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Blackfox13 (#26611)

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Joined June 3rd, 2013

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"marble hornets!"
Last Login April 18th, 2014 Offline!
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hai. :3
5:59pm Jun 27th, 2014
plz post on twist in time
6:23pm Apr 16th, 2014
5:35am Apr 16th, 2014
hi i have a beautiful archaeopterx not exactly the colors you wanted but is still beautiful also has 6/6 perfects high stats and i will throw in some food and medicine with it if you want to look at her here is the link a
2:55pm Apr 11th, 2014
12:44pm Apr 11th, 2014
hey whats up havent been on in a while would you like a colorNT FOR 1 MILL
12:30pm Apr 11th, 2014
6:15pm Apr 9th, 2014
XD pickles
5:48pm Apr 9th, 2014
I have to go, I'll be back very soon
1:28pm Apr 8th, 2014
6:41pm Apr 6th, 2014
0_0 /
7:03pm Apr 4th, 2014
3:45pm Apr 3rd, 2014
3:10pm Apr 3rd, 2014
Muffins :)
8:08pm Mar 30th, 2014
Hello Miss Fox. :)
6:42pm Mar 30th, 2014
Goodnight friend. :)
7:19pm Mar 29th, 2014
0_0 /
4:21pm Mar 29th, 2014
0_0 /
2:49pm Mar 27th, 2014
RP me once you get back on :3 I'll be on in a while if I'm not on when you read this
7:54pm Mar 26th, 2014
7:06pm Mar 26th, 2014
0_0 /
4:15pm Mar 26th, 2014
0_0 /
4:15pm Mar 26th, 2014
Lets all take a minute to appreciate that emote.^
4:15pm Mar 26th, 2014
2:26pm Mar 26th, 2014
Hey. You able to talk to me still?
2:14pm Mar 26th, 2014
6:55pm Mar 19th, 2014
5:24pm Mar 10th, 2014
Hoody! Hoody! XD
4:43pm Mar 10th, 2014
Cheesecake! Cheesecake!
4:34pm Mar 10th, 2014
Marble hornets! Cheesecake! Cheesecake! (mating call of the rare and ellsusive masky.) XD
4:16pm Mar 10th, 2014
Hello. :)
7:13pm Mar 9th, 2014
Hi. :)
4:49pm Mar 9th, 2014
4:50pm Mar 8th, 2014
3:08pm Mar 8th, 2014
Welcome back.:)
9:53am Mar 8th, 2014
Still here.:)
6:19pm Mar 7th, 2014
Loving father and octopus.
4:51pm Mar 7th, 2014
Lol you keep getting on and off
6:58pm Mar 3rd, 2014
11:38am Feb 28th, 2014
I is back. :3 'fri3nds' at school ar3 b3ing drama qu33ns. :| how hav3 you b33n? :)
6:34pm Feb 27th, 2014
Sup. :3
5:22pm Feb 27th, 2014
If you get back on and I don't respond or if I'm not on, I'm in a REALLY long English class. I'll be back on soon. -Lauryn
10:36am Feb 27th, 2014
Ermehgerd waffles
12:57pm Feb 26th, 2014
Lol you always get on when im asleep or at school XD
9:13am Feb 26th, 2014
NOW you reply. XD
4:28pm Feb 25th, 2014
Did Tori scare you? XD
11:46am Feb 24th, 2014
Black Fox, Laughing Jackie thinks that you poisoned my sandwich, making me go completely insane. I tried to take over the universe. Would you happen to know anything about this?
4:03pm Feb 23rd, 2014
Soooo like what IS your favorite animal out of cats foxes and puppies?
10:36am Feb 23rd, 2014
Cats -_-
7:51pm Feb 22nd, 2014
whats up do you know how to cure avian flu
5:23pm Feb 22nd, 2014
With more cheesecake
4:53pm Feb 22nd, 2014
I'm back
4:47pm Feb 22nd, 2014
Dah cheesecake! XD
6:00am Feb 22nd, 2014
Someone stole my cheesecake from my kitchen ;-;
5:46am Feb 22nd, 2014
Lol Ethan so awkward
1:21am Feb 20th, 2014
*Cat face.*
12:04am Feb 20th, 2014
All dah holy Cheesecake!!!!!! XD *Brother typing.*
5:49am Feb 19th, 2014
Cheesecake again. XD
5:13am Feb 19th, 2014
Did you watch that vid yet? :3
6:02am Feb 18th, 2014
5:54am Feb 18th, 2014
5:46am Feb 18th, 2014
form:alive name:armadah age:33 gender:male personality:brute, loves fighting looks:black and blue stries history : lost an eye from a centrosaurus species: tyrannosaurus rex mate: none chicks:none other:derpity flarp
3:18pm Feb 13th, 2014
Wanna join my how to train your dragons roleplay?
9:43pm Feb 12th, 2014
can you post
1:17pm Feb 11th, 2014
My dad took my iPhone and lost it :,(
11:04am Feb 11th, 2014
Do you need me to resend he messages?
3:52pm Feb 10th, 2014
God I hate my life
3:31pm Feb 10th, 2014
hi will you accept my trade
11:34am Feb 8th, 2014
Hey Blackfox, could you post on Prehistoric Power? We've hit a pretty dramatic part.
1:43pm Feb 7th, 2014
pleez don't let that guanlong die!!!!
2:37pm Feb 6th, 2014
can u transfer your sick and starving guanlong to me I don't want a good dino to die from starvation
10:23am Feb 6th, 2014
12:25pm Feb 5th, 2014
3:56pm Feb 2nd, 2014
Dinosaur *random*
2:55pm Feb 2nd, 2014
7:06pm Feb 1st, 2014
My cat had kittens!!!
10:16am Jan 30th, 2014
*Pokessss* XD
10:56am Jan 29th, 2014
*Poke* :3
11:41am Jan 28th, 2014
Do you need me to resend the messages?
8:50am Jan 28th, 2014
Heysssss are you able to talk? x3
8:34am Jan 28th, 2014
OMG sorry. I was at school XP
1:30pm Jan 24th, 2014
Hey Rebekah, when you get a chance, could you post on prehistoric power?
6:23pm Jan 23rd, 2014
9:46am Jan 21st, 2014
Hey did you get my roleplay messages?
9:35am Jan 21st, 2014
11:44am Jan 17th, 2014
Have a what?
