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  Tooth ran over as quickly as he can.

  "Greetings. What may I do for you today?" He said.


"No worries, no worries Kit. I figured you had some business to attend to." Tyrann explained to her. "It was a particularly busy day on my end, as it is everyday. First, Nermandor had to chat my ear off about his new rocks he found to add to his collection. Such a nerd. And then there's the possibility we are getting a new resident. A Hellfire shade." Tyrann loved talking to Kit. He felt like she actually cared about what he has to say.

"So how was your day Kit? I didn't see you around much." Asked the king, just as Tooth, his General appeared from below.

"You're majesty, you wished to speak with me?" Called the drake.

"One moment darling while I go speak to Tooth real quick. I'll be right back." Said the handsome King, and he even winked to her as she walked by. "Ah, Tooth just the drake I needed to speak to. I do apologize for the rush, but there is confirmed evidence of someone raiding our territory of it's food. I need you to start training new the young dragons to become apart of the Militia." The kind commanded. Tooth nodded with a "yes sir" and galloped away back to his barracks. Tyrann then walked up his stone stairs and layed back down in front of Kit.

"So, where were we? Ah yes! How was your day beautiful?"

Kit laughed at his 'nerd' comment, and layer down with him. She listened intently as he spoke, taking in every word that came out if his mouth. Blushing when he winked as he walked by, she watched him intently, very curious about this handsome Rex who had suddenly taken an interest in her. When he got back she smiled. "I haven't really been that busy." She starts. "I went around the outer edge of the teritory and wandered for awhile, but that's it. I was on my way back to my cave when I figured I should pay you a visit, cause I hadn't Seen you all day either." She admits, shyly looking away.
Nightling finished sharpening her claws and got more fruit finding Sparky eating that banshee having roasted it... "I never got your name? Is that fruit?" "I'm Nightling and yes it is..." While they did fine on their own shades were very social creatures by nature so with the guards watching she talked to him and gave Sparky some dessert... Nightling thought he was actually handsome... But she had to go to sleep so she went to the nest she'd made near the drying racks and curled up well hidden by leaves in a soft bed... Nightling woke the next morning to find one of the guards who had been watching Sparky glaring down at her. "He won't shut up. He was quiet after you left last night..." Nightling said "Then talk to him... We shades are actually pretty sociable... Most are chatty... Despite handling extended periods of isolation well..." The guard growled and went back to have his ear talked off some more... Nightling went back to sleep... Her nest was comfortable... Then some of the little ones started eating the fruit she'd picked last night and Nightling yawned exposing pearly white serrated teeth and a pink tongue that curled. "What are you squirts doing here?" A wyveren was standing on one foot holding a piece of fruit with the other. "Trying this... It's good..." The little rascals ate Nightling's breakfast and she sighed as the den mothers rounded up the rascals...

The red King listened intently to Kit as she explained what she had been up to all while he delt with the most bizarre situations. Tyrann honestly wouldn't have minded if he had returned to his throne and found Kit there because he sort of expected her to be here now....

"I'm glad you did." Tyrann noticed how Kit looked shyly away. He made her nervous. The dragon hadn't decided whether it was a good thing or a bad thing yet.

"Would you consider going for a sunset fly with me? I haven't stretched my wings in a while, not really even sure they still work." He proposed with a small chuckle waiting for her response.

Nightling looked up and snarled in a way that frightened Slick who was eating a less sweet fruit Nightling had given him to try when he complained he was constipated... "What the?" "Another youngster eating banshee right over the nursery... Why aren't the guards and hunters doing anything about it?" Slick said "I don't know but someone who can fly should do something..." Nightling nodded and told a hunter. When she was ignored she spread her wings shooting up high well above the thing that was about to swoop on a young wyvren who had accidentally been left in the open... Nightling repeated her earlier manuver of tackling it mid air only this time she aimed for the neck and snapped it. She landed on top of it claws digging into it's neck. This time she was furious as the den mothers came to check on the youngster who was crying.

They saw what Nightling had and Nightling decided to go to the Rex... So she picked the evidence up and carried it dropping the carcass in front of Tyrann and his new sweetie saying "Sir I apologize for interrupting but the guards and hunters have been slacking off. This almost ate a youngster. I also had to take out another one last night. The guards ignored me when I mentioned smelling Sparky so I got him putting a spell that prevents him from attacking for any reason except defense. They ignored me when I pointed out the banshees so I took care of them. I'm used to seeing something that needs doing and doing it. Now I know I am out of line but next time they ignore me about something like this they are getting clawed. They have the nerve to glare at me over taking care of things myself or bothering them with an actual problem." Nightling's scales were standing up and she was clearly angry about the whole thing...

