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heyyy! how've you been?
10:02pm Jul 12th, 2020
Hey what happened here?
10:29am Nov 24th, 2019
The ceiling
7:43am Apr 27th, 2019
7:30am Apr 27th, 2019
4:27am Apr 26th, 2019
ive 10 dilophs and 2 rexes incubating, one diloph has blue eyes the others red and both rexes have albino (talk to you tomorrow have a nice night)
6:19pm Apr 22nd, 2019
one more day and Ill have 10 more dilophs lol
6:17pm Apr 22nd, 2019
mhm and when you dont hae all those extra males you have room for more babes next season
6:14pm Apr 22nd, 2019
the only tim I have two males is when the male is getting up there in age, that way if he dies before the breeding season I have a backup male, I add a second male after the oldest has gone through 2 seasons
6:12pm Apr 22nd, 2019
the boys will get culled for meat, ultimately only one adult male is needed per herd no matter how many females there are
6:08pm Apr 22nd, 2019
well I love my baros the most lol, I might end up keeping all the baby females from this season as well, then Id have even more lol
6:06pm Apr 22nd, 2019
plus they barely made the season, they grew up today and tomorrow is the last day for babies, 52 females should give me a good amount of babies for sure lol
6:02pm Apr 22nd, 2019
I just absolutely love baros theyre my favorite long neck on the game so I gotta keep most of the babies lol
5:59pm Apr 22nd, 2019
20k per deworming that is
5:58pm Apr 22nd, 2019
well I did murder 88 echinos so that I only have to fill one trough and did the same with all my grade D dinos so I can only spend 20k per herd. Only herd I probably wont do that much killing with is my baros, I love my baros
5:57pm Apr 22nd, 2019
welp now I have 711k
5:53pm Apr 22nd, 2019
I just purged all my herbies so that they should have 20 or less, might need to double check but rn Ive about 17k, lemme find out how much I made from killing real quick lol
5:50pm Apr 22nd, 2019
I know and if you dont have the money to improve grade then you get stuck with low grades on your herds
5:48pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Im sure itll become a hassle when I have full enclosures but currently it seems to be working out, herb wise Im gonna keep 20 or less on most herds that have low grade so its manageable until breeding season. certain ones like echinos I can just purchase
5:45pm Apr 22nd, 2019
So far ive been consistent with all adults, I up most of their skills and such around reset time and then I finish up the other when I wake up
5:42pm Apr 22nd, 2019
awesome! Im trying to get mine's stats up I jsut started battling them and such a couple days ago
5:32pm Apr 22nd, 2019
probably my dilophs, Ive them the most and use them more for battles so makes sense to give them the experience
5:29pm Apr 22nd, 2019
The expendable herbies like echinos will be greatly murdered lol
5:26pm Apr 22nd, 2019
nice, Im about to cull a bunch of herbies lol
5:24pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Not much, just finished prepping dinner
5:21pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Hey! Long time no see.
12:04am Nov 4th, 2018
im getting ready 4 war!!!
5:20pm Oct 28th, 2017
Good, you?
1:39pm Aug 12th, 2017
Hi there
11:40am Aug 12th, 2017
hiya peeps!! bsrry i haven't been on 4 awhile... been busy with school.
9:57am Aug 12th, 2017
9:07am Jun 30th, 2017
I'm doing well, thank you. :)
4:43pm Jan 10th, 2017
Hello how are you today?
4:41pm Jan 10th, 2017
I'm doing alright.
4:07pm Nov 19th, 2016
Hiya. :3
4:05pm Nov 19th, 2016
Hello to you
2:27am Sep 23rd, 2016
I'm great too thanks
6:28pm Aug 9th, 2016
How are you?