7:28am Jan 16th, 2014
Also I posted my awnser on your bored
7:26am Jan 16th, 2014
I posted on your trading bored if you wanna see it
7:22am Jan 16th, 2014
I didn't know that you could change your username... AWESOME!!! :DDD :33
7:39pm Jan 15th, 2014
Marble hornets ftw
10:34am Jan 15th, 2014
I ish opening a store. :3
8:04pm Jan 9th, 2014
Sup. :3 I feel like making random faces right now... STARTING EXPERIMENT OF LEH FACES! XD I shall make faces: *~* *=* *>* ^>^ *u* *_* *+* ** *-* *)(* ... Let me think of more faces... XD
7:50pm Jan 9th, 2014
Ok. :3
6:57pm Jan 7th, 2014
Do you know where pikasammiechu is? :? I let her train my favorite allosaurus and she still has it. :| if she quits, she still has my allo. :(
6:53pm Jan 7th, 2014
8:02pm Jan 1st, 2014
well she doesn't give her scales away all the time but unless i tell her i have to pay someone back and she will give depending on how many scales he or she borrowed like for say i borrowed 2 scales from you then i had to pay you back your scales i would
12:00pm Jan 1st, 2014
ok but hurry my friend has a stash of scales about 600 scales so i can ask her for 3 scales if you give to scales
11:53am Jan 1st, 2014
ok then fine i will give you back 2 scales on january 8th
11:47am Jan 1st, 2014
on january 7 i will give you 1mill that is 2 scales worth
11:44am Jan 1st, 2014
hey what's up is it possible if i can borrow 2 scales please i really need to get an upgrade i will pay you back :(
11:40am Jan 1st, 2014
11:17am Jan 1st, 2014
11:14am Jan 1st, 2014
Ok... But who's head is that in front of the camera? XD
11:09am Jan 1st, 2014
Which one tis' your dad? And who's head with brown hair tis' that? XD
11:03am Jan 1st, 2014
XD *bows*
10:58am Jan 1st, 2014
Mah! XD it's my job to over price things. XD
10:56am Jan 1st, 2014
XD I'm thinking of selling a scale for 490,000$. XD do you think that's a good price... Or do you think I should make it higher? XD
10:53am Jan 1st, 2014
Lol, you can say that again! XD
10:49am Jan 1st, 2014
And if it's your dad... Dad dad dad dad dad. Daddy daddy daddy daddy. Dada. Dada. Dada. Dada. Dad. DAd. DAD. DAD! DAD. DAD.... My little sister is doing that right now. XD
10:46am Jan 1st, 2014
XD Lol, my parents are the same... I remember how I got my email when I was 5... I kept bugging my mum until she did it. Just do this: mum. Mum. Mum. Mum. Mum. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mom. MOM. MOM! MUM! MUM! MOM! ... It does t
10:41am Jan 1st, 2014
*whispers* Email me... I am That will be my only sorce of internet.... XD
10:35am Jan 1st, 2014
:33 < thanks for the offer, but I think we should until it is February or March... Because my report card comes out in afew days... And I know that I totally failed in math. XD my parents expect me to get ALL A+'s. And when my report card comes out...
10:30am Jan 1st, 2014
10:25am Jan 1st, 2014
:33 < wow... You being leader... Then me winning 2 contests... (Well, one of them was not EXACTLY winning) but anyway... It looks like we are both having a stroke of good luck! Usually I never win contests! XD Yay! Go New Year!! XD
10:22am Jan 1st, 2014
:33 < 0.0 you... Are... Leader?! Woah... What are you going to do for your club? Contests... Dino battling... A lot of people will look up to you! Imagine all the stuff you can do for your club! :3
10:16am Jan 1st, 2014
:33 < hai. :3
10:12am Jan 1st, 2014
5:31pm Dec 31st, 2013
:33 < *throws a snowball* X3
4:24pm Dec 31st, 2013
3 days each dose of medicine you give her heals 25%
12:47pm Dec 30th, 2013
well check her and look at the severity and tell me then i can tell you how many days you need to give her medicine and how long before she is fully better
12:44pm Dec 30th, 2013
well ok but did you give her medicine today and i thought she was going to be better by tomorrow which is today and that is what you said yesturday
12:40pm Dec 30th, 2013
is your dino not sick anymore or can i send over the bambiraptor i promised you and you will have to breed it to pass on it's genes because she is getting old
12:33pm Dec 30th, 2013
hey what's up how have you been doing
12:26pm Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < shall you start, or shall I? :3
9:41am Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < role play? Pm role play? :3
9:34am Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < but their wafflez!!! X3
9:25am Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < .... Pancakes?
9:22am Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < normal waffle? French toast? :3
9:18am Dec 30th, 2013
:33 < hai! *eats virtual chocolate waffles* want some? :3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
8:51am Dec 30th, 2013
well i am going to bed so by see to tomorrow
11:24pm Dec 29th, 2013
please don't think i'm bragging but i have a EX victini and what is a frost ray deck
9:39pm Dec 29th, 2013
do you know the new pokemon EX cards
9:34pm Dec 29th, 2013
so do you like pokemon cards
9:28pm Dec 29th, 2013
I am back from dinner and i had a nice dinner
9:24pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok well i will be back have to go eat dinner
8:25pm Dec 29th, 2013
do you know what a loom is and if yes do you have one
8:20pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok sorry
8:06pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok when are you going to send him or her over
7:41pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < it keeps on saying your moving crate is full. X3
7:35pm Dec 29th, 2013
what is a silver atro
7:28pm Dec 29th, 2013
wait you want to do it later or you are going
7:26pm Dec 29th, 2013
ok i can train it until jan 5 but first pick a dino
7:22pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < okay! :3 oh! And speaking of sick, the lolosaurus's I gave you have leh avian flu. X3
7:22pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < do you has a Dino in leh moving crate? XD
7:16pm Dec 29th, 2013
ok so would like me to train one of your dinos for 500 per lv up
7:16pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < I'll send them right over! :33
7:13pm Dec 29th, 2013
do you have any allosaurus
7:13pm Dec 29th, 2013
nice do you need any food
7:10pm Dec 29th, 2013
so what have you been doing
7:07pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < okay! :3 Draco is in a crate.
6:52pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < his special megaraptor with overlays and stuff on him. XD do you want leh guanlongs too? Their sorda fur sale right now, but if you want, I can just send them to you if you like them.
6:43pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < yes. I am serious.
6:40pm Dec 29th, 2013
Overlays and stuff on him.
6:35pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < and he abandoned all his Dino's at the nature reserve... Even the carnotaurus brother woodchuck gave him... And Draco.... And guess who got all of his Dino's from leh reserve? 030 you can have leh guanlongs and Draco if ou like. Draco still has t
6:34pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < ...long haz left leh website....
6:31pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < Rebekah... Guess what!
