will supply the larger one here as well so you can take a look.
3:57pm Oct 26th, 2013
I wuuuuuv you~
7:55am Oct 25th, 2013
4:16pm Oct 23rd, 2013
Your tag is finished! I have your tag-sized version here: and here's the full-sized version:
9:08pm Oct 22nd, 2013
I am okay :> how are chew?
2:04pm Oct 20th, 2013
hi :>
1:50pm Oct 20th, 2013
12:03pm Oct 20th, 2013
Hey I'm back everyone
8:34am Oct 20th, 2013
cool :D
10:25am Oct 19th, 2013
I am okay :> gonna be going to BF's house later, how are you?
10:23am Oct 19th, 2013
5:47am Oct 19th, 2013
mkay :
5:04pm Oct 18th, 2013
4:35pm Oct 18th, 2013
cool :P
3:15pm Oct 18th, 2013
8OOO *gets monneyz ready* XD
3:13pm Oct 18th, 2013
I cut my finger open and is in a lot of pain ;^^ anyways anythin need happen today? :>
3:03pm Oct 18th, 2013
*zomb nibbles on chor arm* morning :D how are you doing?
8:13am Oct 18th, 2013
8:07am Oct 18th, 2013
posted btw :>
5:15pm Oct 17th, 2013
7:40am Oct 17th, 2013
lol *peeks out from underneath computer desk* had a fire extinguisher on stand-by xD
5:16am Oct 17th, 2013
happy halloween club wars p.s. boo xD
5:00am Oct 17th, 2013
nice xD also brb school
7:55am Oct 16th, 2013
8:01pm Oct 15th, 2013
xDDD awsome
7:29pm Oct 15th, 2013
7:18pm Oct 15th, 2013
that is beutiful XDDD
5:58pm Oct 15th, 2013
posted for Yuki :P
5:19pm Oct 15th, 2013
hmmm xD sorry ;^^ do you want me to post as Yuki? :P
4:57pm Oct 15th, 2013
posted, hope that is okay
4:51pm Oct 15th, 2013
mkkaay xD
4:50pm Oct 15th, 2013
did Sola follow them in the castle? :>
4:31pm Oct 15th, 2013
what do you think of Yuki? :P
8:23pm Oct 14th, 2013
nvm matched the scean flawlessly XDDD
8:21pm Oct 14th, 2013
I posted a big long thing xDDD does that mean I will have to deleat it? lol cause I didnt see Z's :P
8:20pm Oct 14th, 2013
posted as Yuki XD
5:28pm Oct 14th, 2013
mkay, posted as Erith and now gonna post as him ;P
5:17pm Oct 14th, 2013
posters btw
3:49pm Oct 14th, 2013
you have some awsome dragons xD I lost my old acount :
3:28pm Oct 14th, 2013
I joined dragon cave :>
3:24pm Oct 14th, 2013
awsome xD lol cant wait to see with Erith and Yuki XDDD
3:11pm Oct 14th, 2013
what do you think of the character I chose? XDDD
2:54pm Oct 14th, 2013
if you want them to they can :P also made my character xDDDD
2:45pm Oct 14th, 2013
your choice if you wanna make more <3 owo I wouldent mind eather or
2:38pm Oct 14th, 2013
xD idk lol think it would be funny for him to have a magicarp o3o but maybe he should have a starter...would Snorunt be okay?
2:31pm Oct 14th, 2013
posted and getting to work on subbmiting the new chari :> what should he have as a starter? or should he catch his starter? 8D
2:21pm Oct 14th, 2013
yess xDDDD
2:14pm Oct 14th, 2013
would be fun that if they go to the castle (the new character I have plane which I might submit any second ewe) might want a magicarp XD...or should he just have one as a pokemon from the start? lol
1:59pm Oct 14th, 2013
hmm should it be in the direction to where the magicarp breed? :P or should it be another waterfall? owo
1:54pm Oct 14th, 2013
*pats face* xDDDD
1:45pm Oct 14th, 2013
posted :P hope its okay XD
8:05pm Oct 13th, 2013
just now woke up and its like 1pm here ;^^
1:06pm Oct 13th, 2013
also :> posted
9:42pm Oct 12th, 2013
plossibly when Erith enters the place...I am trying to chose one of my female characters for this xD keep trying to think of one element so if you were to pick would you rather me bring in a male/female? and what type?