7:08pm Aug 8th, 2016
Nothing against you, but I legit have no life in the dino community on this site
8:39pm Aug 7th, 2016
Boi, please. If you're expecting me to care for your Dino's, I'm not gonna be able to
8:39pm Aug 7th, 2016
PELPLOE HATE ME and you can admed it
4:57pm Aug 7th, 2016
im sad
4:34pm Aug 7th, 2016
hey i just lost my dino sike so just let every one no please don't mess with me
4:34pm Aug 7th, 2016
Very very busy, but productive.
12:43pm Jul 31st, 2016
How are you today?
12:42pm Jul 31st, 2016
Hey sorry I've been gone. My phones been slow but I'll be on a lot more these next couple of weeks.
7:21am Jul 29th, 2016
How are you doing?
4:19pm Jul 28th, 2016
I meant appriciate. As in I don't like it....would you like him back?
5:00pm Jul 19th, 2016
He was in the. A ture Reserve Adlan. If a dino is in the Nature Reserve anyone can pay $2,000 and win the dino fair and square. I'm sorry but I did not steal him. And I do not approximate you accusing me of "stealing" him.
4:34pm Jul 19th, 2016
Who did I "steal" Aslan?
4:31pm Jul 19th, 2016
Aslan just tell me what I did. I don't know what I did!!
1:37pm Jul 18th, 2016
What did I do!?!?!?!?
5:09pm Jul 17th, 2016
What did I do!?!?!?!?
5:09pm Jul 17th, 2016
What did I do!?!?!?!?
5:09pm Jul 17th, 2016
Hello ^^
3:44pm Jul 17th, 2016
What? I'm confused what's the message on my shout ox about?
1:50pm Jul 17th, 2016
how do i do that
1:20pm Jul 17th, 2016
Anything you want (pfftt how do I transfer dinos?)
1:15pm Jul 17th, 2016
I can give you something in return
1:14pm Jul 17th, 2016
1:13pm Jul 17th, 2016
1:10pm Jul 17th, 2016
Anything is fine
1:08pm Jul 17th, 2016
That's okay
1:08pm Jul 17th, 2016
1:07pm Jul 17th, 2016
Do yopu have any mega raptors? I'll even pay
1:06pm Jul 17th, 2016
You got so many dinos, bruh
1:05pm Jul 17th, 2016
6:02pm Jul 16th, 2016
Hey, Thank you for Blood
11:45am Jul 16th, 2016
So just tell me when you have that wink out of your moving crate, then I'll be able to give the T-Rex to you... (I wasn't jip you.)
12:54pm Jul 14th, 2016
Just so you know I can't give you the T-Rex until you get the dino out of your moving crate... ;)
12:38pm Jul 14th, 2016
hmmm what? XD
12:16pm Jul 14th, 2016
Trying to make an army of mega raptors XD
12:16pm Jul 13th, 2016
10:59am Jul 13th, 2016
so wazzup?
6:20pm Jul 12th, 2016
Well then. ... How old are you might I ask? I'm currently 16.
5:38pm Jul 12th, 2016
So, what are you up to?
5:26pm Jul 12th, 2016
Sorry for suddenly dispaearing, i'm working on my gmails.
1:50pm Jul 12th, 2016
1:17pm Jul 12th, 2016
Well, I'm actually kind of busy to be honest.
12:27pm Jul 12th, 2016
Good, and you?
12:17pm Jul 12th, 2016
So, what's on your mind?
12:10pm Jul 12th, 2016
I'm doing alright thank you.
12:07pm Jul 12th, 2016
Good afternoon, how are you?
12:06pm Jul 12th, 2016
11:27am Jul 12th, 2016
Ok she is up for bid!
6:59am Jul 12th, 2016
Sure! I just want to breed her real quick... Put your dino on bid for $0 and I will do the same!
9:44pm Jul 11th, 2016
Sweet Dreams.
6:49pm Jul 11th, 2016
I'm doing more things in reality then online.
6:33pm Jul 11th, 2016
So, what's on your mind?
6:28pm Jul 11th, 2016
I'm alright thank you. :)
6:23pm Jul 11th, 2016
Hey, how are you doing? :D
6:15pm Jul 11th, 2016
Well, I can't just give it to you, but if you trade a dino for a dino...