Kitsune smiles widely. "I would LOVED to go for a fly!" She says standing. "In all honesty I haven't been flying much either. With all the wandering I've been doing I've never had a need to fly. I've always eaten berries, or the odd insect that I could catch without flying." She rambles. "In was never taught to fly either, but I learned on my own!" She then gasps. "Oh my! Please forgive me! It seems I was rambling." She says, blushing, and looking down. "My apologies, Sir.  It just happens. If I do ramble again, please stop me or let me know. "

Tungsten sat atop of the glacier cliff, examining the cold land that lay about. It was quiet, with the chilling breeze heaven to his scales. Tungsten inhaled and exhaled, his deep voice uttering, " is a wonderful day for a fly." He spread his mighty wings, cracking his neck this way and that, large, heavy, and powerful bones popping and ready themselves for movement. With a bellowing and tremendous roar, the sapphire dragon took flight into the air. He made a sharp left, remembering he was actually inside a very gigantic labrynith of an ice cave. He dodged multiple grand icicles, spiraling and weaving his way onward. As he reached an opening, Tungsten's great maw opened, sending a blast of freezing cold and icy mist flying toward the opening. The large hole froze all together, but the mighty dragon crashed through it, sending hard snowflakes raining toward the ground below.

He motioned upward, flying into the lovely sky. Tungsten laughed as he spooked a large flock of birds. The ugly pigeons took flight this way and that, trying their best to evade the flying reptile. Tungsten ignored them with a smirk, going on his way. He soared through the air, breathing in the scents around. "The smells of this land is wonderful indeed," he said. "A spectacular feeling." Tungsten soon made his way below, flying under a frozen and snow covered tree that fell and formed into a bridge. "Master Tungsten," called a voice. Tungsten pulled into the air, looking back to see who'd called him. Ten young dragons, all around the age of eight or nine months, were waiting by the bridge. Tungsten smiled. "Ah, my students!" he triumphed, making a u-turn toward them. The young dragons backed away quickly through the snow as the dragon of 200 years landed before them, sending snow flying this way and that.

Tungsten folded his wings as he looked down upon the white-scaled younglings. The Ice Dragons smiled at him. "Ready for today's lesson?" asked Tungsten. "Master Tungsten, are we learning about fire today or are we still working on our wings?" asked a female with beautiful golden irises. "I was thinking more on the line of....aerial attacks," said Tungsten, smiling. The young dragons groaned and fell over in the snow. "I am only kidding, young ones," chuckled Tungsten. Standing on all fours, he planted his paws and claws deep in the snow, rocking forward while pointing his thick tail outward. The young dragons stared at Tungsten as his long neck shook and glowed with a bright bluish light from within. Opening his jaws, a thick ray of blue and white flames immediately leapt skyward, singeing the air around as it traveled toward the heavens. "Amazing!" cheered the young dragons. Tungsten snapped his jaws shut, ending the ray of fire. He looked down at the cheering dragons.

His senses were on high alert suddenly. Turning his head slightly to the right, the dragon frowned. With a growl, he turned and lunged at the young dragons. "Take cover now!" he shouted, throwing his large wings over them all as he crouched over the now frightened dragons. A ball of gray and yellow flames slammed into the snowy ground just ten feet from Tungsten's head. The young dragons screamed, crawling closer to their master's chest. They felt the elder dragon snarl as he rose and turned his neck about to see who attacked them. A fat and ugly, whitish-gray scaled dragon with smaller wings constantly flapping upon his back stared back at them. "You're wanted among the council, Blue Devil," said the dragon, baring his teeth. He flew off with a small group of smaller white dragons covered in armor. "I swear before the Great Azul Rex, if Yahnsey continues to test my patience, I will have another body added to my count!" snapped Tungsten, smoke trailing through his nostrils.

Tyrann glared at the shade and felt a rise of growing fury building up inside him.

"Thank you for notifying me but yes. You are very much out of line. You will not tell me what you will do." Said the king, rising from his lying position on the throne. "I understand that you are angry with the guards and I will handle that. I have noticed a slacking on their part anyway but you will not take to punishing them in your own hands. You have no such authority Nightling." Tyrann calmed the hot temper building within him and relaxed his shoulders and frilled back ridges he didn't know were standing on edge. "You are dismissed and DO NOT interupt me without asking first EVER again." Tyrann Rex commanded and sent the shade on her way.