9:30pm Oct 12th, 2013
cause its kind of a dark castle, but its not huge or anything just like a mansion :> and I want to bring in a girl character if that is okay when he enters ;w; tis okay?
9:13pm Oct 12th, 2013
posted to xDDD hmm might make his father not there...and tis would be a good time to bring in another character. Can I say where they live at aka team destroya? :>
9:13pm Oct 12th, 2013
posted :3
8:48pm Oct 12th, 2013
its fine, mearly everyday things I deal with
1:52pm Oct 12th, 2013
yeah, pretty much all cursing and yelling at me
1:48pm Oct 12th, 2013
sorry for delaying, I was stressed cause a family member said I didnt care and was acting like a 5 year old....posting now
1:17pm Oct 12th, 2013
posteds :>
11:38am Oct 12th, 2013
sounds awsome 8D
10:52am Oct 12th, 2013
okay just posted as Erith now xD I am thinking later on to bring more of team destroya members in :> course they will be low leveled and still training :D
10:49am Oct 12th, 2013
awwww xD
10:08am Oct 12th, 2013
is the livestream glitching out for chew?
3:11pm Oct 11th, 2013
1:46pm Oct 11th, 2013
XD nice emotion
1:41pm Oct 11th, 2013
nice :P
6:47pm Oct 10th, 2013
5:00pm Oct 10th, 2013
samme xD
4:44pm Oct 10th, 2013
I am goood :> chillin right now and waiting for rain, how are you? :>
4:33pm Oct 10th, 2013
hai :DDDD
4:10pm Oct 10th, 2013
mkay :> its the same link as before with the space balls.
7:13pm Oct 9th, 2013
gonna be arting for your tags would you wanna watch?
7:08pm Oct 9th, 2013
okay *hugs* I will see you tommarow.
7:57pm Oct 7th, 2013
also *hugs* I missed you a lot. I am glad you came back :)
7:47pm Oct 7th, 2013
hi, sorry if I am silent, boyfriend yelled and cursed at me so up and down right you have a skype btw?
7:47pm Oct 7th, 2013
getting on to lionsden but idk what your number is on there ;-; I forgot
8:50am Sep 15th, 2013
Can you check your RP when you get on next?
7:56pm Aug 23rd, 2013
wb :D I need to talk to chew about somethin ^^
3:42pm Aug 19th, 2013
3:00pm Jul 31st, 2013
mkay also weeeeew almost ready to start ewe *squees* will you join us in this rp btw? o3o
2:54pm Jul 31st, 2013
we have a bunch of people in NL now :O just a heads up
2:52pm Jul 31st, 2013
wanted to know, if we can start up a join me so we could talk about the rp? o.o cause I would like to ask and discuss some things c:
12:35pm Jul 27th, 2013
Imma be starting a new NL, this time more controlled and better for all of us...
5:13pm Jul 25th, 2013
sorry D': I became relay busy, pulse I have a boyfriend <3 so yeah...also need to figure out a post for the rp o.o
12:41am Jul 22nd, 2013
No problem! The only reason I know is 'cause I check the tumblr on a regular basis if something seems up.
4:05pm Jul 21st, 2013
its down for everyone
3:47pm Jul 21st, 2013
(Saw your shout on Satsu's page, wanted to help out.) FR's down 'til they get more server power, and our eggs and dragons will be Akiri-sat.
3:46pm Jul 21st, 2013
1:22pm Jul 19th, 2013
with flight riseing? if you want I can show you around in a join me.
1:19pm Jul 19th, 2013
I sent you a friend request btw :D and also the arrow next to your avitar allows you to change it c:
1:11pm Jul 19th, 2013
cool x3
1:11pm Jul 19th, 2013
yay XD
1:07pm Jul 19th, 2013
yaaaayyay and awsome 8D *clings* we shall be the shadows o3o * makes magical black fog*
1:00pm Jul 19th, 2013
are you a shadow clan like mez 8DDDD or plague 83 or wait suprise me <3
12:57pm Jul 19th, 2013
your on FR 8D *hugs* want me to breed chew anything on there? c:
12:49pm Jul 19th, 2013
I know how that feels, I get that way sometimes to, but I tend to get a way that sometimes I end up harming myself...I know what will cheer you up c: lemme send you a message.
9:41pm Jul 18th, 2013
your no animal ;n; *hugs* did something happen?
