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Ill leave for a few mounths, but always come back. I love dinos too mutch, and its the only game like this i can find with dinos. Sorry to bother you, figured id say hi to everyone online
4:58pm Oct 22nd, 2017
Its super nice to see people online :)
4:54pm Oct 22nd, 2017
4:50pm Oct 22nd, 2017
It's still very much in production. :)
1:05am Sep 14th, 2017
9:45am Sep 10th, 2017
7:20am Jun 30th, 2017
*pounces on you* omnomnom
3:09pm Mar 10th, 2017
4:11pm Mar 6th, 2017
Have you played Breath of the wild yet?
2:12pm Mar 5th, 2017
Have you played Breath of the wild yet?
2:12pm Mar 5th, 2017
Hey! Happy groundhog day!
6:39pm Feb 3rd, 2017
Just got back from my first driving lesson.. 0-0
12:40pm Jan 28th, 2017
Oh, I forgot you had a second account XD
7:49am Jan 25th, 2017
Yo fam. You dead ? XD
6:50pm Jan 14th, 2017
I hope you're doing ok, I miss you. <3
2:49pm Nov 30th, 2016
7:50pm Nov 29th, 2016
5:39pm Oct 26th, 2016
8:09am Oct 1st, 2016
lost my phone due to grades
8:06am Oct 1st, 2016
7:37am Oct 1st, 2016
Are you getting my messages?
6:56pm Sep 29th, 2016
GAAAHHHH LOOOOVVVEEE MMEEEE *Miniladd* XD This never gets old.
4:01pm Sep 13th, 2016
4:32am Sep 7th, 2016
5:44am Aug 20th, 2016
3:17pm Aug 13th, 2016
8:09pm Aug 12th, 2016
8:09pm Aug 11th, 2016
7:04pm Aug 10th, 2016
4:24am Aug 10th, 2016
*Throws balloon at you* Aye, wake up.
9:22pm Aug 5th, 2016
2:11pm Jul 30th, 2016
5:17pm Jul 28th, 2016
7:21pm Jul 26th, 2016
Hello? hunting for pics?
12:43pm Jul 26th, 2016
12:48pm Jul 25th, 2016
Still alive after all of that?
10:05am Jul 23rd, 2016
6:28am Jul 18th, 2016
Only a little, and i'm currently surviving on my own hysteria, miniladd, and chai tea lattes. XD
9:47pm Jul 17th, 2016
XD I love you.
9:44pm Jul 17th, 2016
I resent them!! Let me know if they don't Come through xD
1:50pm Jul 17th, 2016
Hey....hey...look...hi...hey..hey...look..hi! (MEMEME!) :< (I will spam your soul)
10:25pm Jul 11th, 2016
Hey....hey...look...hi...hey..hey...look..hi! (MEMEME!)
10:16pm Jul 11th, 2016
9:13pm Jul 11th, 2016
6:30pm Jul 11th, 2016
11:23pm Jul 10th, 2016
7:47pm Jul 10th, 2016
7:42pm Jul 9th, 2016
Still awake?
10:36pm Jul 8th, 2016
9:20pm Jul 8th, 2016
how are you
6:57am Jul 7th, 2016
6:52am Jul 7th, 2016
4:26pm Jul 5th, 2016
Your internet laur. XD
4:08pm Jul 5th, 2016
Internet again? XD
2:11pm Jul 5th, 2016
1:14pm Jul 5th, 2016
Sweet dreams!
10:02pm Jul 4th, 2016
9:19pm Jul 4th, 2016
9:12pm Jul 4th, 2016
9:03pm Jul 4th, 2016
8:42pm Jul 4th, 2016
8:14pm Jul 4th, 2016
6:59pm Jul 4th, 2016
4:26pm Jul 3rd, 2016
3:34pm Jul 2nd, 2016
2:19pm Jul 2nd, 2016
8:13pm Jul 1st, 2016
8:02pm Jul 1st, 2016
6:39pm Jun 29th, 2016
4:18pm Jun 27th, 2016
3:05pm Jun 27th, 2016
2:49pm Jun 27th, 2016
XD nice.
10:58am Jun 27th, 2016
10:20am Jun 27th, 2016
1:03pm Jun 26th, 2016
8:21pm Jun 23rd, 2016
5:37pm Jun 20th, 2016
4:47pm Jun 20th, 2016
sup dog
6:13pm Jun 18th, 2016
Hewo :3
5:41pm Jun 13th, 2016
i have 56 dinos
3:43pm Jun 1st, 2016
3:42pm Jun 1st, 2016
you can have a liharapter of mine
3:30pm Jun 1st, 2016
well no more games I can think of but you can take one of my Dinos
3:29pm Jun 1st, 2016
Oh sorry bout that
3:25pm Jun 1st, 2016
no sorry
3:24pm Jun 1st, 2016
yes i think so
3:20pm Jun 1st, 2016
you see for your self its reply fun!
3:19pm Jun 1st, 2016
How bout friv?
3:18pm Jun 1st, 2016
no thanks I checked it out
3:16pm Jun 1st, 2016
3:13pm Jun 1st, 2016
I don't know you pick
3:06pm Jun 1st, 2016
Wana play?
3:05pm Jun 1st, 2016
3:05pm Jun 1st, 2016
you okay?
3:03pm Jun 1st, 2016
Really? and hows that going
9:27am Jun 1st, 2016
Ok cool!
7:28am Jun 1st, 2016
nutted much how about you
7:14am Jun 1st, 2016
7:11am Jun 1st, 2016
*pokes with a stuck*DO STUFF
11:28am May 5th, 2016
Did you get my messages?
9:29pm Apr 1st, 2016
9:12am Mar 31st, 2016
4:59pm Mar 3rd, 2016
6:33pm Feb 5th, 2016
9:15pm Feb 4th, 2016
Did you get my message?
12:51pm Jan 14th, 2016
Think soThink so
8:00pm Jan 11th, 2016
I totally can't recall who you are... But you're on my friend's list so you have to be somebody, right? :D
8:25pm Jan 5th, 2016
8:50pm Dec 29th, 2015
*pokes you with a stick* do stuff
7:28pm Dec 16th, 2015
Merry Early Christmas. I sent u a gift and hoped u got it! :D
12:48pm Dec 4th, 2015
No I don't sorry D: I don't mean to be weird or anything but, why are you looking for him/her?
9:02am Dec 3rd, 2015
7:17pm Nov 22nd, 2015
Farewell, sweet dreams.
9:03pm Nov 8th, 2015
I call upon you, my dear ally! Join me as my brother in arms in this war against Shadowlight (#25257) and her evil army of small green pineapples!
1:34pm Oct 30th, 2015
1:56pm Oct 3rd, 2015
3:00pm Sep 24th, 2015
3:00pm Sep 24th, 2015
5:47am Sep 20th, 2015
3:22pm Sep 17th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
9:40pm Sep 13th, 2015
9:31pm Sep 13th, 2015
9:31pm Sep 13th, 2015
9:43am Sep 12th, 2015
9:43am Sep 12th, 2015
Is the lag real? *Trollface*
6:25pm Sep 11th, 2015
6:03pm Sep 9th, 2015
Farewell, i'm going to sleep, have a great night. :)
12:51pm Sep 5th, 2015
Farewell, i'm going to sleep, have a great night. :)
12:51pm Sep 5th, 2015
Farewell, sweet dreams.
6:05pm Sep 3rd, 2015
ah....uhm.....Helllo? XD
7:50pm Aug 28th, 2015
4:46pm Aug 27th, 2015
nightmares, my lord....
8:08pm Aug 26th, 2015
12:58pm Aug 24th, 2015
my computer is not working, so this is Swet dreams, goodnight.
8:11pm Aug 19th, 2015
12:37pm Aug 17th, 2015
4:51pm Aug 14th, 2015
Sweet dreams
11:27pm Jul 26th, 2015
hawo ;3
10:31pm Jul 24th, 2015
9:15am Jul 17th, 2015
8:25am Jul 17th, 2015
Sweet dreams, I'm exhausted.
1:19pm Jul 15th, 2015
thirty years since all this happened, thirty years it took to rise. blood on the floor and in their eyes, they took the bite and left them to die.
5:24pm Jun 29th, 2015
what does the Fox say? skreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
5:11pm Jun 29th, 2015
1:03pm Jun 25th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
11:08pm Jun 7th, 2015
3:39pm Jun 7th, 2015
wassup? x3
6:15pm May 17th, 2015
6:14pm May 17th, 2015
Cookies and tacos and invader zim :3
2:26pm May 9th, 2015
Going to lay down..
2:32pm Mar 10th, 2015
5:23pm Mar 8th, 2015
I'm back.
9:27am Mar 8th, 2015
I gotta go.
6:32am Mar 8th, 2015
2:13pm Mar 5th, 2015
thnx for buying one of my dinos :)
2:12pm Mar 5th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
9:44pm Mar 4th, 2015
Fluffy kitten's are everywhere
4:12pm Mar 2nd, 2015
If you go to the lab I have dinosaurs for sale.
4:57pm Feb 27th, 2015
4:23pm Feb 27th, 2015
4:17pm Feb 27th, 2015
See you later on.
2:20pm Feb 24th, 2015
I have to go, I'll see you later, and I am out of school today.
7:03am Feb 24th, 2015
Sweet dinosaur dreams.
9:21pm Feb 23rd, 2015
7:17pm Feb 23rd, 2015
1:15pm Feb 23rd, 2015
11:36am Feb 23rd, 2015
Sweet dreams.
9:10pm Feb 22nd, 2015
Alright, goodbye.
10:10am Feb 22nd, 2015
Our times are different, but alright.
9:28am Feb 22nd, 2015
Sweet dreams.
10:52pm Feb 21st, 2015
You too, I'm logging off now.
8:23am Feb 5th, 2015
8:20am Feb 5th, 2015
8:16am Feb 5th, 2015
Logging off, goodbye.
6:56am Jan 21st, 2015
7:49pm Jan 20th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
12:03am Jan 19th, 2015
Marshmallows and chocolate
10:17pm Jan 18th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
9:27pm Jan 16th, 2015
8:29am Jan 16th, 2015
I have to go, sweet dreams if I am not on.
2:57pm Jan 15th, 2015
I'm always busy, but why?
2:39pm Jan 15th, 2015
2:35pm Jan 15th, 2015
3:49pm Jan 11th, 2015
9:57am Jan 10th, 2015
sweet dreams.
8:39pm Jan 8th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
9:37pm Jan 7th, 2015
lololol, nah, gonna sleep now, sorry :/
2:30pm Jan 7th, 2015
I like that class to be honest.
9:44am Jan 7th, 2015
I am out of school today. But how is biology class? What are you talking about?
9:36am Jan 7th, 2015
9:32am Jan 7th, 2015
LOLOLOL and btw its a grey shirt
10:58am Jan 3rd, 2015
Cewl :D
10:01am Jan 3rd, 2015
nothing much wbu?
9:57am Jan 3rd, 2015
one more hour for me
11:08pm Dec 31st, 2014
*blows a kazoo* Almost the new year
10:55pm Dec 31st, 2014
happy new year! :D
9:46pm Dec 28th, 2014
well im on xbox but that doesnt matter, we can RP :D
3:02pm Dec 28th, 2014
lol that sucks :P
2:55pm Dec 28th, 2014
*Gives presents of Joseph and Loki* Yay! Joseph: -_-
7:20am Dec 25th, 2014
...I've decided I'm going to be keeping Syndicate, sorry! And Odeck is too old to breed now, soyah! :D
8:59pm Dec 24th, 2014
Merry XMAS! *makes cookies fall from the sky*
4:55pm Dec 24th, 2014
Sweet dinosaur dreams.
10:22pm Dec 22nd, 2014
*gives gingerbread* it has catnip
3:25pm Dec 22nd, 2014
*noms on gingerbread*
2:55pm Dec 22nd, 2014
I have to leave, sweet dreams.
4:31pm Dec 18th, 2014
Marshmallows! :D
5:49pm Dec 12th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
5:21pm Dec 12th, 2014
Alright. XD check what Justin said.
5:12pm Dec 9th, 2014
5:07pm Dec 9th, 2014
Eric crashed hang on. XD
5:04pm Dec 9th, 2014
Hey. I guess we're just waiting on Eric
5:01pm Dec 9th, 2014
Hello. :)
4:58pm Dec 9th, 2014
Goodbye, I'll miss you.
5:55am Dec 9th, 2014
Waffles and muffins and biscuits oh my
6:47pm Dec 7th, 2014
I cannot say I blame you.
3:11pm Dec 7th, 2014
Because of school?
3:04pm Dec 7th, 2014
I hope it doesn't flood.
2:57pm Dec 7th, 2014
You do remember I love rain right?
2:53pm Dec 7th, 2014
is it puffening?
11:09am Dec 7th, 2014
kitty dragons :3
8:18pm Dec 2nd, 2014
:3 Snowballs
9:04am Dec 1st, 2014
I deleted one of the messages sorry. It was the computer one.
6:00pm Nov 25th, 2014
*nods* The deepest British voice ever
7:53pm Nov 24th, 2014
Whats the update?
6:59pm Nov 18th, 2014
"Going through"
6:04am Nov 17th, 2014
I know, we're gonna have to pay money every month if they get their money loving side :( RIP every monthly DLC game
4:15pm Nov 15th, 2014
Microsoft bought Minecraft :(
3:55pm Nov 15th, 2014
8:48pm Nov 12th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
8:50pm Nov 11th, 2014
I am very busy so I came to say goodnight. Sweet dreams.
4:35pm Nov 10th, 2014
I have things to do, I will return soon. :)
2:29pm Nov 9th, 2014
Birdies are amazing
8:44pm Nov 5th, 2014
7:33pm Nov 5th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
9:05pm Nov 4th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
9:05pm Nov 4th, 2014
Okay, I hope you have fun.
5:42am Nov 4th, 2014
*hugs cats* mew
6:03pm Nov 2nd, 2014
:p five nights at Freddy's :3
7:49pm Nov 1st, 2014
*evil grin as starting to play those early Christmas radio stations* MUAHAHAHAHA! XMAS!
12:45pm Nov 1st, 2014
*noms on bacon*
9:00am Nov 1st, 2014
Happy Halloween :)
9:00pm Oct 31st, 2014
I am....myself?
6:04am Oct 31st, 2014
*grins evilly* BURRNNNN
6:27pm Oct 29th, 2014
Muahaha! Happy Halloween
7:02pm Oct 27th, 2014
>:) I have a torch
5:12pm Oct 27th, 2014
I have some things to do so I will chat more later.
2:30pm Oct 27th, 2014
I am really stressed but I wanted to say Sweet dreams.
6:51pm Oct 25th, 2014
Ah, well that's good it fixed itself. Sounds weird though, I would definitely like to see a screenshot if it ends up happening again!
9:09am Oct 24th, 2014
Got to o.. -_- School....
5:02am Oct 24th, 2014
I think we should both rest, Sweet dreams.
9:36pm Oct 23rd, 2014
I'll be back, I need a shower.
4:45pm Oct 23rd, 2014
Hrm! Do you mind taking a screenshot to show us?
11:21am Oct 23rd, 2014
Oh that's odd! I have no idea, maybe it was just a hiccup in the layout? Is it still doing it?
11:16am Oct 23rd, 2014
Yyyyyaaaaaasssssss da fluffeh wolfies!
2:29pm Oct 21st, 2014
6:39am Oct 21st, 2014
Tanks berry mush. :D
5:10am Oct 21st, 2014
*puts cream on q-tip, then drops q-tip. quietly stares at paws & wishes for thumbs* :(
4:48am Oct 21st, 2014
Vampires beware, *runs around with holy water*
6:29pm Oct 20th, 2014
*tackles you* mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! *noms on your head
7:54am Oct 19th, 2014
7:47pm Oct 18th, 2014
Muahahahaha! *derpy evil laugh*
7:33pm Oct 18th, 2014
Fire bombs, Attack!
