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The crimson dragon sat atop a castle of boulders by a carribean blue ocean. He bathed in the sun's gaze and he looked down to his colony, each memeber had busied themselves with something to do around the cove. Tyrann looked out into the vast sea and saw some small sea creatures surfing on the waves. He also spotted and couple fishers, fishing in the surface for food. The dragon smiled a very faint smile up there on his lonely rock. This is what it was to be a Rex, a king. You look over you colony, your family. Tyrann Rex gazed over his late father's land and enjoyed the scenery of his cove on Bazul. The chaos dragon loved the way the vibrant, tropical flowers made the jungle come to life. He was deeply engrossed in the moment when one of his advisors called him down from his throne. He sighed and carefully walked down his stone steps.
Nightling KNEW she was in a colony's territory but the fringes didn't have enough food... She was stalking a buzz bug which looked like an earth dragonfly but was about the size of a bald eagle... It had a fish it was about to eat... First solid snack in a while... Plants didn't keep her energy up for long... But this would... She was completely invisible and creeping up behind it... NOW! She sprung and nabbed it frying it and the fish with lightning before eating it... Then she saw a fruit tree full of ripe fruits and decided to just gorge herself... She walked away from the tree back past the outer reaches of the territory before finding a place to sleep it off. By going after things the dragons most likely didn't eat she didn't think she was raiding... At least she hoped not. She was eating insects and whatever said insect was eating...
After speaking with his advisors, Tyrann considered their words up in his throne.

'There's a Shade in the cove.' He thought to himself. He had heard word of the Shade from his hunting team when they can across several buzz bug carcasses, classically ambushed and killed for Shade. Tyrann was interested in what type of Shade this was. He knew if this was a shadow shade, they'd have the power of invisibility. Thankfully for him, chaos dragonas are one of the few species that can see through the invisibility barrier.

"Male or female I hunters said they picked up feminine pheromones." Tyrann said aloud, like he did most things. He's one of those dragons that are very outspoken and sometimes preferred to hear himself talk rather than others. Tyrann was deciding whether or not he would keep this Shade if he found her. He enjoyed the idea of adding a Shade, maybe to either his warriors or possibly his hunting team. His Colony could use a Shade, as he had none. Not even Tyrann Rex's father, Thantos Rex, had a Shade. Of course Tyrann would have to make sure she's not a threat. Threats must be put down before they cause damage. The dragon wondered what the female Shade looked like.

"I wonder if she's beautiful..." the Crimson dragon looked away with a lonely gaze into the setting sun as nightfall gentely caressed Bazul in its shadowy grasp.

Nightling woke in the night and saw a nocturnal banshee flying around... Little known fact Sky shades were able to cloak themselves from chaos dragons... Instead of just manipulating the shadows they were able to manipulate light. She was hungry again and that Banshee would make an actual full meal so she cloaked herself and got ready to spring silently... Her muscles tensed as she got ready to leap up and grab it mid jump. She waited until it swooped low enough and with a wind boosted jump grabbed it landing on her feet again with the still struggling prey in her jaws right around the neck silencing it as she dragged it accidentally crossing back into the cove territory. She didn't realize her mistake until she dropped the invisibility and was surrounded. Lucky for her they had seen her dragging it in so they knew she hadn't been taking anything more than bugs and other things most dragons of any kind didn't touch from their territory... She was a little underweight however and when she realized she'd been surrounded she tried to take her meal and shoot off into the night but was sumarily captured... At least she was being allowed to eat her food. Under supervision of course... Then she was taken to the Rex a chaos dragon approximately twice her size. She bowed her head respectfully and said "I am Nightling... I apologize for apparently causing trouble. I will leave and never come back if you wish..."

It was the still of the night when Tyrann was awoken from his slumber atop his throne. As he heard the distant growls of his gaurds, Tyrann Rex knew they had found something of interesting. His Head Advisor, Nermandor walked up the stone steps to his sacred rock to wake him.

"Sire, we've found the Shade." Said Nermandor to Tyrann. Without a word to his advisor, the chaos dragon suddenly felt a rush of excitement and curiosity and quickly sprang from his sleeping position to walk down the smooth stone of his castle.

"Where is she? Where is the Shade?" The mighty Rex bellowed at his subjects.

"The gaurds have her in the cells your majesty." Said Flame, a green-gray Drake. Tyrann then made his way past his colony memebers and into the cells. There lyed the female Shade, surrounded by Tyrann's team of guards.

'A sky shade' Thought Tyrann. The Rex analyzed the female as she lay in a circle of guards. Tyrann gazed at her with a stoic expression. She then spoke to him and bowed to the Rex in respect. Tyrann contemplated what he was going to do with her. She was a rare form of Shade and could be useful to him yet he didn't know if keeping her around was a good idea.He would not risk the lives of his colony for a Shade. He would consult with Nermandor later on whether he not he should dispose of her for trespassing in his territory.

