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Raiku (#18438)

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Where the giant dinosaurs are :D Farm
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Joined April 28th, 2012

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"Omg I have been gone some December and I don't know what going on!"
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sorry that I kinda left to my first account, if you ever come back I am sorry how I did act before if I upset you :/
2:00pm Feb 4th, 2014
hi 8| *does squiggly dance of the people of the world then hugs* how have you been :)
3:07pm Aug 31st, 2013
*pokes* ewe hi
3:59pm Aug 12th, 2013
yeah, there can only be one doctor as well as the other ones since there limited and are important in a way. but like its your choice, just some things started after they were taken ya know :/
6:22pm Aug 8th, 2013
3:35pm Aug 8th, 2013
also, forgot to ask. are some of the human characters brought in to be experimented on? :O also want to know if you have any questions of NL2
11:12am Aug 8th, 2013
hey posted a question on your rp...idk if you saw it but yeah
7:07pm Aug 7th, 2013
its only if you want me to and the new nightmare land aka number two has no history yet so if you want you can just get cought up with the post there. c:
1:28pm Aug 4th, 2013
Hey, edited my post on your dino sale thread! added a bunch. :D
11:24am Aug 4th, 2013
cool. also wont be on much cause fixing my acount, so I might be gone for a couple of days. :c
7:18pm Aug 3rd, 2013
hey, stuck on my second right now. wanna chat?
3:20pm Aug 3rd, 2013
:DDDD Raiku *hugs*
3:20pm May 23rd, 2013
7:43pm May 12th, 2013
5:26pm May 12th, 2013
Tribal Dawn
5:26pm May 12th, 2013
also I started up a rp that is part of NL if ya wanna see it. its about what goes on outside of the place xD
5:24pm May 12th, 2013
1:43pm Apr 30th, 2013
posted again xD reaper is having difficultys. xDDD and soon to bring in Mockingbird and Sloth ^u^
4:22pm Apr 28th, 2013
its kk ^u^ I understand :3
4:07pm Apr 28th, 2013
hallo again ^u^
4:03pm Apr 28th, 2013
posted and Reaper scared away Paradise XDDD
12:49pm Apr 28th, 2013
11:57am Apr 28th, 2013
Nightly posted on the rp of Sinera talking to Okuu asking her a question :p
10:03am Apr 28th, 2013
nice :D
9:45am Apr 28th, 2013
morning :3
9:39am Apr 28th, 2013
posted XDD
8:26pm Apr 27th, 2013
idk what to post now xDDDD
8:13pm Apr 27th, 2013
your welcome and posted xD
8:04pm Apr 27th, 2013
xD and reaper is like "o___o I am just gonna sit here...silently..."
7:42pm Apr 27th, 2013
its cool ^u^ posted as well xD how is Marissa acting from all of this? xD
7:39pm Apr 27th, 2013
coool :DDD
7:18pm Apr 27th, 2013
hi hi ^u^
7:11pm Apr 27th, 2013
Heey~ *goes to post*
12:02pm Apr 27th, 2013
posted :3
11:24am Apr 27th, 2013
posted finaly
10:49am Apr 27th, 2013
cool ^u^
10:40am Apr 27th, 2013
okay gonna post ^u^
10:40am Apr 27th, 2013
thanks ^u^ I will take good care of him
10:38am Apr 27th, 2013
sure ^u^
10:28am Apr 27th, 2013
gonna whate for nightly to post before I do ^u^
10:24am Apr 27th, 2013
I can imagen xDDD
10:23am Apr 27th, 2013
Hai 8DDD *clings* how u doing ^u^
10:16am Apr 27th, 2013
it cut off your last sentance but I understand ouo also posted, reaper is like back and forth right now like "I trust you, but I dont"
6:56pm Apr 26th, 2013
6:40pm Apr 26th, 2013
posted xD Reaper is confused and was like @_@ she is Okuu's friend... and he watched her and so forth like he does to everyone so he thinks she wont harm him XDDD
6:32pm Apr 26th, 2013
posted as both of them
6:06pm Apr 26th, 2013
its fine ^u^ I posted as well, reaper is in the medical center now @-@ in his parasite form. Yeah xDDD
5:38pm Apr 26th, 2013
so so xD failed math lol
3:57pm Apr 26th, 2013
hi hi eue
3:22pm Apr 26th, 2013
posted ^u^
2:55pm Apr 26th, 2013
okay ouo
2:13pm Apr 26th, 2013
lol did I kind of freak you out? xD
2:41pm Apr 25th, 2013
*rools aroun* its felix in mah old acount eue *hugs*
2:23pm Apr 25th, 2013
Hi Raiku eue
10:51pm Apr 24th, 2013
posted :p
6:39pm Apr 24th, 2013
okay :3
4:51pm Apr 24th, 2013
you can if ya want. :3
4:43pm Apr 24th, 2013
xD cool
4:36pm Apr 24th, 2013
reapers parasite is a bit odd but he can try :'D
4:33pm Apr 24th, 2013
yay :D also posted, Paradise barly able to move now from the warmth but he is a bit shocked how he over looked reapers strenghth and agreshion.
