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Cora-roar (#6452)

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Joined February 19th, 2011

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"Not as active as I used to be :C"
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Coraaa, hello
8:20pm Sep 1st, 2016
Hey there, nice to see someone familiar on here :)
9:45pm Dec 28th, 2015
I haven't talked to you in forever, hello Cora.
10:07am Aug 6th, 2013
*pokes* hey cora :3 wanted to know, do you play minecraft?
4:51pm May 26th, 2013
Get well soon Cora! :)
10:13am Apr 13th, 2013
i can't at the moment, my dad's doing his mythology prject on da home computer, leaving me with this....thing called a laptop from school
6:14pm Jan 27th, 2013
can u give me some fried chicken! fried chicken! and I'd really like that with bacon! with a side of fries and a nice apple pie and a large, soda drink *whips hair* mh mhh, taste so good.
6:05pm Jan 27th, 2013
Quill leader here if you are going to vote or already have please go in and post your top 5 pick in the competition Thanks
10:10pm Dec 30th, 2012
merry christmas. p.s. duck ;)
9:16pm Dec 25th, 2012
:p meaty-or shower last night. (we ate bacon and watched the meteor shower)
6:22am Dec 14th, 2012
Oh lawdy!
5:44am Dec 11th, 2012
Hey cora
7:50pm Dec 5th, 2012
10:49am Dec 2nd, 2012
:| really? Are you foreal?
5:15am Dec 2nd, 2012
Okay, I'd like to eat this stuff instead of beating you with em anyhow...
2:19pm Nov 23rd, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving!
12:42pm Nov 22nd, 2012
Wait, can we post pone the war >.< I'm sleepy xD
7:59pm Nov 21st, 2012
*prepares food for war* >8O
7:52pm Nov 21st, 2012
*Throws Turkey legs* D8< *war cry*
7:36pm Nov 21st, 2012
7:21pm Nov 21st, 2012
*Tackles MT*
6:44pm Nov 21st, 2012
*comes stands in shoutbox eating cookies*
6:39pm Nov 21st, 2012
its all good, i think ill just skip to the castle scene^^ i dont feel like teaching beechnut >.>
2:45pm Nov 8th, 2012
What about the RP? You know the one that hasn't been updated for 48 hours?
2:38pm Nov 8th, 2012
d'aww thanks^^ and i LOVE rping
10:53am Nov 5th, 2012
do you like rps and if so are you good at them
10:00am Nov 5th, 2012
xD! all instrument go fwee fe fa de do to him lol
5:57pm Nov 3rd, 2012
time a bass clarient go fwoo fe fa de do?!?! Back in the 80's?!?!
3:52pm Nov 3rd, 2012
Are you kidding me?!?! When he does life lesson, he makes me WANT to go to jail *imitates* "silence is a powerful thing" well if it is, then shut your face for pete sake. And yes, I realize that flutes don't go fwoo fe swall de do, but when was the last
3:51pm Nov 3rd, 2012
eeee doooo =/ the bootscoot better not insult flutes ever again
12:50pm Nov 3rd, 2012
he is just an epic fail... his life lesson story are stupid he said that... talking leads to arguing and arguing leads to jail and jail leads drug abuse ._. WHY would he half to do that, and last tie i checked, a FLUTE DOES NOT go fwee foo sa sha da dee e
12:49pm Nov 3rd, 2012
and when he tries to sing...=/
12:08pm Nov 3rd, 2012
=/ Pl tells me you make strange faces when your band teacher gives yall 30 minutes of life lesson...
12:07pm Nov 3rd, 2012
D: darn it
6:57am Oct 31st, 2012
6:55am Oct 31st, 2012
did you hear da announcments?
6:55am Oct 31st, 2012
7:44am Oct 30th, 2012
im about to post on the rp
8:19pm Oct 29th, 2012
sandy will pay if she knock out my internet connection >8C i dun play about my connections also... im working on my post for the rp
7:44am Oct 29th, 2012
I just sniffed hurricane sandy! it smelled like nature!
7:33am Oct 29th, 2012
*waves around torches* prepare to be amazed!!
10:15am Oct 28th, 2012
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
1:53pm Oct 26th, 2012
I'm having a dance team at school!!! XD
2:12pm Oct 25th, 2012
5:23am Oct 24th, 2012
Monster - Lady Gaga
9:57pm Oct 23rd, 2012
like this... "SECURITYYYY!!!!"
5:16pm Oct 21st, 2012
How do you call security
5:12pm Oct 21st, 2012
D= nonono! fire is NOT aloud, please exit or i will call security
4:14pm Oct 20th, 2012
-scuttlescoots around shoutbox with torches-
4:10pm Oct 20th, 2012
Hey Cora *joins MT in shout box*
4:22pm Oct 13th, 2012
dont put my real or last name in my or anyone elses shoutbox D= and... in the scale shop they cost 5 scales, so i bought one ^^
2:27pm Oct 12th, 2012
How do you get an overlay license
2:13pm Oct 12th, 2012
*steps inside shoutbox* =o
4:40pm Oct 11th, 2012
*taps fingers* we got back from Dave and Busters :| we were chased by sword killing pirate zombies :D
4:00pm Oct 8th, 2012
Hoomans! Get out my shout box now >o< That's all for now c=
7:13am Oct 8th, 2012
Gir' why you actin' so cray-cray?! (hello! thats all!)
7:03am Oct 8th, 2012
hey cora
12:45pm Oct 6th, 2012
yay quill!
5:35am Oct 5th, 2012
=D CoraToast!!! Hey everybodys!!
7:39pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Hey peoples =D
7:24pm Oct 2nd, 2012
OMG cora you had a overlay licsense? I had no clue :O
7:03pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Thanks^^ I'm doing my best, going bankrupt due to my addiction to rare items xD
6:59pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Hi Cora! OMG! Hey M.T! Hey other people that are on here! You have some awesome rares in your shop :)
6:55pm Oct 2nd, 2012
Hey Cora!! =D
6:07pm Oct 2nd, 2012