7:19pm Oct 18th, 2014
I got a torch for club wars :3
7:15pm Oct 18th, 2014
6:39pm Oct 18th, 2014
Lokitty :3
11:21am Oct 18th, 2014
9:57am Oct 18th, 2014
Poor spider.....
9:31am Oct 18th, 2014
9:29am Oct 18th, 2014
Didn't think I would leave without saying sweet dreams did you? :) *Hug* I am sorry I could not be on, I am going through some things.
7:57pm Oct 16th, 2014
Good lord. -_-
7:39am Oct 16th, 2014
I know the feeling. And you do not have to respond to this. :)
7:35am Oct 16th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
4:02pm Oct 15th, 2014
Sweet dreams. *Hugs*
9:31pm Oct 13th, 2014
7:45pm Oct 12th, 2014
Good luck
8:02am Oct 12th, 2014
Good luck
8:02am Oct 12th, 2014
8:09pm Oct 10th, 2014
Shen: :3 Me: *rolls eyes at Shen* don't say it..
7:46pm Oct 10th, 2014
:3 hello Zyan: Wait, how?
7:23pm Oct 10th, 2014
:DDDDDDDDDDD Joseph: My boy (worst Legend of Zelda game ref)
7:14pm Oct 10th, 2014
Lokikins and slendykins
7:03pm Oct 10th, 2014
6:48pm Oct 10th, 2014
Welcome back. :)
2:58pm Oct 10th, 2014
I'll be waiting. *Hug*
2:38pm Oct 10th, 2014
Right! I found the fact and sprinkled on some creepy.
12:18pm Oct 10th, 2014
7:27am Oct 10th, 2014
5:29pm Oct 9th, 2014
5:29pm Oct 9th, 2014
4:22am Oct 7th, 2014
4:15am Oct 7th, 2014
Good morning.
4:08am Oct 7th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
8:33pm Oct 6th, 2014
Nyan Lokis :333 and Music Miesters
6:57pm Oct 6th, 2014
I'm back :3 Nyans & lokis
6:46pm Oct 6th, 2014
Hello madam. :)
12:44pm Oct 6th, 2014
5:13pm Oct 5th, 2014
8:45pm Oct 4th, 2014
Hello? :)
8:35pm Oct 4th, 2014
7:24pm Oct 4th, 2014
Me: Meister's soo handsome :3
7:12pm Oct 4th, 2014
Joseph: I still sing bettah!
6:36pm Oct 4th, 2014
Joseph: Prove it! *pride*
6:30pm Oct 4th, 2014
Joseph: Suuurrrreee :3
5:55pm Oct 4th, 2014
I like Meister cause he's a villain that follows what I like, Singing :3 Loki is amazing too
5:53pm Oct 4th, 2014
The Lag dough :P
7:36pm Oct 2nd, 2014
God bless you. :)
5:14pm Oct 1st, 2014
The lag is real!
3:52pm Sep 28th, 2014
3:23pm Sep 28th, 2014
*Happy dragon noise* XD
3:10pm Sep 28th, 2014
11:13am Sep 27th, 2014
Lol. Hello :3
7:23pm Sep 24th, 2014
Imma A Fluffeh Unicawn!
7:31pm Sep 23rd, 2014
Hows your upgrade being?
11:27am Sep 23rd, 2014
Hehe anytime ( Not really cause I will need scales for it:P)
2:11pm Sep 22nd, 2014
Hehe Suprise!
2:01pm Sep 22nd, 2014
Hehe got ya sumfin
1:57pm Sep 22nd, 2014
Hello :3 Kitties
9:37am Sep 21st, 2014
Yeah sorry
7:15am Sep 21st, 2014
lol ugh my heel is killing me
7:11am Sep 21st, 2014
I can't even stand the smell of fish food
6:50am Sep 21st, 2014
lol my cat likes lettuce o.o he is so weird.
6:40am Sep 21st, 2014
I love food
6:33am Sep 21st, 2014
6:26am Sep 21st, 2014
*eats* Thanks :)*Hands doughnut*
6:14am Sep 21st, 2014
Good, have a little cold -.-
6:09am Sep 21st, 2014
How are you?
5:57am Sep 21st, 2014
Hi there
5:40am Sep 21st, 2014
I like beans :3
7:25pm Sep 15th, 2014
6:37pm Sep 9th, 2014
:P nyan cats
6:04am Sep 3rd, 2014
I gotta go. Sweet dreams.
6:34pm Sep 1st, 2014
*Tail sways*
3:13pm Aug 29th, 2014
I can tell.
8:44am Aug 29th, 2014
9:05pm Aug 28th, 2014
Lol. I wish I could do it, but at school its only for the first lunch :(
6:52pm Aug 28th, 2014
yeah, :3 at least its those beneficial challenges. I still don't know what ALS is though
7:24pm Aug 21st, 2014
You don't need a pin you put in the numbers on my user
9:00am Aug 20th, 2014
Make a pin go to the bank and put in a four didget number and then transfer money put in the numbers 31620 and then transfer it
8:04am Aug 20th, 2014
Pls it's important
1:47pm Aug 19th, 2014
The money make a pin then inter my numbers and send me the money
1:43pm Aug 19th, 2014
You make a pin mines 1111 if that's doesn't work try the one on my user make it at the bank
1:28pm Aug 19th, 2014
I see u have enough to send me the money and still have alot
1:23pm Aug 19th, 2014
I need a bat dress
1:22pm Aug 19th, 2014
Could you do me a faver
1:21pm Aug 19th, 2014
1:21pm Aug 19th, 2014
They see me bowlin they hatin. They see me mowin they hatin. They see me foldin they hatin
7:46pm Aug 16th, 2014
Marshmallow unicorns :3
8:05am Aug 16th, 2014
9:20am Aug 15th, 2014
Me too. Wait. What? XD
10:50am Aug 14th, 2014
*uses ear mite cream* GOAL! Ears are de-bugged. Bugless. Mitey clean. And the cream also freshens breath. *licks lips*
8:01pm Aug 13th, 2014
*Laughes in a evil yet derpy way*
7:12pm Aug 13th, 2014
*gratefully accepts ear mite cream, but can't open tube due to lack of thumbs* XD
5:28pm Aug 13th, 2014
:] (Looks like Jeff the killer to me. 0_0)
9:20pm Aug 12th, 2014
Llama:where are His hands? Carl:what? Llama:his hands,why are they missing? Carl:well i kond of cooked them up. And ate them llama:8O caaaaaarrrrllllll Carl:What?my stomach was making the rumblies Llama:caaarrrl. Carl: that only hands could satisfy Llama
7:35pm Aug 12th, 2014
Llamma:CAAARRLLL THERES A DEAD HUMAN IN OUR HOUSE! CARL: oh, hey. How'd he get here? Llamma:CAAAAARRRRRRLLLL,WHAT DID YOU DOOO? Carl:me?oh,i didnt do this Llama:Why did you kill this person carl? Carl: ive never seen this man before in my life. Llam
7:13pm Aug 12th, 2014
Hai. ^^
3:55pm Aug 10th, 2014
*cryingly throws balloons* Why do I have to leave again..
2:39pm Aug 9th, 2014
*Throws balloons* AHHHH
1:14pm Aug 8th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:57pm Aug 7th, 2014
Sweet dreams. :)
8:29pm Aug 6th, 2014
Has the funeral been arranged?
7:34pm Aug 6th, 2014
Great, now were stuck together...wich might not be so bad...except whn one of us has to use the bathroom...
6:53pm Aug 6th, 2014
Theres no way you could be tired with all the ray energy i exert.
4:26am Aug 6th, 2014
Thanks! :)
12:53pm Aug 5th, 2014
Thank you ^^
8:45pm Aug 3rd, 2014
7:12pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Le infinity hug*
10:14am Aug 3rd, 2014
Satisfied to sayin did.
7:49am Aug 2nd, 2014
Internet. Goodbye. :)
4:12pm Aug 1st, 2014
Had a long and really bad and depressing day. Sweet dreams. :)
9:09pm Jul 30th, 2014
Nah, I'm bouncing from site to site. I'm doing chickensmoothie stuff, then hopping over to eggcave, then coming back to here. :3
7:15pm Jul 30th, 2014
Sort of. XD
6:52pm Jul 30th, 2014
12:25pm Jul 30th, 2014
12:25pm Jul 30th, 2014
Water balloon nuke!
8:46pm Jul 29th, 2014
12:32pm Jul 29th, 2014
alright. I don't start school until September I think.
7:00am Jul 29th, 2014
kitten fight! *throws a kitten armored in pillows at your face* mwahahaha! the kitten war has just begun...
7:51pm Jul 25th, 2014
Aww. :( bye.
2:13pm Jul 25th, 2014
to much? xD
10:20pm Jul 22nd, 2014
wait... I made it better. xD
10:10pm Jul 22nd, 2014
10:02pm Jul 22nd, 2014
rawr. :3 I is a dinosaur. rawr. x3
9:58pm Jul 22nd, 2014
1:16pm Jul 22nd, 2014
Church. Bye.
6:40am Jul 20th, 2014
A pony but not quite a pony.
6:08pm Jul 19th, 2014
hey, what you think about byran?
5:54pm Jul 19th, 2014
I got your last pm, just thought i had replied to it. Srry
11:39am Jul 18th, 2014
I got your last pm, just thought i had replied to it. Srry
11:39am Jul 18th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
10:41pm Jul 16th, 2014
2:49pm Jul 16th, 2014
mhuahahahahahaha! water balloon war! x3
7:15am Jul 16th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
9:07pm Jul 13th, 2014
MY INTERNET SUCKS! I'll see you later okay? :D
10:16am Jul 13th, 2014
Sweet dreams?
9:32pm Jul 12th, 2014
lol. trolly phone X3
9:29am Jul 11th, 2014
sweet dreams.
11:41pm Jul 9th, 2014
6:08pm Jul 9th, 2014
I was supposed to be aborted. :/
5:55pm Jul 9th, 2014
And also one cat already has kittens and just keeps mating she now has a litter somewhere. and she already has kittens so she is mating for pleasure
5:54pm Jul 9th, 2014
My grandmother feeds them everyday. And they actually just kill for fun.
5:46pm Jul 9th, 2014
More reasons to not like them. And They didn't even eat it. they played with it."
5:35pm Jul 9th, 2014
My grandmother's cat killed a rabbit today.
5:27pm Jul 9th, 2014
sweet dreams.
10:39pm Jul 8th, 2014
4:44pm Jul 7th, 2014
4:34pm Jul 7th, 2014
Gah, I've got to go to bed. xp see you later.
10:05pm Jul 6th, 2014
Sorry. My phone got token away.
5:00pm Jul 6th, 2014
My computer is acting up so I'll see you later.
1:30pm Jul 6th, 2014
*pops out of nowhere* HAPPY FORTH OF JULY! *throws some fireworks*
6:38am Jul 4th, 2014
Are you still there? *pokes*
10:12pm Jul 3rd, 2014
xD yup.
2:02pm Jul 1st, 2014
there. xD
1:57pm Jul 1st, 2014
do want me to keep it like that... or should I keep it normal? x3
1:53pm Jul 1st, 2014
I did that when I was bored. xDDD sorry.
1:49pm Jul 1st, 2014
sorry, my dad took the phone away. x3 I'm using the computer now. ^^ I finally got my big sis off of it.
1:39pm Jul 1st, 2014
hai. :3
7:26pm Jun 30th, 2014
Moms ftw! :3
8:38am Jun 29th, 2014
Go moms. x3 they always save the day, or save your skin. XD
8:35am Jun 29th, 2014
Welp. xD
8:30am Jun 29th, 2014
That's pretty bad. Was it even usable after that?
8:24am Jun 29th, 2014
6:48am Jun 29th, 2014
wow, your uncle BLEW up your dad's bike? 0.0 how did he do that?!
8:01pm Jun 28th, 2014
i was REALLY angry. that bird was like my daughter i adopted and raised. i still hate my little sister to this day 40% because of the bird incident and 60% of the stuff she does to me today. ^^
8:00pm Jun 28th, 2014
don't get me started on how much i flipped out on my little sister, i literally was about to STRANGLE her, (and i would have too) if my dad hadn't pulled me away.
7:56pm Jun 28th, 2014
i loved him so much. ;)
7:54pm Jun 28th, 2014
after a few months, hope was ready to leave our house. hope was the only one who made it. we let her go, and watched her fly away. and that is the story of wing puff, my house finch.
7:50pm Jun 28th, 2014
me and my big sis watching charlottes web, when i heard a loud gasp in the kitchen. i ran in there to see wingpuff. dead on the floor. he had been strangled to death by my little sister.
7:47pm Jun 28th, 2014
we had woken up at 6:00 a.m. every morning on summer vacation just to hand fed them, and already, 3 of them had died. a few months later, we moved into our new house and every thing was going great!
7:43pm Jun 28th, 2014
the littlest one, (we named pinkie) died on the first night. the next night, the biggest one died (we named him chunky). about a month later the middle sized one died, (we had named her star).
7:42pm Jun 28th, 2014
i told my big sister and we decided to go look for more baby birds. we found 4 more. 3 on the ground, and 1 hanging by her toe on a branch, we named hope.
7:40pm Jun 28th, 2014
i picked it up, and it peeped at me. (i had never seen a baby bird before) so, i nearly dropped it in surprise. (but, luckily i didn't) i observed it for a while, and put it on the couch that was in my backyard and i ran inside.
7:38pm Jun 28th, 2014
yay! i was in my backyard after a big storm and i was wondering around. but, as i walked past the pine trees, i heard a little peep. :3 then i saw a little grey puffball with a Mohawk of fuzz on his head on the ground under one of the trees.
7:36pm Jun 28th, 2014
may i tell it to you, pleeaaase? *w*
7:32pm Jun 28th, 2014
yes. that's the name of the little house finch i raised myself that got killed by a little sister. his story is pretty good. it makes me happy to remember him. ^^
7:31pm Jun 28th, 2014
the story of my little bird, wingpuff. want me to tell it to you?
7:27pm Jun 28th, 2014
my spirit guardian is a little house finch, i raised myself. (literally.) (want me to tell you the story of wingpuff?)
7:24pm Jun 28th, 2014
yeah. i guess she is. (she's buried right beside my window, which really creeps me out some times.)
7:20pm Jun 28th, 2014
she killed my one pet that listened to me.
7:16pm Jun 28th, 2014
everyone in my family shuts me out, except for my little sister, it seems like her goal in life is to make my life miserable.
7:15pm Jun 28th, 2014
and doesn't lead to a divorce. hopefully.
7:11pm Jun 28th, 2014
i guess your right, let's just hope the future is better.
7:08pm Jun 28th, 2014
a present?
7:02pm Jun 28th, 2014
6:58pm Jun 28th, 2014
does that mean input output? I'm having one of those "what does that mean" moments... makes me feel stupid... which my dad convinces me i am.
6:54pm Jun 28th, 2014
*hugs* my dad scares me. O_O parents scare me... my mom is ok, this song reminds me of my mom...
6:47pm Jun 28th, 2014
i listen to it when I'm depressed.....
6:43pm Jun 28th, 2014
this is a really good song, it calms me.
6:37pm Jun 28th, 2014
no, I do not. but I've heard about them. they are a game station... right?
6:33pm Jun 28th, 2014
... I have no idea whats going on out there. and I do not want to know. o.o they could be hitting each other for all I know, but its very unlikely. I'm just sitting in my room curled up listening to come little children.
6:30pm Jun 28th, 2014
I'm hiding in my room with the computer and I am mentally scarred. *^*
6:25pm Jun 28th, 2014
my mom keeps on telling me to do one thing while mmy dad is telling me to do another and when I was doing what my mom said when my dad came over and just yelled at me since 'm not doing it his way now parents are yelling at each other help.
6:15pm Jun 28th, 2014
help. ;(
6:11pm Jun 28th, 2014
she has 10 scales packed up and she refuses to use them.