4:19pm Apr 24th, 2013
xDDD lol
4:11pm Apr 24th, 2013
yeah, when they get close there scary
4:07pm Apr 24th, 2013
oh man thunderstorms 8DDD thunderstorms are amazing
3:59pm Apr 24th, 2013
posted. :3
3:52pm Apr 24th, 2013
reaper is like "La la la la- Wooowww water 8D....La la la lala."
3:36pm Apr 24th, 2013
posted and reaper ate the hound that was chasing him
3:30pm Apr 24th, 2013
xDDD yay
3:14pm Apr 24th, 2013
pyro. like I dont know what that is, also she did not notice paradise being attacked by one of the hounds? xD
3:10pm Apr 24th, 2013
daw its fine ^u^ also posted as reaper and paradise, sector 2's hound was let out aka the sector where the doctor is and the dangerous prisoners are.
3:04pm Apr 24th, 2013
nightly and I posted, EX is loseing function a bit with his brain and shut down so now the doctor and Hakosh are trying to fix him while trying to figure out how to stop the madness
2:53pm Apr 24th, 2013
xD nice
1:46pm Apr 24th, 2013
reaper would be like. "o_o...okay... But I got candys eue" and paradise would just put his head in his hands like " idiot -_-
1:36pm Apr 24th, 2013
lol paradise might try to do that with reaper, and reaper...o___o everyone knows reaper is a talker
1:33pm Apr 24th, 2013
I wonder how Okuu will react if she saw reaper and paradise gang up on John since two guards attacked Paradise and he is in attack mode :p
1:25pm Apr 24th, 2013
yeah : but I bet during the summer for next chap there will be a lot ouo
1:22pm Apr 24th, 2013
yeah :D
1:19pm Apr 24th, 2013
cool :3 I was gonna make more prisoner characters and possibly a shadow :3
1:12pm Apr 24th, 2013
lol cool xD
1:10pm Apr 24th, 2013
oh and if you make John, would you want the doctor to mess with him like turn him into a expirement or parasite? o-o
1:00pm Apr 24th, 2013
lol yay
12:57pm Apr 24th, 2013
daw :c those sound like some hard friends. lol mine just bother me and I bother them lol
12:52pm Apr 24th, 2013
okay ouo
12:46pm Apr 24th, 2013
cool ouo I tend to annoy my real life friends but we always bother one another lol
12:46pm Apr 24th, 2013
oh man you have some nice carnos :o, once I get some carnos want to do some breedings?
12:44pm Apr 24th, 2013
its if you want to, you don't have to after all it was a gift for being a wonderful friend :3
12:41pm Apr 24th, 2013
12:29pm Apr 24th, 2013
like reaper or paradise? xD also him and reaper are ganging up on John since two guards, that were new, shot at paradise and paradise attacked them and reaper is joining in. and now they have John cornnered xD
12:27pm Apr 24th, 2013
okay :3 and yay
11:56am Apr 24th, 2013
Thanks. I'll go peek now.
11:55am Apr 24th, 2013
that sounds neeto :D and still, it could get infected :3
11:55am Apr 24th, 2013
also do you think I should change my post on nightmare o3o
11:53am Apr 24th, 2013
oh noes D: how bad is the cut? and a solar panel pencil sharpener sounds neeto. :3
11:52am Apr 24th, 2013
Will send links as soon as they hatch. :D
11:52am Apr 24th, 2013
back from schoool 8||| *me crawls on ground in defeat from math*
11:50am Apr 24th, 2013
Bulkhead's eggs are brilliant. Tanks berry mush. XD
6:46pm Apr 23rd, 2013
yea :'D lol
6:32pm Apr 23rd, 2013
but so far he is only getting odd feelings XDDD
6:02pm Apr 23rd, 2013
xDDD poor reaper. anyways EX did something aka he actualy called out not to harm her ;D so he is now gonna slowly get his memories back piece by piece :3 and also the doctor might punish him after the whole commotion.
6:01pm Apr 23rd, 2013
xD would she not relise that would harm him as well?
