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A list of helpful guides can be viewed here!

Herbal’s guide to the new shiny Whatchamacallits we’re gotten!
The survival guide to the new- Exhibited!

As you notice, the new changes are beyond just getting a new shiny look. We've also upgraded and altered several gameplay features to make things funnier, smoother, and overall to give you a better experience and more things to do! Some of the new things might be difficult or different from how they were before, so we made this little guide to help you through the first period ;D.

- We no longer use BBCodes on the board, and instead are using HTML. This means you no longer have to use [b] but can use regular <*b> like when you make a fancy layout for your Farm page!

- Club points no longer rely on how many dinos you have. Instead, whenever you log in for the first time per day, one of your dinosaurs will be randomly chosen to represent you for the club. And only points gained with that dinosaur will go to the overall Club score!

- Alerts now will appear in a javascript popup window, like the window when adding a new bookmark!

- Friend Feed on the sidebar has been removed, and instead has its own page!

- Fishing at the river is now a new game, where you click to put your net in, and can come back later to bring it up!

Disabling fish and herbivores.

Stats and Statscap!
Stats have gotten a slight revamp, and each dinosaur now has a stat cap. This stat cap is the max amount of stats that dinosaur can get during its lifetime.

If you breed a dinosaur that is far from reaching its cap, the offspring will have a lower stat cap, and if you breed a dinosaur which is closer to the stat cap, the babies will be given a higher stat cap.

These will be set by the game itself; however, you can manually set the caps for existing dinosaurs. You must do this before you breed.

Prowess is skill points which help your dinosaur in battles, trials, or hunting.
Your dinosaur get one skill point each time it gains a level.
You can put a maximum of 60 skill points in each prowess. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can choose to have the game do it automatically, either by going to your Account Settings - Game Settings, or through your individual dinosaur's page.

Higher trial prowess = better at trialling
Higher battle prowess = unlocks battle moves
Higher hunting prowess = better at hunting

You'll have to manually set all the skillpoints of dinos that leveled before this update, but after that, just set them to auto and you won't have to worry about it at all :) Also, each dino comes with one skillpoint to spend off the bat.

The Panel
Side Panel
The side panel is a nifty li'l thing that follows you around when you scroll downwards on the side.
On the Farm page, the moving crate shows up on the side panel. Mods and Gurus get an extra panel. Here, you will find the quick link to Settings, Notes, and Help. Bookmarks appear on it as well, plus you can collapse and un-collapse panels (except for bookmarks)!
This *is* intentional. :P) What you do with your panel will be remembered by your browser, so long as your browser supports cookies!

If you don't want the panel to follow you as you scroll down the page, you can change this from settings page!

The Enclosure page!
The Enclosure page has been updated as well. All of the previous functions are still there, we've just moved them a bit around to make it look nicer. We've also added some new features, such as preview image of each dino when you hover over its name, some fancy new icons, and of course the new pack feature!

Enclosures are now split into packs and loners. If you have no packs, or some dinosaurs without a pack, those dinos will be listed as loners.

Icon meaning is as follows: Dollar sign means the dino is for sale, heart means the dino is up for stud, lightning bolt means the dino is unhealthy, pizza slice means the dino is hungry, and the plus sign means that the dino is ill with one of the several new illnesses now implemented in the game.
Only when icons are active will they have a color, as seen on Aello here who is available for studding.
When you hover over the icon, it will tell you what it means, too!

You can now create your own packs and set your own alpha to each pack you create, no matter what kind of personality that alpha has. A suitable alpha is beneficial for successful hunting, but not needed. (More about hunting later.) You can create as many packs as you like within an enclosure; however, a dinosaur can only be in one pack at a time. The game allows a maximum of 10 adults in a pack at the same time, although you can have as many elders and offspring as you want in a single pack. However, if you de-age an elder below 80 days or allow an offspring to reach adulthood (10 days) inside a pack larger than 10, those dinos will automatically leave the pack and be listed as loners!

Enclsure Page
To create a pack, scroll down to the bottom of the Enclosure page, and click the Pack Management button.

From there, you'll get to the Pack Management Page. On this page, you can create and edit on your pack however you wish!
Pack Management

The Dinosaur Pages

The dinosaur pages have become a little more pretty looking and several new features have been added in, some of which are related to the new Trialing system, which is explained elsewhere. Other new features are related to dinosaur health and care.

