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Tyrannogon (#5461)

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That's a good question. Shelf (175/178) Storage Fishtank (0)

Wow I got that alert really late *had to relogin to get it* Hai again! Whatchu doin?
8:40pm Sep 9th, 2015
6:36pm Sep 9th, 2015
That Icon~
5:15pm Mar 28th, 2014
thats good *hugs*
8:27pm Feb 27th, 2014
oh no D: hope you get better. *hugs*
4:53pm Feb 27th, 2014
great 8D *hugs*
4:51pm Jan 9th, 2014
how have you been friend?
4:23pm Jan 9th, 2014
hey hey hey 8D *hugs*
4:09pm Jan 9th, 2014
Do you sell any dinosaurs?
4:46pm Dec 1st, 2013
Lol, thankyous <333 I was wondering if anyone did that anymore actually. I do if their 'feeling' is long enough most of the time. Or if I'm bored, lol.
1:17pm Nov 16th, 2013
*licks your farm page*
5:41pm Nov 15th, 2013
yes :D also brb
6:30pm Jul 12th, 2013
sounds fun :DDD and its great to see you back ^u^ do you remember me at all? ouo
6:20pm Jul 12th, 2013
welcome back 8D
6:15pm Jul 12th, 2013
Evil Penguin of doom! And his fluffy assistant the evil fluff polar bear cub!
3:59pm May 3rd, 2013
Hallo :D long time no see friend :D how have you been?
6:31pm Feb 24th, 2013
You`re welcome :)
9:12pm Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! :)
4:11pm Dec 18th, 2012
Thank you :D and its shinu aka Shinu Grace XD I hope ya remember me XD
4:20pm Oct 25th, 2012
That's a really scary looking penguin XD *goes off to try putting zombie gore on top of wolf costume*
3:25pm Oct 25th, 2012
How did you get your penguin to be like that 8D and hi~
7:39pm Oct 24th, 2012
4:55pm Oct 3rd, 2012
I'm in your Shoutbox, pokin' your face! :U
5:42pm Oct 2nd, 2012