9:34pm Jul 18th, 2013
also, decided to expand team destroya makeing it a actual team sooo yeah c: it has diffrent peps in it but imma only use Erith from it. unless you want me to include all of dem.
4:35pm Jul 18th, 2013
yaaaay <3
4:33pm Jul 18th, 2013
yay and what if its not a evil team o3o?
4:20pm Jul 18th, 2013
oh quick question, can my character, Eriths father, be leader of a team? o3o
2:58pm Jul 18th, 2013
lol I was gonna make a pokemon rp to :p but might as well save on it for next summer *goes to join*
2:55pm Jul 18th, 2013
5:03pm Jul 17th, 2013
no actualy, just got back home two days ago and its been hetic so I was gonna take a break off of commissions for a bit, but I will work on it tho ^u^
1:40pm Jul 16th, 2013
okay 8D
1:20pm Jul 16th, 2013
yay 8D
1:19pm Jul 16th, 2013
oh also you won the gene changer thing, want me to send it to you?
1:18pm Jul 16th, 2013
I am good <3 exited about the summer event xD
1:17pm Jul 16th, 2013
but balloooon party D'8 *launches one more*
1:17pm Jul 16th, 2013
also how are you 8D
1:16pm Jul 16th, 2013
*launches balloon arial assault* Balloooon partyyyyy 8D
1:15pm Jul 16th, 2013
awsome :D can you send me a message with the information and I will get right on it <3
10:07pm Jul 10th, 2013
nothing much, returning home in 4 days ^u^ do you still want to commishion me by the way?
9:42pm Jul 10th, 2013
hai :D
7:49pm Jul 10th, 2013
yep <3 I will be not here tho througout next month so I am leaveing on sat but I can do it when I get back <3
7:56pm Jun 27th, 2013
Imma buy one soon also ouo found this site from a friend and its absolutely fun, I am in shadow clan if ya wanna join in <3 my fave artist made this site and its brand new
4:10pm Jun 27th, 2013
cool :DDD
3:54pm Jun 27th, 2013
tired and exausted, and what is the cheat :p
12:45pm Jun 27th, 2013
How is your day today :3
10:57am Jun 27th, 2013
9:16pm Jun 25th, 2013
I havent finished it yet lol
9:55pm Jun 23rd, 2013
is JM not working? O.o
6:42pm Jun 23rd, 2013
12:00pm Jun 23rd, 2013
also might be drawing soon :3
11:52am Jun 23rd, 2013
cool :D
11:51am Jun 23rd, 2013
11:34am Jun 23rd, 2013
nice xD
11:16am Jun 23rd, 2013
Nothing much :) might draw and art soon but otherwise just chillen. How you?
11:14am Jun 23rd, 2013
:) great, let me know if you want any suggestions. ;)
8:47pm Jun 22nd, 2013
Well I don`t think so, but I doubt I`ll change your mind... still though, you have a way with words that`s just harmonious, poetic even. :) Oh and, try music without lyrics. With no singing to get into your head, it doesn`t seem to distract; only helps. :
8:43pm Jun 22nd, 2013
Quit being so modest :p you write way better then me, and it seems to come easier to you too. Though if you must know--I listen to instrumental music as I write to set a scene. That is all. :)
8:32pm Jun 22nd, 2013
lol, what secrets? :p
8:22pm Jun 22nd, 2013
still :/ like which one would be better to play?
7:51pm Jun 21st, 2013
like why don't I need the inbetween for black/white 2? o.o
7:40pm Jun 21st, 2013
why is that :c?
7:37pm Jun 21st, 2013
does black and white have a inbetween game? and should I buy pokemon platnem and also pokemon white/black/ or imbetween one 2?
7:10pm Jun 21st, 2013
6:57pm Jun 21st, 2013
4:59pm Jun 21st, 2013
*hugs* and let me send you a ping
11:11pm Jun 20th, 2013
been down and crying a bit :/ just having a hard day I guess.
11:06pm Jun 20th, 2013
hey nightly, how you doing tonight?
11:03pm Jun 20th, 2013
8D congrats <3 *highfives*
8:07pm Jun 19th, 2013
I had to cancle the tag order u.u lost the lines I did for it, but for my next one you can get a free tag.
10:43am Jun 19th, 2013
1:36pm Jun 18th, 2013
morning and lol I just relised I had 888 board post XD also Imma draw today after my class :o so would you wanna watch?