The new Current page has received new bars to show health, hunger, and happiness; additionally, we have added in new fields for Sickness & Injuries and Vaccinations!

We also have new features for dinosaurs, to make things more fun for you! One of these changes is that all points a dinosaur earns are counted together, rather than split into trial points and battle points as before.

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Health Care Program!
We have taken health care a step beyond simply losing health in battle, and now have a more realistic take on it. We've added in several new illnesses and injuries which can afflict your dinosaur!

The easiest way to prevent these is to feed proper food (Herbivore meat) and to vaccinate your dinosaurs regularly!
Some illnesses, however, can't be prevented, so you might want to keep a few extra supplies just in case!

To aid this, we've given Herbivore meats various types, such as soft, nutrient, & oily. Each of these types will help prevent various illnesses and injuries, so you should give your dinosaur a balanced diet!

Avian Flu
The Avian Flu is a seasonal flu. During certain days in any given month, a dinosaur has a better chance to catch it.
If untreated, a sick dinosaur can infect the entire enclosure!

The best way to prevent the flu is by regularly vaccinating your dinosaurs

If a dinosaur still gets the flu, Tissues will help heal it!

Broken Leg
Broken legs can happen during various activities, and can't be fully prevented with the exception of feeding your dinosaurs certain herbivore meats.

To cure broken bones, you can use Bone Salve!

Fleas can come when you move a dinosaur into a new enclosure.
It easily spreads from one dinosaur to the next, and should be treated fast!

You can treat Fleas with Flea powder!

Metabolic Bone Disease
If a dinosaur's hunger goes below 40%, it stand a chance to get Metabolic Bone Disease.
The easiest way to prevent this is, naturally, by feeding your dinosaurs regularly and by giving them certain herbivore meats.

To treat Metabolic Bone Disease, use Bottle of Milk!

Open Wound
Open wounds can be caused by various activities and can only be prevented by feeding certain types herbivore meat.

To treat Open Wounds, you can use Liquid Bandaid.

A dinosaur has an increased chance of getting a tumor once it ages to 70. Tumors can't be fully prevented, but you lessen the chance by vaccinating them and by feeding a variety of herbivore meat.

To treat Tumors you can use the Antibiotic Injection!

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We also have a few minor new shiny gadgets!


Items in your Storage now can get a description, and be shared with the public if you wish by going to user tools in the settings. You can edit the description at your profile display! Also, you'll notice handy little check boxes in both your inventory and your storage for mass adding and removing items.


The shelf, just like storage, now has space for a description, and now you'll see a grey question mark (?) at items you lack in your collection!

Tag Album
The tag Album is a new way to display your tags, even if you aren't upgraded! You can create categories and organize the tags as you wish. You have to have at least one category to upload a tag.

Making a new category is pretty easy, just find a name and click add Category!
You have to upload the tags to a free image host, such as or, then just load the url of the image and save.

Another new feature with this is the autowearable tag. You can select tags that randomly will be chosen for you to wear each time you log in!
Even if you don't make a tag autowearable when you load it into the album, you can still decide if you want it to be later on!

Achievements have replaced trophies, and now instead of earning and displaying a trophy collection, you'll unlock many various achievements. You can get them from doing lots of different things, from buying dinosaurs, to throwing snowballs at your friends. Look at other people achievement collections for clues to how to get them!

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Trials have been revived and given a facelift! So, first your dinosaur needs to be registered in one of the five trial options. We can do this by clicking on Map -->Trials building (to the left of the bank, above the dinosaur assessments building). Scroll down and you will see the Register Dinosaur title. Simply select your dino, then select one of the five options. If you hover over an icon, the name of that selection will pop up.

So great, you paid your $2000. Now just scroll up to the top of the page where you see the original 'Trials' header. Under the picture, select your dino from the drop-down menu and you'll be taken to the entering page for your trials! The boxes displayed are your trial options (you can click on the left and right arrows to see more trials). Just click on the text-link in the box and a smaller window will show up, allowing you to see the competitors and giving you the option to press 'enter'.


One new thing implemented with this system is that your dinosaur can get hurt in a trial and may need medical assistance! So be sure to patch up your dinos if you get an alert telling you they're hurt!