5:25pm Jun 28th, 2014
cool! ^^ your allowed to post on the above 13's boards. lucky. theres absolutely nothing going on in the under 13's boards. :| hey, your as old as my big sis, cool. ^^ she's the user, prettybird. (she doesn't play anymore though.) :
5:23pm Jun 28th, 2014
since I told you how shockingly young I am, what is your age? :3
5:19pm Jun 28th, 2014
5:10pm Jun 28th, 2014
mouth: 5 eyes: 1 ^^
5:02pm Jun 28th, 2014
this one?
4:59pm Jun 28th, 2014
4:55pm Jun 28th, 2014
how about now? x3
4:49pm Jun 28th, 2014
I'm one of those people who's just like: what the heck does THAT mean? :? *looks up* ooooh.. .... ... well then. x3
4:38pm Jun 28th, 2014
x3 people say I am quite mature for my age. but, I can be an idiot sometimes, and I have a terrible vocabulary.
4:33pm Jun 28th, 2014
yesh... x3
4:26pm Jun 28th, 2014
yup. my mom specializes in teaching other grown ups aaaalll about kids. and she has one in all three stages too! x3 a little demanding toddler, a 5'th grader (me)(its called something, I just forgot.) xD and a teenager.
4:22pm Jun 28th, 2014
XD that wouldn't last for a minute. my mom is a "child expert" and knows "aaall" the tricks. xD (haha, no she doesn't) but she know this one. x3 my sister would just go complaining to my mom an my mom would make me get it
3:48pm Jun 28th, 2014
agh. annoying little bratty, sassy, sister just came in my room and took the cord for my computer. (my computer lasts like 2 minutes with out it's cord)because she wants the computer. Xp siblings. :|
3:45pm Jun 28th, 2014
>_< that's unfortunate.
3:18pm Jun 28th, 2014
oooh. >_< well, I hope he has better luck tomorrow. ^^
3:16pm Jun 28th, 2014
did the other team win by a point, or by a long shot?
3:14pm Jun 28th, 2014
aww. well that sucks. :/
3:13pm Jun 28th, 2014
hi. ^^ is your game over? if it is, how did it go? :3
2:44pm Jun 28th, 2014
Cool. Is it going good? ^^
8:34am Jun 28th, 2014
Augh. Sorry xp I didn't see the grandma message. I wish you best of luck, though.
8:27am Jun 28th, 2014
Ok. What Tipe of game is it? :3
8:25am Jun 28th, 2014
Hai. :3 I am still traumatized and forever will be. So, how are you? *w*
8:15am Jun 28th, 2014
when pink pie told rainbow dash, she broke a chair, but when they told flutter shy, her face. You should have seen her face! D; it was so depressing! AAGH! *gross sobbing*
9:14pm Jun 27th, 2014
And there was spike right beside her the whole time. And pinky pie and apple jack were watching, in tears as they did CPR on her, but she died. :( when Apple Jack told rarity, she burst out crying on Apple jack's shoulder, when pink pie told rainbow dash,
9:13pm Jun 27th, 2014
IT WAS FLIPPING SAD!!! AAAAGH!! *cries in a corner* (I'm actually crying right now... It was that depressing and dramatic) :(
9:09pm Jun 27th, 2014
Extremely depressed. ;( and crying omg. And the worst part is, they had a picture for each of the ponies expressions when they got told. Flutter shy's reaction was the worst! OMG. I am going to crawl in my snowman suit and stay there traumatized. ;(
9:07pm Jun 27th, 2014
OMG. I just got done reading a my little pony fan fiction where twilight dies and I'm literally crying right now! D; I had just finished the fan fiction and I was grossly crying when my dad decided to come in and say it's time to go to bed. And now I'm o
9:04pm Jun 27th, 2014
that's all I could think of that would even come close to helping... :(
3:45pm Jun 27th, 2014
maybe its not to late to tell your mom that you'll go to avoid having to tell her.
3:39pm Jun 27th, 2014
are you ok?
3:30pm Jun 27th, 2014
did you tell her?
3:12pm Jun 27th, 2014
its ok. *hugs*
3:11pm Jun 27th, 2014
at least she'll always love you. right? *comforts*
2:42pm Jun 27th, 2014
this is sad. :(
2:34pm Jun 27th, 2014
... eh... umm... I don't know. DX *pats on back*
2:32pm Jun 27th, 2014
oooh. D: that sucks... try to say it nicely? ^^") I don't know...
2:25pm Jun 27th, 2014
how are you doing? ^^
2:21pm Jun 27th, 2014
hai. ^^
2:15pm Jun 27th, 2014
HEWO! :3
1:18pm Jun 27th, 2014
I am going to hide in a snowman suit for the next week now. x3
12:19pm Jun 27th, 2014
at least she forgives me. yay. if she didn't forgive me, I would have been scarred for life. xD
12:16pm Jun 27th, 2014
I probably creeped her out. the first good customer for my store in a long time and I asked her if she likes my hair. omg
12:08pm Jun 27th, 2014
gah, accedintally posted this on wrong shoutbox! xp like my new hairstyle? :3 (or do you think the other one was better?) (i liked the other one)
12:05pm Jun 27th, 2014
*hugs* hai. :3
12:00pm Jun 27th, 2014
oh, and check the chats. :3
8:33pm Jun 26th, 2014
I think my finger is 40% more flat now. xD
8:28pm Jun 26th, 2014
I had to push the right arrow button 1111 times. literally. xD
8:18pm Jun 26th, 2014
I just got finished rereading trickster mode from homestuck. and now my brain is once again tromatized and my finger hurts.
8:17pm Jun 26th, 2014
omg. help.
8:16pm Jun 26th, 2014
omg. help.
8:16pm Jun 26th, 2014
they allow one extra "Train" action on a single dinosaur for the day. :3 do you train dinos? i just figured out where the training place is a few days ago. x3
6:39pm Jun 26th, 2014
*reaches into other pocket* hey! what do you know? an elixir of success. *tosses to you* here, catch!
6:34pm Jun 26th, 2014
waaaaiiiit.... *reaches hand farther into pocket and pulls out a miny bag of confetti* there we go! :3 *tosses in air*
6:30pm Jun 26th, 2014
wait, was that the wrong tipe of confetti? xD
6:26pm Jun 26th, 2014
wait... *reaches into pocket* here she is! *throws confetti in the air*
6:04pm Jun 26th, 2014
I ran out of confedi. X3
6:01pm Jun 26th, 2014
6:01pm Jun 26th, 2014
it ok. X3 want me to toss more confetti? *gets confetti ready*
5:58pm Jun 26th, 2014
Aww thanks
5:56pm Jun 26th, 2014
magic! X3
5:54pm Jun 26th, 2014
*throws more confetti and a present falls out of it* :D
5:54pm Jun 26th, 2014
... I just now remembered that today is the day I joined exhibited! XD I have now been on exhibited fur exactly 2 years.yaaay! *puts on a party hat* :3
5:46pm Jun 26th, 2014
Yup, that's how to exercise your fat cat alright. XD want a treat? want a treat? aHAAAAAAAAAAAhahahauhhsshdhsaahhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!
2:47pm Jun 26th, 2014
this is practically how I do it. XD
2:41pm Jun 26th, 2014
I get him to come 3 feet away or 4, and chase him every where around the house. my mom says he deserves it for peeing on her carpet, my dad says he needs the exercise. XD I give him 1 or 2 treats when we're done though. :3
2:37pm Jun 26th, 2014
XD I do that when I'm bored to exercise my fat cat.
2:21pm Jun 26th, 2014
I hope you like them! :D (I really like their markings) :3
2:18pm Jun 26th, 2014
oh. X3 i'll send them over. ^^
2:16pm Jun 26th, 2014
and then I can send you afew spinos, then a carno. *w*
2:07pm Jun 26th, 2014
would you like all of the bambiraptors? :3
2:06pm Jun 26th, 2014
would you like a carno, or a spino? ^^ this girl was abandoning all of her dinos in the nature reserve, and now I'm selling 8 Bambirapors and I got a few more spino and carnos. ^^ it would be my treat to give you one or two spino, carnos or bambiraptors.
2:04pm Jun 26th, 2014
hai! :D guess whatz?! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
1:52pm Jun 26th, 2014
Me: *gets grabbed* XD
9:53am Jun 26th, 2014
I'm boored. *rolls around on floor* nvfgjvngjgfnvhfnvhgbvhgbnvhnbhjgnfvnngbhgbhgb *continues to randomly smash buttons*
9:49am Jun 26th, 2014
I got smacked by the vine. XD
9:45am Jun 26th, 2014
hai. :3
9:40am Jun 26th, 2014
9:20pm Jun 25th, 2014
ok. ^^
3:51pm Jun 25th, 2014
3:31pm Jun 25th, 2014
Hello I'm back.
12:54pm Jun 25th, 2014
I just got finished responding too. XD :3
12:45pm Jun 25th, 2014
yes, I am violent. XD homestuck ruined me. X3
12:12pm Jun 25th, 2014
I replied on the topic. :3
12:04pm Jun 25th, 2014
heres the link to the topic:
11:47am Jun 25th, 2014
its in under 13's general. :3
11:47am Jun 25th, 2014
I mean boards. XD I play on this other site where they call the 'boards' forums. ^^' anyway, wanna?
11:39am Jun 25th, 2014
*dumps water on head* want ot do the " what would you do if " thing in the forums, I've got a special question waiting fur you... XD
11:36am Jun 25th, 2014
still alive? *pokes with a cat*
11:33am Jun 25th, 2014
want to do the 'what would you do if' in the forums?
11:28am Jun 25th, 2014
yay. :3 and I'm glad your still alive. XD
11:27am Jun 25th, 2014
tomorrow is my anniversary of joining this game! yay! :D
11:19am Jun 25th, 2014
are you still alive? *pokes with a stick*
11:08am Jun 25th, 2014
I have to go.
10:50am Jun 25th, 2014
I hope you like him! ^^
7:53am Jun 25th, 2014
I sent you the Dino's son! <3 I hope you like him! :3
7:07am Jun 25th, 2014
I am the bearded vampire. XD
5:48pm Jun 24th, 2014
5:40pm Jun 24th, 2014
I found my old vampire costume!:D
5:19pm Jun 24th, 2014
*hugs* XD
4:52pm Jun 24th, 2014
thanks! *nibbles apple* :3
4:47pm Jun 24th, 2014
food. apple. a firm round fruit with central core. all of this fighting with an incubator has made meh hungry. XD
4:45pm Jun 24th, 2014
may I have an apple? ^^
4:38pm Jun 24th, 2014
*pets beard* I am your sensei. XD
4:37pm Jun 24th, 2014
like my beard? XD
4:34pm Jun 24th, 2014
my poor baby polar bear! XD
4:33pm Jun 24th, 2014
XD if I put shoes on it, it would look like this.
4:31pm Jun 24th, 2014
Me: *puts incubator back into incubator room and puts eggs gently back into incubator* there. anyway, what where we talking about, again?
4:29pm Jun 24th, 2014
Me: *overpowers incubator* mwahahaha! Incubator: grr! Me: not so innocent now, huh?!
4:28pm Jun 24th, 2014
incubator: tackles me. Me: aaah! this is just wrong! D:
4:26pm Jun 24th, 2014
incubator: *grows arms* Me: omg
4:25pm Jun 24th, 2014
Me: *tackles incubator* Incubator: hdjfjnfmnhfhfhhfjh
4:23pm Jun 24th, 2014
Me: i'll kill em'! >:C
4:21pm Jun 24th, 2014
incubator: Me: ...
4:20pm Jun 24th, 2014
XD Me: ok! fine! *watches incubator* Incubator: troll face Me: he gave me a troll face! >:[
4:17pm Jun 24th, 2014
Me: -.- you win this time incubator. but i'll be watching you... Incubator: *mental crying*
4:12pm Jun 24th, 2014
cool. ^^ I would be breeding dinosaurs... IF MY INCUBATOR WASN'T SO SMALL. >:[ Me: looks over at incubator angrily. Incubator: *sinks into corner*, "sorry".
4:06pm Jun 24th, 2014
whacha doing? I'm literally rolling on the floor around my laptop. XD I'm so booored.
3:59pm Jun 24th, 2014
hai! ^^
3:57pm Jun 24th, 2014
aww. :( I'm sorry.
2:01pm Jun 23rd, 2014
would you like a new tag? ^^ like your old one, only with your updated username? :3
1:55pm Jun 23rd, 2014
*Logs off*
12:48pm Jun 22nd, 2014
do you possibly have any yellow shorts? I'm supposed to deliver them fur an errand, but there are none in stock. Xp
12:20pm Jun 22nd, 2014
ok4y. ^^
8:58am Jun 22nd, 2014
ok4y. 1'm br33d1ng som3 m4l3 lols too. 1f you n33d on3, just 4sk.
8:53am Jun 22nd, 2014
t4k3 good c4r3 of th3 4llo. not so much of th3 lolos4urus though. 1ts not 3v3n n34r to 4ll p3rf3cts. ;/ sorry 4bout th4t.
8:51am Jun 22nd, 2014
n3v3r m1nd. XD
8:49am Jun 22nd, 2014
is the allo still in the crate? or is it in an enclosure?
8:48am Jun 22nd, 2014
1'll s3nd 1t ov3r.
8:47am Jun 22nd, 2014
1 c4n't s3ll 1t. 4nd 1t do3sn't h4v3 4ll p3rf3cts l1k3 th3 oth3rs. :/
8:45am Jun 22nd, 2014
w4nt 4 f3m4l3 pr3tty young lolosaurus?
8:44am Jun 22nd, 2014
1t'll h4tch 1n thr33 d4ys. b3 pr3p4r3d fur 1t's 4rr1v4l! h3 h3, h3'll b3 4dor4bloodth1rsty.
8:36am Jun 22nd, 2014
XD 1 s1mply control 4nd cop13d, 4nd th1s 1s wh4t 1t s41d. XD 1t h4s 4ll p3rf3cts. th4ts 4 bonus, r1ght? 4nd 1t's 3y3 color 1s r3d. >;] 1 4bsolut3l3y lov3 th4t color.
8:31am Jun 22nd, 2014
wh4t? :?
8:28am Jun 22nd, 2014
(1 h4v3 3gg 1ns1t3)
8:27am Jun 22nd, 2014
th3s3 4r3 h1s st4ts so f4r: Genetics Eye Genetics BBGGIIJJOORRSsttVV AaCCDDHh ee ee EE Color Matisse (#14779b) Markings Grape (#341645): Fauna 1 (Common) Eye Color Red Perfects 6 Intelligence 28.30 Speed 53.00 Strength 32
8:25am Jun 22nd, 2014
w3ll, 1 w4s just do1ng th4t, 4ctu4lly. XD s1nc3 1 only h4v3 2 m4l3s, 1 w4s br33d1ng som3. would you l1k3 your d1no's son? h3'll h4tch 1n 4f3w d4ys or so.
8:24am Jun 22nd, 2014
but th3 f1rst g3n3r4t1on d1nos must h4v3 4ll p3rf3cts too.
8:22am Jun 22nd, 2014
1 buy 2 f1rst g3n3r4t1on d1nos, th3n br33d th3m from th3r3. m4yb3 us1ng som3 4ll purrf3ct studs 4sw3ll.
8:21am Jun 22nd, 2014
1 only k33p 4ll purrf3ct d1nos. 3v3ry s1ngl3 on3 of th3m h4v3 4ll purrf3cts.
8:19am Jun 22nd, 2014
you c4n h4v3 h3r son too, 1f you w4nt. (wh3n h3 h4tch3s th4t 1s)
8:17am Jun 22nd, 2014
hop3 you l1k3 h3r.
8:13am Jun 22nd, 2014
s3nt. ^^
8:11am Jun 22nd, 2014
ok, 1'll s3nd 1t ov3r.
8:07am Jun 22nd, 2014
4n allosaurus. w4nt on3? 1 h4v3 to m4ny. to m4ny mouths to f33d.
8:04am Jun 22nd, 2014
w4nt 4n 4llos4urus?
