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EX II Info
I'll be compiling the new info / images on EX II that I discover here. I invite you to do the same! Also, this is an area for you to squeal over the new info if you want to ;)

Xylax on Tumblr | Xylax on Twitch | Xylax on Deviantart

Evosaur !
Dino Customizer

Misc Updates:
10/13/17: It's currently projected Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018 [link] [pic]
12/4/16: Commentary on realistic-ness of dinos
11/2/13: First Evosaur announcement here!


From Xylax's Tumblr:
11/23/15: Hyracotheriums | | Neovenator

12/2/15: T-Rex and Stegosaurus || Various dino Sketches (unknown if for EX II) || Dino Sketch (NOT for EX II but really cool, still) || Dromaeosaurus || Wolf! || Linheraptor

1/4/16: Smilodon Mockup | | Allosaurus Mockup | | Troodon

3/15/16: Phorusrhacos Complete. | | Bambiraptor Complete. | | Parasaurolophus Complete. | | Neovenator Complete.

3/24/16: Phorusrhacos Markings - Apparently Xylax has 140 markings done for them
Neovenator markings - His tumblr also says there are 140 markings done for them, too!

4/28/16: An Avatar for EXII - Looks cool!

5/6/16: Gallimimus | | Parasaurolophus One, Two

6/7/16: EXII Sketches One, Two (Rubeosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Othnielia) | | "Tropical Cliffs - aerial background"

6/17/16: Utahraptor Sketch

7/2/16: Male Pteranodon / Pterodactyl

7/6/16: Male Oviraptor

8/4/16: NPC Concept art

9/28/16: Gallimimus Customizations

10/19/16: Mammoths (there are tusk variations)

11/2/16: Albertosaurus, Adult, Young

2/25/17: Velociraptor Sketches, Plesiosaur

9/9/17: Cronopio Sketch, Ichthyosaurus Sketch, Troodon Sketch, Diplodocus, Dromaeosaurus lineart, Gorgonop Stages


Art from the Livestreams:
1/14/16: Fossils? #1 | | Fossils? #2 | | Dino screaming face!
Full Dino! | | Another dino face | | Dem legs tho

1/17/16: T-rex Markings: One, Two, Three | | Phorusrhacos Chick One, Two, Three. Male, Female | | Parasaurolophus Male, Female, Chick | | Iguanodon | | Stegosaurus | | Hyracotherium | | Dire Wolf Stages | | Allosaurus | | Sinornithosaurus | | Dilophosaurus | | Pachycephalosaurus | | Echinodon | | Triceratops | | Velociraptor

3/6/16: Neovenator Baby, Adult, Together | | Stegosaurus | | Iguanodon

3/25/16: *this isn't guaranteed to be in game, but they might*
Estemmenosuchus Lines w/ Drool | | Estemmenosuchus

Facts / Notes About EX II that have been mentioned:
* Like on Lioden, we will be able to play around with markings (more than one per dino)
* Click! Three different versions of the Dimetrodon that might be polled on Evosaur in the future
Post: #309914
OMG, these are great. <3 Thank you for sharing!

Formally Joker's Girl.
Post: #309916
WOW! The t-rex looks amazing! EEEEK I can't wait! @_@

Post: #309919
Me gusta~
"Life is too short to eat bland food, drive boring cars, and worry about regrets." -Me
Post: #309921
Oh gosh I want some cute lil hyracotheriums! I love their markings.
Post: #310139
Sunita, the links to the T-rex and wolf aren't working for me.
Post: #310141
Yup, it appears those were removed are expired. I posted the direct links from the chat that time. Next time I'll save them to photobucket so they don't disappear. Just did that with the other two.
Post: #310145
I found new ones :D
Post: #310158
Hello! I believe the "Dino Sketch (unknown if for EX II)" is actually a decor on Lioden, as there were recently 4 releases of dino decors there! I'll check if it's true in a bit. :o

Here it is! It's a Afrovenator. :o
Post: #310159
Yeah, I have three of those four decors on Lioden and I don't believe any of them were feathered like that. So, I assumed they might be for EX II.

** I checked, none of the 4 decors there appear to be feathered.
Post: #310160
Oh, there were 5 decors. 4 were from the Ancient Fossil, and the other one was an extra you could get with other types of fossils.
Post: #310161
Oh, what was the fifth one then? In the shop?
Post: #310162
Sorry for late! Had to leave for a bit.

The Afrovenator (corrected it, I somehow mistook it for Dimetrodon) was a fossil you could find all through the year in an explore area, and it was able to be crafted once the event began into the decor!
Post: #311657
Updated with some new pics from the livestream (and I'll keep updating). Sorry they're a bit large.
Post: #311658
Interesting! I wonder if herbivores will be treated like carnivores.
I'm Dirty Dan!
Post: #311659
Oh, by the way. The dino sketch that isn't for EX 2 is for a decor on Lioden.
I'm Dirty Dan!
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