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EX II Info
I'll be compiling the new info / images on EX II that I discover here. I invite you to do the same! Also, this is an area for you to squeal over the new info if you want to ;)

Xylax on Tumblr | Xylax on Twitch | Xylax on Deviantart

Evosaur !
Dino Customizer

Misc Updates:
10/13/17: It's currently projected Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018 [link] [pic]
12/4/16: Commentary on realistic-ness of dinos
11/2/13: First Evosaur announcement here!


From Xylax's Tumblr:
11/23/15: Hyracotheriums | | Neovenator

12/2/15: T-Rex and Stegosaurus || Various dino Sketches (unknown if for EX II) || Dino Sketch (NOT for EX II but really cool, still) || Dromaeosaurus || Wolf! || Linheraptor

1/4/16: Smilodon Mockup | | Allosaurus Mockup | | Troodon

3/15/16: Phorusrhacos Complete. | | Bambiraptor Complete. | | Parasaurolophus Complete. | | Neovenator Complete.

3/24/16: Phorusrhacos Markings - Apparently Xylax has 140 markings done for them
Neovenator markings - His tumblr also says there are 140 markings done for them, too!

4/28/16: An Avatar for EXII - Looks cool!

5/6/16: Gallimimus | | Parasaurolophus One, Two

6/7/16: EXII Sketches One, Two (Rubeosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Othnielia) | | "Tropical Cliffs - aerial background"

6/17/16: Utahraptor Sketch

7/2/16: Male Pteranodon / Pterodactyl

7/6/16: Male Oviraptor

8/4/16: NPC Concept art

9/28/16: Gallimimus Customizations

10/19/16: Mammoths (there are tusk variations)

11/2/16: Albertosaurus, Adult, Young

2/25/17: Velociraptor Sketches, Plesiosaur

9/9/17: Cronopio Sketch, Ichthyosaurus Sketch, Troodon Sketch, Diplodocus, Dromaeosaurus lineart, Gorgonop Stages


Art from the Livestreams:
1/14/16: Fossils? #1 | | Fossils? #2 | | Dino screaming face!
Full Dino! | | Another dino face | | Dem legs tho

1/17/16: T-rex Markings: One, Two, Three | | Phorusrhacos Chick One, Two, Three. Male, Female | | Parasaurolophus Male, Female, Chick | | Iguanodon | | Stegosaurus | | Hyracotherium | | Dire Wolf Stages | | Allosaurus | | Sinornithosaurus | | Dilophosaurus | | Pachycephalosaurus | | Echinodon | | Triceratops | | Velociraptor

3/6/16: Neovenator Baby, Adult, Together | | Stegosaurus | | Iguanodon

3/25/16: *this isn't guaranteed to be in game, but they might*
Estemmenosuchus Lines w/ Drool | | Estemmenosuchus

Facts / Notes About EX II that have been mentioned:
* Like on Lioden, we will be able to play around with markings (more than one per dino)
* Click! Three different versions of the Dimetrodon that might be polled on Evosaur in the future
Post: #311783
-creeps in- Actually it's coming out in the next few months hopefully -creeps back out-
Post: #311785
Cool! :)
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Post: #311803
Key word *Hopefully* :3
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Post: #312603
If anyone got screenshots of Xylax's EX II stream on 3/6 please post them here!

Otherwise, I'll try to go through and get any tomorrow. My internet wouldn't let me when it was going on :P
Post: #312617
Update with the pics from the livestream! Can't name the Unknown dino off the top of my head - lemme know what it is, please.
Post: #312626
I believe he said it was neuquenraptor if I remember right.

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Post: #313311
Updated with correct breeds and more completed dinos!
Post: #313319
This is nice to see :) It's cool you are doing this
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Post: #313320
You don't know how much I appreciate that you watch and follow Xy's streams and share it with the rest of the community <3!
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I'm more than happy to help out! I figured it'd be a good thing to start to keep morale up ^^
Post: #313568
Updated with more sets of markings from Xylax's tumblr!
Post: #313569
They're all so beautiful
I want to pet them with all their beautiful markings
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Post: #313654
Bump with the newest one he made (which may or may not end up in EXII).

Safe to say I love it <3
Post: #313656
I really appreciate you trying to keep us updated on all of the EX 2 related art, thank you!
Everybody likes free stuff.
Post: #314121
Just updated it with a pic of an avatar from Xylax's tumblr! :D
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