6:28pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok well just forget about it
6:23pm Dec 29th, 2013
there was i football game and the team i like lost
6:20pm Dec 29th, 2013
i am back and not happy
5:35pm Dec 29th, 2013
eh oh well i have to go
3:27pm Dec 29th, 2013
why don't i understand
3:23pm Dec 29th, 2013
well i guess that is what you put isn't it because look even go to my shout box that is what that says
3:20pm Dec 29th, 2013
then why did you put YESH!!!!!BUYS THEM ALL
3:17pm Dec 29th, 2013
are you going crazy about presents
3:11pm Dec 29th, 2013
i have presents if you want to buy them they are in my shop right now
3:03pm Dec 29th, 2013
how often can you get them
3:00pm Dec 29th, 2013
do you now have any healing cherries or peaches please
2:57pm Dec 29th, 2013
yep finally the bear is gone i was glad
1:11pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok
12:24pm Dec 29th, 2013
oh ok what kind of sickness does he have
12:20pm Dec 29th, 2013
why don't you want the bambirraptor
12:15pm Dec 29th, 2013
hey i can send over your bamiraptor now if you me to
12:12pm Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < *chases tail* *runs around* meow!
11:22am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < *paws at tail* :3
11:19am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < meow! *paws at your feet*
11:16am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < *continues to scratch a tree*
11:13am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < what I really look like: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
11:03am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < XD what I think I look like: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
10:50am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < whoops... *walks over to a tree* *scratch* better? X3
10:39am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < meow! :3 *scratches a mail man*
10:36am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < XD ... I is wearing a fear me tag. X3
10:33am Dec 29th, 2013
:33 < have you gone into zombie world? XD or fanfiction world? You haven't replied in a while. X3
8:18pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < *stalks a random purrson* mew meow, meow!
7:59pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < I is stalking people. X3
7:57pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < Hai! I is back! :33
7:54pm Dec 28th, 2013
hey whats up i can give you thae bambiraptor on sunday tomorrow
12:07pm Dec 28th, 2013
:33 < I ish going to go to bed. X3 it tis' 12:00 where I ish. *yawns* time to take a cat nap. *Zzz*
11:02pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < how about Dea user 2769? :3 (sorry to anyone I am stalking, do not take it purrsinal)
10:56pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < Okay! X3 then I shall randomly pick....
10:53pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < any one else you would like me to stalk? :33
10:44pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < just a little thing about the Dinoz I could add on. X3
10:42pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < X3 ..... I also noticed that he got all his Dino's from the lab exept for the carno brother woodchuck gave him.
10:39pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < but I suspect he said he was 13 or above so that he can get to the main boards.... But then again, that's just what I might think...
10:34pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < I know, right. :p
10:32pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < And is 13 or above. :3
10:29pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < has 2 Guanlong, 1 mega raptor named Draco, and a carnotaurus from brother woodchuck. Main Dino: Draco.
10:28pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < user 26687, doesn't talk much to users, 90% of the time he talks to people to call a new person noob. Other 10% of time is other.
10:24pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < .....>:3 I'm on it.
10:18pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < any more suggestions on who to stalk? :3 (though I chose the last one X3 )
10:12pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < and I figured out she is either 13 or older. :3
10:09pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < and more.... And she made a wish! :3
10:07pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < wow.. Lots of Dino's... This is what I got. Levelled GP Cherokee Rose 6/6 f (#541819) up. +8 STR, +12 INT, +13 SPD. 2013-12-27 21:59:09 Levelled Lyre 2/6 f (#605845) up. +12 STR, +14 INT, +13 SPD. 2013-12-27 21:58:56 Levelled Driver 1/6 m (#60584
10:06pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < *stalks Eek player 21241*
10:03pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < :( I is really sorry... But is there any one else you would like me to stalk? :33
9:58pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < nothing to report. :/ he's been... Doing no resent posts. And not talking to anyone as far as I've seen. Sorry.
9:34pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < GAH! I am too young to access main boards!! D: All of his posts are in main boards! *hisses* BUT! I can stalk him when he is talking to people. TO HIS POSTS! :33
9:23pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < darn! Your leader's user log is purrivate... Then I shall look at posts! :33
9:21pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < I meant looking at their posts. X3
9:17pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < XD I'm going to bed soon, but until then, I am stocking people. Looking at their user logs. And looking and their posts. :33 that tis' what I do. If there is anyone in purrticulare you would like me to stalk, I would gladly do so! X3
9:15pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < I sure hope it doesn't burn literally! X3
9:09pm Dec 27th, 2013
:33 < I'm sorry. :( I hope it fixes! :33
9:05pm Dec 27th, 2013
I am doing what my favfurrite charector does, nepeta! Here tis' a picpurr of her! Image and video hosting by TinyPic And this is what she looks like in the
9:03pm Dec 27th, 2013
wait what are you saying??
8:57pm Dec 27th, 2013
RANDOM CLEOKITTY EVENT: :33 < I am now going to put :33 < I front of the start of every confurrsation I have and I shall use cat puns! (I already do some times) :33 Sooo... Hai!
8:54pm Dec 27th, 2013
nice well you kmow the new EX pokemon cards i have a Victini pokemon card EX
8:51pm Dec 27th, 2013
oh ok i did not no that but anyways do you like pokemon or pokemon cards
8:46pm Dec 27th, 2013
hello?? are you dead if not please answer
8:40pm Dec 27th, 2013
do you like pokemon cards or pokemon
8:19pm Dec 27th, 2013
hey whats up i am back and do you know what pokemon is
8:15pm Dec 27th, 2013
It okay, Have a slice of cake. :3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
7:39pm Dec 27th, 2013
Okay! XD *reads a fan fiction on nepeta and karkat*
6:55pm Dec 27th, 2013
Me: Image and video hosting by TinyPic (I drew this in 3 minutes) XD
6:48pm Dec 27th, 2013
Me: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
6:19pm Dec 27th, 2013
AAAHH!! *screams, and runs away with arms flailing in air* carnotaurus: Image and video hosting by TinyPic ... Me: 6:19pm Dec 27th, 2013
...I think we better run.. It just called it's buddy... Image and video hosting by TinyPic
6:07pm Dec 27th, 2013
*hits carnotaurus on the head* Squeak! :3
5:37pm Dec 27th, 2013
ANOTHA FLUFFY KITTEH!!!!!! :D *throws it at a carnotaurus* X3
5:34pm Dec 27th, 2013
Must wish more wishes! XD
5:04pm Dec 27th, 2013
I GOT MORE DINO MEDZ FOR LEH MESSED UP DINOZ!! XD *throws the med bottle at an lolosaurus*
5:01pm Dec 27th, 2013
*squirt squirt*
4:55pm Dec 27th, 2013
I GOT A MAGIC WATA SPRAYA!!!! *goes around spraying Dinos with it*
4:54pm Dec 27th, 2013
I NEED MORE DINO STUFFZ!!!! I MUST WISH UPON LEH MAGIC WISH GRANTER!!! *wishes and throws thousands of moneyz in leh well*
4:52pm Dec 27th, 2013
4:49pm Dec 27th, 2013
It's ok! :3 I just got one. XD thanks for the offer though! (^w^)/
4:40pm Dec 27th, 2013
I GOT A FLUFFA KITTEH!!! *flails arms in air* X3
4:38pm Dec 27th, 2013
Sedativez. XD (and your fluffy kitteh ish so cute!) :3
4:36pm Dec 27th, 2013
LOOK AT MEH USER LOG! I MADE WISHEZ!!! (And I shall look at your fluffy kitteh!) :3
4:33pm Dec 27th, 2013
4:31pm Dec 27th, 2013
The internet went down. :/ But I Am Back! :D :3
4:28pm Dec 27th, 2013
Okay I'll get the types you don't have and sell them to you for a little better deal than the store. K? (Oh and gotta eat. Brb)
4:16pm Dec 27th, 2013
Which spiecies of fish do you not have yet?