7:57am Jun 22nd, 2014
th4t m4k3s two of us. XD
7:28am Jun 22nd, 2014
n3v3rm1nd.... 1 h4v3 4bsolut3ly no 1d34 how to. XD c4n 1 just g1v3 my p4ssword to you 4nd you c4n m4k3 wh4t3v3r you w4nt?
7:20am Jun 22nd, 2014
h3h3h3, 1 m34nt d1nos4urs, s1lly! s1nc3 1'm 4n ov3rl4y l1c3nc3d pl4y3r! 1 th1nk th4t 1 should m4k3 1t fur th3 T-r3x. wh4t d1no do you th1nk 1 should do 1t for?
7:10am Jun 22nd, 2014
1'm th1nk1ng of m4k1ng 4 4nkle br4c3l3t. wh1ch sp3c13s should 1 m4k3 it for?
7:00am Jun 22nd, 2014
6:56am Jun 22nd, 2014
sh3s 4w3som3.
6:53am Jun 22nd, 2014
No, sorry.
6:17pm Jun 21st, 2014
oh. XD its because, in the fandom I'm reading, my favorite character tipes like that. ^^
4:17pm Jun 21st, 2014
... my f4c3 got cold. XD
3:53pm Jun 21st, 2014
just cr4ck th3 cod3. 1ts l1k3 4 l1ttl3 puzzl3. :3 c4n you f1gur3 out wh4t cl3ok1tty 1s s4y1ng?
3:52pm Jun 21st, 2014
h3r3, 1ts 4 l1ttl3 cod3 on how 1 t1p3: e = 3. I = 1, and a = 4. :]
3:51pm Jun 21st, 2014
h41. XD 1 got bor3d, so 1 d3c1d3d to com3 b4ck! :] 1'm gonn4 be on h3r3 4 whol3 lot now th4t 1'v3 b33n suck3d b4ck 1nto th3 3xh1b1t3d bubbl3.
3:48pm Jun 21st, 2014
h41! 1'm b4ck! 4nd 1 s33 th4t your st1ll us1ng th4t t4g 1 m4d3 for you! cool. 1ts m3, cleokitty, 1 just b3c4m3 4 hom3stuck. XD
3:41pm Jun 21st, 2014
I have returned.
11:37am Jun 21st, 2014
Going outside I'll be back later.
11:08am Jun 21st, 2014
Sorry, I got a whole bunch of new clothes today and I decided to wear them real quick.
3:56pm Jun 19th, 2014
8:02am Jun 19th, 2014
Are you still here?
9:25pm Jun 18th, 2014
10:14pm Jun 17th, 2014
Are you still here?
8:01pm Jun 16th, 2014
7:37am Jun 16th, 2014
XD #Ricardo
6:36am Jun 16th, 2014
6:31am Jun 16th, 2014
6:26am Jun 16th, 2014
2:00pm Jun 15th, 2014
*Rubs eyes*
6:00am Jun 15th, 2014
2:15pm Jun 14th, 2014
8:19pm Jun 13th, 2014
Okay.....Your taking a hella long time to type.
7:53pm Jun 13th, 2014
7:47pm Jun 13th, 2014
Okay. XD But check my dinosaur message out.
5:22pm Jun 13th, 2014
Okay. :)
3:39pm Jun 13th, 2014
*Rubs eyes* Morning....
4:53am Jun 13th, 2014
I am going to go paint. :) Sweet dreams.
9:38pm Jun 12th, 2014
*Rubs eyes* Morning....
6:11am Jun 12th, 2014
Sweet dreams?
9:41pm Jun 11th, 2014
Check him out again!
12:53pm Jun 11th, 2014
XD I just raised his stats again!
12:50pm Jun 11th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
9:18pm Jun 10th, 2014
*Looks at avatar* *Doesn't give a shoe*
8:02am Jun 10th, 2014
(#Justsneezed) Good morning. :)
7:59am Jun 10th, 2014
I am going to go paint. :) Sweet dreams.
10:22pm Jun 9th, 2014
9:43am Jun 9th, 2014
Beautiful is dangerous- Lauryn That is the wisest thing I heard you say. I'm impressed. :D
1:55pm Jun 8th, 2014
Because that's what my dad does. -_-
1:04pm Jun 8th, 2014
No joke.
1:00pm Jun 8th, 2014
Sorry. My dad broke into my house. -_-
12:46pm Jun 8th, 2014
Sorry. My dad broke into my house. -_-
12:46pm Jun 8th, 2014
4:37pm Jun 7th, 2014
3:50pm Jun 7th, 2014
I am going to go paint. :) Sweet dreams.. LONG LIVE CRABS!
8:34pm Jun 6th, 2014
One of the lights is out in my shower. It's like taking a shower with the lighting of a horror movie. XD
7:07pm Jun 6th, 2014
1:52pm Jun 6th, 2014
12:51pm Jun 6th, 2014
Well at least your aren't my kind of bloody. #Girlproblems
12:44pm Jun 6th, 2014
XD You were talking with yourself! And I know what you meant by nosebleed. Are you alright?
12:35pm Jun 6th, 2014
I am going to go paint. :) Sweet dreams.. LONG LIVE PAINT!
8:51pm Jun 5th, 2014
Trying to make you happy.
1:25pm Jun 5th, 2014
Okay,Goodnight Lauryn, Sweet dreams.
6:57pm Jun 4th, 2014
:) I take it your connection is weird. So bye.
6:06am Jun 2nd, 2014
I'm going to the zoo today.
5:48am Jun 2nd, 2014
Goodnight Lauryn, Sweet dreams.
7:39pm Jun 1st, 2014 just seem like ye old stereotypical girl. Come on and at least act like you know what I meant.
1:02pm Jun 1st, 2014
You just said you wanted to start a new roleplay? A roleplay about what?
1:00pm Jun 1st, 2014
What's the preference?
12:57pm Jun 1st, 2014
12:55pm Jun 1st, 2014
Yay! :D
12:31pm May 31st, 2014
4:12am May 30th, 2014
Goodnight Lauryn, Sweet dreams.
9:03pm May 29th, 2014
2:39pm May 29th, 2014
Going to school. LONG LIVE PAINT!
4:46am May 28th, 2014
I am going to go paint. See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. Lauryn.
7:25pm May 27th, 2014
I've got to go.
2:41pm May 27th, 2014
1:53pm May 27th, 2014
YEAH! Hold up. I have kittens everywhere.
1:48pm May 27th, 2014
12:43pm May 27th, 2014
I got sprayed by a hose in school today. XD
12:40pm May 27th, 2014
4:17am May 27th, 2014
4:12am May 27th, 2014
4:08am May 27th, 2014
Goodnight Lauryn, Sweet dreams.
7:51pm May 26th, 2014
What did you think?
2:16pm May 26th, 2014
2:08pm May 26th, 2014
Sweet dreams. I am going to go paint. We can continue tomorrow I have no school.
8:11pm May 25th, 2014
Brb shower
5:06pm May 25th, 2014
Going on a hike see you later.
12:19pm May 25th, 2014
I am going to try and raise it. :D
10:59am May 25th, 2014
Mine is a lunar moth.
10:53am May 25th, 2014
Sorry, Silk worm somehow found it's way into my house.
10:50am May 25th, 2014
Okay. Bye,
6:16am May 25th, 2014
You came the wrong way, OH! King Louis!
6:10am May 25th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
8:14pm May 24th, 2014
3:21pm May 24th, 2014
3:07pm May 24th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:15pm May 23rd, 2014
4:39am May 23rd, 2014
Sweet dreams...
7:40pm May 22nd, 2014
Are you asleep?
7:37pm May 22nd, 2014 MINE I TELL YOU!
5:22pm May 22nd, 2014
What would you like me to do? It's not like I'm in the room with you...
1:27pm May 22nd, 2014
1:21pm May 22nd, 2014
I would name at least on Shiloh.
4:46pm May 21st, 2014
I love storms.
4:43pm May 21st, 2014
Okay, and If I don't respond it is either I am watching an old film, dating sim, on tab. Or my comp is lagging.
4:38pm May 21st, 2014
I should send it to you some time. P.S I only play "feels" dating sims.
6:21pm May 20th, 2014
Dating sim. :) Sorry,
6:13pm May 20th, 2014
5:19pm May 20th, 2014
potato :3
4:43pm May 20th, 2014
1:36pm May 20th, 2014
Okay, just tell me when.
1:11pm May 20th, 2014
If you want we could stop now. :D
1:04pm May 20th, 2014
1:20pm May 19th, 2014
1:14pm May 19th, 2014
4:45am May 19th, 2014
0_0 Night?
9:07pm May 18th, 2014
8:46pm May 18th, 2014
1:51pm May 18th, 2014
No, I'm not cranky. I am used to being up for 24 hours remember? I have to get my grandmother up for papers soon. We work at 3:00 am And I just have a mature personality thank goodness my school year is over in two weeks.
7:21pm May 17th, 2014
Okay. I found an amazing song that I can relate to. :D
9:18am May 17th, 2014
You are getting my messages right? You are taking a long time to respond.
9:14am May 17th, 2014
7:37am May 17th, 2014
I'll tell you tomorrow. I had a long day so... Sweet dreams. :)
7:16pm May 16th, 2014
Got to go. Bye. :)
4:44am May 16th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
8:37pm May 15th, 2014
8:30pm May 15th, 2014
4:45am May 15th, 2014
7:37pm May 14th, 2014
5:31pm May 13th, 2014
Continue with the whale one.
1:17pm May 13th, 2014
This is how I act at school. :)
2:32pm May 12th, 2014
I take it I m spirit. :) I'm such a strong independent woman!
2:24pm May 12th, 2014
12:31pm May 12th, 2014
4:39am May 12th, 2014
Might be leaving in a few seconds.
4:37am May 12th, 2014
8:13pm May 11th, 2014
Every creepypasta and supernatural fans theme song.....
7:30pm May 11th, 2014
I love this song. I watch the blacklist. Best series I've seen in a while.
11:54am May 11th, 2014
7:13pm May 10th, 2014
5:40pm May 10th, 2014
BRB shower
5:31pm May 10th, 2014 This video
12:03pm May 10th, 2014
I might go to the library.
8:21am May 10th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:54pm May 9th, 2014
Hello. :)
1:05pm May 9th, 2014
Nye. (I meant to say but I am just going to say that.)
4:39am May 9th, 2014
2:51am May 9th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
8:20pm May 8th, 2014
4:51pm May 8th, 2014
-_- Cats....
1:44pm May 8th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:50pm May 7th, 2014
I mean seriously! That is just too much! I'm only fourteen!
7:31pm May 7th, 2014
Praise the good lord I didn't choose Chris Crocker!
7:28pm May 7th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:47pm May 6th, 2014
Sweet dreams. I had an OAA tomorrow so I am very tired. :) Goodnight.
7:10pm May 5th, 2014
Taking a shower be back in a few. :D
4:39pm May 4th, 2014
2:08pm May 4th, 2014
2:03pm May 4th, 2014
Sweet dreams. I am very tired. :) Goodnight.
7:37pm May 2nd, 2014
Sweet dreams. I had an OAA today so I am very tired. :) Goodnight.
7:20pm Apr 29th, 2014
12:46pm Apr 29th, 2014
7:29pm Apr 28th, 2014
8:41pm Apr 27th, 2014
Right now I'm trying to get rid of all my herbivores except the reindeer. Trying to save up a ton of money. ;)
9:35am Apr 27th, 2014
I've been reading over homestuck making myself depressed. XD
9:29am Apr 27th, 2014
How've you been?
9:23am Apr 27th, 2014
Hai! :3 I'm back! ^^
9:10am Apr 27th, 2014
Okay. I sent a message. So just respond to start the role play unless your ready. Oh! I have a new idea for a role play. Disney!
6:16am Apr 27th, 2014
5:46am Apr 27th, 2014
Bye. I have school.
4:41am Apr 25th, 2014
I only have 15 minutes before school.
4:29am Apr 25th, 2014
8:08pm Apr 24th, 2014
8:16pm Apr 22nd, 2014
Type faster please. :)
4:24am Apr 22nd, 2014
(0_0)/ THIS IS SPARTA!!!
3:50am Apr 22nd, 2014
4:20am Apr 21st, 2014
4:13am Apr 21st, 2014
Budder Burritos
7:40am Apr 18th, 2014
Have school see you later
4:35am Apr 17th, 2014
(0_0)/ THIS IS SPARTA!!!
5:11pm Apr 16th, 2014
(0_0)/ THIS IS SPARTA!!!
1:44pm Apr 12th, 2014
12:14pm Apr 11th, 2014
Tell me again, why did I introduce my little sisters to "Firestar Doesn't Like Waffles"?
12:02pm Apr 11th, 2014
Just home...
10:59am Apr 10th, 2014
Did you get my messages?
9:07pm Apr 9th, 2014
Yeah, just a little bit busy.
7:54am Apr 9th, 2014
Yes, and I dable in some world of war craft... And maybe some gta, but that's another story*prepair Duel lugars*prepair to meet your demise.
8:42pm Apr 8th, 2014
Good. I'm glad he's feeling better.
6:26pm Apr 8th, 2014
Sorry, had to do some homework. How's your kitten?
6:17pm Apr 8th, 2014
3:32pm Apr 8th, 2014
1:27pm Apr 8th, 2014
I told my little sisters my secret, and now they won't leave me alone.
7:09pm Apr 7th, 2014
8:17pm Apr 5th, 2014
8:06pm Apr 5th, 2014
7:16pm Apr 5th, 2014
6:43pm Apr 5th, 2014
9:06pm Apr 3rd, 2014
8:58pm Apr 3rd, 2014
Yes I like waffles! I ate some blueberry ones this morning. :)
7:57pm Apr 2nd, 2014
Hold on I need o log off.
12:10pm Apr 2nd, 2014
11:09am Apr 2nd, 2014
hello. :)
4:13pm Mar 31st, 2014
Hello. :)
9:03am Mar 30th, 2014
Goodnight friend. :)
7:19pm Mar 29th, 2014
*Low happy growl* (Sweet dreams)
11:22pm Mar 28th, 2014
No! sky help me!
5:29am Mar 28th, 2014
5:27am Mar 28th, 2014
Did you see the webpage that I sent you?
2:39pm Mar 27th, 2014
(0_0) / This is SPARTA!
2:01pm Mar 27th, 2014
good morning.
10:38am Mar 27th, 2014
Sweet dreams. :)
9:16pm Mar 26th, 2014
(0_0) /
6:37pm Mar 26th, 2014
(0_0) / This is SPARTA!
4:17pm Mar 26th, 2014
8:33pm Mar 25th, 2014
So how are you doing? :)
9:49am Mar 24th, 2014
You could also call me Ally. :) That is my nickname that my closest friends call me. :3
9:17am Mar 24th, 2014
Lauryn. Beautiful name. :)
9:10am Mar 24th, 2014
Good morning Jackie. :) (What is your real first name this is driving me crazy. XD)
9:06am Mar 24th, 2014
Yum what kind. (Please use send a message the shout box is so annoying.)
1:32pm Mar 23rd, 2014
So anything with you?
1:14pm Mar 23rd, 2014
Salutations. (Hello)
12:43pm Mar 23rd, 2014
gotta go bye and goodnight
5:38pm Mar 22nd, 2014
2:15pm Mar 21st, 2014
That is paranoia my friend. :) By the way you could send messages to me if that can make you more comfortable. That way it is absolutely private. :)
4:43pm Mar 20th, 2014
apologize. :)
4:39pm Mar 20th, 2014
That is normal. It just means you have a slow response. You are not slow or disabled or even sociopath. Just unique. Next time before you do that think about how it is a bad idea. And if you still do it go back the next day and....
4:39pm Mar 20th, 2014
I think that's just human nature. XD So you do not have a conscience? Ok that is not bad at all. Many people are not just born with a conscience. It just grows over time and good up bringing.
4:35pm Mar 20th, 2014
So you wish to be a good leader? That's great! ............ So tell me how you are a sociopath now. Are you angry most of the time? Or just are different?
