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Out of the Dusk

A version of modern Earth inhabited by the supernatural along with its normal occupants. Human technology is somewhat more advanced, however, and has become a notable tool for dealing with the threats. More specifically, a method has already been devised that pacifies paranormal humanoids by turning them into enforcers of the law with powers of a calibre that is far above average.

But even paranormal agents require a place to sleep at night, and these particular ones are typically housed, along with the humans that manage them, in a rather prodigious abode known affectionately as a base.

In between missions, that is.


Little is certain, and even less is safe. The paranormal has walked among the "natural" for centuries. Humankind is only now learning techniques to eliminate the potential threat. Far from eradicating these sources of invaluable and inexplicable power, however, it has chosen to assimilate them, and it already has one of the most efficient ways to do so at its disposal.

Today, any supernatural humanoids found wandering the earth are quickly captured by a special agency and converted into guardians of the very people they likely had a penchant for brutally dismembering. First, a microchip is implanted that ensures their complete and total obedience to human authority; second, they are allocated to a given team within one of the agency's divisions; and, third, they are trained to become a type of paranormal law enforcement. Often, the individuals they apprehend are mundane criminals who have committed some heinous crime, but should the occasion arise the supernatural may be forced to turn against their own kind.

Recently, research has been going into a procedure that can modify the natural abilities of a given supernatural entity, permanently changing at least one of their given powers into another. Because deaths are so common among subjects and the ones that survive rarely do so without ill psychological effects, generally it is only being performed on those freshly caught from the outside.

Whether you are a supernatural plucked fresh off the streets for this experimentation and unceremoniously flung into the team afterwards, a human that is voluntarily helping with the management of a bunch of supernatural personalities forced out of the wild and into your jurisdiction, or something else altogether, you are a member of the agency now.

This means, of course, that you are going to spend your life fighting crime in a very, very unorthodox manner.

Not currently applicable.

- Even gender ratios are not enforced here. Your character's gender is entirely up to you - make their identity whatever you feel most comfortable with. 8D;

- Please give me (or Nano) a heads-up when introducing a new species! You don't have to formally introduce it in the OOC; however, it is mandatory to at least PM either of us with a description of some of its characteristics (e.g., abilities or disadvantages) along with its name.

- Because I would like to give roleplayers as much liberty as possible in determining the traits of their species, the person who creates the first member of a given species basically owns that species. If a species is on the list already, please ask for permission from the owner before creating a member of that specific one.

- Characters with moderate to intense powers are perfectly alright; however, anything that can grant literal or practical invincibility cannot be accepted. Sorry!

- Ideas for subplots are perfectly fine, but please run them past the owners of the characters you plan to include in them! (You have our permission to do whatever you like to our characters, save for killing them 8'D)

- Above all, have fun!

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Human (Superior)

Second RP Master
Nano (#12631)

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