4:04pm Dec 27th, 2013
Thanx for buying my fish. I was wondering if I could breed and raise the fish and sell them to you for food. :3
3:41pm Dec 27th, 2013
Wafflez! :3
1:56pm Dec 27th, 2013
so yup well better get back to working on it i will come on later so bye
1:55pm Dec 27th, 2013
1:53pm Dec 27th, 2013
there are many more of these but different dragons and since i am working with computers i can pretty much make another one but a different dragon this one i bought at a store but looking at it i can make a copy of it with a different dragon species like
1:52pm Dec 27th, 2013
*shrugs* X3
1:51pm Dec 27th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1:50pm Dec 27th, 2013
and it has a second function it can fly if a remote controller it came with and it flies at 25 miles per hour as fast as a speeding bike which is cool or you can just play with it regularly without the controller
1:46pm Dec 27th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1:45pm Dec 27th, 2013
*ship sinks* Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1:41pm Dec 27th, 2013
it is night fury from how to train your dragon and i love dragons and you know what it is also safe and why i tell you safe it can breath realistic fire using water vapor but first you put water inside the special tube and you have got to admit that is co
1:41pm Dec 27th, 2013
1:37pm Dec 27th, 2013
do you want to know the most favorite toy i got for christmas and i know i am 11 year old who plays with toys but you have got to admit this toy is cool
1:37pm Dec 27th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1:36pm Dec 27th, 2013
sorry i meant anything for christmas
1:34pm Dec 27th, 2013
did you get anything for breakfest
1:31pm Dec 27th, 2013
*is dead* Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1:31pm Dec 27th, 2013
ok then let me know when you have any i can have
1:29pm Dec 27th, 2013
Cough. *flails arms around dramatically*
1:26pm Dec 27th, 2013
your welcome do you have any healing cherries i can have
1:26pm Dec 27th, 2013
ok and also like you said i spread out the skill points evenly
1:21pm Dec 27th, 2013
D: that was the most dramatic and sad 6 minutes and 46 seconds I have ever listened to. *coughs dramatically*
1:20pm Dec 27th, 2013
do you really mean it i had to take 1 long hour to make sure she was perfect
1:19pm Dec 27th, 2013
do you think she looks good
1:17pm Dec 27th, 2013
also do you think she is beautiful i changed the colors my self because i have 10 of each colorant well all of them are 10 but now 2 of then are 9 since i used those following colors
1:13pm Dec 27th, 2013
ok so it is ettled theni will give her to you once her leg is healed is that fine
1:08pm Dec 27th, 2013
hey whats up i have your dino but it still has a broken leg so can you wait a bit longer and plus the longer you let me have her the more time i can also train her because right now she is lv6 and what and how many skill points do you want me to spend on
1:05pm Dec 27th, 2013
Mleaaaaarf.... *flails arms in water*
12:18pm Dec 27th, 2013
*Zzzz* *falls over board*
12:09pm Dec 27th, 2013
Report: day 8, I.. Still waiting.. Fur.. Response... *faints*
12:06pm Dec 27th, 2013
Reporting: it has been 2 seconds on the trip to herbals profile. I am waiting for page to load. I have run out of food. And I am waiting for a response. X3
11:57am Dec 27th, 2013
YESH!!! :D /(^w^)/
11:53am Dec 27th, 2013
11:50am Dec 27th, 2013
XD that's pretty bad timing.... I thought I broke exhibited because my internet broke down for an hour. X3
11:49am Dec 27th, 2013
Well, first meh internet died for about an hour, then it logged meh out. *_* .... So, the internet thing is just me, but I think everybody was randomly logged out. X3 well, no worry! We are back! :D we have risen! WE. ARE. UNSTOPPABLE!!! XD
11:45am Dec 27th, 2013
Mark! Marg! Marc! Marf! Melegdnmshdbbdnh! Hdjdjndjxjjzjzjhd! Fjdjdjf jdjdjdbhdj! Dhdjdjjdjf! Jdjdjdbhdj jdjdjdbhdj n! DhdjhvxbkJsjdjjdbsj! *bonces on house*
10:04am Dec 27th, 2013
Jfjdjdhdhdhdjjdjdjdhfhdhhd! Jdjdjdbhdj hdjd! Jdjdjdbhdj hdj ! Jdjdjdbhdj hf! Hdjdjdbdjjdjdj! Jdjdjzkfjdjdjndbfbhdjdjjd! *jumps to leh universe*
10:01am Dec 27th, 2013
*drinks a soda* ........
9:57am Dec 27th, 2013
Aah. I see..... Give her a soda with extra fizz. That'll perk up any one! XD *eats a waffle*
9:48am Dec 27th, 2013
Wazzzup? :3
9:44am Dec 27th, 2013
by will see you tomorrow and hopefully can give you you beautiful bambiraptor
10:31pm Dec 26th, 2013
hey i am back but again i will have to be off because i am eating dinner so will be back
8:08pm Dec 26th, 2013
oh yah also i be off my computer for a few minutes because i have a gift bag for my friend sophia she is my school friend so yep i am putting a gift bag together for her and she loves chocolate so i will be right back
6:55pm Dec 26th, 2013
i have the dino but it has a broken leg so can i give it to you on another day so it can heal and also i could not find one that was age 33 or under make sure she lasts long when get her on probably on wed
6:49pm Dec 26th, 2013
ok well then the age limit will be 33 so i will find one that is age 33 or under age 33 but one that is at least 10 years old
6:40pm Dec 26th, 2013
what do you want its name to be and what do you want the age to be and age limit
6:36pm Dec 26th, 2013
no its fine just tell me what gender i have to much money anyways because now in my bank i have about 95 million and how with the help of my sister she is the best money maker on exhibited she makes about 25 million everyday and she gave me 95 million
6:32pm Dec 26th, 2013
and what gender do you want the bambiraptor to be
5:29pm Dec 26th, 2013
ok well i can get you a bambiraptor
5:28pm Dec 26th, 2013
well what kind of dinosaur would you want to be timid
5:22pm Dec 26th, 2013
oh ok when do you think you are going to use it and who would you use it on
5:18pm Dec 26th, 2013
yah i never wanted to talk about it but i got it out my system and now i heal a bit more better but anyways havey ou used the item i gave you
5:16pm Dec 26th, 2013
what?? do you think i am lying or something if you do then whatever i am login off if you think i am lying
5:09pm Dec 26th, 2013
what it is true now i live with a different family when i was 4 years old some strange people came to our house and started shooting my family and the they shot was my dad but my mom and me hid in a room and locked the door and then she called the police
5:04pm Dec 26th, 2013
ok i have been having a hard time ever since i lost my true family due to a gunshot but i do not want to talk about it anymore
4:56pm Dec 26th, 2013
ok and i am sorry do you accept my apoligy
4:52pm Dec 26th, 2013
nice but are you lying(not trying to be rude please forgive me if you are telling the truth)
4:42pm Dec 26th, 2013
ha ha ha that was fun also how many snowballs have you thrown so far i have thrown 77 soon 78
4:37pm Dec 26th, 2013
hey whats up and look whats that SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!