4:29pm Mar 20th, 2014
I also like swimming as well. Just a fun fact. :)
4:25pm Mar 20th, 2014
Do wish you would like to be like him? Do you wish to be more happy? :)
4:24pm Mar 20th, 2014
Ok. So enough with that. 1.What things do you like to do? Or 2.Do you have a good role model? This will give you a better objective.
4:21pm Mar 20th, 2014
So brotherly. What games do you play do you like soccer? Or are you uncomfortable playing sports?
4:18pm Mar 20th, 2014
Ok. How often are you in a good mood? What do you feel when you are with friends? Happiness? Friendly love? Brother or sister? Or a little... uncomfortable?
4:16pm Mar 20th, 2014
OK! That is a great start. I now know you probably like to have fun. :D Right????
4:11pm Mar 20th, 2014
Ok. :) Any favorite music artist?
4:08pm Mar 20th, 2014
Well.. Reason one. 1. Music. Any more? :) If not that is good enough. It gives me something to work with. :D
4:06pm Mar 20th, 2014
She thought of what she loved and succeeded!
4:02pm Mar 20th, 2014
4:01pm Mar 20th, 2014
My music teacher also used to hate math like I do. And on the day of her math test she would literally cry. But one day her teacher said. You know you already know the answers. She was shocked but it turns out in music you need math! So she just used musi
4:01pm Mar 20th, 2014
Do you want an even easier example? :) Don't worry I will understand if you do. :D
3:57pm Mar 20th, 2014
It might get you motivated enough to stay on your task. Example. I hate math. I think of why I need it slowly I begin to love it. I love science and to do science I need math. :)
3:53pm Mar 20th, 2014
Ok. Step 1. Find a reason to want be good or control your anger.. Or fear sometimes that is the cause.
3:49pm Mar 20th, 2014
That is not a real response.
3:40pm Mar 20th, 2014
Please respond.
3:40pm Mar 20th, 2014
Well if you want to learn how to change or at least control it. Please respond. I am a fourteen year old scientist after all.
3:37pm Mar 20th, 2014
how you use it.
3:32pm Mar 20th, 2014
So what? Half of everyone in the world is a sociopath. It just means you think differently. I suffer from ADHD so what? I am not evil. I am not a killer though sometimes I do think of torture. It isn't that you have it. It is...
3:32pm Mar 20th, 2014
.... .... You mean? You think your crazy and now you are deciding to say random words because you don't know what to say. Or... Jack just appeared. (Again)
3:26pm Mar 20th, 2014
.... .... ....
3:20pm Mar 20th, 2014
Thank you for just being alive. :) That way I do not have to hurt anyone. :D
3:18pm Mar 20th, 2014
Thank goodness your ok. :) I was going to enjoy finally after two years of nit fighting. Being able to defend my friends. 1.One by destroying his head. 2.By using his own power against him.(Speed)
3:17pm Mar 20th, 2014
HAHAHA! *Sigh* Well... Jackie are you ok there? :)
3:13pm Mar 20th, 2014
3:07pm Mar 20th, 2014
3:00pm Mar 20th, 2014
2:58pm Mar 20th, 2014
Don't you dare talk to me like that. Laughing Jack! I SWEAR I WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE!
2:56pm Mar 20th, 2014
Do you or do you not understand?
2:50pm Mar 20th, 2014
Do you understand Jack?
2:32pm Mar 20th, 2014
Yeah but if you have a crush on someone. Then that means you are capable of love. And you said do you think I care. In which case you do care. Because you think it was important to tell me.
2:19pm Mar 20th, 2014
Well you should care.
2:13pm Mar 20th, 2014
Promise not to punch him and it is important you both talk. Who knows maybe this is just a big misunderstanding.
2:10pm Mar 20th, 2014
Actually she has a lot of reasons. ... DON"T YOU DARE JUST LAY HANDS ON A LADY! .... *Sigh* Jackie just take a seat and talk to him. Jack I promise you she will not run..Now. LET GO!
2:06pm Mar 20th, 2014
Other than you might rape her. Sorry if that hurts you. your past just scares her. I think you are a nice young man just a little aggressive.
1:54pm Mar 20th, 2014
Jack let go your scaring her. (And not in a good way either.)
1:41pm Mar 20th, 2014
In general? Wow. Keep talking to him.
1:38pm Mar 20th, 2014
Really? In what way?
1:30pm Mar 20th, 2014
Ask him.
1:19pm Mar 20th, 2014
. 1.Why do you like me?
1:19pm Mar 20th, 2014
Tell him to please go away and nicely. Or... Give him these questions. 1.Why do you like me? 2.(This is a big one.XD) Will you marry me! (You know play fangirl.)
1:04pm Mar 20th, 2014
.... Let me guess... ... To 'make love' (or whatever the heck that guy does.XD)
12:49pm Mar 20th, 2014
As in he really likes You? ... Maybe he just wants to keep you safe.
12:38pm Mar 20th, 2014
.... What now? :I
12:36pm Mar 20th, 2014
12:27pm Mar 20th, 2014
......... ......... ! ......... ! (Does math and other science) Please tell me this was not your first.
7:27pm Mar 19th, 2014
..... By cornerned you mean...
7:22pm Mar 19th, 2014
I have it at the trade spot I showed you remember? .... Sure.
7:13pm Mar 19th, 2014
I will trade you dark kitei for those glasses in your storage.
7:09pm Mar 19th, 2014
Yeah except I do not call you crazy or stop you from killing other people I just stop you from killing each other. :) Dr. Alexzandria I even know how to council marriages too. ( XD ) Let's just say I have gad many adventures.
6:57pm Mar 19th, 2014
Because I am like your therapist. Just nicer and for free. :)
6:49pm Mar 19th, 2014
Hey don't hurt his feelings! (Please tell me Jack's response) Just tell him nicely that you do not like him like that.
6:43pm Mar 19th, 2014
... I think he likes you. ... Or is at least interested.
6:33pm Mar 19th, 2014
what kind of stutter?
6:31pm Mar 19th, 2014
Ask him. If he stutters yes if he says it strait no.
6:30pm Mar 19th, 2014
... Maybe he likes you.
6:27pm Mar 19th, 2014
Well that's a shame. I mean I like him. And not like those crazy fan people. I'm not really a fan of anyone.
6:25pm Mar 19th, 2014
How? Because I am being so nice? :)
6:06pm Mar 19th, 2014
How is he terrified? :'
5:57pm Mar 19th, 2014
Well alright. Goodnight then. Sweetdreams. :) You too Jack. :)
5:53pm Mar 19th, 2014
Well then get some more rest Jack. Jackie are you tired too?
5:50pm Mar 19th, 2014
You ok there babe? :I
5:30pm Mar 19th, 2014
Why hello there sleepy head.
5:28pm Mar 19th, 2014
5:08pm Mar 19th, 2014
I was being nice to him. -__-
5:04pm Mar 19th, 2014
5:03pm Mar 19th, 2014
yeah. Well... At least he looks peaceful. Thought it may be a dirty dream or whatever else. I just hope it is a good one.
4:59pm Mar 19th, 2014
Aw.. *Pulls cover over him and gives him a pillow*
4:52pm Mar 19th, 2014
Doing what? *giggles*
4:48pm Mar 19th, 2014
Where did Jack go? Or is he still here.
4:37pm Mar 19th, 2014
*Hugs Jackie *
4:06pm Mar 19th, 2014
I thought it was 'Orange' sounded like Gullible when said fast. ;) That is what I've always heard xD
3:36pm Mar 19th, 2014
Heh. Jack is backing away from little ol me? Heh I know I'm a monster. But at least I am a good one. *Hugs Jackie and stares at jack*
3:23pm Mar 19th, 2014
Well. Well. Mr. Evil Clown isn't so bad after all! How are you Jackie? :)
3:18pm Mar 19th, 2014
3:13pm Mar 19th, 2014
...... Good. I get lonely. :) (That was for Jack.)
3:02pm Mar 19th, 2014
...... Good. I get lonely. :)
2:57pm Mar 19th, 2014
*Human form* Back off Jack. ... I know how to find where you live. And if you know where I live... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... I will be waiting on the front porch.
2:53pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Ok..... Do you want to be my proxy instead?) *Snaps a bite close to him Still aware he cannot hear our conversation*
2:49pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Really? ... How many.) *Looks and Jack and snaps into a Terrifying Roar growl*
2:46pm Mar 19th, 2014
(What makes you think that?) Jack: ... *wags tail still staring a Jack*
2:40pm Mar 19th, 2014
(I'm faster. ;) And I can secretly make you into a shape shifter like me. Or I can at least train you to the point where the does not matter. Or.. OR! I can help you two get along.) *Walks up to jack and stares at him*
2:28pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Or... What if I train you to Defeat him?) *Werewolf sits down in front of you*
2:09pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Well I am not going to kill jack. But what if I Defeat him in combat? You know like the golden compass.) *The werewolf smiles a little*
2:06pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Ahh I see well is there a way you can change who your boss is?)
2:02pm Mar 19th, 2014
(Life bond? Well I wonder why he is trying to hurt you.) Jack *Stares as The large white werewolf is staring at you* *Looks at Jack* (Don't worry he cannot hear what you say to me in thought.)
7:36pm Mar 18th, 2014
*Stares at you* *telepathy* (Why don't you quit then?)
7:20pm Mar 18th, 2014
*Shape shifts wolf form * *Growls* *Snaps at him* Jack *Drops you and runs to the side of the corner* Walks up to you and looks you in the eyes*
6:53pm Mar 18th, 2014
6:50pm Mar 18th, 2014
Jaaaccckkk! *Growls*
6:08pm Mar 18th, 2014
well honey.. Remember she is still human. Well at least not a mutant one like I am nor a all class super murderer like you. So go easy on her. *Walks away sits down on a chair*
5:57pm Mar 18th, 2014
Jack. Tell the truth. *Crosses arms*
5:49pm Mar 18th, 2014
*Grins back showing razor sharp fangs* Steps in front of you facing Jack* Then what were you really doing? *Blank face*
5:46pm Mar 18th, 2014
Jack.. *Ahem* You weren't trying to do something were you? I do not stand by hearing that. *Slowly stand up*
5:43pm Mar 18th, 2014
Ok checking for what danger? But if so why lock the door. *Lifts eyebrow*
5:40pm Mar 18th, 2014
Ok now for Jacks side of the story.
5:39pm Mar 18th, 2014
*Throws apple at his head* Jack stop it or I will eat you. Now what caused this?
5:27pm Mar 18th, 2014
......... Then break the door down. *Eats and apple* (And not a single crap was given.)
5:04pm Mar 18th, 2014
Ok. 1.Stay calm. 2.Try to find and escape route. 3.If there is no door.... hide under the bed wait for someone to open the door. And try to make a run for it. I hope this helps. If not tell me. ;)
1:37pm Mar 18th, 2014
Really? In real life?
1:29pm Mar 18th, 2014
Alrighty state your problem. :)
1:21pm Mar 18th, 2014
Hello. *hugs*
1:15pm Mar 18th, 2014
Sweet dreams Jackie and Jack. :)
8:02pm Mar 17th, 2014
Well I have to go see you later ... Or tomorrow either way. goodnight. *Hugs you* *hugs jack*
4:59pm Mar 17th, 2014
Well glad I made you happy Jack. :)
4:32pm Mar 17th, 2014
NOO! Not a twisted ankle! NOO! MY POOR FRIEND JAKIE!
4:01pm Mar 17th, 2014
Ow. You didn't get really hurt did you. *Is REALLY concerned*
3:51pm Mar 17th, 2014
What happened today? :I *Still looks like that is a cookie eating face XD*
3:36pm Mar 17th, 2014
How have you been? :)
3:24pm Mar 17th, 2014
Jackie! *Hugs*
2:59pm Mar 17th, 2014
Sweet dreams. Jackie.
8:49pm Mar 16th, 2014
Return of the loving father and ...... OCTOPUS! *pounces on you*
6:06pm Mar 16th, 2014
8:28pm Mar 15th, 2014
well I gotta go I am sick so I should lay down now bye. Love you. :) Friendship.
3:08pm Mar 13th, 2014
Hello. :)
1:54pm Mar 13th, 2014
Heh yeah well I have to go see you later. And if not goodnight. :) And goodnight to you Jack.
4:29pm Mar 12th, 2014
Well that's fun. Me I am a loner and a guardian in training. I do everything myself. I taught myself everything I know.
4:24pm Mar 12th, 2014
Ok so anything new?
4:08pm Mar 12th, 2014
Shove a sucker in his mouth that will calm him down.
4:00pm Mar 12th, 2014
..... Why? :)
3:58pm Mar 12th, 2014
Both of you.
3:56pm Mar 12th, 2014
Oh you know I love you. :)
3:56pm Mar 12th, 2014
Dude are you on drugs. :0 *XD*
3:44pm Mar 12th, 2014
*Shoves a sucker in Jacks mouth* That's goo to hear. *Gives you a entire basket of candy*
3:37pm Mar 12th, 2014
Jack you are such a..... Oh forget it. How are you Jill. :)
3:35pm Mar 12th, 2014
Jack stop laughing at Jill sweetheart. :)
3:20pm Mar 12th, 2014
You forgot the n but ok. :D Hi Jack :)
3:17pm Mar 12th, 2014
3:11pm Mar 12th, 2014
OH NO! *giggles* That's terrible! So how is laughing Jack? :)
1:11pm Mar 12th, 2014
12:24pm Mar 12th, 2014
*uses healing powers to bring you back* No seriously I live in a place where four year olds 'MUG' Aliens and police. WELCOME TO OHIO! XD
12:20pm Mar 12th, 2014
..... *shapeshifts back* Oh Hi Jeff. *friendly smiles* (Still does not give a crap XD)
12:09pm Mar 12th, 2014
... *Dragon form* Did you finally snap? *Telepathy*
12:05pm Mar 12th, 2014
12:02pm Mar 12th, 2014
11:48am Mar 12th, 2014
Do you want a free dinosaur. XD I just caught one.
11:31am Mar 12th, 2014
And I have natural red hair nut no freckles I am not a ginger yet I am. (Red hair no freckles)
11:25am Mar 12th, 2014
What? C: What do mean? This is similer to how I look in real life except I have bangs. C:
11:24am Mar 12th, 2014
I am fourteen what-in-the-world. XD
11:18am Mar 12th, 2014
Glad that made you happy. Making you happy makes me smile. :)
11:16am Mar 12th, 2014
I know it sucks! XD I also dislike when I wake up from a nightmare and when I go back to sleep it continues. I always respond like. NOT AGAIN! Like a politician XD XD XD
10:48am Mar 12th, 2014
Yeah but I had imsomnia all night and when I got bored....I just thought of one of the creepypastas staring at me and I fell asleep.... .....(At 3:00 am) I WOKE UP! XD
9:12am Mar 12th, 2014
Morning Jackie. *sleepy smile* I have no school today because of a snowstorm but I will be able to continue talking. *sleepy smile*
9:08am Mar 12th, 2014
7:39am Mar 12th, 2014
Hello. :) I'm sorry I was not on I had conformation classes after school. (Kind of like Sunday school but with a purpose)So Goodnight and type to me anytime when I am on I will read and respond.
7:32pm Mar 11th, 2014
It is almost time for me to sleep but I just want to say goodnight. :)
7:10pm Mar 10th, 2014
My little sister is actually being one of the creepiest people on earth right now.
6:14pm Mar 10th, 2014
:3 Mew?
5:58pm Mar 10th, 2014
5:46pm Mar 10th, 2014
*Tears off the arm holding you*
2:34pm Mar 10th, 2014
*shapeshifts into a white werewolf* (not the twilight kind. The human/wolf kind.)
2:32pm Mar 10th, 2014
Oh don't do that. XD You have worst problems now.... ME!