5:56pm Jul 11th, 2016
It depends on with ones
3:06pm Jul 11th, 2016
That was yours! I didn't even notice...
2:11pm Jul 11th, 2016
1:54pm Jul 11th, 2016
Hey there! Sorry I haven't been on lately I was busy moving. How've ya been
7:46am Jul 8th, 2016
6:56am Jul 7th, 2016
I'm doing fine thank you! :D
4:54pm Jul 3rd, 2016
Long time no see. How are you?
4:51pm Jul 3rd, 2016
Awwwww my god that made me super sad for some reason. Why not?
1:12pm Jun 21st, 2016
Hey wassup buddy
6:35pm Jun 19th, 2016
5:45pm Jun 19th, 2016
Homework as usual
5:45pm Jun 19th, 2016
I'm good! How bout you?
5:32pm Jun 19th, 2016
5:06pm Jun 19th, 2016
4:50pm Jun 19th, 2016
Heyo! ^-^
5:48am Jun 19th, 2016
Hello. Good morning, I may go to sleep soon so we'll chat later alright? :)
5:39am Jun 19th, 2016
6:32pm Jun 18th, 2016
Gorgeous! Sure i'll take it!
6:17pm Jun 18th, 2016
FIRST I NEED THE SPECIES! I need to know first!
6:16pm Jun 18th, 2016
Also, if you have any more natural colored dinos you need to get rid of, just name the species and gender and i'll set something up.
6:13pm Jun 18th, 2016
I think hes scary. He's pretty cool though. :)
6:04pm Jun 18th, 2016
Anytime. Sucks he has reached his limited offspring thought, but he is still a great raptor!
6:01pm Jun 18th, 2016
Well happy to be of service.
5:54pm Jun 18th, 2016
Oh my god he's terrifying! Lol hate to run into him.
5:49pm Jun 18th, 2016
I love the dinosaur you gave me.
5:47pm Jun 18th, 2016
Out of the ones I have? Um.... Either Leaping Fang, a deinonychus, or starlet, my Spino. You?
5:45pm Jun 18th, 2016
I'm alright thank you. How are you?
5:44pm Jun 18th, 2016
Good afternoon. :)
3:51pm Jun 18th, 2016
Alright. :D
3:52pm Jun 17th, 2016
Yes thank you
3:44pm Jun 17th, 2016
CERTAINLY! (I'm trying to get them to be more natural via breeding. :3)
3:37pm Jun 17th, 2016
Well, tell me what he is first, so I have room for him.
3:36pm Jun 17th, 2016
I you'd like too. :3
3:29pm Jun 17th, 2016
Thanks for the help in getting Balaurs but I don't need anymore now. :) I happy with the numbers I have right now so thank you.
10:02am Jun 17th, 2016
That's good :)
6:17pm Jun 15th, 2016
I'm alright. Just been doing school and work. How are you?
5:51pm Jun 15th, 2016
Cool. How was class?
6:31pm Jun 14th, 2016
OK. Good luck. Take care of Autumn.
9:36am Jun 14th, 2016
Sure. Hold on.
9:28am Jun 14th, 2016
Which one did you have your eyes on?
9:26am Jun 14th, 2016
Of course.
9:23am Jun 14th, 2016
Lol wow. I play Howrse and Torva Cattus. On the internet anyway. I have a few game consoles too with ALOT more games on those. Lol I'm a gamer.
9:18am Jun 14th, 2016
I am a girl also. So what other computer games do you play
9:14am Jun 14th, 2016
Oh I hate it when that happens. I'm playing on my phone so sometimes Internet is slow. So I kinda have to be extra picky when it comes to choosing games. :)
9:11am Jun 14th, 2016
Not much. I've noticed that a lot of spino owners are inactive these days so I'm mass breeding my spinos to get their numbers up. I'm also playing a few other games. :) I like games.
