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Some Free Tags
Okay, so since we recently got flooded with people with upgrades, we've suddenly got lots and lots of people needing tags. This means that apparently LOTS of people are grabbing tags without artist permissions, and I have to send out a lot of very official sounding messages telling people to get rid of them.

So! I made these little guys:

These little guys were JUST now made by me for you guys. They're free to use. You don't have to credit me if you don't want to (just do NOT claim them as your own and do not resell them). You can edit them or do whatever, just try to keep them on this site. :)

Please download them and host them on your own image hosting sites!


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Post: #62620
These are amazing <3~~

Post: #62621
Hrm, blue & white one looks like Rising Waters, these are awsome 2.gif

Post: #62637
Aww, no black and white or silver ones. xD

They look awesome Bob =3

Post: #62673
these are SO Freaking cute. XD i was wondering where everone was getting bob art from!

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Post: #62679
Absolutely adorable!!
Post: #62756
That's very kind of you Bob! ^^ Nice work, these tags are awesome. |3
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Post: #62769
Awwww thanks Bob these are truely awsome :D
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Post: #62770
bob is full of awsomeness XD
Scarfire is back and fully functional X3
Post: #62829
<33 glad you guys like em! I'm really curious about which ones people will like more.

And yeah, sorry star XD I didn't do any black/white/grey ones. maybe I'll do them later along with, like, a rainbow one or something. haha.

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Post: #62833
I <3 these!
Post: #62842
Wow, what a nice idea. AND they look nice! Sadly there's none wich really fits my color scheme. :( Although this one is nearest to it:

Post: #62896
Eeeh! I edited one on GIMP.

It already had the black background, I didn't do that.
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Post: #63184
When I tried to read how to get a tag I saw an X. What happened? Never Mind.
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Post: #65255
Cute! This is gonna be one of my temporary ones while I fool around with gimp and make some custom tags. I'll tweak these guys and make 'em look cool!
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Post: #65282
I edited mine to look like dandelion, one of my fursonas.
I am not active on ex as I was before, so I am contemplating whether I should find a co-owner… If you're interested, message me!
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