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2:07pm Jan 17th, 2016
Uhmm. Doesn't matter. Any herd that you don't want!
7:58pm Jan 16th, 2016
Okay. Should I do a herd of echinodon?
12:44pm Jan 16th, 2016
So for your Hebie Give away, instead of just leaving a herd out because it died why not give away another herd in replace of that herd that died? Since you promised 7 herds not 6.
12:19pm Jan 16th, 2016
:sob: Kennith must be reborn somehow :(
9:01pm Dec 28th, 2015
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Kennith died!!!! R.I.P ;(
1:26pm Dec 23rd, 2015
ERMERGERSH kennith just got another son/daughter that looks just like him!
1:57pm Nov 19th, 2015
Yay I just bred my utahraptors
1:47pm Nov 5th, 2015
8:35am Nov 3rd, 2015