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EX II Info
I'll be compiling the new info / images on EX II that I discover here. I invite you to do the same! Also, this is an area for you to squeal over the new info if you want to ;)

Xylax on Tumblr | Xylax on Twitch | Xylax on Deviantart

Evosaur !
Dino Customizer

Misc Updates:
10/13/17: It's currently projected Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018 [link] [pic]
12/4/16: Commentary on realistic-ness of dinos
11/2/13: First Evosaur announcement here!


From Xylax's Tumblr:
11/23/15: Hyracotheriums | | Neovenator

12/2/15: T-Rex and Stegosaurus || Various dino Sketches (unknown if for EX II) || Dino Sketch (NOT for EX II but really cool, still) || Dromaeosaurus || Wolf! || Linheraptor

1/4/16: Smilodon Mockup | | Allosaurus Mockup | | Troodon

3/15/16: Phorusrhacos Complete. | | Bambiraptor Complete. | | Parasaurolophus Complete. | | Neovenator Complete.

3/24/16: Phorusrhacos Markings - Apparently Xylax has 140 markings done for them
Neovenator markings - His tumblr also says there are 140 markings done for them, too!

4/28/16: An Avatar for EXII - Looks cool!

5/6/16: Gallimimus | | Parasaurolophus One, Two

6/7/16: EXII Sketches One, Two (Rubeosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Othnielia) | | "Tropical Cliffs - aerial background"

6/17/16: Utahraptor Sketch

7/2/16: Male Pteranodon / Pterodactyl

7/6/16: Male Oviraptor

8/4/16: NPC Concept art

9/28/16: Gallimimus Customizations

10/19/16: Mammoths (there are tusk variations)

11/2/16: Albertosaurus, Adult, Young

2/25/17: Velociraptor Sketches, Plesiosaur

9/9/17: Cronopio Sketch, Ichthyosaurus Sketch, Troodon Sketch, Diplodocus, Dromaeosaurus lineart, Gorgonop Stages


Art from the Livestreams:
1/14/16: Fossils? #1 | | Fossils? #2 | | Dino screaming face!
Full Dino! | | Another dino face | | Dem legs tho

1/17/16: T-rex Markings: One, Two, Three | | Phorusrhacos Chick One, Two, Three. Male, Female | | Parasaurolophus Male, Female, Chick | | Iguanodon | | Stegosaurus | | Hyracotherium | | Dire Wolf Stages | | Allosaurus | | Sinornithosaurus | | Dilophosaurus | | Pachycephalosaurus | | Echinodon | | Triceratops | | Velociraptor

3/6/16: Neovenator Baby, Adult, Together | | Stegosaurus | | Iguanodon

3/25/16: *this isn't guaranteed to be in game, but they might*
Estemmenosuchus Lines w/ Drool | | Estemmenosuchus

Facts / Notes About EX II that have been mentioned:
* Like on Lioden, we will be able to play around with markings (more than one per dino)
* Click! Three different versions of the Dimetrodon that might be polled on Evosaur in the future
Post: #315639
Yeah, at this point they're more focused on the actual game, so it's fine if they're not sure with the RP system yet.
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Post: #315655
Does anyone know if there's going to be any way we will be notified when alpha goes up? Will they announce it here? Will they announce it on evosaur site? Will we be emailed? What do
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Post: #315656
Did you already sign up for alpha testing? On the sit it states, "Your email address will only be used to invite you to our closed alpha testing"
An email will be sent when it eventually gets set up.
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Post: #315657
Can't wait for Alpha testing. Does anyone know what the devs are most likely working on currently? Just to get an idea of how soon we'll get the invite.
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Post: #315658
i've been on this site for six or seven years now, and hoo nelly. i'm severely ready for the alpha - i'm honestly ecstatic to see how far and well along it's been going!! i hope it gets launched soon, cause all the art and everything already looks absolutely gorgeous!!
oh boy
Post: #315659
Same here, I'm very excited for Alpha launch. The artwork looks great and the new mechanics we're aware of are great ideas for a new and more improved version of our beloved site.
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Post: #315672
I'm so excited for this, I have Money on hand so that I can buy me an Account as soon as it's up! It'll be here super soon too, so we don't have that long to wait now! I recently passed my 7 Year Anniversary on this brilliant site too so I can't wait to start off new on the new site!

What do you think we'll get for being players of this one on the next game? Since it was said we'd get special rewards!
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Post: #315673
Probably a special collectable or achievement for starters, kinda like the one we got for being active around the end of 2012
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Post: #315690
Aaaand updated again! Feel free to nudge me if I missed something you think I should add! :D
Post: #315699
I don't suppose you have heard anything on the development itself, have you? ^^ Any closer to the release date for current EX players?

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Post: #315704
I could have sworn I heard something about this mentioned a long time ago but I've forgotten the specifics, here feels like as good a place as any to ask: Will anything from account here on Exhibited carry over to Evosaur? Like money, items, etc? Thanks in advance!
Post: #315705
Only scales
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Post: #315706
Dang, that bites.
Guess it's not worth buying any upgrades and especially items. :/
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Post: #315710
It's currently projected that Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018
Post: #315712
Early 2018, huh? ^^ I will be on the lookout! :D

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