9:07am Jun 14th, 2016
Glad to here it. :)
8:59am Jun 14th, 2016
Yeah so how've ya been? Its been awhile since we've last chatted?
8:55am Jun 14th, 2016
We are getting along great. :) the balaurs are pretty cool so far. Thank you you helped a lot. If you ever want any of my Dino's let me know.
8:51am Jun 14th, 2016
Thank you. I'll take good care of two claws. :)
4:47pm Jun 13th, 2016
I just woke up from a nap after working all morning
3:30pm Jun 13th, 2016
So, are you enjoying exhibited? I know it isn't as active as it used to be and that can be discouraging.
3:00pm Jun 13th, 2016
Nothing much either... Just feeding my dinos :)
2:49pm Jun 13th, 2016
Hey! What's Up?
2:44pm Jun 13th, 2016
Well I sent it via private message. But are you sure its not your pin that's required? That's what I thought it was..
6:32am Jun 13th, 2016
Cool thanks. Do you think maybe you could just pick maybe two or three out for me? I'm not good with decisions. Anyway pick out any of em male female color doesn't matter. And I'll pay too if ya want me to.
5:25pm Jun 11th, 2016
1:46pm Jun 11th, 2016
Sorry for the slow response I'm traveling through mountains. Anyway I was thinking about starting to breed Balaurs now so I figured I'd ask you for a few before generating any. :)
1:16pm Jun 11th, 2016
Hey there I just wanted to let you know I have forgotten about you just been to busy to chat. Also I was wondering if your Balaur offer was still valid. :)
5:04pm Jun 10th, 2016
Do you have any suggestions for games? I'm not sure what to play either.
11:08am Jun 6th, 2016
9:35am Jun 6th, 2016
6:28pm Jun 5th, 2016
What game?
4:23pm Jun 5th, 2016
Ejoy! But please, keep them together always!
4:02pm Jun 5th, 2016
I have them up for bid, so go on and bid on them!
3:58pm Jun 5th, 2016
it goin' fine bruh what up with u
11:08am Jun 4th, 2016
11:05am Jun 4th, 2016
I'm fine. And yourself?
10:51am Jun 4th, 2016
Hullo. ^.^
10:51am Jun 4th, 2016
Hullo. ^.^
10:51am Jun 4th, 2016
Oh hi! Nothing much. What's up with you? :o
10:45am Jun 4th, 2016
I just found out that this game has an upcoming sequel. So what's up
5:29pm Jun 3rd, 2016
Lol just trying to alleviate boredom, I take it?
11:17am Jun 3rd, 2016
Idk. I'm mostly just checking out guides and stuff so I can make sure I know what I'm doing. :)
11:14am Jun 3rd, 2016
11:12am Jun 3rd, 2016
Huh. It must have double posted. Hate it when that happens.
10:35am Jun 3rd, 2016
If you want too. But I already put it in suggestions. :)
10:31am Jun 3rd, 2016
If you want too. But I already put it in suggestions. :)
10:31am Jun 3rd, 2016
I like Graciliceratops. It was a cool little dinosaur. Only ceratopsian that stood on its hind legs.
10:28am Jun 3rd, 2016
Well that's pretty cool.. Omg I'll be right back Im gonna go to suggestions this game needs Graciliceratops.
10:23am Jun 3rd, 2016
Lol im starting to love this game they really thought of a lot.
10:16am Jun 3rd, 2016
I think some of your Dino's have pretty good genes. I only looked at a few though. :)
10:14am Jun 3rd, 2016
Okay. I was able to figure it out. Both my Dino's are okay. In fact they have a few good genes.
10:05am Jun 3rd, 2016
Yeah but it effects stats.
9:51am Jun 3rd, 2016
Like cleft palates? Or some sort of slow brain syndrome. And a weak joints one. I'm still trying to figure it out though.
9:47am Jun 3rd, 2016
What? I know all that I read the guides. But I'm trying to figure out how to read the genes so I know which Dino's have birth defects that reduce stats.