4:17pm Dec 26th, 2013
Waiting. Waiting. Waaaaiiiitiiiiiinnng. X3
3:43pm Dec 26th, 2013
Now I must wait for her to be online. *waits* :3
3:41pm Dec 26th, 2013
*flails arms in air* .... I got an idea! :D I shall ask herbal! *magicaly flys to herbals profile*
3:40pm Dec 26th, 2013
Never mind. :p
3:35pm Dec 26th, 2013
*sniffle* ....wait.... I think I figured it out! *special music plays*
3:32pm Dec 26th, 2013
Hello! :)
3:08pm Dec 26th, 2013
Marf. I haz a phooooone. Not a computerrrrrrrrr.... The overlay tutorial is meant fur computerz. Snarf.
3:07pm Dec 26th, 2013
I ish figuring out how to make a overlay on a phone. X3 *grrrr* it is EVIL! How do I get the URL the right size? *freaks out*
3:02pm Dec 26th, 2013
*noms on a arm* :3
2:58pm Dec 26th, 2013
Wow! :D :3
12:36pm Dec 26th, 2013
How many snowballz have you thrown? :3
12:34pm Dec 26th, 2013
Sure! :D You start? :3
11:47am Dec 26th, 2013
The cat is my spirite animal. :3
11:46am Dec 26th, 2013
Wow cool! :3
11:44am Dec 26th, 2013
Awesome! How adorable! I love foxes! :3 :D
11:42am Dec 26th, 2013
ok well i have to go so see ya later
11:42am Dec 26th, 2013
How cute! :3 :D I haz 2 cats, 4 chickens, and 2 zebra fiches. :3 the finches are reaallly cute. :3
11:40am Dec 26th, 2013
ok well it actually changes your dinosaurs personality to timid or any personality that is calm
11:40am Dec 26th, 2013
ok do you like it if you do not am sorry i just dont get that many things that good
11:37am Dec 26th, 2013
do you like it and also do you have any question on what it does
11:34am Dec 26th, 2013
That's all 4 chickens! XD
11:34am Dec 26th, 2013
have you opened it yet
11:33am Dec 26th, 2013
And here is roady (the alpha chicken) wrapped in a scarf, in the middle of molting her feathers: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
11:32am Dec 26th, 2013
there you go from me to you just sent it hope like it if you have any question on it just ask me
11:30am Dec 26th, 2013
This is Margaret when she was a chick: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
11:29am Dec 26th, 2013
This is leh Buffy: Image and video hosting by TinyPic (She doesn't like pictures either XD)
11:25am Dec 26th, 2013
getting it then will send it in some wrapping paper
11:25am Dec 26th, 2013
oh yah i got a little gift for you on exhibited
11:23am Dec 26th, 2013
yup but i am not happy about it it is a bug/glitch i am supposed to have someone help me later
11:22am Dec 26th, 2013
well ok also do you have any healing cherries i can buy
11:20am Dec 26th, 2013
That's my favorite chicken, Columbus. (She's a girl) and she's a good buddy. :3
11:19am Dec 26th, 2013
hey whats up merry christmas well late how was your christmas
11:17am Dec 26th, 2013
Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! /(^w^)/ i am glad to help. *pets a chicken* Image and video hosting by TinyPic (Lol. She doesn't like picturez)
11:17am Dec 26th, 2013
Yay! /(^w^)/
10:44am Dec 26th, 2013
Here it tis' : Image and video hosting by TinyPic I put the link on her shout box. :3
10:39am Dec 26th, 2013
Sure! *doodles*
10:23am Dec 26th, 2013
Yaaay! I shall figure out how to make overlays! *flys*
8:51am Dec 26th, 2013
Yaaaaaaay! Thank you! *flips*
8:48am Dec 26th, 2013
Do mew purrsibly have 1 scale I could use? (^^') get an overlay license? ...I could make you your own purrsinal overlays.... (^^')/
8:46am Dec 26th, 2013
:33333333333 *stares at waiting to ask a favor*
8:20am Dec 26th, 2013
oh okay
5:47pm Dec 25th, 2013
5:35pm Dec 25th, 2013
what does that mean?
5:28pm Dec 25th, 2013
why, 'cause she's always posting right after me? XD
5:26pm Dec 25th, 2013
'kay I did :)
5:23pm Dec 25th, 2013
Awesome! If you want to swap friend codes, I got pokemon Y, and the more friend codes you have means the more types you have in your friend safari later on.
11:49am Dec 25th, 2013
*freaks out and gives you virtual candy* Image and video hosting by TinyPic
10:24am Dec 25th, 2013
I can send you a scale if you want. (^w^)/ :3
9:36am Dec 25th, 2013
You're welcome, and I did! Thanks a lot for it. :D
9:04am Dec 25th, 2013
Merry christmas to you too,Rebekah!
8:59am Dec 25th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic *gives a present*
7:08pm Dec 24th, 2013
:3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic (That's a picture of leh healing cat, Cleo)
2:58pm Dec 24th, 2013
That. Would. Be. EPIC!! *runs around in circles*
2:47pm Dec 24th, 2013
2:34pm Dec 24th, 2013
Do you like it? :D
2:27pm Dec 24th, 2013
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2:20pm Dec 24th, 2013
9:54am Dec 24th, 2013
Kitties! (^w^)/ I hope you like the lolosaurus I sent you! :3
9:11am Dec 24th, 2013
Sure! And thank you so much! (^w^)
9:06am Dec 24th, 2013
*curls up on blanket*
7:55am Dec 24th, 2013
*pounces playfully on tail*
7:52am Dec 24th, 2013
*naws on ear playfully* :3
7:20am Dec 24th, 2013
Meow meow! Mew... *paws face*
7:10am Dec 24th, 2013
Mew meow! :3
7:09am Dec 24th, 2013
:33 < *nyaaaaan! :33
11:07am Dec 22nd, 2013
7:43am Dec 22nd, 2013
OMG! I got devil horns! Imagine how much I can sell it for! It costs 17 scales on the scale page... Soooo.... I will sell it for 15 scales and 1,000,000. (^w^)/ I could give you a scale! (^w^)/ look at all of the possibilities! *freaks out*
5:28pm Dec 21st, 2013
Yup. XD I guess they do.................... OMG.... I... I.... Look at meh user log.....