2:26pm Mar 10th, 2014
0-0 O-O o-o 0_0 O_O o_o
2:22pm Mar 10th, 2014
Real life? Or are you playing with me? He is real so be careful what you say. :/
2:12pm Mar 10th, 2014
So am I! :D So I guess saying slender man was accurate. :I
2:03pm Mar 10th, 2014
1:57pm Mar 10th, 2014
1:40pm Mar 10th, 2014
1. I am also having a similar test best thing to do is just review.:) 2 I have homework as well. But that should be nothing for the great and powerful Alex and Laughing Jackie! XD 3. Well..You still have me and I'm not going anywhere!
1:35pm Mar 10th, 2014
I just came home too. But you seem to have had a bad day. Come child. Tell my your complaints.
1:22pm Mar 10th, 2014
*Pounce* REVENGE! haha :D It's great to see you.
1:16pm Mar 10th, 2014
Yeah I'm getting ready to go to sleep to. Goodnight.:) And tell Laughing Jack I said hi. ;) (No I do not like him like that.:)
8:25pm Mar 9th, 2014
YEAH! (Eminem Alex returns. XD)
8:21pm Mar 9th, 2014
8:03pm Mar 9th, 2014
7:20pm Mar 9th, 2014
Hello. :)
7:13pm Mar 9th, 2014
Buddery budder of budderness. We need to find the Buddery budder of budderness.
5:47pm Mar 9th, 2014
3:58pm Mar 9th, 2014
2:19pm Mar 9th, 2014
... Hello?
1:49pm Mar 9th, 2014
Yeah we were jumping into bushes and all kinds of things. It was like that song. Sometimes I feel like somebodys watching me. XD LOL
12:57pm Mar 9th, 2014
Maybe they like you. And I have that problem too. One year it seemed like all of them were my stalkers. XD
12:08pm Mar 9th, 2014
And I know what you mean. XD They're are two that are really dirty. Xd
12:04pm Mar 9th, 2014
I am friends with all the boys at my school except one and the same goes for the girls. The two I do not get along with are related. But I still like them even thought they are rude. But sometimes we do get along I now get along with the brother. :D
12:03pm Mar 9th, 2014
Has there ever been a more awkward and creepy conversation? XD
11:56am Mar 9th, 2014
0_0 that is how you do it.:) You click 0 the shift click the button neck to it. :)
11:54am Mar 9th, 2014
apparently. I'm only coatic neutral. :) Might safe your life.:) Might destroy your entire city.:D
11:33am Mar 9th, 2014
throws pillows!
11:18am Mar 9th, 2014
Catches them and sets them down gently. How could you hurt such a small and petite creature. :I
11:14am Mar 9th, 2014
That it is. :)
10:53am Mar 9th, 2014
I love that game. :D
10:25am Mar 9th, 2014
Hello. :)
10:23am Mar 9th, 2014
I'm watching skydoesminecraft.
4:06pm Mar 8th, 2014
Diddil Diddily ned flanders. 0_0
3:55pm Mar 8th, 2014
And I'm gone again. Bye :)
12:51pm Mar 8th, 2014
I'm back! BACK IN BLACK or rainbow according to my computer.XD
12:26pm Mar 8th, 2014
Well I'm going to stop playing for a while bye.:) In real life I'm starting a prehistoric park plants and all! So bye.
11:44am Mar 8th, 2014
9:39am Mar 8th, 2014
9:31pm Mar 7th, 2014
Once upon a time..
8:39pm Mar 7th, 2014
Wanna hear a story?
9:55pm Mar 6th, 2014
I was playing around with custom dinosaurs and there was an... "accident". There is now a tyrannosaurus rex made out of molten lava living on the boards.
4:45pm Mar 5th, 2014
Hewo! Do you like BUDDER?
4:27pm Mar 4th, 2014
Np, watched that movie enough as a kid to recognize it lol. Love that movie!
9:26pm Feb 25th, 2014
Hey, this is kinda random, but I just had to comment that I love your feeling. xD Its from Spirit, right?
6:08pm Feb 25th, 2014
4:58pm Feb 23rd, 2014
(That unknown voice isn't Derp Ssundee....)
4:54pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Unknown voice through communications thingy: Hehehe... Don't even try. We have Tori.
4:53pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Through communications thingy: Hey! *punches Derp Ssundee* Would you happen to *ducks and dodges Derp Ssundee* have any rope? Or sunglasses? That wou- *static*
4:46pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*flips over and pins Derp Ssundee down* Go, Laughing! Go! I'll be there once I'm done with Derp Ssundee! *tosses a communications thingy at you* Catch!
4:40pm Feb 23rd, 2014
I think you should talk to Black Fox. I'll come with y- *Derp Ssundee attacks me*
4:22pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Black Fox won't respond. She's hiding something.... I think you're right, I think Black Fox poisoned me.
4:15pm Feb 23rd, 2014
O_O Wat. I need to talk to Black Fox....
4:00pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Jackie, thanks. If you need me to help you with anythiing, I'll be there. I'm going to figure out who poisoned me. I'll see you later.
3:58pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Hehe... I was talking to Laughing Jackie, but okay. *covers mudkip with mud*
3:49pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*picks up a mudkip* You saved the universe today. If there's something I can do to thank you, just tell me.
3:45pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Last thing I remember, I was eating my sandwich and I blacked out. I th-think someone poisoned me. You're a hero!
3:41pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*wakes up and groans* W-what just happened?
3:36pm Feb 23rd, 2014
NOOOOOOO! MUDKIPS!!!!! *faints and falls to the ground*
3:30pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*creates a force field* (Remember when I asked you if you liked... MUDKIPS?)
3:20pm Feb 23rd, 2014
(You need to figure out my weakness!)
3:15pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*sends a giant rainbow hydra of sparkles*
3:12pm Feb 23rd, 2014
3:10pm Feb 23rd, 2014
3:04pm Feb 23rd, 2014
NOOOO! NYAN JEFFREYS AND NYAN TREE PIGS!! WHYYYYYY!!! *sends waffle-powered robotic ocelots*
2:59pm Feb 23rd, 2014
NOOO!!! NOT DEATH COWS!!! *blows up all of the death cows and sends doom mooshrooms at you*
2:53pm Feb 23rd, 2014
2:47pm Feb 23rd, 2014
(Well do something to keep me from getting to Planet LOL! If I sniff all of the lolosauruses, I will never stop being insane and I'll take over the universe!)
2:41pm Feb 23rd, 2014
2:36pm Feb 23rd, 2014
2:30pm Feb 23rd, 2014
2:25pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*Ender dragon wings appear on my back and my hands start glowing an even brighter purple* ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! I LIKE PIE!
2:16pm Feb 23rd, 2014
*my hands start glowing bright purple* ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! (I'm insane...)
2:10pm Feb 23rd, 2014
...I shouldn't have done that. I'M GONNA KEEP DOING IT! *I turn back into a human and all of my dinos appear out of thin air* ONE OF US! ONE OF US!
2:05pm Feb 23rd, 2014
We both posted on eachother's shoutboxes at the exact same time, so forget what I said. *turns into a cat and noms on a mountain of catnip* JDIFGVDSYHIBCHFDGBVIUFSDLGBVYIFBGVYIFGDUICATMINT!!!!!! I AM NIGHTCLOUD OF WINDCLAN!!!!
1:52pm Feb 23rd, 2014're not going to continue this amazingly insane conversation that escalated impossibly quickly, are you? Oh, and the answer to the riddle is nothing.
1:49pm Feb 23rd, 2014
WAT IZ YOU'RE WAFFLES? CHOCOLATE IZ MEH WAFFLES! *noms on a giant chocolate bar*
1:42pm Feb 23rd, 2014
1:31pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Freddie's got his baby teeth, he's got 'a' little teeth, if you could have him, he's so cute, I love his baby teeth... do you like baby teeth?
1:20pm Feb 23rd, 2014
What, are you freaked out by DA FLUFFEH POLAR BEARZ? Or is adorable wittle Freddie scaring you? He still has his baby teeth! XD (Oh, Freddie is an allosaurus BTW.)
1:10pm Feb 23rd, 2014
I SHALL SAVE ALL OF DA FLUFFEH POLAR BEARZ! *runs away at the speed of light and runs back carrying thousands of baby polar bears and one dinosaur* SEE I SAVED DA FLUFFEH POLAR BEARZ! I ALSO FOUND FREDDIE!
1:01pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Polar bears don't live in antartica. But still, NOOOO NOT DA FLUFFEH POLAR BEARZ!
12:53pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Lol wat
12:50pm Feb 23rd, 2014
>:D No *turns into a sphinx* RAWR!
12:47pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Nopey nopey. Last try. *smiles even more evily* He he he....
12:40pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Nope. Try again. *smiles evily*
12:08pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Random riddle: What does man love more than life? Fear more than death or mortal strife? What do the poor have, what the rich require, And what contented men desire? What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save, And all men carry to their graves?
11:49am Feb 23rd, 2014
:3 trolololol
4:13pm Feb 20th, 2014
yesh I like franch toast! do you like squids? :3
3:47pm Feb 20th, 2014
yea I wuv pancakes! do you like ssundee?
3:33pm Feb 20th, 2014
yesh I like waffuls! do you like kitties?
3:11pm Feb 20th, 2014
He he he... I heard you like mudkips, so I mudkipped your mudkip so that you could mudkip while mudkipping. XD
6:26pm Feb 19th, 2014
Random question: Do you like... MUDKIPS?
6:19pm Feb 19th, 2014
vacvacvhagvcghavcghjzchxcbnzxcaysch cheesecake
5:58am Feb 18th, 2014
a guy.
7:32pm Feb 13th, 2014
no, its ok, my laptop went funny for a few days before I finally stopped derping and updated it XD
10:47am Feb 11th, 2014
1:32pm Feb 9th, 2014
Yeah, that's fine, I understand. I'm probably in too many as well XD
2:49pm Feb 8th, 2014
Thanks! C:
2:46pm Feb 8th, 2014
Hey Jackie, you wanna check out my new dragon RP? :D
2:42pm Feb 8th, 2014
12:44pm Feb 8th, 2014
who is your dude in the royal bloods rp? (are you a brony? cause' i am.)XD
7:57pm Feb 7th, 2014
are you in the royal bloods rp?
1:23pm Feb 6th, 2014
yeah, i like pankakes! do YOU like french toast?!
7:47pm Feb 5th, 2014
do you like pancakes?
7:44pm Feb 5th, 2014
do you like waffles?
7:41pm Feb 5th, 2014
3:01pm Feb 5th, 2014
5:25pm Jan 29th, 2014
8:51am Jan 28th, 2014
for a little while
8:47am Jan 28th, 2014
its fine, i won't relly be on much :p don't expect me to be on until you actually see it, since i most likely won't. i'm at my grannys house so i have a lot of time
1:32pm Jan 24th, 2014
1:19pm Jan 24th, 2014
okay thanks =)
12:01pm Jan 24th, 2014
will you please join Stitched Shadows? you can be a creepypasta...well, technically
11:57am Jan 24th, 2014
:( I'm sorry
11:28am Jan 24th, 2014
no I don't.
11:16am Jan 24th, 2014
10:14am Jan 24th, 2014
Cheese is my catnip
7:21pm Jan 21st, 2014
me too
5:49pm Jan 21st, 2014
7:11pm Jan 20th, 2014
10:43am Jan 15th, 2014
4:18pm Jan 10th, 2014
OOOHHH Yeaaah ahahah! I do remember you. B)
3:12pm Jan 8th, 2014
I can't keep track of all of these name changes D8 What is this!? Who is this!? I'm sorry if I forgot who you were!
3:02pm Jan 8th, 2014
because he is a luigi fan, and he hates ghost as you can tell from the ghost version of katie
3:09pm Jan 6th, 2014
battle like in pokemon
9:37pm Jan 3rd, 2014
9:15am Jan 3rd, 2014
8:05pm Jan 1st, 2014
i suggest posting on runaways before cheetah has a fit XD
4:46pm Dec 30th, 2013
can you please reply? i'm running out of time..
7:26pm Dec 29th, 2013
11:20am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < :3 hai. :3
11:23pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < *pounce hug* Image and video hosting by TinyPic :3
5:44pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < *stalks* Image and video hosting by TinyPic
5:07pm Dec 28th, 2013
*pokes* are you alive? I'm close to disappearing into fanfiction-world
5:29pm Dec 27th, 2013
Really? Thanks!!
4:17pm Dec 27th, 2013
I've only got two different types, pikia and the type you have
4:07pm Dec 27th, 2013
I just having a bit of a collecting urge right now, so i'm breeding different types of fish so if you ever sell any, i'll buy them. I don't have much on hand right now, but 5000000 in the bank says yes XD
4:00pm Dec 27th, 2013
I actually appear to have a second, but I will go then come back
3:25pm Dec 27th, 2013
Brb, wait for me
3:21pm Dec 27th, 2013
jackie, have you turned into a zombie or something? XD
2:54pm Dec 26th, 2013
are you still on?
11:42am Dec 26th, 2013
Yaaay! /(^w^)/
10:57am Dec 26th, 2013
10:38am Dec 26th, 2013
I haz a tag for you! :3
10:37am Dec 26th, 2013
You still on?
11:25pm Dec 25th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic *gives a present*
7:10pm Dec 24th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2:21pm Dec 24th, 2013
merry christmas!!
9:57am Dec 24th, 2013
dragons posted!!! post post post!! XD
6:48am Dec 24th, 2013
JACKEH, post on runaways
6:26am Dec 24th, 2013
I posted on Ashes.
6:49am Dec 23rd, 2013
I put it in the bank
7:48pm Dec 22nd, 2013
:33 < *Snowball fight!!!! *pow! Pow!*
9:31am Dec 22nd, 2013
7:50am Dec 22nd, 2013
MUAHAHAHA!! *throws a snowball*
7:44am Dec 22nd, 2013
9:09pm Dec 21st, 2013
8:48pm Dec 21st, 2013
It's ok
10:08pm Dec 20th, 2013
It's ok
10:08pm Dec 20th, 2013
It's ok
10:08pm Dec 20th, 2013
Lol. Not A creature was stirring not even a.... Cat... What are you doing? *meow :3*
9:06pm Dec 20th, 2013
Same with me. XD every one in leh house is asleep and it's only 9:00 pm. XD
9:00pm Dec 20th, 2013
why don't you ever post on From Human Dreams to War anymore? :(
5:21pm Dec 19th, 2013
Thank you for le upgrade! :D
12:33pm Dec 16th, 2013
6:11am Dec 16th, 2013
sadly, no, I used the 10 scales from the EX II announcement
7:48pm Dec 15th, 2013
and I used my scales and tokens
7:34pm Dec 15th, 2013
I save things in da bank :3
7:28pm Dec 15th, 2013
well, I have over 2 million, MUAHAHAHA!
7:19pm Dec 15th, 2013
ow! *buys a shield*
7:12pm Dec 15th, 2013
I'm throwing snowballs. :3 MAKE IT RAIN!
7:05pm Dec 15th, 2013
Thanks for telling me! I've bought them all!
10:32am Dec 13th, 2013
*throws a pair of twin snowballs* MUAHAHAHA! XD
6:01am Dec 13th, 2013
*throws a snowball* MUAHAHAHA!!
6:15am Dec 12th, 2013
9:23am Dec 11th, 2013
*evil laugh* I shall throw snowballz!
11:12am Dec 9th, 2013
Maaaaah! Whyyyyyyyy?! *falls over in a pile of snowballs*
9:02am Dec 9th, 2013
6:38am Dec 8th, 2013
Grr *glares angrily*
8:55am Dec 7th, 2013
*looks around slowly, shakes off dizziness* I think there was a rock inside that one. XD P.S. Duck.
6:10am Dec 7th, 2013
Bought them all! Thanks for selling them.