9:43am Jun 3rd, 2016
Hmm. I just found that dinosaurs can have birth defects and I'm currently trying to figure that out. Its super confusing.
9:38am Jun 3rd, 2016
That's okay I understand perfectly. I just got the fish today so I officially everything in the game I want for now. What have you been up too
9:35am Jun 3rd, 2016
Umm... last I remember, your name was Dina... did you recently change it or something?
5:51pm Jun 2nd, 2016
I'm back from shelter so I'll check back in a few minutes to see if you're back online.
3:35pm Jun 2nd, 2016
1:12pm Jun 2nd, 2016
Yep. Right now I have a crabby deaf kitty on my lap. :)
1:09pm Jun 2nd, 2016
just thought it would be easier than the shout box
12:02pm Jun 2nd, 2016
11:54am Jun 2nd, 2016
Yeah. One of the grouchy old cats rides around on my shoulder. :) o get funny looks from everyone but its still fun.
11:47am Jun 2nd, 2016
Yeah its pretty fun. But its not all roses. I've seen some sad things. But its still nice to go. Some of the cats who have been there awhile recognize me whenever I come in. Its a nice feeling. :)
11:40am Jun 2nd, 2016
11:36am Jun 2nd, 2016
Go to the map, go to the bank in map 1. Select deposit type in how much and use the bank pin the game made you pick. And no I'm not getting a pet. I volunteer to play with the cats and walk the dogs, and help people find a pet that works well with their l
11:36am Jun 2nd, 2016
The animal shelter.
11:30am Jun 2nd, 2016
Pretty good. Got some new items for my two U Raptors. I also got a herbivore herd. And tomorrow I'm gonna start buying fish. Everything else goes in bank. Also I probably won't be messaging too much between 2 and 5 your time cause that's when I'll be at t
11:30am Jun 2nd, 2016
thats okay
11:26am Jun 2nd, 2016
similar to "awww" or "sad" btw you got skype?
11:25am Jun 2nd, 2016
Huh. Eh your only an hour ahead then. So how's your game going?
11:14am Jun 2nd, 2016
Getting ready to go to the animal shelter. Hey what time is it where you're at? You seem a few hours ahead of me but I'm not certain.
11:11am Jun 2nd, 2016
Yeah I'm here. What's up?
11:08am Jun 2nd, 2016
11:06am Jun 2nd, 2016
10:58am Jun 2nd, 2016
And also, have you ever played dino hunter on facebook or whatever?
10:57am Jun 2nd, 2016
Trying to get my Megaraptor numbers back up by breeding. Eating pizza rolls....and carpet is house grass pfftt
10:56am Jun 2nd, 2016
Wazzup, Dina? X3
10:49am Jun 2nd, 2016
I'm just great. How's your day going?
8:15am Jun 2nd, 2016
haha, it's evening for me, but good morning to you too
7:31am Jun 2nd, 2016
Maybe. See ya
6:49am Jun 2nd, 2016
Sorry, got to go to work in a little bit... It's busy being a working college student.
6:30am Jun 2nd, 2016
6:08am Jun 2nd, 2016
Bed times are the worst. Well we can talk tomorrow. I'll be on. Have a nice night.
5:07pm Jun 1st, 2016
Why would a movie about adoption be sad?
5:05pm Jun 1st, 2016
Its about a couple who can't have kids so they decide to adopt but its kinda hard to explain why it ends up sad. Oh a few more movies, The man who shot liberty Valence, God Father, and..... That's all I remember right now. I watch a lot of movies.
4:57pm Jun 1st, 2016
The last movie didn't go through. It's a sad movie.
4:53pm Jun 1st, 2016
Immediate family. Stupid text limit.