5:21pm Dec 21st, 2013
Bagira is just like 'whatever. As long as they feed meh'. XD it's pretty funny.
5:17pm Dec 21st, 2013
*tickles paw*
5:13pm Dec 21st, 2013
Lol. XD my cat bagira is a sleeping cat. You can tickle him, play with his tail, and stuffz and he Will not even notice. XD
5:12pm Dec 21st, 2013
XD adorable!
5:08pm Dec 21st, 2013
I haz 2 catz. Leh bagira and leh Cleo. Cleo likes to be left alone... But she's a good doctor cat! If your crying she comes right to you. And if you have an injury, she'll lick it..... Bagira is a good buddy... *hugs a bagira* he's a friend. XD
5:04pm Dec 21st, 2013
It ok! ^w^)/ .......long sayz he doesn't like catz. :C *hugs cat, bagira* their good buddies.
4:58pm Dec 21st, 2013
-_- ....I reported that user for that..... Long is.... Meh. /(*_*)/
4:51pm Dec 21st, 2013
10:30am Dec 21st, 2013
Must... Nap......... Maybe pink eye will go away.... *snore*
10:29am Dec 21st, 2013
I has pink eye... Meeeeeeeeeh, "."
10:27am Dec 21st, 2013
*itch itch itch* *itches eye rapidly*
10:26am Dec 21st, 2013
10:21am Dec 21st, 2013
(Well... It's supposed to be a present...)
10:20am Dec 21st, 2013
10:20am Dec 21st, 2013
*throws a present*
10:19am Dec 21st, 2013
*present lands beside snow angel*
10:02am Dec 21st, 2013
*click click click click click click click click*
2:49pm Dec 17th, 2013
Wanna get back to clicking? XD
3:08pm Dec 16th, 2013
Sorry about the random offline thing. :p I got kicked off. XD
9:04pm Dec 15th, 2013
*click click click click click*
2:33pm Dec 15th, 2013
Let's get to clicking! :D
2:30pm Dec 15th, 2013
Alright. -.- let's. Do. Dis. Thing! *turns hat backwards*
2:28pm Dec 15th, 2013
(^^')/ he he. X3
2:25pm Dec 15th, 2013
I helped level it. ^^')/ oh, well.... I guess we weren't lucky. :(
2:24pm Dec 15th, 2013
Wait... Oh! His name is darkness!
2:23pm Dec 15th, 2013
Shadow is now level 201.... Wait... Is his name shadow? Let me check again. ^^')/
2:22pm Dec 15th, 2013
*crosses fingers*
2:14pm Dec 15th, 2013
Ok! (^w^)/
2:08pm Dec 15th, 2013
Are you tentacrab? ^w^)/ ....trying to find your account on squiby...
1:47pm Dec 15th, 2013
:3 :) :D *explodes*
1:16pm Dec 15th, 2013
*click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click*
1:09pm Dec 15th, 2013
OMG! ITS SO CUTE!! *adopts 3*
1:04pm Dec 15th, 2013
Leveled up silver! (^w^)/ *click click click click click click*
10:46am Dec 15th, 2013
Leveled up cosmic! (^w^)/
10:37am Dec 15th, 2013
Snow. Wouldn't. Evolve. T.T ....I leveled snow to level 100 though....
10:27am Dec 15th, 2013
I have leveled up your first 4 creatures! (^w^)/ I shall do more creatures! *click click click click click click click*
10:12am Dec 15th, 2013
*click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click*
10:07am Dec 15th, 2013
I mean chibi and butter... ^^')
10:04am Dec 15th, 2013
Wow. Butter and chibi look different. :3 I shall level up more!
10:02am Dec 15th, 2013
*cliiiiiiiiick* (^w^)
9:57am Dec 15th, 2013
9:53am Dec 15th, 2013
Thanks! :3 I shall send you something! (^w^)/ ....then back to clicking. XD
9:51am Dec 15th, 2013
XD. i sent something too. BACK TO CLICKING!!!!
9:50am Dec 15th, 2013
*click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click* clicking is fun! XD
9:47am Dec 15th, 2013
Cool! Thanks! (^w^)
9:45am Dec 15th, 2013
Clicked all of yours! (^w^)/
9:42am Dec 15th, 2013
I can level yours up. (^w^)/ *starts clicking*
9:39am Dec 15th, 2013
I am profiless and I am proud! XD *holds up a sign*
9:33am Dec 15th, 2013
Neither do i. (^w^)/
9:31am Dec 15th, 2013
Neither do i. (^w^)/
9:31am Dec 15th, 2013
Woah, you play squiby too? ^w^)/ that's awesome!
9:24am Dec 15th, 2013
Hai! Do you want me to draw anything else for you? :3 I'm bored. XD
9:08am Dec 15th, 2013
Thanks so much! ^w^)/ <3
4:57pm Dec 14th, 2013
It's a present to thank you for buying all of my tags I made! ^w^)/
2:59pm Dec 14th, 2013
10:45am Dec 14th, 2013
Oh, and could I possibly give you a free horse tag I drew? ^w^')/
10:07am Dec 14th, 2013
4:11pm Dec 13th, 2013
Umm... If your intrested... I drew a fox sleeping and I was wondering if you would like to buy it for 200,000$? ^^')/ here is the link if your intrested:
4:10pm Dec 13th, 2013
Okey-dokey! ^w^)/
3:19pm Dec 13th, 2013
How much do you think the tag I gave you is worth? (Because I don't think it's worth 1,000,000$) XD
3:17pm Dec 13th, 2013
6:27am Dec 13th, 2013
I didn't have room on the screen to fit the ears. ^w^')/
4:23pm Dec 12th, 2013
4:22pm Dec 12th, 2013
hey what's up how have you been do you have any healing cherries or magic peaches i can buy
4:11pm Dec 12th, 2013
No, that comment was actually there before. I don't know who typed it, but I honestly don't think it was meant to be offensive, or else I would have deleted it before putting it up for sale x)
1:36pm Dec 11th, 2013
Thank you :) Yes, I picked one up at the nature reserve and didn't want to keep it. Why are you asking?
1:18pm Dec 11th, 2013
10:47am Dec 11th, 2013
I has a present for you! ^w^ it's a tag. Put this link in the tag URL thing. ^w^)/ :
10:47am Dec 11th, 2013
*throws a snow banana*
10:39am Dec 11th, 2013
*throws a snow cake*
10:23am Dec 11th, 2013
*throws a snow horse*
12:56pm Dec 10th, 2013
*throws a snow square*
12:42pm Dec 10th, 2013
*throws a pair of snowball twins*
9:37am Dec 10th, 2013
Yay! *throws a snowball*
11:52am Dec 9th, 2013
^w^)/* snowball fight?