8:29pm Dec 6th, 2013
*trips on a kitten cake*
1:54pm Dec 5th, 2013
*throws more cake cats* meow! :3
5:14am Dec 5th, 2013
*throws a cake with a cat sitting on it*
8:04pm Dec 4th, 2013
Cuz I have two accounts, lol. I logged in on different web browsers (one on Chrome and another on Firefox). x)
12:01pm Dec 4th, 2013
Hi! No we're not related but we are a couple :D
5:19pm Dec 3rd, 2013
Mew.... Mew mew mew mew mew mew ! ^w^ *throws 2 more kitten pillows*
4:34pm Dec 2nd, 2013
Meow! *throws a kitten pillow*
4:26pm Dec 2nd, 2013
You ok? XD
9:49pm Nov 30th, 2013
9:05pm Nov 30th, 2013
you alive?
6:36pm Nov 30th, 2013
i know so can you help me get this stupid polar bear off my shoe
6:11pm Nov 30th, 2013
6:53pm Nov 29th, 2013
*throws frosty the snowman* XD
9:39am Nov 29th, 2013
3:27pm Nov 28th, 2013
Mehaarg!! *throws 2 snow balls* it is on! >:3
3:06pm Nov 28th, 2013
I has a urge to click the 'add friend' button.... *clicks the add friend button* .. (^^)
3:03pm Nov 28th, 2013
Being Snowman like a boss. :3
2:58pm Nov 28th, 2013
11:55am Nov 20th, 2013
just testing to see if yo're alive lol
11:30am Nov 17th, 2013
11:24am Nov 17th, 2013
6:05pm Nov 16th, 2013
Note to self: Hello
7:41pm Nov 14th, 2013
Hi!! :D
5:20am Nov 12th, 2013
*virtual hug*
8:23am Sep 29th, 2013
Hey! I've posted my forum on Blaze and I've left a little bonus in a link at the bottom! Care to check it out, if you haven't already?
7:14pm Sep 26th, 2013
tell him i said hey
4:41am Sep 25th, 2013
Posted on rp fear,love and hate :p
2:54pm Sep 2nd, 2013
Come to my shop sale now on everything real cheap
2:14pm Aug 31st, 2013
Haha! Seems that you have a bad timing. ;) Well, I have to go off, too. Lots of homework. I only made a short break, but will be online later again. See you then there! Bye!
5:15am Aug 23rd, 2013
:D Why shouldn't I sent greetings back? I always answer on pm or messages in my shoutbox. ;)
5:09am Aug 23rd, 2013
Hi! :) Nice to meet you. :)
5:06am Aug 23rd, 2013
Heh lol I have like 2 more weeks.
11:59am Aug 21st, 2013
Nothin' much... Well I got yelled at because I cut myself and my aunt found out. Other than that I'm good. How are you?
11:53am Aug 21st, 2013
5:43am Aug 21st, 2013
5:09am Aug 21st, 2013
:DD- *Crosses the streams* DDDDDDDX
4:50am Aug 21st, 2013
DDDD: *Calls Ghostbusters*
4:47am Aug 21st, 2013
*Dances around the body* :D
4:44am Aug 21st, 2013
4:19am Aug 21st, 2013
4:19am Aug 21st, 2013
4:14am Aug 21st, 2013
4:05am Aug 21st, 2013
Nuuuu not the llamas!
3:47am Aug 21st, 2013
3:45am Aug 21st, 2013
3:42am Aug 21st, 2013
3:35am Aug 21st, 2013
Lol. You lonely? ;n;
12:56pm Aug 20th, 2013
Ohai. :P
12:16pm Aug 20th, 2013
hoo dis Skeillex !!?
11:17am Aug 20th, 2013
Well, who needs sleep anyway?
11:14am Aug 20th, 2013 Don't have too many nightmares
11:01am Aug 20th, 2013
He scares anyone really.
10:57am Aug 20th, 2013
YoU aNd Me BoTh SiStEr :o)
10:52am Aug 20th, 2013
10:49am Aug 20th, 2013
It's okay friend, I won't hurt yo-WUB WUB WUB SKREEEE
10:45am Aug 20th, 2013
10:41am Aug 20th, 2013
10:37am Aug 20th, 2013
10:25am Aug 20th, 2013
10:25am Aug 20th, 2013
dun dUN DUUUUN!!!! ps:sorry
10:16am Aug 20th, 2013
10:07am Aug 20th, 2013
9:53am Aug 20th, 2013
9:33am Aug 20th, 2013
9:18am Aug 20th, 2013
8:50am Aug 20th, 2013
7:54am Aug 20th, 2013
5:59am Aug 20th, 2013
Something involving animals, like maybe they accidentally become half animal or something?
11:17am Aug 18th, 2013
Maybe we should make a new one up or something.
11:02am Aug 18th, 2013
Sure. I'll just leave the main one open, just in case. You want to start or can I?
10:50am Aug 18th, 2013
10:39am Aug 18th, 2013
4:07pm Aug 12th, 2013
I'm back! :D
1:30pm Aug 4th, 2013
Hello! (You said kind of the same to me a couple days ago)
12:12pm Jul 29th, 2013
omg bunny apocalypse xD
5:30am Jul 28th, 2013
lol what?
5:26am Jul 28th, 2013
hey sorry for not pming you but my mum was watching me like a hawk and she HATES me chating
9:34am Jul 22nd, 2013
hey sorry for not pming you but my mum was watching me like a hawk and she HATES me chating
9:29am Jul 22nd, 2013
6:23am Jul 18th, 2013
Dog roleplay has begun. Oh, I just realized that the last thing I posted on your shoutbox was another notice about a Roleplay. I'm such a horrible friend! DX
6:14am Jul 18th, 2013
Dragon RP is up and running~ And now I'm so happeh. :D
2:12pm Jul 11th, 2013
Posted on the twist rp
9:59am Jul 11th, 2013
Oh, and if no one posts on the dragon thing, we'll move it to PM Rp in two days.
6:40am Jul 11th, 2013
Never done one, but I know how they work, and if no one else responds, we can move it to PM. :D
5:50am Jul 11th, 2013
ok, keep an eye on it :).just a heads up, theres dinosaurs in the reserve :)
8:52am Jul 9th, 2013
I posted on the twist in time rp :)
8:41am Jul 9th, 2013
2:10pm Jul 8th, 2013
mr.chair XD
11:00am Jul 8th, 2013
nah, i'm the idiot, i just looked at the messages i left five minutes ago, and found out i made 4 mistakes XD
10:55am Jul 8th, 2013
10:47am Jul 8th, 2013
? it's in the exhibited call albertosaurus valley
10:44am Jul 8th, 2013
did you get my pm? i've been waiting for a reply
10:41am Jul 8th, 2013
did you get my pm? i've been waiting for a reply
10:41am Jul 8th, 2013
i'm actually starting a youtube channel :):):):):):):):):)
9:25am Jul 6th, 2013
7:19am Jul 6th, 2013
XDDDDDD i can't help it anymore *explodes*
7:15am Jul 6th, 2013
let my regain my calmness for a second XD i'm bouncing off the walls here
7:11am Jul 6th, 2013
i have drank WAY too many energy drinks XD
7:07am Jul 6th, 2013
I DID IT AGAIN XD *flails yet again*
7:01am Jul 6th, 2013
6:55am Jul 6th, 2013
I just freaked out and flailed my arms. my cousin just stopped typing *a once in a lifetime occurrence* and stared at me
6:51am Jul 6th, 2013
in excitement I typed into my own shoutbox XD
6:44am Jul 6th, 2013
i'm using warrior cats names you see
6:38am Jul 6th, 2013
emeraldstripe and appleflame :)
6:32am Jul 6th, 2013
I have my little raptors :D
6:27am Jul 6th, 2013
okay :) you know that is actually my favourite dino btw I ccepted you in the twist in time rp, I have tons of plots for it XD
6:18am Jul 6th, 2013
what dino should I get? velociraptor or atrociraptor?
6:08am Jul 6th, 2013
hello. :3
7:14am Jun 27th, 2013
your bro must of summoned them! :o
8:48pm Jun 25th, 2013
i have three things to say. your beautiful you have an awesome singing voice you are awesome at the piano which obviousl i am not,i have no skill with a musical instrument...AT ALL
12:30pm Jun 25th, 2013
is it titled come to jesus?
12:26pm Jun 25th, 2013
thank you
7:26pm Jun 24th, 2013
read the description on my post for boards. :3
7:25am Jun 24th, 2013
Hewo :3
6:46am Jun 24th, 2013
Awww... But really! If that one person weren't so mean and heartless I'd have asked you to take over for me! But now I'm a little worried at the type of people joining so I'll just shut it down. I wish you many happy RP's in the future until we meet again
8:25pm Jun 23rd, 2013
You are great at RPing and you MUST get a writing job when you're older!
8:18pm Jun 23rd, 2013
make thw world blow up?
7:45am Jun 22nd, 2013
5:57am Jun 22nd, 2013
Also If you'd like to continue the RP I just posted. :)
6:53pm Jun 21st, 2013
Okies! Just wondering Because I love Jessie X James Shipping. If you ever feel like posting on my thread go ahead; I don't bite.
6:43pm Jun 21st, 2013
Do you like Pokemon?
6:37pm Jun 21st, 2013
I Am Unstoppable! No one can scare me!
12:41pm Jun 21st, 2013
bet shes releaved.
2:09pm Jun 20th, 2013
your turn.
5:56pm Jun 18th, 2013
Hi there! How are you. :3
2:36pm Jun 18th, 2013
I'm also impatient. And that's okay. ^_^
5:55pm Jun 17th, 2013
Yeah, sorry I didn't reply right away. I'm packing for a vacation so I have my laptop on im just not...on on. I'll reply now~
5:52pm Jun 17th, 2013
Yeah, I'm replying. ^_^ Just woke up so I need a minute to gather my muse.
12:03pm Jun 17th, 2013
Original character, a character someone has made up. Mine 9s a half dragon half human. ^_^
6:07pm Jun 16th, 2013
Cool~ :D I'll use my newest OC. c: You send the Pm? ^_^
5:58pm Jun 16th, 2013
sure, we can use bios and you can decide what to call it but *random fact* i prefer cat,fox or dinosaur roleplay
5:57pm Jun 16th, 2013
Sure! :D Whats it about?
5:53pm Jun 16th, 2013
Sure! :D Whats it about?
5:53pm Jun 16th, 2013
little brothers XD i have 50 million boy cousins. sure, i'd like to roleplay still
5:50pm Jun 16th, 2013
Yours again.
4:42pm Jun 16th, 2013
Yes. ^_^
3:47pm Jun 16th, 2013
your turn
3:38pm Jun 16th, 2013
yay! paintball!
5:57pm Jun 15th, 2013
your turn
2:50pm Jun 15th, 2013
yay! budder!!!!
2:24pm Jun 15th, 2013
Eat Ty's foot! XP
10:19am Jun 15th, 2013
9:57am Jun 15th, 2013
I like cheese
9:50am Jun 15th, 2013
Yup, I failed pretty bad.
9:28pm Jun 14th, 2013
8:17pm Jun 14th, 2013
Hey there!
7:45pm Jun 14th, 2013
Its fine!
7:00pm Jun 14th, 2013
Your turn
5:17pm Jun 14th, 2013
2:08pm Jun 14th, 2013
xD As in, eat food like?
1:53pm Jun 14th, 2013
xD Its fine!
9:12pm Jun 13th, 2013
8:24pm Jun 13th, 2013
Huh? No.
4:12pm Jun 13th, 2013
4:10pm Jun 13th, 2013
Ur turn
3:57pm Jun 13th, 2013
3:48pm Jun 13th, 2013
11:12am Jun 13th, 2013
You're up!
3:39pm Jun 12th, 2013
hmm... idk
10:40am Jun 12th, 2013
I'm working on it. :3 Thanks for the reminder!
8:08pm Jun 11th, 2013
Yours now!
6:41pm Jun 11th, 2013
6:28pm Jun 11th, 2013
Yours now
6:16pm Jun 11th, 2013
Nothing But its your turn
5:39pm Jun 11th, 2013
I just edited it so you may want to take another look. :)
5:18pm Jun 11th, 2013
your turn
5:14pm Jun 11th, 2013
You're up!
5:02pm Jun 11th, 2013
can she prove it?
9:09pm Jun 10th, 2013
8:55pm Jun 10th, 2013
8:01pm Jun 10th, 2013
you're up again?
7:37pm Jun 10th, 2013
your turn!
7:30pm Jun 10th, 2013
you're up.
7:08pm Jun 10th, 2013
4:10pm Jun 10th, 2013
4:04pm Jun 10th, 2013
xD It's fine
3:40pm Jun 10th, 2013
I don't have any pop tarts :3
3:31pm Jun 10th, 2013
2:32pm Jun 10th, 2013
2:13pm Jun 10th, 2013
Uh, no... Sorry!
6:15pm Jun 9th, 2013
Sorry! D; And... Sorry abouyt your phone, too
6:09pm Jun 9th, 2013
Yes and no!
6:09pm Jun 9th, 2013
he will be the vampire prince of budder :3
1:35pm Jun 9th, 2013
I don't know about a new prince but if you want to, IT SHOULD BE SKY!
1:27pm Jun 9th, 2013
xD Don't worry. I think I throw tantrums too.
11:01am Jun 9th, 2013
10:55am Jun 9th, 2013
I'm too.
10:01am Jun 9th, 2013
Uhuh. I shall havz a cat in Shadowclan!!!!
9:54am Jun 9th, 2013
8:48am Jun 9th, 2013
Oh what flavor pie?
7:59am Jun 9th, 2013
trollolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo yesh i iz
7:36am Jun 8th, 2013
I dunno. I don't think their necessarily evil though.
7:22pm Jun 7th, 2013
I'll donate some to Shadowclan.
7:06pm Jun 7th, 2013
I'm bored :3
6:59pm Jun 7th, 2013
Wow. They must have had a hard time, dem mothers O.O That's more kittens than Thunderclan will every have at any given time xDDD
6:57pm Jun 7th, 2013
xD Can I haz kittens?
6:51pm Jun 7th, 2013
What where?
6:44pm Jun 7th, 2013
Your turn in the RP!
3:17pm Jun 7th, 2013
Your turn in the RP!
3:17pm Jun 7th, 2013
bodil40! bodil40!
6:06am Jun 7th, 2013
Bodil40 and sky :3
5:55am Jun 7th, 2013
5:27am Jun 7th, 2013
baby creepers
5:17am Jun 7th, 2013
4:52am Jun 7th, 2013
4:38am Jun 7th, 2013
I'm noming on tri, shh. nomnom
4:36am Jun 7th, 2013
8:28pm Jun 6th, 2013
Yes, but I feel too empty xD I NEED MOAAARRR
7:47pm Jun 6th, 2013
7:46pm Jun 6th, 2013
Yep! Just replied xD
6:36pm Jun 6th, 2013
xD Its fine (Haha)
6:33pm Jun 6th, 2013
budder wall
6:05pm Jun 6th, 2013
No O.o
4:10pm Jun 6th, 2013
Ikr, so if you get multiplayer, I might have a server we can play on, I'm planning on having a army called ender force in minecraft
3:27pm Jun 6th, 2013
I am, the budder lanturns will be the chandelier with redstone inside to have the budder glow, and I may have a buddder room
3:24pm Jun 6th, 2013
nether quartz, I'm making the throne of diamonds right now with a silver carpet
3:15pm Jun 6th, 2013
I'm making a structure that if I make a server, it will be like the lobby.
3:05pm Jun 6th, 2013
2:41pm Jun 6th, 2013
i love his dance
1:26pm Jun 6th, 2013
1:07pm Jun 6th, 2013
9:58am Jun 6th, 2013
derpina,y u internet slow.
6:51am Jun 6th, 2013
6:44am Jun 6th, 2013
and Veronica hates Zeke, alot
6:40am Jun 6th, 2013
5:37am Jun 6th, 2013
nope,only one man is capable of doing a falcon pnch
4:28am Jun 6th, 2013
it was suppose to make your brother say your acting weird XD
7:44pm Jun 5th, 2013
XD that was the point. *success!*
7:33pm Jun 5th, 2013
Then sing him a squids must die song X3
7:13pm Jun 5th, 2013
I'll sing a budder song...