5:36pm Apr 23rd, 2013
5:33pm Apr 23rd, 2013
daw D: thank goodness there okay. But man that is scary and its fine D: I just hope there okay
5:19pm Apr 23rd, 2013
yep ^u^
3:02pm Apr 23rd, 2013
nice 8DDD
3:01pm Apr 23rd, 2013
yeah :D out here they sell carnivorus plants so I usualy go there to buy plants at home depo eue
2:58pm Apr 23rd, 2013
yay home depo :DDD
2:57pm Apr 23rd, 2013
D: oh man that sounds bad :c sorry about your drill
2:53pm Apr 23rd, 2013
hyper, just got done with going to school and teaching a class. Was in a tux most of today and a lot of the new kids I was teaching thought I was a guy and kept calling me Mr.Furches
2:49pm Apr 23rd, 2013
how are you today ouo
2:46pm Apr 23rd, 2013
hi hi 8DDD *clings*
2:42pm Apr 23rd, 2013
okay. decided not to fix my post lol
12:04am Apr 23rd, 2013
gonna re-do the post then to make it a bit better :D
8:08pm Apr 22nd, 2013
okay :3 night, see you plossibly tommarow ^u^
8:02pm Apr 22nd, 2013
xD yay
7:52pm Apr 22nd, 2013
posted, EX is basicaly like "o___o why is this prisoner he- Oh food yay :D"
7:47pm Apr 22nd, 2013
back and kk ;D
7:40pm Apr 22nd, 2013
I will be gone for 10 mins ^u^ so brb
7:18pm Apr 22nd, 2013
yea, reaper is not going to be the threat in the fight though, its the parasite inside of him ;) so she will actualy see the thing that controlls reaper
7:17pm Apr 22nd, 2013
xD the characters wont die and if you want her to be you can have her in it :3 reaper might lose though just a heads up of the outcome ;D
7:12pm Apr 22nd, 2013
its kk c: also almost done with the post
7:08pm Apr 22nd, 2013
okay :3
6:52pm Apr 22nd, 2013
oh man that is late xD and okay :3
6:30pm Apr 22nd, 2013
that sounds nice :3
6:28pm Apr 22nd, 2013
6:23pm Apr 22nd, 2013
okay :D and sounds rough D: did you have a good time at least?
6:21pm Apr 22nd, 2013
hi ouo *clings*
6:18pm Apr 22nd, 2013
That would be cool
1:08pm Apr 22nd, 2013
also if you need information of what he looks like now its in his info on the character thing xD
12:59pm Apr 22nd, 2013
just now posted :'D
12:51pm Apr 22nd, 2013
12:39pm Apr 22nd, 2013
daw :D also this post is long lol sorry it so long
12:37pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Im trying to work on my Acro line :) Im trying to breed for Genetics and color
12:10pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Whatcha doing
12:05pm Apr 22nd, 2013
neet :D I would love to do karatah but like my bones are very delacet so yea...
12:04pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Hi :)
12:01pm Apr 22nd, 2013
lol xD
1:55pm Apr 21st, 2013
he never had chocolat xDDDD so he might be like nibbiling on it and might get a little more hyper
1:37pm Apr 21st, 2013
fixed it xDDDD also EX is being a bit bossy again :'D
1:03pm Apr 21st, 2013
okay gonna repost that now xD
1:00pm Apr 21st, 2013
and like will she relise who Ex 37 is from his anouncment? :3
12:45pm Apr 21st, 2013
okay :3 also reaper is still talking to sola o____o poor tiger dealing with this must be like "Why wont he stop talking 8|||" also EX 37 doing another anouncment. :3 and what is Okuu's prisoner number?
12:44pm Apr 21st, 2013
anyways gonna work on somethin for ya eue
12:29pm Apr 21st, 2013
it cut out part of the sentance but that sounds cool :3
12:01pm Apr 21st, 2013
lol EX 37 is now being a jerk without meaning to xDDDD
10:49am Apr 21st, 2013
I get seizures from stress and so forth, so if I get to stressed out I end up having them but when I do there extreamly deadly to me and can kill me.
10:39am Apr 21st, 2013
okay, I might be on here and there due to bf coming over. He is worried because I had a sezure.
6:41am Apr 21st, 2013
if ya want me to deleat the last post I made I can ouo
7:52pm Apr 20th, 2013
lol he is freaking out a bit because there is no prisoner in the one cell aka her cell so now he is speaking, idk if they will recognize his voice xD since it has a bit of electronic sound to it.
