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EX II Info
I'll be compiling the new info / images on EX II that I discover here. I invite you to do the same! Also, this is an area for you to squeal over the new info if you want to ;)

Xylax on Tumblr | Xylax on Twitch | Xylax on Deviantart

Evosaur !
Dino Customizer

Misc Updates:
10/13/17: It's currently projected Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018 [link] [pic]
12/4/16: Commentary on realistic-ness of dinos
11/2/13: First Evosaur announcement here!


From Xylax's Tumblr:
11/23/15: Hyracotheriums | | Neovenator

12/2/15: T-Rex and Stegosaurus || Various dino Sketches (unknown if for EX II) || Dino Sketch (NOT for EX II but really cool, still) || Dromaeosaurus || Wolf! || Linheraptor

1/4/16: Smilodon Mockup | | Allosaurus Mockup | | Troodon

3/15/16: Phorusrhacos Complete. | | Bambiraptor Complete. | | Parasaurolophus Complete. | | Neovenator Complete.

3/24/16: Phorusrhacos Markings - Apparently Xylax has 140 markings done for them
Neovenator markings - His tumblr also says there are 140 markings done for them, too!

4/28/16: An Avatar for EXII - Looks cool!

5/6/16: Gallimimus | | Parasaurolophus One, Two

6/7/16: EXII Sketches One, Two (Rubeosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Othnielia) | | "Tropical Cliffs - aerial background"

6/17/16: Utahraptor Sketch

7/2/16: Male Pteranodon / Pterodactyl

7/6/16: Male Oviraptor

8/4/16: NPC Concept art

9/28/16: Gallimimus Customizations

10/19/16: Mammoths (there are tusk variations)

11/2/16: Albertosaurus, Adult, Young

2/25/17: Velociraptor Sketches, Plesiosaur

9/9/17: Cronopio Sketch, Ichthyosaurus Sketch, Troodon Sketch, Diplodocus, Dromaeosaurus lineart, Gorgonop Stages


Art from the Livestreams:
1/14/16: Fossils? #1 | | Fossils? #2 | | Dino screaming face!
Full Dino! | | Another dino face | | Dem legs tho

1/17/16: T-rex Markings: One, Two, Three | | Phorusrhacos Chick One, Two, Three. Male, Female | | Parasaurolophus Male, Female, Chick | | Iguanodon | | Stegosaurus | | Hyracotherium | | Dire Wolf Stages | | Allosaurus | | Sinornithosaurus | | Dilophosaurus | | Pachycephalosaurus | | Echinodon | | Triceratops | | Velociraptor

3/6/16: Neovenator Baby, Adult, Together | | Stegosaurus | | Iguanodon

3/25/16: *this isn't guaranteed to be in game, but they might*
Estemmenosuchus Lines w/ Drool | | Estemmenosuchus

Facts / Notes About EX II that have been mentioned:
* Like on Lioden, we will be able to play around with markings (more than one per dino)
* Click! Three different versions of the Dimetrodon that might be polled on Evosaur in the future
Post: #316273
I agree with you Onyx.
This has been a bit too long that it's worry. Both because 'what if this game is closed down or at least payments made are not delivered' and 'what if evosaur NEVER launches'...
All that work for nothing?
We've all been waiting for years, and already two jurassic world movies have come out and they are usually really hard to make and put together to be perfect etc... (if you know what I mean...) but... by now there should be a alpha/beta version. Though... I guess coding is complicated compared to all the filming and writing because... a mistake could be a very big problem (1000 bugs later).
Let's hope the game comes in though...
Post: #316274
The thing is, there were plenty of screenshots of features way back in 2013 I think... So yeah, maybe coding is a big part of it. I'm not sure if they mentioned the size of their team, but it'd be nice to know just how many people are working on it besides like....two of the mods and an artist from a different site. I also think life has been taking most of these people's' time too, didn't Kitty mention having kids a little while back?

I just wish they'd put up a timeline of stuff; this would not only give us hope for the projects, but could pump us up! It wouldn't even need to spoil too much either. I also think a lot of what's causing time issues is the fact it seems like the art is always being updated. OR they need to fit a TON of new critters in immediately. I'm fine with what already exists in the Customizer tbh. They can release others when they want to later.

Honestly all I really want at this point is news of the project besides a "Hey, we're gonna be gone for a few years to work on scripts, that's why you're not seeing art or anything else!". At which that message is also going to be almost a year old since it apparently came out January.

I really wish they came up with an approximate development pipeline schedule to let us know that it isn't dead and to tell us what has already been done and what is still needed to be worked on.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316301
So, Xylax seems to be the one either managing or at least trying to answer some questions on the Deviant Art Group. That post I mentioned a while back I commented on and got replies. Even Xylax to a point doesn't really know any details at this point. I just hope after Wolvden drops we get some info on Evosaur..... and supposedly we are getting close to Wolvden's release, Happy 2020 peeps!
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316304
im honestly sad that this game has been forgotten ever since lioden came out this game and the second when down hill ever since and those took on priority. and is still pushed farther back with the new wolfden relies if they had the time to do the coding and so on for that why didint they put that work to the existing project of the second game for this. it seams like they want to forget about it and only give out information to keep it going and running on that it will be finished some day
Side Account #12714
Post: #316385
Seems like Wolvden is Launching early access in late September with full launch early October. Also, as of posting this Kitty was on for a solid Hour today so at least she still seems to be active (Most likely to deal with the recent scale sales issue). Maybe after Wolvden releases we'll get a bit more info. I'm tempted to use info on the Exhibited-Sim facebook, as Xylax recommended trying to contact coders for more information. Then again idk how up to date that contact info is. I'll try contacting some people later this week. I'll get back to this thread when I have the info, what ever it may be.
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Post: #316386
I just saw that today (with wolvden), it surprised me that that's coming out very soon. It actually makes me curious if that'll mean evosaur will start to kick in.

(Where is the facebook group anyway? I could find any)

Post: #316391

There isn't an Evosaur facebook, but there is the exhibited-sim facebook. I haven't actually had a chance to message it tho.
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