"What do you think you are doing in my cove?" Asked the Rex as he looked down on the shade.

Nightling decided to tell him the whole story about what had happened to her thus far... She sat down and said "I was just getting food... I caught the banshee they found with me outside the border... All I ever took from your territory were things I didn't think you'd miss... Edible plants, insects and what said insect was holding at the time. I've been drifting just outside the territories of various colonies for about two years... The rex in the colony of my birth decided to make it into his own personal harem and I just left... So did most of the males but I haven't seen them... In fact I ditched them flat out when they all got the idea to kidnap females from other colonies and make their own harems... I slipped away when a fight broke out over me and the other females who left. All the other females did too... Haven't seen any of them. In case you failed to notice I am much too small to be of much use in a fight but I can hunt. I normally don't talk this much either..." Nightling fell silent looking around silvery eyes not darting but clearly moving. She had already figured out how to escape if things went bad but was she fast enough to do it?
Tyrann looked over the shade with a suspicious, red eye. He then considered the possibility that maybe her story was true. Or maybe it wasnt. The Rex was the type of dragon that could tell who another dragon was based soley on first impression. Tyrann knew this shade was a friendly soul yet sneaky. He needed to consider his actions before executing them.

"No descion is final as of now. I will consult my advisors and then determine what to do with you Nightling. I do not take trespassing lightly. You will stay in this cell till morning when I've decided." He said with a stoic voice, looking down on the female shade. The crimson dragon then turned his back to leave, then stopped in the arch of the door way. He glanced over his shoulder at Nightling, then spoke.

"And don't even think of escaping. I know shades. I know they're sneaky and hard to trust. Don't make me have to hunt you down and kill you." Tyrann said with a glare, then walked off to his throne.

Nightling said after him "I am disinclined to wait to die but as a show of good faith you will find me here in the morning. Try to kill me and I will flee never to be seen here again." She laid down and went to actual sleep... Sure enough the next morning she was still there... Not all shades were tricksters and she was a dragoness of her word. She looked around the next morning... She had a good twenty four hours before she started to go sluggish... So she waited with forelegs crossed and head alert for the king to come back. She was still planning her escape if she had to. Once she got in the air she knew she could use wind powers to ground anyone trying to catch her so she could have a head start... once night fell she wouldn't need her powers to become invisible in the sky... If she got far enough fast enough and crossed a border she'd be able to give them the slip...

Kitsune yawned and stretched, awoken by the steady stream of morning sunlight coming through the cave. She gets up and stretches some more, shaking slightly from a cool breeze. She goes over to a corner of the cave where she has stashed, her food and eats breakfast. Once she's done she peaks her head out of her cave, looking around and admiring the cool beautiful morning, before finally stepping out. She walks around for awhile , admiring her new home. After so long she couldn't believe she had a home again. Believe it or not, wandering for 2+ years, and seeing other dragons together having fun, and her having no one got boring.

'My first day as a guard!' 

She thought excitedly. As she walked back twords her cave she stopped and looked around. "CCan someone tell me where to find Tyrann?" She asks. One dragon stops and gives her directions. She thanks the dragon before heading off in the direction he told her. 

"Nermandor! Come to me!" Said the Rex after he finished meeting the shade.

"Yes sire?" He asked, striding up the stone stairs of the Rex's throne. The two dragons concerned till sunrise when the descion was finally made. It was not till morning till he decided he would make the announcement, well proposition. Tyrann woke up with and yawn then went down into the clearing of the cove. He glanced by the cells and saw Nightling still lying there. He huffed in surprise and then continued walking when a lovely female approaches him. He tried to remember her name, recognizing her from a few days ago.

"Kitsune, is it?" Said the handsome dragon.

Kitsune lifts her head as she hears her name. She slowly slightly and looks over the older, handsome, and charming Rex. She smiles widely to herself, thinking about him, and looking over his form.  She trots up to him and bows her head respectively. "YEs, sir." She Reply's, a bit nervous. "Uhm..I have come to start the day." She says, before seeing a look of confusion cross his handsome face. She elaborates. "My first day as a guard, sir...."  Another look of confusion has her saying more. "I wanted a job, so you assigned me to be a guard. I've been working for weeks and today was suppose to be my first day." She says. 

'Gosh. He's handsome-- but....he can't remember things to save his life it seems!' She thinks. 

"I thought it was Kitsune! My apologies ma'am." The Rex nodded to the sleek black dragon.

'She looks to be a Black Ice Snow Dragon. Very appealing' she analyzed her, very much appreciating their conversation. The female dragon began to explain to him what her job was and he felt horrible when he couldn't recall what she was saying. It was quite difficult remmebering everything as Rex. Tyrann couldn't believe he didn't remember such beauty.