11:08am Jun 18th, 2013
sure 8D
3:39pm Jun 17th, 2013
9:40pm Jun 16th, 2013
cool. I will set up a join me in a bit then ^u^
9:36pm Jun 16th, 2013
I am sorry for not getting back to you yesterday, my friend ended up getting home early and I had to go over there, but would you wanna hang out tommarow? <3 like and art and so forth :3
7:09pm Jun 16th, 2013
Haha, I see. I can relate xD
2:40pm Jun 15th, 2013
Lol,same. What's keeping you up? For me it's my house. I am helping to paint the outside of it lol.
1:33pm Jun 15th, 2013
cool :D
1:06pm Jun 15th, 2013
hey in a bit, wanna watch me art?
1:03pm Jun 15th, 2013
I'm great :-) How are you?
10:39am Jun 15th, 2013
very depressed ._.
11:35pm Jun 14th, 2013
hey :D how you?
11:15pm Jun 14th, 2013
8:38pm Jun 14th, 2013
here is another join me comming up 8D
8:38pm Jun 14th, 2013
1:57pm Jun 14th, 2013
Want a dino I have one going cheap
12:34pm Jun 14th, 2013
Want a dino I have one going cheap
12:34pm Jun 14th, 2013
okay :D
9:37pm Jun 13th, 2013
Okay :)
11:54pm Jun 12th, 2013
I know right? XD :p Anyway, it would be great if you can come back. :) And that sounds like a perfect;y good explanation of where she was. :) Let me know if you need to know anything that went down since you left. :)
11:24pm Jun 12th, 2013
Well, if you need a recap, I`d be happy to give you one. :) Surprising despite the number of posts that there have been since you left, it`s only been half a day within the RP. I know--crazy right? Longest day ever :p
11:00pm Jun 12th, 2013
It`s night on the same day, so it wouldn`t be too hard for you to explain where your character disappeared too for a few hours. ;) Have no fears though, it will start moving a lot faster soon. :)
10:59pm Jun 12th, 2013
Why you no posty in Spring anymore? We`ve missed you... -.-
7:46pm Jun 12th, 2013
3:54pm Jun 12th, 2013
Imma be drawing for a bit in a little bit, would you wanna watch?
3:49pm Jun 12th, 2013
9:16pm Jun 11th, 2013
7:13pm Jun 11th, 2013
3:42pm Jun 11th, 2013
join mes don't work at my aunts house ;n; idk why
3:37pm Jun 11th, 2013
sorry I fell silent, I am haveing to leave right now, I will be on later *hugs*
11:49am Jun 11th, 2013
aka minecraft?
10:40am Jun 11th, 2013
oh man xD also do you play Mc?
10:40am Jun 11th, 2013
how you this mornin?
9:28am Jun 11th, 2013
xD Join me is still up btw :3
8:20pm Jun 10th, 2013
XD I LOVE your tag...
6:31pm Jun 10th, 2013
that is okay ^u^
1:19pm May 15th, 2013
hey :D I fixed up the tribal dawn rp and some of my friends are joining it ^u^ just wanted to know when you would perfer starting it?
12:50pm May 15th, 2013
sorry D: just now woke up. Fell asleep at the comp ;n; got sick with some horrid thing
5:01pm May 14th, 2013
._. *rools around in chat*
1:30pm May 14th, 2013
hai :DDD how are you :3
1:04pm May 14th, 2013
nooo T.T i havent had time
3:59pm May 11th, 2013
dont cha know???