7:27pm Apr 20th, 2013
yeah :3 we were gonna turn it to day after the warden goes to sleep xDDD sorry its takeing so long lol
7:13pm Apr 20th, 2013
posted and he is hungry and board so he is making announcements since he does not know how to commune regularly xDDD
7:10pm Apr 20th, 2013
also posted, and right now its Marisa ouo
6:58pm Apr 20th, 2013
you can, if he gets madder he might make his voice come on the moniter in the room ouo
6:57pm Apr 20th, 2013
Ohhhhhhhhhh! XD I feel stupid Definitely bring him out! Is he gonna talk to Okuu or Marisa? I can get Okuu to wake up.
6:48pm Apr 20th, 2013
He wants someone to talk to lol
6:44pm Apr 20th, 2013
pfff ouo the EX 37 eue
6:44pm Apr 20th, 2013
I think I should post as you know who now eue
6:36pm Apr 20th, 2013
nice :D so there like tropical fish ouo?
4:58pm Apr 20th, 2013
Oh those fish are cool. next fish I know I am gonna get is one of those nifes fish :3
4:54pm Apr 20th, 2013
nice :3 I tend to like the odd tropical species of fish, like the upside down catfish and parahnah
4:49pm Apr 20th, 2013
nice xD
4:47pm Apr 20th, 2013
daw kk, hope the fish are gonna be okay :c *hugs*
4:36pm Apr 20th, 2013
I am back from sulking a bit. also posted
4:31pm Apr 20th, 2013
*yawns* I poated. I may get off in a few to got to bed.
8:35pm Apr 19th, 2013
I need to leave now to take care of my kitty *hugs* see you tommarow
8:32pm Apr 19th, 2013
Sola is now annoyed, lol. Imagine stalking someone, and then a flaming pillow thrown in your face xD
7:56pm Apr 19th, 2013
Posted. xD Sola finds it all funny.
7:32pm Apr 19th, 2013
its going to turn into morning shortly, just have to get the doctor to Modifie Charles :3
7:29pm Apr 19th, 2013
K, posted xD I'm glad I finally managed to find time to start RPing alot again :D
7:10pm Apr 19th, 2013
ok, I posted. :D your turnzz
6:54pm Apr 19th, 2013
cool :3
6:44pm Apr 19th, 2013
posted as paradise and the docta :3
6:40pm Apr 19th, 2013
oh man bees are like evil sometimes xDDD also posted
6:14pm Apr 19th, 2013
Okay and cool :D I just got home from testing today and is brain dead so a hour is great xDDD
11:22am Apr 15th, 2013
do you want me to make you a tag of your two characters in nightmare land?
5:47pm Apr 14th, 2013
pretty much xDDDD
2:49pm Apr 14th, 2013
okay done with another post with Paradise trying to act like he totaly was not cought of guard and weak xDDDD
2:47pm Apr 14th, 2013
posted as paradise, now I will wait for you or nightly to post :3
12:39pm Apr 14th, 2013
8| I need to run and grab refs <3 *runs flailing arms*
10:30am Apr 14th, 2013
XD it's just a derpy little dragon I made on my iPad. Nothing special. You can have one for free. I'm making the example right now so tell me 3 colors and you can have the honor of the first tag XD
10:29am Apr 14th, 2013
idk if nightly is on yet, but when she comes on I will give her a rundown on what is going on if she gets left behind. and if you making tags you know I am gonna buy 8} * hordes exd and waits*
10:17am Apr 14th, 2013
Morning :3
9:41am Apr 14th, 2013
sure :D its getting late here to so if ya want we can do this tommarow xD night
10:46pm Apr 13th, 2013
its okay :D and posted 8}
10:20pm Apr 13th, 2013
yep xD sorry for takeing so long to post
10:15pm Apr 13th, 2013
Well you never answered me, so all the T-rexes up for stud should be full now.
5:35pm Apr 13th, 2013
posted on the rp asking a question xDDD just a heads up :3
3:45pm Apr 13th, 2013
12:58pm Apr 13th, 2013
oh I have some, let me message them to ya :D
12:57pm Apr 13th, 2013
Yeah, deffinetly :D and thanks you so much for the terror bird :D it's so awesome :) You have any new rps I should look into?
12:56pm Apr 13th, 2013
:3 do you like rp still? ouo
12:54pm Apr 13th, 2013
yay tablets! We should make a Tablet Club! XD (and no, I'm not eccentric)
7:39pm Nov 29th, 2012
Hi Raiku! :D
5:56pm Oct 4th, 2012
Raiku, please post on The Ring. D: You haven't and joo said chu would a few days ago.
6:15pm Oct 3rd, 2012