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"Just visiting for a while...."
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wazzzup b
8:39pm Jan 18th, 2019
Wait, you dropped your phone in the toilet? XD HAHAHAHAHA
9:19am Apr 20th, 2013
BLINGY! D: Where'd you gooooo?!?!?!
3:52pm Apr 17th, 2013
I just noticed but why do you only have one dino
8:37pm Apr 2nd, 2013
I like your polar bear I want one lol
8:35pm Apr 2nd, 2013
Nothing just hanging around
8:31pm Apr 2nd, 2013
What's up
8:06pm Apr 2nd, 2013
postpsotpsotpsotpostpostypostpsotopostospysotshjwklmsdkjewn! >:)
7:20pm Apr 2nd, 2013
*stands in shoutbox waiting for sombody to post* c.l, I dare ya to post in here!
6:20pm Mar 16th, 2013
nuuuu!!! >C well, ill have it on until i go to sleep, feel free to log on anytime
6:18pm Jan 27th, 2013
lol!!! there is a variation on that, and can you so i can make a band arrangement for a song >.>
6:06pm Jan 27th, 2013
>_< really? The shoutbox is CLOSETH. You're outside it at the moment
7:14am Jan 26th, 2013
No its not, it just means u had nuts for breakfast when I wasn't around. then ran to the store got the skirt, and so on....
6:27am Jan 26th, 2013
Omg really? I though it was a little weird. Apperantly one of my friends ask me if I wanted to hang at his prom. But I told him that why ask me if u gi to a private school? So actually he just wanted some
4:43am Jan 8th, 2013
*reads you mood* Whats wrong with asking someone to go to a dance, even if you don't go to the same school? I find it kind of romantic.
6:13pm Jan 6th, 2013
i want to go home
5:41am Dec 21st, 2012
Merry early Christmas! :)
2:48pm Dec 18th, 2012
o3o imma fishy
3:52pm Dec 9th, 2012
Thanks for a Jack-O-Lantern!
1:49pm Dec 1st, 2012
it did didn't it?!?! mom rolled over your foot with a steam mop (correction: I did)
3:30pm Nov 30th, 2012
Steam rolled thingied to death? :D You kept telling me that that was gonna happen to me :(
6:49am Nov 27th, 2012
8:03pm Nov 26th, 2012
hi bling
7:52pm Nov 26th, 2012
5:00pm Nov 9th, 2012
huh? what r u talking about?
2:43pm Nov 8th, 2012
What about the RP? You know the one that hasn't been updated for 48 hours?
2:38pm Nov 8th, 2012
what did she do
7:46pm Nov 6th, 2012
:O truvy in trouble..... :D I laugh, she NEVER gets in trouble
8:58am Nov 6th, 2012
fry inspector u bling bling bling
8:57am Nov 4th, 2012
Hey, you were the one who interuppted my comparing work by taking the fry out my hand!
8:55pm Nov 3rd, 2012
Really? The fry inspector? Dramatic music? Not necessary XD
8:52pm Nov 3rd, 2012
=o i think so, the wind's let up and its stopped they might have school tomorrow but....
10:59am Oct 30th, 2012
*evil smile* ah, a zombie a hula skirt. well here you go.
12:27pm Oct 29th, 2012
=D Trick-or-Treat!!!
12:24pm Oct 29th, 2012
Trick or Treat!!!!!
12:30pm Oct 27th, 2012
*Evil smile* ah, two naughty kids. Well, here you are.
12:42pm Oct 22nd, 2012
9:34am Oct 22nd, 2012
trick or treat! smell ma toes! muhahahahahaahahaha! >:D
9:15am Oct 22nd, 2012
:( I got a trick.
6:35am Oct 22nd, 2012
*Evil Smile* Ah what lovley kids! Did you get the message? Well Here are your treats!
6:32am Oct 22nd, 2012
Trick or Treat!
6:31am Oct 22nd, 2012
=D Trick or Treat!! *holds out prize bag*
6:31am Oct 22nd, 2012
4:01pm Oct 17th, 2012
I've got 3 more bottles of Holy Water and I'm not afraid to use it!!!
2:40pm Oct 17th, 2012
Yes, but that dosen't matter on EX 2 me :)
6:17pm Oct 16th, 2012
not really.....=/ but if a ninja had bling, wouldnt they be more noticeable? because the bling would reflect light and such?
6:15pm Oct 16th, 2012
Yes, you got a problem with it? |:/
6:00pm Oct 16th, 2012
The Ninja with the Bling?...=/
5:58pm Oct 16th, 2012
sure your not....
5:57pm Oct 16th, 2012
im not lost :(
5:26pm Oct 15th, 2012
Correction. P.L is lost XD
1:08pm Oct 15th, 2012
??? I am lost
7:12am Oct 13th, 2012
well vanessa's can do it to
5:47am Oct 13th, 2012
from da gumball? really? only the banana can do it XO
6:03pm Oct 12th, 2012
Nananananananananananananananananananananananananana *singing along to the banana song* Hellos my fellow peoples! :)
4:39pm Oct 12th, 2012
I have it *shows mouth* :) Come getz itz!
5:44am Oct 12th, 2012
mweerrmmzz mwwuuu mmmnnnnuuunnhhh!??? (wheres my mouth!?)
12:51pm Oct 11th, 2012
11:10am Oct 11th, 2012
*wipes smile of of blings face thats better*
8:05pm Oct 10th, 2012
*wipes smile off M.T's face* der we go! :D
2:10pm Oct 10th, 2012
1:19pm Oct 10th, 2012
really mt just really
7:40pm Oct 9th, 2012
I am shaking my head
8:59am Oct 9th, 2012
Hello! =D You have just been greeted by a Tigress! Queen of everything Mytz-kit like!
6:59am Oct 9th, 2012
realy bling Girl why you acting so cray cary really you would be the one to put that
6:21am Oct 8th, 2012
Sup Bling! :D
5:56pm Oct 4th, 2012
:D Ninja of da Bling! XD I know what song that is on your lyrics :)
6:43am Oct 4th, 2012
hey bing
7:57pm Oct 3rd, 2012
=D BlingCupcake!!! that was random....
7:37pm Oct 2nd, 2012
hello! I feel...random :)
7:28pm Oct 2nd, 2012
heeeellllloooooo :)
7:02pm Oct 2nd, 2012