Tyrann turned his attention back to Kit and spoke with a much gentler voice. "My apologies Kit, I did not mean to frighten you if I did. Oh, and call me Tyrann, not Sir. Come let's go on the fly." The crimson dragon spoke with a low, gentle voice.

"Nermandor! Tend to the colony! I'll be back in a bit." He shouted to the green, horned dragon whom was innocently lying in his cave, probably sorting out his rock collection.

"Come Kit!" Tyrann exclaimed enthusiastically. He trotted to the back of his throne, which ended in a tall ledge that over hung the carribean blue sea. The mighty Rex spread his massive 60 ft long wingspan and enjoyed the feeling of the warm afternoon sun as it warmed the long blood vessels in the scarlet membrane of his wings. Tyrann looked back to Kitsune with an excited expression as he felt the hard sea breeze soar underneath his wings and scales. Tyrann grasped the stone ledge with his forelegs and turned back to Kit.

"Ready when you are." Tyrann shouted over the bluster of the wind and with one mighty leap with strong shoulders, the red King was airborne.

Nightling walked off only to be ambushed by a very large guard. She got clawed in the face for 'ratting them out'. She left the wound after treating it with herbs to clean it. When the rex returned she would ask him to deal with it. Another guard went for her wing and that time she did lash out snapping at him with a hiss. Nightling went invisible and hid. She was going to report this to the Rex and she'd have further evidence. The claw marks were too large to have been her own doing. When she became visible again the den mothers were very upset. But Nightling wasn't going to let them fuss over her. Slick was appaled at what had happened. Some of the other guards were upset about the attack on Nightling... They all had youngsters and Nightling had been attempting to assure their protection. Nightling explained to the other medics that she felt the need to have evidence of the unprovoked attack. Nightling was going to make sure nothing happened to those youngsters so she stayed hidden in the nursery den with an eye out. Nightling was becoming angrier and angrier at the guards... She noticed that everyone else seemed to defer to them as if they were superior. The den mothers were the only ones standing up to them and that was only on the behalf of the youngsters.

Nightling did not consider herself vengeful but she did think those guards deserved severe punishment. She'd be all too happy to make them suffer. Nightling realized her train of thought and took several deep breaths to calm herself. It would not do well for her to approach the Rex angry again... Nightling saw another banshee this one harmless and let it slide. She decided to go to the advisor since he was in charge for the time being. She stood before Nermandor and explained what she had been seeing and he saw the evidence on her face of her attack. Nightling also commented as the sky began to darken a storm brewing "I think something out there is brewing besides the obvious storm... Besides the raids... I don't know how I came up with this... Sometimes I hear voices in the wind particularly at night... I can never make out what they are saying... Must be my imagination... I have to go make sure my herb hut will hold up in the storm..." Nightling went invisible and checked her structure over finding a few medics loitering around including Slick. "Nightling... We were making sure nothing happened to your herb thing..." "Thank you..." Nightling started checking it over as more than one storm started to brew...

Tungsten arrived at the Blizzard Dynasty Council Temple. He entered through the double doors, catching every elder dragon's attention. Yahnsey the dragon from earlier brushed past him along with the other dragons. Tungsten growled, whirling around to growl menacingly at the Ice Dragons. "That is enough, Master Tungsten," said a noble voice. Tungsten halted his actions and quieted himself, turning to see who spoke. The large white dragon sat high on his throne, the glittering diamond crown fitted around his horns and upon his head shining lovely. The Ice Dragon had scars upon his neck, but his white scales were ultimately clean and bright. "Frozenflame Rex," said Tungsten, bowing before the large dragon. "Rise, my good Head Guard," smiled the king of the Ice Dragons. Frozenflame had Tungsten beat by nine centuries. The king had seen it all, mostly, and could jester Tungsten in a duel anytime. Frozenflame was the one who taught Marino, who eventually taught Tungsten. The two Rexes were the best of friends until that tragic day in Jettilis when Marino fell from his great throne.