3:41pm May 11th, 2013
stalks you on lioden
3:37pm May 11th, 2013
hello again :D still waiting for TBF XDDDD
1:07pm May 4th, 2013
I am like so ready for there vids today xDDD
10:54am May 4th, 2013
yes xDDD yes that will hopefully soon happen lol
10:46am May 4th, 2013
xDDD creepy. I wonder if those things were actual people O3o and he was the merderer
10:29am May 4th, 2013
do you know what it is about? xDDD
10:18am May 4th, 2013
yeah xD then like with that creepy room they had to wait in. I never understood what the game was about :'D still don't know lol
10:07am May 4th, 2013
yeah xD The kids were the creepy part because its like they gave no care at all 8|
10:05am May 4th, 2013
XDDDD when I saw the cover for the game I was like "Are they gonna play as a canable? xD" then when I saw the lady on the tree with the snake I was like "8| want to turn off...but there to funz" xDDDD
9:57am May 4th, 2013
I was loling so bad cause I was like "Oh this is kinda creepy *the thing moo's* 8||| *breaks out in lol's" I about died xDDD what did you do when you saw it? xDDD
9:47am May 4th, 2013
DP xDDDDD did you see how those things acted and kept mooing? xDDDD
9:44am May 4th, 2013
did you see the TBF's videos? xD
9:41am May 4th, 2013
hurt my insides but otherwise fantastic 8D
9:18am May 4th, 2013
how are you today ^u^
9:12am May 4th, 2013
good morning *hugs*
9:10am May 4th, 2013
cool :DDD
7:11pm May 3rd, 2013
also tell me when you have cough up with TBF cause I relay wanna chat :'D if you want to talk to me that is and so forth xDDDD
7:08pm May 3rd, 2013
yeah :p I know that feeling XD
7:04pm May 3rd, 2013
:DDD *hugs* anyways did you see the new TBF? xD
6:49pm May 3rd, 2013
same here and super tired @_@ had to do math and I am like super like a zombie xD
1:00pm May 3rd, 2013
hai :DDDD how was your day today?
12:57pm May 3rd, 2013
12:54pm May 2nd, 2013
sorry about not being on for 6 hours D: my friend called and it was important ;n; anyways I posted, making the urn talk finally.
9:16am Apr 30th, 2013
sure ^u^
2:43pm Apr 29th, 2013
it sounds like it might be a royal pain XDDDD also last night I posted :p
2:39pm Apr 29th, 2013
oh noes D:
2:25pm Apr 29th, 2013
how is your day today :3
2:22pm Apr 29th, 2013
hai ^u^
2:19pm Apr 29th, 2013
night ^u^
8:06pm Apr 28th, 2013
yep ^u^ and posted. But like it took me from 10 am to like 3:24 @___@ was super long time lol
7:38pm Apr 28th, 2013
posted as well xD Kinashi's emotions are being more exposed and so forth XDDD
6:43pm Apr 28th, 2013
posted ^u^
2:21pm Apr 28th, 2013
posted, reaper is loling and also Kinashi woke up a bit in the labs spare room.
2:04pm Apr 28th, 2013
posted as well, reaper messing with everyone like he usualy does XDDD
1:45pm Apr 28th, 2013
good @___@ takeing a super long time. and also posted xD
12:49pm Apr 28th, 2013
nice ^u^
10:03am Apr 28th, 2013
also buying scales today and so forth. And if you do post on the rp at all can you let me know in my shout box because I am hand battling today which usually takes 2-3 hours.
9:57am Apr 28th, 2013
yay xD
9:47am Apr 28th, 2013
good :D woke up a bit ago XDDD but great today :D how is yours?
9:45am Apr 28th, 2013
LOL Neat
3:13pm Apr 27th, 2013
Your change your tags a lot, I've noticed. XD
2:51pm Apr 27th, 2013
Yo nightly :D we r gonna let u post ok the rp :3 And hi :)
10:28am Apr 27th, 2013
posted ouo and made it super better ;u;
10:13am Apr 27th, 2013
okay, I will remake it then ^u^
9:59am Apr 27th, 2013
also if you want me to deleat my post on Nightmare and make it more dramatic I can xD
9:54am Apr 27th, 2013
same xD but for now making some overlays for dinos ouo
9:39am Apr 27th, 2013
how are you tis fine day? :3
9:34am Apr 27th, 2013
good morning
9:12am Apr 27th, 2013
posted, :D and the doctor turned xD
10:33pm Apr 26th, 2013
okay gonna post ^u^
10:27pm Apr 26th, 2013
posted, Kinashi is on the edge of snapping and turning into that thing xD
9:13pm Apr 26th, 2013
4:38pm Apr 26th, 2013
lol your faster then I am then lol xD
4:32pm Apr 26th, 2013
two best friends uploaded a video eue gonna go watch it, so yeah xD if I dont answear right away, watching them, kootra, Nova, pewdiepie, and othere eue *hugs*
4:10pm Apr 26th, 2013
cool :3
3:42pm Apr 26th, 2013
yep :p
3:39pm Apr 26th, 2013
good :D I failed math though :/
3:38pm Apr 26th, 2013
hai ouo we have posted a bit :3 also how was your day today?
3:34pm Apr 26th, 2013
6:16pm Apr 25th, 2013
back from counciling, gonna post now.
