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Yes please
1:39pm Oct 13th, 2016
dear faith, Hi, you probably don't know me, but i have a question. i'm in desperate need of a male linheraptor, and i have 9,000 dollars, give or take. can you help me out? please message me when you decide. best regards, tailsdoll
12:01pm Sep 23rd, 2016
also here another tip if u have dinos that r over 80 u should put them down because they cant breed no more but u dont have to do it if u dont want to kill them
6:59am Mar 5th, 2015
Ok am going to send u 250k n here a tip(ok there 2 am sorry :p) dont breed a lot of dinos n sell the dinos that u dont use that much
6:51am Mar 5th, 2015
Do u have any Romantic Cruise Tickets??? I can buy them or trade u Valentine Perfume Bottles for them u can pick.
9:04pm Feb 9th, 2015
Random valentine things will it will say "Random Event! You've found a(n)..." n am going to send my Valentines Perfume Bottle kk
9:33am Feb 9th, 2015
L1 BGR DB Toxic Blood ok?
2:21pm Jan 21st, 2015
I choose L1 BGR DB Gold Poison and....
2:20pm Jan 21st, 2015
How do you dress your avatar?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:19pm Jan 21st, 2015
Yes I would love a male and female dinosaur for free.
9:46am Jan 16th, 2015
welcome :)
6:50am Jan 15th, 2015
ok n did u get the carnos
8:06am Jan 14th, 2015
ok, i'll pm u the results kk
10:37am Jan 10th, 2015
Thats good :) I was just checking up on them. And ask me if u want any more big dinos like a spino, carno, etc. kk
8:48pm Jan 9th, 2015
It was fantastic!!! Thanks 4 asking :) Sooo hows u trexs???
4:26pm Jan 9th, 2015
So how was u new years day???
11:58am Jan 9th, 2015
9:53pm Jan 3rd, 2015
lol got that book a week before christmas. I would like watch dogs or/and call of duty black ops 2 but mother doesn't want me to be a gamer :'(
10:31am Dec 27th, 2014
WOW!!! A year and a half!!! :o Thats how long 4 me to get a game 4 my wii u!! For me I just got a gift card, a movie, a t shirt, and a pocket watch. :)
10:17am Dec 27th, 2014
No I havent
3:04pm Dec 26th, 2014
It was good, ate a lot of food too :P Soooo what u get 4 christmas??
2:36pm Dec 26th, 2014
Yes, the kitten was good :) thank the god for that :) n how was u christmas day???
12:39pm Dec 26th, 2014
Hehe, same to you Sabine :)
1:22pm Dec 24th, 2014
Happy Christmas Eve!!! :) Got back two days ago(monday). I guess the trip was okay.
8:41am Dec 24th, 2014
Hey, thanks for greeting me the other day. I hadn't realized it until later, but I'm supposed to post my reply on YOUR wall and not mine. So hi :D
4:51pm Dec 20th, 2014
thx :) I'll tell u what happens when I get back from Houston kk :) n have fun shopping with u mom :)
6:53pm Dec 19th, 2014
thx :) u a real good friend :) but am I too worried about him??? Or is this how pet owners feel like when they r going away 4 sometime???
6:38pm Dec 19th, 2014
I have him in a cage right now but he doesnt trust no one right now too n wish I can take him out but where I live in, my grandma house, has too much junk that am scared that I'm going to lose him in here :(
6:31pm Dec 19th, 2014
he just a kitten n cant give it to one of my aunt because her son is mean to animals n may give it to my other aunt but idk plus we just going to stay there for one night I guess thats good n leaving the next morning but dont know how long its going to ta
6:19pm Dec 19th, 2014
idk n plus tomorrow we r going to Houston to pick up my sis 4 the holidays n dont know where to leave him too :( wish I bring him but where my sis sleeps at has dogs :(
6:12pm Dec 19th, 2014
Its a real one; the color of him is black, white, and gray.
