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EX II Info
I'll be compiling the new info / images on EX II that I discover here. I invite you to do the same! Also, this is an area for you to squeal over the new info if you want to ;)

Xylax on Tumblr | Xylax on Twitch | Xylax on Deviantart

Evosaur !
Dino Customizer

Misc Updates:
10/13/17: It's currently projected Evosaur will open for alpha in early 2018 [link] [pic]
12/4/16: Commentary on realistic-ness of dinos
11/2/13: First Evosaur announcement here!


From Xylax's Tumblr:
11/23/15: Hyracotheriums | | Neovenator

12/2/15: T-Rex and Stegosaurus || Various dino Sketches (unknown if for EX II) || Dino Sketch (NOT for EX II but really cool, still) || Dromaeosaurus || Wolf! || Linheraptor

1/4/16: Smilodon Mockup | | Allosaurus Mockup | | Troodon

3/15/16: Phorusrhacos Complete. | | Bambiraptor Complete. | | Parasaurolophus Complete. | | Neovenator Complete.

3/24/16: Phorusrhacos Markings - Apparently Xylax has 140 markings done for them
Neovenator markings - His tumblr also says there are 140 markings done for them, too!

4/28/16: An Avatar for EXII - Looks cool!

5/6/16: Gallimimus | | Parasaurolophus One, Two

6/7/16: EXII Sketches One, Two (Rubeosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Othnielia) | | "Tropical Cliffs - aerial background"

6/17/16: Utahraptor Sketch

7/2/16: Male Pteranodon / Pterodactyl

7/6/16: Male Oviraptor

8/4/16: NPC Concept art

9/28/16: Gallimimus Customizations

10/19/16: Mammoths (there are tusk variations)

11/2/16: Albertosaurus, Adult, Young

2/25/17: Velociraptor Sketches, Plesiosaur

9/9/17: Cronopio Sketch, Ichthyosaurus Sketch, Troodon Sketch, Diplodocus, Dromaeosaurus lineart, Gorgonop Stages


Art from the Livestreams:
1/14/16: Fossils? #1 | | Fossils? #2 | | Dino screaming face!
Full Dino! | | Another dino face | | Dem legs tho

1/17/16: T-rex Markings: One, Two, Three | | Phorusrhacos Chick One, Two, Three. Male, Female | | Parasaurolophus Male, Female, Chick | | Iguanodon | | Stegosaurus | | Hyracotherium | | Dire Wolf Stages | | Allosaurus | | Sinornithosaurus | | Dilophosaurus | | Pachycephalosaurus | | Echinodon | | Triceratops | | Velociraptor

3/6/16: Neovenator Baby, Adult, Together | | Stegosaurus | | Iguanodon

3/25/16: *this isn't guaranteed to be in game, but they might*
Estemmenosuchus Lines w/ Drool | | Estemmenosuchus

Facts / Notes About EX II that have been mentioned:
* Like on Lioden, we will be able to play around with markings (more than one per dino)
* Click! Three different versions of the Dimetrodon that might be polled on Evosaur in the future
Post: #315524
I can't wait!
Please... it's been years... where.. is Evosaur.
Post: #315526
Have any of the creators made a prediction of which coming year will be it's public release? Just curious, can't wait from what I've seen so far :P
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Post: #315527
I think it's meant to open sometime later this year for the Alpha stages, but there hasn't been much that gives a definitive date, but the assumption is based off this post.
Post: #315534
Been waiting impatiently since Kitty initially announced this years ago.
Post: #315540
*crosses fingers that they're preparing for us to test it out soon*
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Post: #315569
Updated !
PLESIOSAURS are coming to the evaluator soon! They look awesome! :D
Post: #315574
I've been playing Lioden recently. Evosaur's seeming like it'll have a similar style of gameplay, and I'll be happy with that. :3
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Post: #315584
I think I'd like them to have some similarities, though I do prefer the genetic system we have here (or something similar). If they were going to do colors attached to genetics as opposed to the gradient type thing that seems to be in place now, I'd prefer the dominant / recessive genes as opposed to Lioden's since that has never made much sense to me. Dominant / recessive seems to be more straight forward. But definitely excited going forward!
Post: #315585
I'm so slow, when did they close registration of EX? I remember they said they were going to do that eventually sometime before EXII testing started.
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Post: #315586
Did they? I hadn't noticed that. I'm certain we have quite a few months left until testing opens though based on what I've seen. Though that might just mean we're getting closer :P
Post: #315601
Kitty closed registration so that people won't join Exhibited just to be the first ones to test the new site.
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Post: #315623
what is taking so long are they typing the binary? Shouldn't there be programs to help them out if that is the case?
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Post: #315634
Eh, even with the "easier" programs, It does take a While to make an entire game system, art for the game, the game working with as little bugs as possible. I mean they're going to completely change the genetics system, if I am right. If it was a few changes, The creators would've probably just changed EXI and called it a day.
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Post: #315637
I know it's weird to ask, but what will the rp system be like in the far future? I am not very fond of the rp system we have currently, and I have a few ideas of what could be added and improved and an rp system that would be similar to a tabletop rpg system, but online ofc. I have been thinking of making my own website to bring the idea to life after I'm fone with my programming classes I'm doing during the remaining high school summers I have (;-; I am getting old, dangit), but it would be cool if it was in EXII also.
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Post: #315638
They didn't want to change EXI I think because they've mentioned that at this point it's a large messy string of code, it'd be easier to code a new site. I could be wrong though.

Personally I hope they make the RP system similar to Lioden. We have 0 info on anything but some of the dinos and markings thus far though. I think I've asked Xylax's Tumblr but I will take his lack of response as a he doesn't know either.
Everybody likes free stuff.
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