"I do apologize for my memory darling. I've had a lot on my mind lately." The red dragon apologized. "I must go attend to business matters regarding a Shade. Good luck today. And maybe we could speak to each other again later?." Said the Rex as he gave Kitsune a nod and turned to walk back to his throne.

"Dragons! Wyverns! Drakes! Wyrms! Look here and gather around! Guards! Bring me the Shade!" Tyrann Rex bellowed as the guards escorted Nightling from the cells. The crimson dragon looked down from his rock and ask her a simple question.

"Nightling, do you wish to stay in my colony?" The Rex asked.

Nightling looked around and up at the rex "I will stay I am tired of running... I can hunt well and I do have healing abilities... Since I am here to stay I suppose I can disclose that. If other colonies find out there may be trouble. Among shades it is a coveted ability... My healing abilities are for clean or fresh injuries but I do know some herbs..." Nightling bowed and said "I am honored to be invited here... I will try to be useful." Nightling waited to be dismissed. Her scales were glinting and she looked around taking in the surroundings...

Kitsune chuckles. "Just call me Kit for short, Sir " She says smiling at him and blushing slightly when he calls her darling. "And of course. We can talk whenever you wish." She replys, nodding back to him as he turns around. She backs up a bit and sits, watching him. Not expecting him to bellow, like he did, she jumps startled. She calm herself after a moment and her face changes to one of shock as the guards bring out the other creature. 

"A shade!" She mumbles as she looks over the dragon, before looking back to Tyrann, very surprised.

Dragons of Bazul

Bazul is a planet far from Earth in the Galaxy. The planet is a diverse environment that includes dense jungles, lush forests, treacherous mountains,√ā¬†frozen wastelands,√ā¬†vast seas, wide meadows, dry deserts, and boggy swamps. Each place has a dragon that dominates its area, and in them are subspecies. Over 200 spieces of dragon exist on Bazul.

The planet is ruled by seven major colonies, each formed centuries ago.

Map of Bazul:

The story takes place in the Great Cove Colony, a place full of lush, tropical greenery and a sparkling carribean ocean to adorn the land perfectly. The Colony is home to the Shadow Dynasty, and ruled by Tyrann Rex, a young king in a long line of great kings, descending all the way from Black Smith the Vast, founder of the Cove Colony.

Your main prey:

Banshees: flying lizard like creatures

Kais: deer-like animal

Sauro-Titans: massive long necked reptiles

Seven Great Colonies:

-Forest Colony: Ruled by the Terra Dynasty.

     Rex: Leafon Rex

-Ice Colony: Ruled by the Blizzard Dynasty.

     Rex: Frozenflame Rex

-Mountain Colony: Ruled by the Boulder Dynasty.

     Rex: Crash Rex

-Swamp Colony: Ruled by the Skull Dynasty.

     Rex: Tiber Rex

-Volcano Colony: Ruled by the Scorch Dynasty.

     Rex: Hammish Rex

-Desert Colony: Ruled by the Sun Dynasty.

     Rex: Mathias Rex

-Cove Colony: Ruled by the Shadow Dynasty. (your colony)

     Rex: Tyrann Rex

Many smaller colonies do exist and there are also many rogues that float about the land.


Bazul is a very different world, unlike any other. Strange creatures have inhabited its land for millions of years, constantly in a battle for survival of the fittest. Dragons rule supreme on Bazul.

Thousands of years ago, a group of evil dragons known as The Dominion, rose to power over Bazul to take absolute power over the planet and turn it into their own cruel empire. Their leader, a black dragon known to the others as The Wicked ruled The Dominion with an iron fist, ruthlessly murdering and capturing any who cross him. Eventually, The Rebellion vanquished The Dominion and its vicious leader. Now, Bazul lives at peace once again. However, many dragons across the land have rumor the return of The Wicked.


Playable Species:

-Dragons-typical 6-limbed dragon of any species you can think up in your imagination.

-Wyverns- dragon-like, have wings, no front legs, come in as many species as you can imagine.

-Drakes-4-limbed, wingless dragons. Typically smaller than dragons but very very good for hunting small, fast game. Come in as many spieces as you can think up.

-Shades -Dragon-like and possess magical qaulities. Also known as Sorcerers. Their magic lies within the elements inferno, tsnami, quake, heavenly, shadow, typhoon, and blizzard.

-Wyrms- Serpent-like dragons that have elongated bodies, 4 shorter legs, but are still capable of flight. Come in as many spieces as you can think up.


1.) Light swearing

2.) No very explcit mating or giving birth. PDA is allowed (nuzzling, cheek licks, etc...)

3.) No killing other's characters without permission

4.) No dethroning the Rex without permission

5.) You can't live a perfect life (meaning nothing bad or torturous ever happens to you)

6.) You may have as many characters as you want

7.) No god moding

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species

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