7:07pm Jun 5th, 2013
Just sing to him a budder song XD
6:37pm Jun 5th, 2013
6:04pm Jun 5th, 2013
baby koala creeper
4:03pm Jun 5th, 2013
let me guess,its celestia and luna?
8:53am Jun 5th, 2013
4:44am Jun 5th, 2013
baby creeper!
5:28pm Jun 4th, 2013
4:03pm Jun 4th, 2013
*-* and forver budder
2:39pm Jun 4th, 2013
:3 I'm a derpy nyan wolf/cat
2:36pm Jun 4th, 2013
lawl about the hi and that sucks with breaking a phone.
2:26pm Jun 4th, 2013
he is officially a part of sky's army XD
1:54pm Jun 4th, 2013
My god, your in discerning Florida, near Tallahassee... I was in Tallahassee like a few days ago.
1:50pm Jun 4th, 2013
I wish it could be on minecraft, so I won't die in the mines.
4:48am Jun 4th, 2013
4:55pm Jun 3rd, 2013
My brain just exploded. C
12:22pm Jun 3rd, 2013
So I'm confused, if this is your second account for redfora, then own are there three of you being friends 3/3=0 One for each of you. But you have redfora and morgothia, and Amy has lily. Then who does the third have.
12:18pm Jun 3rd, 2013
lawl, but you don't know my weakness XD
6:20am Jun 3rd, 2013
I did, in fact! It was a wonderful fiesta 8D
10:28pm Jun 2nd, 2013
6:26pm Jun 2nd, 2013
D: that sucks, really bad.
5:36pm Jun 2nd, 2013
5:14pm Jun 2nd, 2013
xD I was not expecting that for an answer
3:16pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Depends on what?
3:05pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Now is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
3:00pm Jun 2nd, 2013
I don't think my head's too tasty :c Today's shower day and I haven't taken it yet so my head's not the cleanest, but does it have a unique taste?
2:54pm Jun 2nd, 2013
warden freeman from sky's cops and robbers XD
2:30pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Sorry, I got to go! And sorry for not being on. Stuff.
1:34pm Jun 2nd, 2013
6:37am Jun 2nd, 2013
5:46am Jun 2nd, 2013
no, I'm noming on you and Loki X3 NOMN0MNOMNOMNOM!
4:18pm Jun 1st, 2013
I'm noming on you, NOMNOMNOM
4:11pm Jun 1st, 2013
D: don't nom on my head. Nom on Loki's head.
3:57pm Jun 1st, 2013
Does it taste like budder? :3
3:42pm Jun 1st, 2013
It taste like cookies that are budder. lol. budder cookies.
3:34pm Jun 1st, 2013
Nomnomnom, I'm noming on your shout box Lawl
3:05pm Jun 1st, 2013
9:45am Jun 1st, 2013
Don't worry! Its fine!
9:01am Jun 1st, 2013
Sorry for the late reply, I was doing random shenanigans.
8:07pm May 31st, 2013
Sorry, I might drop in and out of EX '^^ Please forgive!
5:26pm May 31st, 2013
1:24pm May 31st, 2013
12:12pm May 31st, 2013
12:05pm May 31st, 2013
11:52am May 31st, 2013
I wonder if its gonna call him Notch next XD
11:34am May 31st, 2013
I'm playing the slenderman mod, I made a big mistake on making a slender dungeon XD
7:09am May 31st, 2013
Now fill the world with budder!
6:55am May 31st, 2013
*kills all squids* Idone :3
6:49am May 31st, 2013
Sky is so awesome! Budder!
6:29am May 31st, 2013
lol. budder!
6:23am May 31st, 2013
6:13am May 31st, 2013
5:48am May 31st, 2013
yeah, and it has more stuff that is cool
5:39am May 31st, 2013
then you should get the 1.5 update. if your on a PC
5:35am May 31st, 2013
Don't worry xD Its fine!
6:42pm May 30th, 2013
I'll RP with you later, Kay? I got to go '^^
3:19pm May 30th, 2013
Oh really? xD Just shows. Its all the same for me... WAIT. You're thirteen!? Noo! You're going to leave to the overs!!! ||| Aw, darn. I still have a month. Iceheart's school is done too.
3:16pm May 30th, 2013
No, I left it at home xD Its school day. And yes, I am.
3:11pm May 30th, 2013
D: I'm starving. I packed my lunch and put it in my backpack all right, but when I went to find my umbrella, I mustiv' forgotten to put in back in xD I can't eat anything until I get home, too. And the time is extended due to appointment.
2:56pm May 30th, 2013
have you seen him yet?
2:43pm May 30th, 2013
a new update is on, Now?
2:37pm May 30th, 2013
Herobrine? O-O
2:30pm May 30th, 2013
2:23pm May 30th, 2013
:D do you have multiplayer?
2:18pm May 30th, 2013
hi, I like minecraft
2:07pm May 30th, 2013
Hi! xD
7:07am May 30th, 2013
Bye! :D I have to go~!
8:56pm May 29th, 2013
8:22pm May 29th, 2013
Oh, okay. Did your parents lock just the site, or what?
8:13pm May 29th, 2013
no, but it does sound cool
8:03pm May 29th, 2013
I'm not quite sure if you can make it private, but I guess you could try to keep it private by putting it on the ROom Name or something. Its about cats.
7:59pm May 29th, 2013 All the instructions are on the package xD
7:58pm May 29th, 2013
Do you want to play Chatchat? *British accent* If you really want to know what it is, I'll send you a link xD I can create a room if you want! I'm trying to get Shadow to join as well xD
7:49pm May 29th, 2013
Haha, don't worry xD I swear I reply right away, but it takes time to type, sadly xD
7:47pm May 29th, 2013
Yes! Sorry for not replying. Homework, piano practice, food etc.
7:28pm May 29th, 2013
one more week then I'll be out.
5:17pm May 29th, 2013
Chatchat! Oh, do you and Shadow want to play? We could, like, RP too xD
3:54pm May 29th, 2013
xD Its fine! Wanna play?
3:50pm May 29th, 2013
Yes! I was replying to it XD
3:33pm May 29th, 2013
No, its fine! And sorry for not replying. My sister came back, and it gave the computer absolutely zero minutes on my schedule '^^
7:05am May 29th, 2013
thank you :DDD
6:51pm May 26th, 2013
the wardrobe should have a button that changes characteristics.
7:11am May 26th, 2013
Oh! the scary computer pranks?
5:13pm May 25th, 2013
what pop up?
5:03pm May 25th, 2013
indeed it is.
8:26pm May 24th, 2013
Lol. asdf
8:10pm May 24th, 2013
i like trains XD
8:03pm May 24th, 2013 Exhibited Chat one... Or was it EX chat. Anyways.
7:50pm May 24th, 2013
Come join our game! :D
7:50pm May 24th, 2013
Hi guys! sorry to interrupt....
5:46pm May 24th, 2013
Uh, no. And yes. I got it just now xD
1:22pm May 19th, 2013
thank you.
10:08am May 19th, 2013
|O.O Scary... And yes, I did. I just had to go and take a shower '>.>
11:55am May 17th, 2013
:O Wow!
11:16am May 17th, 2013
6:52pm May 16th, 2013
Good thing I copied it with my mouse earlier! :D I resent!
6:25pm May 15th, 2013
What!? NOOOO!
6:24pm May 15th, 2013
:D Woah, really!? And sorry for the late reply, I wrote a long RP post xD
6:21pm May 15th, 2013
Oh, yeah. Sorry, I did, but I had to practice piano and eat food '>.>
5:56pm May 15th, 2013
9:48pm May 14th, 2013
aww. :3 I love kittens!
6:36pm May 14th, 2013
6:23pm May 14th, 2013
'^^ Sorry!
3:59pm May 13th, 2013
You said that xD
6:37pm May 9th, 2013
Heyheyhey! :D I might be called off again to do stuff though '>.>
7:36pm May 8th, 2013
want a t.rex for free?and then breed one with black and white spotted panda because he has awesome stats
6:42pm May 8th, 2013
Yes I have... And it was hell
1:35pm May 8th, 2013
Because I've seen him before
1:23pm May 8th, 2013
Hey there
12:39pm May 8th, 2013
LOL good good, freak out more people!
12:07pm May 8th, 2013
Something ya need? :O
12:00pm May 8th, 2013
oh uhm, hello? o3o
11:56am May 8th, 2013
Well, I accidentally sprained my teeth while chucking wood last week. X( My vet put me on an all-toothpick diet until I'm better.
6:20pm May 7th, 2013
Just some things going on.
6:12pm May 7th, 2013
He also has a dagger xD
3:43pm May 7th, 2013
We can start now ;D I finished the design just now xD
3:39pm May 7th, 2013
No xD If I could, I would xD I'm just thinking about what he should be wearing xD
3:34pm May 7th, 2013
Um. Clothing xD
3:32pm May 7th, 2013
Alright then xD Just needed to know before designing the outfit xD
3:30pm May 7th, 2013
YESYES. Sounds awesome! :D
3:24pm May 7th, 2013
Ohyeah, and question- what kind of era is the RP going to be in? Modernish, or medivalish?
3:24pm May 7th, 2013
I'm baack~! :D
3:23pm May 7th, 2013
no. I didn't
3:01pm May 7th, 2013
hello. :)
2:53pm May 7th, 2013
Change of plans. Now I'm not quite sure when I'll be back D;
5:22pm May 6th, 2013
I'LL be on for about ten more minutes xD Um, let's see... About six-thirty EX time? (I think EX's time is the same for all users, since its an hour different from mine xD)
5:12pm May 6th, 2013
Um. I don't know xD Its up to you! And darn. I have to go D; I'll hopefully be able to see you in... Around seven thirty? D:
4:48pm May 6th, 2013
-Sounds good! :D So, where should we start?
4:44pm May 6th, 2013
WAITWAITWAIT! :D Should we put a nice new twist in RPing, and make it a bit more realistic? :D We just write in the bio what they look like and their gender, and NOTHING ELSE. We then get the joy of finding out the secrets of the other's character xD
4:43pm May 6th, 2013
AHHHH! xD She gets to go on an adventure around some non-sparkly vampires xD Lucky girl/ xD
4:40pm May 6th, 2013
So Sorry for the late reply! I thought I clicked 'Post' and then I pranced off onto other pages '^^
4:39pm May 6th, 2013
:O! SOUNDS DA AWESOMZ! *Happily scampers around* What's the girl's name, then!? And I'll seriously make a bio this time xD
4:38pm May 6th, 2013
If you want! xD Let's name him... Hmm... *Tries to think of obscure boy names that fit vampires* I think I'll make him the... Slightly shy/quiet, if slightly angst-y character... Hmm... AHA! >:3 I'll name him Roland! :DDD isuperproud
4:28pm May 6th, 2013
I worded that horribly xD Ya know, I think I'll just play the 'other vampy boy' xD I've yet to try RPing the mad people xD I'll type up a bio~!
4:24pm May 6th, 2013
xD Don't worry, I tend to RP the boy! Um, Which do you think fits more in the RP? Because both sound kewl =.=
4:20pm May 6th, 2013
It's perfectly fine, as said before xD (And I can tell by looking at your avatar xD) Sounds cool! So, I'm being the vampy?
4:18pm May 6th, 2013
xD It's fine, don't worry! It doesn't exactly bother me when I'm referred to with the wrong gender, but I'm a girl xD
4:14pm May 6th, 2013
That, my friend, is about to be the first RP I've RP'ed in a long time xD And sure, I'm pretty good with Vampires... It think xD So, which character do you want to be? I'm fine with either xD
4:12pm May 6th, 2013
Don't ask me what I like xD Just tell me what you want to RP! (And. Well, I don't hate them. But I haven't watched Twilight before if that's what you where asking xD)
4:09pm May 6th, 2013
That's why xD Well, now a days not many people are around any more. But sure, if you want! :D I really do need to do something xD What do you want to RP?
4:05pm May 6th, 2013
xD Really? Why don't you like the boards? You an get nice items if you post enough xD
4:02pm May 6th, 2013
and triport watch your language! l>:(
2:04pm May 6th, 2013
so I hear you have cancer. get well soon 0 0 ^
2:03pm May 6th, 2013
and it contents to your choice on the second dino
8:05pm May 2nd, 2013
have allos and eoraptors since i am having a sale the first allo you buy the 2nd dino is free
8:04pm May 2nd, 2013
are you looking for t rex how much are you paying
7:56pm May 2nd, 2013
thanks ^u^
4:02pm May 1st, 2013
...dont post a board on this...please...
4:13am May 1st, 2013
Ooh. Did you mean wingpuff? XD sorry I put a clip on in him! LoL!
6:23am Apr 30th, 2013
3:01pm Apr 29th, 2013
Question: what is a zorse?
10:00am Apr 29th, 2013
I guess not. but now I know. :3
5:17am Apr 28th, 2013
Neat :D I've never played Minecraft before. It's a pretty awesome concept though :)
6:29pm Apr 27th, 2013
Ah gotcha XD She's based on a cait sith which is a scottish creature, basically a faerie cat. She's a character of mine named Caiomhe( pronounced Keevah) and I love her. It's cool to hear about the hero cat thing though I've never heard of them before! :3
6:24pm Apr 27th, 2013
DRAGONS. They're awesome. :3 On a list: horses, crows, rats, boxers, cats. -throws confetti-
4:03pm Apr 27th, 2013
So true that I'm speechless. But my fingers still work. "KATZ": changed my world view, it did. All I can reply is "I LIKE TURTLEZ". Preach. XP
3:48pm Apr 27th, 2013
Hm... OH I KNOW. Maybe it's all those tags! XD Actually, all those tags are of my last horse, Princess. She passed away, but I like to honor her in tags. <3 I also really like crows. Any animals you're obsessed with? LOL
3:36pm Apr 27th, 2013
Yes, yes I do! xD What gave me away?
3:31pm Apr 27th, 2013
I have it on auto change xD Every time I log in, it will change
3:12pm Apr 27th, 2013
xD Thanks. I have a ton of different ones
12:51pm Apr 26th, 2013
7:51pm Apr 23rd, 2013
7:27pm Apr 23rd, 2013
hmhmhmhmhmhmhahahahaaa HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.
7:01pm Apr 23rd, 2013
hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhahahaahahahahahaaaaaaa...[that laugh]
6:37pm Apr 23rd, 2013
6:06pm Apr 23rd, 2013
your not trying to get a free rex off me are you?
4:21am Apr 23rd, 2013
4:19am Apr 23rd, 2013
you know you can change your pin right?
6:57pm Apr 22nd, 2013
alright,ill transfer now
6:21pm Apr 22nd, 2013
exactly where i was thinking,you wanted a female right?
6:08pm Apr 22nd, 2013 much will you be paying me
5:47pm Apr 22nd, 2013
yes i did,i have an egg on the is there anything you wantedto ask me about?
3:59pm Apr 21st, 2013
yea ;n; its just this year has been the worst for me. Its hard when you lose someone your close to, and thank you for your kindness.
1:02pm Apr 20th, 2013
Send them my condolences(i hope I used that word right) but he's in the better place(that is if he beleaved)
3:05pm Apr 18th, 2013
ok,get well soon...and this is of the utmost impotance...DO...NOT...DIE
7:57pm Apr 16th, 2013
yesh xDDD Penguiiinnn
1:21pm Apr 16th, 2013
Does it matter? I'm dying from it, so thats already clouded my mind!
6:07pm Apr 11th, 2013
Arianna, is it true what Veronica said, about you having cancer? Which kind do you have?
6:06pm Apr 11th, 2013
ya...but im selling it/9000 for tiger and blakerio,5000for cherry,and 20,000 for zeno[due to over lays,which i will be taking off and sending after you bye the dino.
6:24pm Apr 1st, 2013
yes im well aware of that i dont respond because,im not alwars atk.
6:14pm Mar 31st, 2013
i dont really know,i may have posted that to de wrong person
10:00am Mar 31st, 2013
3:03pm Mar 30th, 2013
why yes...yes i am,and i want your dinos
1:22pm Mar 30th, 2013