5:30pm Apr 25th, 2013
also I posted xDDD Kinashi is like " moves..."
4:09pm Apr 25th, 2013
yay xDDD
4:09pm Apr 25th, 2013
cool :D sorry I whent off, computer failed me @_@ also posted on nightmare last night :p and Hungergames creeps me out lol xDD
3:34pm Apr 25th, 2013
how was your day? ouo
3:13pm Apr 25th, 2013
yes xDDD I am like super hyper and like just all going insain @_@
3:13pm Apr 25th, 2013
hi :DDD
3:11pm Apr 25th, 2013
*rools around chat box* eue hi
2:06pm Apr 25th, 2013
how so? xD
1:45pm Apr 25th, 2013
ment to post with this one 8|
10:50pm Apr 24th, 2013
Hi nightly eue I found my old account *dies*
10:50pm Apr 24th, 2013
posted :3
4:00pm Apr 24th, 2013
posted a fast descript on the rp chat, hope that helps :3
12:53pm Apr 24th, 2013
and also ouo *hugs* hope your day tommarow is better ^u^
8:06pm Apr 23rd, 2013
we posted on nightmare a bit ouo also TV has like some creepy stuff on these days ono
7:49pm Apr 23rd, 2013
cool ouo
4:54pm Apr 23rd, 2013
sounds like it ono hope it gets a little better for ya
4:42pm Apr 23rd, 2013
D: oh noes. That sounds like a bummer :c sorry that this is happening
4:35pm Apr 23rd, 2013
D: was it a bad one?
4:30pm Apr 23rd, 2013
anyways how was your day ouo
4:27pm Apr 23rd, 2013
nice ouo
2:14pm Apr 23rd, 2013
back from school 8DDD
1:11pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Hi :DDD *clings*
6:54pm Apr 22nd, 2013
sorry for being gone for a bit, friend was over
4:55pm Apr 21st, 2013
xDDD poor warden lol
2:03pm Apr 21st, 2013
also sorry for posten like a mad man 8|
1:53pm Apr 21st, 2013
:I posted :3 also since I can I am gonna make you a tag realy fast ^u^
8:21pm Apr 20th, 2013
were posten ouo
7:51pm Apr 20th, 2013
back from crying a bit, anyways posted and *hugs* good to see you today :3
4:32pm Apr 20th, 2013
We posted again and Felix left because he's going through some stuff :(
2:17pm Apr 20th, 2013
I understand :3 it's getting late here too. I posted last I think Felix is getting off next But good night if your going to sleep :3
8:47pm Apr 19th, 2013
I am gonna be heading off right now to take care of my kitty. I will see you tommarow *hugs*
8:32pm Apr 19th, 2013
XD yeah, I've had ice cold pillows thrown at me so it's just as bad (pillow fight gone bad XD) Okuu trying to help sola and not get eaten in the process, jazz doesn't care anymore and just wants to be in the cold water trying to heal his burn. Oh and I p
8:06pm Apr 19th, 2013
Posted, and Okuu freaked out :3
7:47pm Apr 19th, 2013
or should he be a gingsa demon?
7:38pm Apr 19th, 2013
lol and should the doctor be slowly turning into a shadow? :o I was like thinking about that but want to know what you think before I continue
7:35pm Apr 19th, 2013
same here. I do hope he will be okay, and posted
7:29pm Apr 19th, 2013
I know, it's hard to make time for it :0 and I posted back. Jazz got burned for being annoying :3
7:21pm Apr 19th, 2013
same here aka with posting xD also gonna be gone a bit tommarow, taking the cat in, he might be put to sleep ;n;
7:14pm Apr 19th, 2013
we posted :3 also I know how that feels nightly with a friend like that ;n; *hugs* only hope it gets better for you
7:08pm Apr 19th, 2013
Posted back, your turn :D
7:00pm Apr 19th, 2013
kk nightly we posted ^_^
6:44pm Apr 19th, 2013
yay I will whate for Raiku now to post :3 then I will post :3
6:22pm Apr 19th, 2013
Raiku is on so we have been posten on NL :3
6:18pm Apr 19th, 2013
thanks *Hugs*
1:28pm Apr 19th, 2013
crying rely badly because one of my pets died and still waiting to see if my cat has cancer and so forth so just a rely stressful day when I am at the edge of tipping in and on attack mode.