"I have summoned you here for a reason," said Frozenflame. Tungsten looked into his eyes. "There is a problem with our water supply," he said. Tungsten heard gasps rise from the other dragons among them. "Our water supply? Our richest water runs straight from Moonridge, and that's all the way in the Cove Colony," said Tungsten. "You are correct, my Sapphire Apprentice," said Frozenflame. "Which is why I need one of the best campaigners on this job," he said. "Moonridge is barren, cast away from the Cove Colony's map long ago. Inside that city is where our water source lies and for some reason, it's faltering," said the king. "Since none of us here are powerful swimmers such as yourself, we need your help." "You see, Master Tungsten, you are the only Water Dragon known to have adapted and survived the Ice Colony's harsh environment," said a beautiful white dragoness. "You have dived down deeper than any dragon I've known, and have actually held your breath trapped within a freezing glacier," she said. "This is why we need you. You have powers and abilities we are not equipped with," she said. Tungsten stared at her and Frozenflame Rex. "Cicila is right, Tungsten," said the king. "Will you accept this mission? Find out what exactly is the reason for this troubled water times," he said. "I will do it, my King, but I will do it alone," said Tungsten. He looked around. "I want no one following me for fear of a screw up, and I just want one thing to continue," he said. "What is that?" asked Cicila. Tungsten halted before Yahnsey's eyes. "My iridescent sword," said Tungsten, eyes locked on the male Ice Dragon.

Yahnsey growled at him. "Your famous weapon of all? No armor? No fire power?" asked one of the guards. Tungsten looked at the wary dragon. "In order to do this, I need my scales free. My fire power lives within my body, but Moonridge is still a horrible place," said Tungsten. "To go in there without a weapon is asking to be poisoned by a sea serpent," he said. The large Water Dragon turned to Frozenflame Rex. "I live to serve you after what you did for me, my King," said Tungsten, bowing once more. "You are my apprentice, and my nephew," said Frozenflame. "Go now, retrieve your sword and take on this responsibility," he said, nodding his great head toward one of the council dragons. A dirty white dragon launched a great blade toward Tungsten. The Water Dragon caught sword with his right forepaw and examined the scabbard that held it. The white and gray scabbard was hooked to his back, with the sapphire jewel encrusted at the tip of the zaffre handle glittering. "I will return," said Tungsten. With that, he bounded out the double doors. Another white dragon that was hiding in the shadows behind the great throne growled silently, his bright orange eyes filled with distrust and hate.

Kitsune, stares wide  eyed and shocked as Tyrann, speaks too Nightling. Growing slightly scared, she backed away a but, but smiled when he apologized. "It's quite alright, Si- ermm- Tyrann." She says smiling. "Are you sure you want me to call you  Tyrann? It just seems so...UN formal. You are the Rex after all." She explains, before standing and watching him. She stares in curiosity as he walks down to the edge and spreads his wings. She smiles and stands, stretching, before following him. She walks up next to him, and takes a deep breath, before spreading her wings as well. "Ready when you are, Tyrann!" She smiles.

Cynder floated in a small lake; feeling her way through the water. She could sense fish swimming beneath her, but she wasn't hungry so she didn't do anything. She began thinking on her newly discovered skill of freezing water. It took her years to finally figure it out. She kept thinking ice as a solid and water as a liquid when she should have been thinking them as one and the same.Cynder consentrated on the water; soon a spout of water was flying through the air making twists and turns. She lay in the blanket of water and played happily.

The red King thundered his massive wings in flight, the roaring ocean spraying sea salt on his gray plated underbelly. He could see dolphin-like sea creatures below, happily playing in the midst of the waves as the light blue water of the sea allowed them to surf its mighty waves. Tyrann dipped and dived, propelling his heavily muscled body through the air. Birds and banshees removed themselves from his way when he passed them by, provoking Tyrann to let out and hearty laugh as they did so.

Tyrann's neck bloated and turned a bright purple as he could feel the powerful breath weapon surge from inside him. He bellowed an ear splitting roar as a blast of purple, electric lightning efluxuaded from his lungs.

'Forgot what it felt like to do that' thought Tyrann as he flew close to the surface of the water. "Come Kit!" He yelled back to her as she enjoyed herself in the air.

The sky was still yet clear but as a sky shade Nightling knew rain was coming... She sat alone she had healed her face and was in a deep brooding mindset. She had been maliciously attacked not once but twice. She heard the two guards that had attacked her planning to say she had tried to attack them first... Nightling did not understand why they were malicious to her but she was getting fed up with it. The sun was still setting and Nightling wasn't paying attention as one of the guards snuck up on her. He pounced with a roar that echoed for miles. Nightling managed to dodge the charge going invisible. She was tired of being attacked, ignored and and brushed off. She was tired of the apathy to the youngsters. Nightling had tried to eat her fill of meat earlier only to find the hunters were restricting everyone's food except the guards.