4:50pm Jun 1st, 2016
I like Lion king, Frozen, Jungle Book, spirited away, princess Mononoke, the first Jurassic park, Jurassic world, ummm...Balto, the land before time series, hachi, Marley&Me and paper moon. Oh and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, losing Isaiah, and immediat
4:49pm Jun 1st, 2016
Yeah I like my movie trivia. Some are interesting, others... Stuff of nightmares.
4:42pm Jun 1st, 2016
4:38pm Jun 1st, 2016
Spino in the movie is indeed bigger then the Rex, but back when the movie came out, spinosaurus was thought to be smaller then Rex. But then as they found more fossils they found out that is bigger so ya know, happy mistake.
4:38pm Jun 1st, 2016
Lol wow. Ya know what's interesting about the spinosaurus in Jurassic park 2?
4:33pm Jun 1st, 2016
So what's up? :D
4:32pm Jun 1st, 2016
Yeah I was watching Dr Phil then I had to catch my psychotic rabbit. What's up
4:30pm Jun 1st, 2016
Missed you too! XD
4:30pm Jun 1st, 2016
Huh? Missed?
4:25pm Jun 1st, 2016
Messed? 0_0
4:23pm Jun 1st, 2016
Oh it's alright, I've got plenty of Dino's right now
3:30pm Jun 1st, 2016
Poo... Computer won't work with any games that aren't on parents non restriction list :(
3:24pm Jun 1st, 2016
So it's an edu game
3:23pm Jun 1st, 2016
Is it like...a google game?
3:20pm Jun 1st, 2016
The heck is that
3:18pm Jun 1st, 2016
3:17pm Jun 1st, 2016
EX Christmas Event Calander
3:16pm Jun 1st, 2016
I spy
3:15pm Jun 1st, 2016
Not a lot of games you can play on a website lol
3:09pm Jun 1st, 2016
Play what
3:06pm Jun 1st, 2016
Still alive
3:04pm Jun 1st, 2016
What game? Also I'm currently working through some college assignments, so I won't be free for a little bit still.
3:03pm Jun 1st, 2016
I'm busy with my dinos and don't have the time to play anything else at the same time.
2:46pm Jun 1st, 2016
Actually I have to gtg for a few minutes. But I'll message you when I come back and I'll think of some word games in the meantime.
2:41pm Jun 1st, 2016
and a hi again back
2:40pm Jun 1st, 2016
Yeah I'm sure I'm okay. I just take breaks from this game occasionally. What kind of game?
2:34pm Jun 1st, 2016
Haha, nice :D *applauds*
2:24pm Jun 1st, 2016
No they don't have Titanothere.
1:51pm Jun 1st, 2016
Sure, go ahead :)
1:51pm Jun 1st, 2016
Labrador/Golden retriever mix
1:48pm Jun 1st, 2016
Cool. I have yet to actually see Jurassic World. I've only heard things from my brother.
1:46pm Jun 1st, 2016
Have what
1:45pm Jun 1st, 2016
I can't, my dog would eat them.
1:43pm Jun 1st, 2016
Yes. The horns were shaped different and they had armored bodies. The Asian rhino today is a direct descendant of Titanothere and has an armoured body and Is capable of derailing a train without injury.
1:42pm Jun 1st, 2016
Meaning movies which have real actors or movies with digitally drawn/animated characters. Think Disney verses Marvel superhero movies
1:41pm Jun 1st, 2016
Probably not. I'm horrible at explaining my thoughts. It's like my brain is yarn and I need a cat to unravel it.
1:37pm Jun 1st, 2016
Live action films or animated, or both I suppose?
1:35pm Jun 1st, 2016
1:34pm Jun 1st, 2016
.... That doesn't sound right. I think it was... Hang on I'll Google.
1:33pm Jun 1st, 2016
Any series you're a fan of?
1:32pm Jun 1st, 2016
You could be an AI that's uploaded itself into the internet, trying to take over my mind. Or you could be a regular human, but that would be too obvious.
