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Anyone Active?
Is anyone active on here? I decided to come back and restart.
Post: #316826
I come back every so often!
Post: #316827
i try to come back more often than not!!! howdy there :3
Post: #316828
I'm trying to come back on myself :)

+3 hours to server clock
Post: #316829
I'm not very active anymore.... its hard when there are no updates, new players, or even many active players
You are who you set out to be!
Post: #316830
Every now and then im here lol
To Preserve and Prosper... Home of The Biggest Farm Around. Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season
Post: #316831
I have decided to come back to play, hopefully to stay :)

I missed this game so much! I have not found any other dinosaur game that I have as much fun with. I won't be able to devote a lot of time since I have a little infant daughter I am taking care of, but I do want to start playing a couple hours a week.

Post: #316834
I pop in every once in a while, usually bi-annually lol.
A decade later and I'm still a noob
Post: #316835
I hop on every now and then.
Ya flippin' yeet
Post: #316836
I found my password recently and so I'll be around about once a week! I'm trying to create some good stud lines, and I'm trying to get a set of perfect Troodons in every color.
Post: #316842
I try to pop in, but life has been busy and a lot of other games (Both browser and otherwise) have been of more interest. Still, I have some projects here that none other can help fulfill.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316844
I'm here about once a day :)
~Terra Stark~
Post: #316850
I'm back, probably gonna build back up to kill time at work. If anyone wants to catch up, feel free to message!
A Fellow Veteran who watches every now and then. Original name was Shadow Wolfess.
Post: #316851
I'm active again! Add me!
Post: #316852
I hop on every now and then. Feel free to add me
"Life is too short to eat bland food, drive boring cars, and worry about regrets." -Me
Post: #316856
Does anyone have a good guide on how herbivores work? Mine have not been laying eggs or moving calves to adults, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
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