Nightling started to wonder if members of the colony were just hunting for themselves. She had to speak to the Rex again... Descreetly this time... Nightling saw another menacing Banshee stalking the youngsters. The den mothers hadn't seen it and a large number of youngsters who were easy pickings were out in the open. Nightling still invisible nudged the youngsters inside only to be outright attacked by another guard when she left footprints in the sand exposing her location. This time the guard had her by the back of the neck and Nightling screeched struggling to get free. Teeth breeched her scales and blood dripped down... She was bleeding badly and everyone had seen it. The guard snarled "Know your place you pathetic shade."

Nightling had to heal her neck and she was barely able to move... The wind was blowing right to the Rex and despite having healed the wound and stopped the bleeding she was weak. Nightling needed food badly... But she wasn't going to be allowed to have food now was she? Nightling was too weak to fly after the banshee but it sensed her weakness and came in closer so Nightling managed to grab it and kill it silently while nobody was watching and dragged it off or tried to the youngsters looked thin... Nightling only had a few bites before she made sure the weakest hungriest youngsters got their fill before letting the others have some. But the hunters caught her and made to take the food out of the youngster's mouths... They were all fat and well fed. Nightling had to guard the little ones while they ate... Nightling was starting to consider leaving for good. She couldn't take it much longer.

Dragons of Bazul

Bazul is a planet far from Earth in the Galaxy. The planet is a diverse environment that includes dense jungles, lush forests, treacherous mountains,√ā¬†frozen wastelands,√ā¬†vast seas, wide meadows, dry deserts, and boggy swamps. Each place has a dragon that dominates its area, and in them are subspecies. Over 200 spieces of dragon exist on Bazul.

The planet is ruled by seven major colonies, each formed centuries ago.

Map of Bazul:

The story takes place in the Great Cove Colony, a place full of lush, tropical greenery and a sparkling carribean ocean to adorn the land perfectly. The Colony is home to the Shadow Dynasty, and ruled by Tyrann Rex, a young king in a long line of great kings, descending all the way from Black Smith the Vast, founder of the Cove Colony.

Your main prey:

Banshees: flying lizard like creatures

Kais: deer-like animal

Sauro-Titans: massive long necked reptiles

Seven Great Colonies:

-Forest Colony: Ruled by the Terra Dynasty.

     Rex: Leafon Rex

-Ice Colony: Ruled by the Blizzard Dynasty.

     Rex: Frozenflame Rex

-Mountain Colony: Ruled by the Boulder Dynasty.

     Rex: Crash Rex

-Swamp Colony: Ruled by the Skull Dynasty.

     Rex: Tiber Rex

-Volcano Colony: Ruled by the Scorch Dynasty.

     Rex: Hammish Rex

-Desert Colony: Ruled by the Sun Dynasty.

     Rex: Mathias Rex

-Cove Colony: Ruled by the Shadow Dynasty. (your colony)

     Rex: Tyrann Rex

Many smaller colonies do exist and there are also many rogues that float about the land.


Bazul is a very different world, unlike any other. Strange creatures have inhabited its land for millions of years, constantly in a battle for survival of the fittest. Dragons rule supreme on Bazul.

Thousands of years ago, a group of evil dragons known as The Dominion, rose to power over Bazul to take absolute power over the planet and turn it into their own cruel empire. Their leader, a black dragon known to the others as The Wicked ruled The Dominion with an iron fist, ruthlessly murdering and capturing any who cross him. Eventually, The Rebellion vanquished The Dominion and its vicious leader. Now, Bazul lives at peace once again. However, many dragons across the land have rumor the return of The Wicked.


Playable Species:

-Dragons-typical 6-limbed dragon of any species you can think up in your imagination.

-Wyverns- dragon-like, have wings, no front legs, come in as many species as you can imagine.

-Drakes-4-limbed, wingless dragons. Typically smaller than dragons but very very good for hunting small, fast game. Come in as many spieces as you can think up.

-Shades -Dragon-like and possess magical qaulities. Also known as Sorcerers. Their magic lies within the elements inferno, tsnami, quake, heavenly, shadow, typhoon, and blizzard.

-Wyrms- Serpent-like dragons that have elongated bodies, 4 shorter legs, but are still capable of flight. Come in as many spieces as you can think up.


1.) Light swearing

2.) No very explcit mating or giving birth. PDA is allowed (nuzzling, cheek licks, etc...)

3.) No killing other's characters without permission

4.) No dethroning the Rex without permission

5.) You can't live a perfect life (meaning nothing bad or torturous ever happens to you)

6.) You may have as many characters as you want

7.) No god moding

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species

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