1:31pm Jun 1st, 2016
Haha, no way :D He's great and all, but I honestly don't get why all the girls in the series like him so much :P
1:29pm Jun 1st, 2016
I suppose that's subject to opinion. I personally like them both equally. I also like the... Idk its some sort of prehistoric rhino. I forget the name.
1:29pm Jun 1st, 2016
That's what a killer internet ghost would say
1:26pm Jun 1st, 2016
Nope. Just expecting to be murdered like in a horror movie when I say hello to someone on the internet for the first time.
1:25pm Jun 1st, 2016
1:22pm Jun 1st, 2016
I agree with the saber tooth and dire wolves.
1:22pm Jun 1st, 2016
1:21pm Jun 1st, 2016
They should also have Graciliceratops. It was the only ceratopsian that walked on its hind legs.
1:20pm Jun 1st, 2016
I don't really want that. But for the record there is a Jurassic world game. You're supposed to be able to splice but I never got that far.
1:18pm Jun 1st, 2016
Carnotaurus, Suchomimus, stygimoloch, Sinraptor, Sinornithosaurus, Sigilmassasaurus, Shanxia, saichania, Crylophosaurus, hoplitosaurus, herrerasaurus, and a favorite, Heterodontosaurus. *pant pant* yes those are all dinos.
1:17pm Jun 1st, 2016
He's great :D So are most of the characters. (can't tell at all that Flash Gordon is one of my fandoms can you? :P )
1:16pm Jun 1st, 2016
Oh jeez. Hard to pick. Hadrosaurus, Styracosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus would be fun. But probably have to stay true to my Spinos. Or Deinonychus. Although it'd be fun to be an aquatic dinosaur. Ya know what? I really don't know. Lol
1:05pm Jun 1st, 2016
He is the most brilliantly "skilled" hero of all time... :P
1:03pm Jun 1st, 2016
Flash is always falling off of something or other at the end of episodes, making for cliff hanger endings.
12:53pm Jun 1st, 2016
That is impressive. Oh!! You know what this game need?! Super Croc! It was prehistoric Crocodile that was 30 feet long!
12:45pm Jun 1st, 2016
Haha, yeah. I was in the process of watching one of the shows based of the series at the time I set me mood to that.. :P
12:40pm Jun 1st, 2016
Well you fair amount of Dino's for your age then. :) I think I got into dinosaurs when I was around 6. Maybe younger. But I liked the Land before Time movies and then my brother decided to scare the hell outta me with Jurassic Park.
12:39pm Jun 1st, 2016
Flash Gordon is a classic hero from an old comic series.
12:37pm Jun 1st, 2016
17. You?
12:34pm Jun 1st, 2016
Also the dilopho on here is accurate! :)
12:33pm Jun 1st, 2016
Hi there :)
12:32pm Jun 1st, 2016
Lol I already spent about an hour at the museum. It fascinating.
12:31pm Jun 1st, 2016
:) feeling better now?
12:28pm Jun 1st, 2016
12:25pm Jun 1st, 2016
No problem. :) glad I could be of help. I usually have a morbid sense of humor that makes people want to punch me, but.... Um.. I forgot what my point was there. -_-
12:23pm Jun 1st, 2016
I think you bought most of my dinosaurs XD thanks <3
12:20pm Jun 1st, 2016
12:19pm Jun 1st, 2016
Lol I love the names you pick. They both sound like amazing creatures.
12:13pm Jun 1st, 2016
Anytime. My first pixelated pet death was a horse that was half Fjord half Mustang.... I ALWAYS MISS YOU LUNA! I was seriously depressed for 3 days. Good luck coping. :(
12:06pm Jun 1st, 2016
Ok. I'm sorry about Jux. Its always hard when your first pixelated pet dies. :`( I feel ya pain. I feel it.
12:00pm Jun 1st, 2016
I think Dino's die of old age or poor care. I don't think there's anything you can do.
11:55am Jun 1st, 2016
not much either! just puttering around the site
11:51am Jun 1st, 2016
hey!! what's up, man??