11:43am Dec 9th, 2013
Want me to start a fire to roast Marshmellowz on? Here. *hands you a torch*
2:05pm Dec 5th, 2013
Ok! ^w^)/ your alive! *dumps Marshmellowz on you*
2:01pm Dec 5th, 2013
Are you alive? *pokes with a Marshmellow*
2:00pm Dec 5th, 2013
I could give you another present if you want. ^w^)/
12:14pm Dec 5th, 2013
Sorry. XD phone died. And thank you for present! ^w^)/
11:58am Dec 5th, 2013
*throws a present*
11:36am Dec 5th, 2013
^w^)-/* I shall send you a present!
11:32am Dec 5th, 2013
Yay! ^w^)/
11:24am Dec 5th, 2013
I has accepted the bid. ^w^)/ thank you!
11:21am Dec 5th, 2013
That happens to me a lot! XD especially when my sis wants to breed her Dino's and she sends them to me so that I can make them have 2 eggs. .... Some times I forget to move them into a enclosure to breed them.. ^^')
11:18am Dec 5th, 2013
What Dino is it? ^w^) maybe I have a enclosure for it. I like baby sitting Dino's. ^w^) ....I wouldn't give anything that's not mine away... ^^')/
11:14am Dec 5th, 2013
It sayz you already have a Dino in your moving crate. ^w^')
11:10am Dec 5th, 2013
XD nice. Oh, and I put the Dino up for bid. ^w^)
11:07am Dec 5th, 2013
Okey-Dokey! ^w^)/ ... And my... Why would some some one do that! :/ I'm sorry about the Dino.
11:04am Dec 5th, 2013
I shall send him right over! ^w^) or should I put it on sale so that you can buy it? ^^') my sis said I should start putting things on sale instead of sending it. ^^')
10:56am Dec 5th, 2013
Hmm... Maybe I can help you look for a tag. ^w^)/ my big sis made my tag. ^^)
10:46am Dec 5th, 2013
Oh! And would you like to buy a 4 day old, male, terror bird for 200,000$? ^w^)/
10:44am Dec 5th, 2013
How many snowballz have you thrown? ^w^)/* snowballz are fun to throw. ^^)
10:42am Dec 5th, 2013
Never mind.... (^^') sorry..... Ummm... *whistles*
12:11pm Dec 1st, 2013
Would you like to buy a male terror bird named zack for 205,000$? (^w^)/
12:10pm Dec 1st, 2013
ok but i have 100 million in my bank i will buy 3 items you can have just tell me the ones you want list them
11:47am Dec 1st, 2013
do you want me to send you some stuff and it is fine because i have well over 100mill
11:44am Dec 1st, 2013
yup you are right it accutally adds bonus stats to you your dino if you notice after you put it on then go to biology and you will see stats and also you will so base 20+ or more added to your stats
11:40am Dec 1st, 2013
darn well do you think an equippabble item does nothing yes or no?? you knowstuff from fabios store
11:34am Dec 1st, 2013
its fine well do you have any equipment i can buy
11:30am Dec 1st, 2013
do you have any thing to sell like any cherries or peaches
11:17am Dec 1st, 2013
hey what's up how was your morning... well depending on were you live
11:12am Dec 1st, 2013
10:45am Dec 1st, 2013
Ok. ^w^)
10:43am Dec 1st, 2013
Yup. XD
10:41am Dec 1st, 2013
Yup. XD leh como cafe. ^w^
10:38am Dec 1st, 2013
leh como cafe
10:36am Dec 1st, 2013
Leh como cafe. ^w^
10:35am Dec 1st, 2013
? Which one what? ?
10:32am Dec 1st, 2013
In battling, level 1. (About to be level 2)
10:30am Dec 1st, 2013
Ok. ^w^
10:26am Dec 1st, 2013
Oh, and would you like to buy a Compsognathus (male) for 50,000$? ^w^
10:25am Dec 1st, 2013
He he... ^w^.
10:23am Dec 1st, 2013
HA! HA! HA! *evil laugh*
10:18am Dec 1st, 2013
well goodnight will talk to you tomorrow
9:45pm Nov 30th, 2013
9:44pm Nov 30th, 2013
I'll send something too
9:40pm Nov 30th, 2013
i know... well here it comes
9:39pm Nov 30th, 2013
darn oh well... well anyways would you like to have a item of random
9:37pm Nov 30th, 2013
its ok but can you at least tell me how you got it
9:33pm Nov 30th, 2013
No, sorry
9:30pm Nov 30th, 2013
would you trade for 1 zani plushie pile
9:29pm Nov 30th, 2013
how many loki plushies do you have i will trade for a zani plushie pile
9:26pm Nov 30th, 2013
thx what kind of rare plushies do you have that i could buy
9:21pm Nov 30th, 2013
9:19pm Nov 30th, 2013
how much do you want it for but i cannot buy it if over 15k
9:16pm Nov 30th, 2013
do you have any spider in amber and scorpion in amber i can buy for 5k
9:12pm Nov 30th, 2013
well you could have answered back on my shout box? but i know you accidently put it on your shout box
9:09pm Nov 30th, 2013
hello?? is that all the fish heads you have??
9:06pm Nov 30th, 2013
Yeah... Unless you want me to kill fish XD
8:34pm Nov 30th, 2013
that's all you have??
8:33pm Nov 30th, 2013
i do not see the fish heads in the store yet
8:24pm Nov 30th, 2013
can i buy all of them
8:06pm Nov 30th, 2013
do your have any fish heads i can buy
8:04pm Nov 30th, 2013
thx if your get any more cherries and magic peaches i will buy them
7:55pm Nov 30th, 2013
just got them also do you have any peaches can buy
7:50pm Nov 30th, 2013
that's ok i just forgot i already have one
7:49pm Nov 30th, 2013
if you do i will buy the healing cherries seperately but would buy one peach with zani plush pile and buy the rest seperate
7:46pm Nov 30th, 2013
i bought it also do you have the healing cherries sale also magic peaches
7:41pm Nov 30th, 2013
its in, buy it quick!