1:26pm Apr 19th, 2013
cool, how is your day going so far :3
1:23pm Apr 19th, 2013
1:21pm Apr 19th, 2013
Okay. I am gonna try to create a layout for nightmare :3
5:43pm Apr 18th, 2013
I am gonna be on for a bit but I might be going due to one of my friends wanting to talk to me. Anyways let me know if you post on nightmare, I am gonna let Jc post on the Hart rp
5:38pm Apr 18th, 2013
*watches you watching youtube while watching misfits*
4:16pm Apr 18th, 2013
justa starin at chu
3:52pm Apr 18th, 2013
O.o .........
3:47pm Apr 18th, 2013
I am back again.
3:47pm Apr 18th, 2013
aww ;n; *hugs* anyways I need to leave again ;n; have to go back to the vets. I will be on later though if ya want to rp or hang out and chat. anyways thank you for being a great friend *hugs*
1:35pm Apr 18th, 2013
1:29pm Apr 18th, 2013
I took the two quizes you had and I am apparently a gold dragon and a ampheros pokemon
1:17pm Apr 18th, 2013
its okay, at least I have great friends like you who cheer me up when I am down :') *hugs*
1:13pm Apr 18th, 2013
I am on finaly ;n; sorry, had to take my cat to the doctors, he might have cancer and might have to be put down
12:44pm Apr 18th, 2013
postah. also gonna set up a join me in a bit :d
2:31pm Apr 17th, 2013
:DDDD I am posting then setting up a new join me for arting :3 *hugs*
2:24pm Apr 17th, 2013
aka art wise xD
12:48pm Apr 17th, 2013
also I am makeing sola right now :3
12:48pm Apr 17th, 2013
hi :p gonna make you a tag and sig tommarow :D
7:26pm Apr 16th, 2013
upgraded ya
5:57pm Apr 16th, 2013
hi :D back from testing
1:01pm Apr 16th, 2013
okay :D *hugs* I will fill ya in to what has happened
3:33pm Apr 15th, 2013
*poke* 8| *poke poke poke* lol posted a bit on nightmare, also don't worry xD we have not gotten to the part where we introduce the warden aka your character yet :P so just join in and don't be intimidated by all the post xD
5:17pm Apr 13th, 2013
2:01pm Apr 11th, 2013
hello :D
1:59pm Apr 11th, 2013
I wasn't worried at all, Nightly, but I appreciate the update--the original post on the board does say 1-3 days, so you're well within the window. :)
9:29pm Apr 6th, 2013
I've got all the books when you need them
2:47pm Apr 4th, 2013
believe me the series gets to be amazing
2:35pm Apr 4th, 2013
>.> read the first three in three days..
2:26pm Apr 4th, 2013
O.o i thought you read them all... they are amazing, better than THG in my opinion. And yeah me too they gor every character right but Jace x.x
5:05am Apr 4th, 2013
Watcha think bout DAT?!?!
5:47pm Apr 3rd, 2013
YOu'll love this }:D
3:43pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Could be better, but good enough to not complain.
5:12pm Mar 31st, 2013
Hey there, haven't talked to you in a while either :D How have you been?
5:09pm Mar 31st, 2013
5:53pm Mar 19th, 2013
Don't mention it.
5:43pm Mar 19th, 2013
i know
5:38pm Mar 19th, 2013
5:24pm Mar 19th, 2013
thought you might need that
5:14pm Mar 19th, 2013
3:44pm Mar 19th, 2013
Nice tag :)
7:24pm Feb 16th, 2013
I guess
7:05pm Feb 16th, 2013
Happy Valentines Day! =D
2:46pm Feb 14th, 2013
*huggles* Happy V-Day <3
1:26pm Feb 14th, 2013
Happy Valentines day to you!
1:24pm Feb 14th, 2013
I like the darker one, but you can keep her for 100,000 if you want XD she is pretty but I have so many Barry right now and I doubt ill get to use her XD
1:46pm Feb 12th, 2013
Oh... Yeah umm... Let me find them
1:43pm Feb 12th, 2013
thank you ^^
1:20pm Feb 12th, 2013
O.o gimme alllll your CDs T.T ive got 187 eggs
5:17am Feb 12th, 2013
None xd
4:25am Feb 11th, 2013
Brilliant Goo Goo Dolls lyrics. :)
1:12am Feb 11th, 2013
Sorry if I offended you *glomp* I wasn't attacking you, I guess I sound meaner without my face and voice to go along with it- Typing will be the death of me-
7:48pm Feb 10th, 2013
aww poor thing :c yea I will send them to you to send to her. I hope things get better
2:57pm Feb 10th, 2013
hey :D posted on your acro action and also will Jane come on later so I can send her the acros?