5:19pm Dec 19th, 2014
I play sometimes Heroes of Order and Chaos, Order and Chaos, Battle Dragon, n Summoners War 4 right now. And I need help naming my boy cat :( can u help me with some names???
12:12pm Dec 19th, 2014
lol yep just got to sign in n leave to sleep so more, just wait next year u can do it n the year after that too :) so do u play some mobile games???
6:23am Dec 19th, 2014
well thats good u can rest on friday :) n 4 me dont have to go to school just need to sign in today n tomorrow n go home to sleep so more :)
7:00am Dec 18th, 2014
gtg am super tired so see u tomorrow
9:13pm Dec 17th, 2014
So u exempt from u classes??
9:09pm Dec 17th, 2014
Yo thanks for overlay :)
7:03pm Dec 17th, 2014
yaaaaa :)
5:29pm Dec 16th, 2014
Am back :)
3:11pm Dec 16th, 2014
Welcome glad to help gtg :)
2:39pm Dec 16th, 2014
u got them??
2:37pm Dec 16th, 2014
what about Box of Bandaids??? They have the same uses as pills
2:32pm Dec 16th, 2014
what kind of meds do u need??
2:24pm Dec 16th, 2014
NP just glad that u got them n just ask if u need food, meds, etc.
2:22pm Dec 16th, 2014
did u get her or him(completely 4got the gender :P)???
2:16pm Dec 16th, 2014
yep having friends is the best!! :) Even though am sometimes mean to them in real life ;) Also I sent one of the two trexs babies to u tell me when u moving crate is empty kk
6:59am Dec 16th, 2014
also i 4got to tell u that they hatch tomorrow(16) and tell me when u moving crate is empty kk
5:42pm Dec 15th, 2014
lol just ask if u need help :) we r friends :)
5:36pm Dec 15th, 2014
Thks 4 the Christmas present :) Am not going to open the present till Christmas Day
6:24pm Dec 14th, 2014
Good Night to u too :) its almost 12 in the morning n may go to sleep at 3 am well see u laterz :P
10:53pm Dec 13th, 2014
man am happy that ik that am exempt from all but two because the teachers werent there because of basketball tournaments :( but got to love them because i didnt do nothin in both classes :P
10:34pm Dec 13th, 2014
I hope am exempt for all of my class :) and hope that u r exempt from u electives too :)
9:58pm Dec 13th, 2014
Ok should take a about five days because idk if am going to get on tomorrow &/or the next day because of church and semester finals but idk
9:51pm Dec 13th, 2014
ok do u want both of them to be male, female, or one of each gender??
9:42pm Dec 13th, 2014
Would u like a Carno?? Or Terror?? Or IDK :( And do u need some money for another enclosure??
9:39pm Dec 13th, 2014
what kind of dino??? I will make a little baby dino 4 u :P
9:32pm Dec 13th, 2014
Wow a military family... must be fun :) but lets 4get the future for now :p would u like a free dino(s)???
9:23pm Dec 13th, 2014
yep at first I didnt know what to do in life like all people but I really like video games so I decide to be a video game designer, so why do u want to be in the navy??
11:33am Dec 13th, 2014
oh wow joining the navy must be fun :p, well after high school for me am going to college for video game designer and hopefully I will be successful :)
7:54am Dec 12th, 2014
well am a junior so I dont have that long to wait for graduating but man am still not ready for the real world yet :(
7:01am Dec 11th, 2014
Man how I hate school with all the test and exams coming up is going to be the killer for me
7:47pm Dec 9th, 2014
Same. That and school :(
5:41pm Dec 9th, 2014
nothin u
6:51am Dec 9th, 2014
Aaah! I hoped that I found a german user like me. Sounds for a german book. Thriller or something like that?
2:29pm Dec 8th, 2014
Thank you! c:
2:00pm Dec 8th, 2014
Hi Sabine! I saw your name and want to ask if you are german maybe?
1:55pm Dec 8th, 2014
6:57am Dec 6th, 2013