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I decided to log back in to EX after I dunno how long. A year or close to it? ^^''

Anyway, the last I heard of Evosaur was when it was possibly opening for alpha in 2018.

Has anyone else heard anything at all?

- Luna

Formally Joker's Girl.
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There is an evosaur deviantart group, which has a journal update from 2019 ( I messaged it and got info from Xylax, who said that for the most part they've put it on pause since they were also working on Wolvden (getting it ready for release.) Pretty sure most of the mods and devs here also own/manage Wolvden and Lioden. Other then that, there really hasn't been any updates since 2019.

That being said, if you visit the site now, for evosaur, it's pretty broken. Doesn't even load up the "Sign up to be an Alphasaurs!" page properly anymore, so they likely still own the domain (Similarly to how they refresh the copy-right on this site) they aren't working on it right now.
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Evosaur would've been so cool :(
~Terra Stark~
Post: #316846
Yeah, sadly they seem to just be ignoring anyone that asks what the current plans for Evosaur are. It'd be nice if they could just say if they're still working on it or if it's been abandoned so that people can move on and stop waiting
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^ Aye, I can even understand why even if they moved on from Evosaur they don't reopen this site. It has really old art, and a lot of the moderation team is either busy on the other sites or have moved on so moderating another site could be a doozy... even if traffic is low.
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Post: #316848
Its nice to see this wonderful is still here even though some parts are broken.
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I hope they can find the time to work on Evosaur again one day. Even though I still enjoy playing EX here. In the meantime, I'm just chillaxing here raising my herbis and big carnivores.

Formally Joker's Girl.
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