2:52pm Feb 10th, 2013
1:45pm Feb 9th, 2013
i gtg ill ttyl
10:29am Feb 9th, 2013
2:32pm Feb 8th, 2013
??? Whhhaaaat?
1:42pm Feb 8th, 2013
7:27pm Feb 5th, 2013
10:40am Jan 20th, 2013
finished it <3
1:19pm Jan 19th, 2013
3:56pm Jan 15th, 2013
its kk.
3:23pm Jan 15th, 2013
3:09pm Jan 15th, 2013
I am gonna be makeing your sig
3:06pm Jan 15th, 2013
are you busy?
1:56pm Jan 15th, 2013
Okay, that's kind of you :) I'll try to be as quick as I can so you don't have to wait too much longer XD
12:15pm Jan 12th, 2013
Oh, okay... lol, I was actually waiting for you to post, I didn't know it was my turn XD Thanks for letting me know, I'll go type one :)
12:13pm Jan 12th, 2013
Okay, great! That way we won't run out of dinosaurs (:
1:32pm Jan 2nd, 2013
:D cool
11:57am Dec 31st, 2012
sure but I am still thinking of what the poem should be of. also made a new rp. :D its called four kingdoms. can you tell me what you think?
11:03am Dec 31st, 2012
should we restart?
8:45am Dec 31st, 2012
okay :D this rp
6:51pm Dec 30th, 2012
the one with my hydra character. I frogot what it was called.
3:16pm Dec 30th, 2012
hey. wanna start up that one rp once more?
12:39pm Dec 30th, 2012
Online People! I ask a small favor of you... SUPPORT TORVOSAURUS
9:45am Dec 30th, 2012
xD best 2012 quote ever!
11:04pm Dec 29th, 2012
Hahaha love your 2012 quote xD
10:40pm Dec 29th, 2012
happy holidays & thanks again for the tag from felix. p.s. duck :)
5:45pm Dec 25th, 2012
Oh man, I missed your DD: I would've sat in and watched, however I was more absorbed into playing video games, I guess. Next time you start one up yell at me and I'll probably hop in. :D
7:36pm Dec 23rd, 2012
okay. tell me when you would like to start.
9:37pm Dec 20th, 2012
when would you like to do it?
11:31am Dec 20th, 2012
I would love to do a collab
10:09am Dec 20th, 2012
sent the scales. if you can send the tags to everyone I would apreciate it a lot
2:24pm Dec 18th, 2012
just Raino insulted me on DA aka insulted me and a friend so yea ;-;
2:21pm Dec 18th, 2012
Thank you :), and good luck resisting the temptation; I admire your willpower. ;)
10:46am Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! ^^
10:45am Dec 18th, 2012
can I watch ya make das betta?
9:52am Dec 16th, 2012
I've submitted a character in your Out of Balance rp :3
7:36pm Dec 15th, 2012
12:31pm Dec 15th, 2012
Tell me about it. -_- I only have finals weeks left, and I am counting down the days. XD
5:52pm Dec 11th, 2012
oh what type? :O and i made a deathnote rp a little while ago with some others and helped moonrise with changers 2. i just love rping
3:23pm Dec 9th, 2012
nothing much today
3:20pm Dec 9th, 2012
hi Nightly :3
2:30pm Dec 9th, 2012
hey just letting you know that im at 90k just 60k more to go
1:57pm Dec 9th, 2012
Your not gonna like this but right now I'm at 40k but if you can hold onto her until i got more money
2:32pm Dec 8th, 2012
Hey can you take a lower price on that female t-rex im short on cash
2:26pm Dec 8th, 2012
D: *dodges*
7:02pm Dec 6th, 2012
(ugh, da thingy cut it oft)- in my way I'll always sneak up behing you and scare the snickers out of you ! XD
1:37pm Dec 3rd, 2012
You know I'll always find in the halls of high school.. no matter how many water bottles are launched at my head or people carrying around electronic screaming babies or fluffy peeping baby chikens from Mrs. C's class OR how many chubby kids belly dance
1:35pm Dec 3rd, 2012
Hi there! :DD
8:12pm Dec 1st, 2012