7:39pm Nov 30th, 2013
i just want the mountain newt one i already have the others
7:37pm Nov 30th, 2013
ok please message me when they are in your shop
7:21pm Nov 30th, 2013
oh well then i will put a report soon by the the way do you have any river items i can buy for 5k if you do put them up and i will buy the ones i need please i am trying to collect things i do not have
7:07pm Nov 30th, 2013
i went to wardrobe ad went under shoes but i do not see the shoes i am wearing notice: that i will only pay the 200k if the tips help
7:03pm Nov 30th, 2013
will give you 200k if you help me please
6:54pm Nov 30th, 2013
i know that evryone keeps pointing that out and it gets annoying and dont mean you but other people!!! Well can you help me get this stupid polar bear of my shoe please direct me on how to get this off
6:53pm Nov 30th, 2013
Same with me. *adjusts 'cool kid' glasses* are you this evening? X3
7:26pm Nov 29th, 2013
Wassup. *puts on 'cool kid' glasses*
7:16pm Nov 29th, 2013
Snarf....*throws a snowball bomb*
3:38pm Nov 28th, 2013
*tries to make a snow dragon*
3:35pm Nov 28th, 2013
3:33pm Nov 28th, 2013
*makes a snow canon*
3:31pm Nov 28th, 2013
*forms 20 snow balls*
3:28pm Nov 28th, 2013
Puts on frosty the snowman's hat.
3:25pm Nov 28th, 2013
Bring it on! >:3
3:22pm Nov 28th, 2013
*evil laugh*
3:19pm Nov 28th, 2013
I is unstoppable snowman!! Grr! *throws a golden egg*
3:17pm Nov 28th, 2013
SNOWBALL WAR!! *starts to build a fort*
3:13pm Nov 28th, 2013
Thank you! (^^)
2:26pm Nov 28th, 2013
Oooooh! (^^) I love surprises! (^^)
2:26pm Nov 28th, 2013
Alright! (^^)/ I'll send him right over!
2:21pm Nov 28th, 2013
I has a new terror bird male that just hatched. (^^)/ would you be intrested in him for 205,000? (^^)
2:00pm Nov 28th, 2013
I has posted on the terror birds topic. ^^ i hope you like mutie! ^^
2:19pm Nov 27th, 2013
11:27am Nov 17th, 2013
Hi Rebekah :3
7:41am Aug 20th, 2013
7:36pm Aug 3rd, 2013
Take good care of my Linheraptor, Uluru!
1:04pm Aug 3rd, 2013
DUDE i can't post on your shoutbox :(
5:51pm Jul 25th, 2013
*Derp face* O______O
5:04pm Jul 25th, 2013
*Cute face* :3333
1:02pm Jul 25th, 2013
Aaack! My computer keeps freezing so sorry if it takes forever for me to respond to the fox rp
11:46am Jul 24th, 2013
My mom hates it when I chat too
4:20pm Jul 22nd, 2013
You're fine XDDDD
9:29am Jul 22nd, 2013
7:27am Jul 22nd, 2013
Oh wait, wrong person, sorry Rebekah! XD
10:14am Jul 17th, 2013
10:13am Jul 17th, 2013
HAHAHAHAHAHA my cat likes to lick my feet apparently
2:11pm Jul 16th, 2013
Hey, just dropped by to check on my old archies. I don't know if you knew but two of them have metabolic bone disease, all of them are depressed and a lot are starving. I sent you some milk to help with the mbd and a bit of food...hopefully that helps
6:13am Jul 12th, 2013
Me too :3
10:01am Jul 11th, 2013
HEEEEEY! :D I replied on the twistrp
4:40am Jul 10th, 2013
Me too :3
8:46am Jul 9th, 2013
11:12am Jul 8th, 2013
Chair mode activate BOOP
10:59am Jul 8th, 2013
Wow I'm an idiot
10:53am Jul 8th, 2013
Oooooh I don't have any room for eggs...
10:47am Jul 8th, 2013
Oh yeah but I can't find the Albertosaurus x3
10:42am Jul 8th, 2013
Asdf is a hilarious YouTube series...
7:23am Jul 6th, 2013
This just turned into Asdf...
7:16am Jul 6th, 2013
*Heres distant explosions.* I can tell....
7:13am Jul 6th, 2013
Really?! O_O
7:08am Jul 6th, 2013
7:04am Jul 6th, 2013
*Turns over in grave*
7:04am Jul 6th, 2013
6:59am Jul 6th, 2013
*Dies of laughter*
6:56am Jul 6th, 2013
6:53am Jul 6th, 2013
6:47am Jul 6th, 2013
same!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
6:42am Jul 6th, 2013
6:39am Jul 6th, 2013
Ur turn btw X3
6:36am Jul 6th, 2013
Sound like my little pony names. :3 Awesome
6:35am Jul 6th, 2013
6:31am Jul 6th, 2013
6:26am Jul 6th, 2013
Ooh definatley velociratpros
6:15am Jul 6th, 2013
I'm okay, Rebekah, but thank you. :)
1:14pm Jul 5th, 2013
11:10am Jul 5th, 2013
Thank you :) if you ever want to start a breeding project with me let me know
2:57pm Jul 4th, 2013
I notice that you bought a bunch of my Archies :) glad to see them getting a good home :)
2:52pm Jul 4th, 2013
Thank you :) I breed archies. He's one of my favorite studs.
2:50pm Jul 4th, 2013
a few minutes its a sandy colured female that costs 2000 its called lorrie
1:17pm Jul 4th, 2013
I can keep it in my Moving box if you feel comfortable with that. As for money, if it's okay with you, just transfer the amount of money it costs and I'll buy it and hold onto it for you. How long do you need me to hold it for?
12:57pm Jul 4th, 2013
Oh, sorry about the fish. I think it was just old. I want to go on more but can't as I'm super busy with summer school, so I think that was a factor.
7:29pm Jul 2nd, 2013
i have eorapters at a strong power itell and speed also some of them even have good perfection if you want to buy some or breed tell me which ones
12:51pm Jul 2nd, 2013
ok since i will be nice you can have the 5000k tis time only
3:19pm Jun 29th, 2013
first correct but second wrong dragons use left over platinum on their teeth to ignite their fire. also if you think you would not know why dragons chew platinum there would be no other possible explanation too why dragons chew platinum
10:07am Jun 29th, 2013
i know it was because someone had already answered it correctly and only one person may ansewer it correctly but i have another question but this time you will get paid 5000 and plus get paid for 2 days every week until august and the question is true or
9:51am Jun 29th, 2013
11:58am Jun 24th, 2013
2:33pm Jun 21st, 2013
Hello :)
2:28pm Jun 21st, 2013
That's a lot of cousins...o.o Ya wanna do bios and what do ya wanna call it?
5:52pm Jun 16th, 2013
Hey Rebekah! I saw your message about the PMRP in the chat. Sorry couldn't get back to you, little brothers...x3 do you still want to roleplay?
5:46pm Jun 16th, 2013
U likee sky? ;)
6:24pm Jun 15th, 2013
BUDDER BUDDER BUDDER!!! yum :D yay!!! boop! beep! random!
4:30pm Jun 15th, 2013
Budder o_0
4:20pm Jun 15th, 2013
Thought there was a random o3o
3:51pm Jun 15th, 2013