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Herbivore Hunting!

As well as raising herbivores for meat to feed your dinosaurs, you can now also hunt them with your carnivores! In order for your dinosaurs to be able to hunt a herd of herbivores, they need to be in packs. (See the packs guide above if you don't already know how to create packs.)

A well-balanced pack means a better chance of a successful hunt, i.e., a good personality for the alpha would be along the lines of dominant, aggressive, bold, etc. Try to have even personalities among your other pack members, too. If you notice one of your packs seems to fail a lot of hunts, try editing your pack for a better balance.

To get to Herbivore Hunting, head to the Map page and click 'Herbivore Hunting'.


Here you will see your hunting pens. To buy one, click 'Buy a hunting pen!'. Your first pen costs $25,000, and each pen's cost increases as you buy more.
The search function you see at the bottom is where you can search for other players' hunting pens that are for public use.

Click on whatever pen you wish to view.


Because this is a new pen, there are currently no Herbivores in here, but as you can see you can easily add some! You will also see the option to select 'open to public' and set a fee, which other users must pay in order to hunt the herbivores in your pen. If you don't want to have this pen open to the public, leave this option un-checked.

Select which herbivore herd you wish to add to this enclosure and click 'Add to Pen!' In this case, I have split off some of my Alamosaurus to use for the hunt instead of my whole pack.


There, now this pen has Herbivores in it and is ready to be hunted! You will now see a drop-down menu with packs you have created. If a pack does not show up, this is not a bug; take note of where it says, 'Only packs that can take down one of this species will appear in this list.' If one of your packs doesn't show up, it means they are not able to take down this species.

Once you've selected a pack, click 'Hunt!' and the hunt will take place! Your dinosaurs can be hurt at any time during a hunt, so this is always a risk. If hurt, they will lose health and also suffer an injury such as an open wound or a broken leg.


Woohoo! The hunt was a success. The dialogue tells you the hunt's details. If you are not able to read this fast enough, head on over to the enclosure this herd is in on your farm, and you will be able to see it among the activity log for that enclosure.

After an hour, a hunting pen can be used again. This cool-down time also applies if your pen is open to the public and is used.

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How to battle :D

The new battling system hasn't changed too much from the old, but to help you guys understand all the new goodies, we have a nice shiny new guide for you. Many of the old battle mechanics you guys are familiar with is still around but there are a few new and fun things added to make it a little more interesting.

First off you can access the battling panel by heading to your dino's page and clicking the Battle option on the left side floating sideboard.


Once you click that the link will take you to the new battle page. Let's get ready to rumble! Go ahead and select the level of the opposing dino. Remember, higher level opponents will be tougher to beat but will earn you a better reward. So choose carefully.


Alright, let the fight begin! Now you're locked into battle. Another important reminder, once you're locked in you have to finish the fight before you can do other things on Exhibited. Now on the battle! Go ahead and select your dino's action and click the ROAR! FEAR ME! for dino carnage. Not a lot of moves to select? When you're not in battle you can unlock new moves for your dino to use in combat by leveling up and spending prowess points in Battling Prowess. Each point added will unlock a new move for your dino to use in combat.


Repeat this action till ether your dino is victorious or is forced to retire from battle. Remember, it's possible for your dino to die in the heat of battle, so be wary, and keep a close eye on your dino's current health.

If you're battling and your dino's health gets a little to low for comfort, there is a Retire from Battle option. By clicking this it will end your current fight. You won't get any battle points or EXD from this option, but if your dino is close to death it's probably a better option.


If you are victorious in battle, you will earn some battle points for leveling and some EXD as a reward. You also will have a link to head back to your dino's page.


As a final reminder, your dino will most likely be wounded from battle. Always check its health and if necessary heal it up before putting it in combat again.


Also, remember that you need to assign Skill Points to your Battle Prowess in order to unlock new battle moves!

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Nice!!!!! :)
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Excellent guide! It's nice to see the mods all did a part of it xD Great teamwork guys.
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Thanks for posting! This clears up a lot of confusion!

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I'm confused... Is the Stats cap thing still in effect!? If so, how do I get to the dropdown menu things...?
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I need help i just upgraded but i dont know how to change the picture that says upgraded?

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