11:48am Jun 1st, 2016
Stupid text limit. How much damage a spino could take.
11:37am Jun 1st, 2016
And how effective the raptors would be at causing actual damage while avoiding being stepped on and getting eaten by a rather massive jaw.
11:36am Jun 1st, 2016
Hmm... I see what you mean.. However if a group of 20-ish raptors ended up fighting spino, I say it could be a coin toss. raptor pack would probably win but if they were by water spino would have the element of surprise. It depends on how much damage a sp
11:35am Jun 1st, 2016
I meant that Spinosaurus wins as my favorite even amongst his smaller, although equally as neat, siblings. For the record however, I don't think raptor packs would have exceeded 20-ish members. Maybe 30.
11:29am Jun 1st, 2016
That's awesome! I also like the other spinosaurians. Angatosaurus, Baronyx, Suchomimus, umm..... I forget the others. But I like em all. But, ya know, the biggest of bunch wins of course.
11:20am Jun 1st, 2016
Do you want another utarapter there in the utha pen
11:19am Jun 1st, 2016
Spinosaurus is my favorite over all Dinos. Even though I have favorites in other species, Spino is soooo cool. Big, Smart, and a swimmer. That's just too awesome. What about you? I know you like Linheraraptors over raptors, but is it your fav dino too?
11:15am Jun 1st, 2016
Oh yeah Duncleosteus. That thing was terrifying. And those teeth... And let's not for get "jaws" the Megalodon. *shudder* the aquatic world back then was terrifying.
10:49am Jun 1st, 2016
Oh yeah. Pliosaurus, elasmisaurus, Kronosaurus (favorite!), and of course Jurassic worlds Mosasaurus, and.... I don't know a lot about the aquatic ones so those are all I really know. Lol
10:40am Jun 1st, 2016
Aquatic dinos would be cool and the cup game is super bad
10:37am Jun 1st, 2016
Played the cup game and lost. I'm also switching around back and forth between other games I play and this one. This is a good game I hope someday they add some aquatic dinos.
10:35am Jun 1st, 2016
Aww you're too kind. :)
10:33am Jun 1st, 2016
Lol geez you really make the most out of this chat system. :) anyway I'm mostly just familiarizing with the game. What are you up too :)
10:32am Jun 1st, 2016
Good, thank you! And how are you?
9:51am Jun 1st, 2016
Is there a text limit? I keep getting cut off. But okay. When I'm ready I'll let you know. :) thanks again.
9:49am Jun 1st, 2016
Goodness!! That sure is nice of you to offer. :) But since I just started the game I'm kinda waiting before I get anymore dinosaurs so I can make sure I know what I'm doing and not get ahead of myself. So thank you very much for offering but for now I'm g
9:46am Jun 1st, 2016
On the game? My utahraptors. But I just started the game yesterday.
9:38am Jun 1st, 2016
Sure what do you want to ask?
9:36am Jun 1st, 2016
They are! I like the double toe claw. *sigh* I want a real pet dinosaur. :( that would so COOL!!!
9:35am Jun 1st, 2016
Omg I just saw a dino in the in game museum called Balaur, its amazing!
9:29am Jun 1st, 2016
Teachers are going absolutely ham over the exams too
9:23am Jun 1st, 2016
Oh linheraraptor. Yep those are interesting. And I fogot about bambiraptors.. I like they're name they're cute.
9:23am Jun 1st, 2016
Hmm. I don't know that one. And its not in my book. What was that one like?
9:16am Jun 1st, 2016
Velociraptor..... Another dino changed in Jurassic park... So who's you favorite raptor? I like Utahraptor and deinonychus.
9:12am Jun 1st, 2016
AAAAH run away! Jk so what's up this time? By the way I forgot to ask, what's your favorite dinosaur?
9:06am Jun 1st, 2016
Well ttyl :)
8:43am Jun 1st, 2016
It also had two large crests over its eyes. And I'm honestly not sure. Perhaps they simply wanted a lizard that did that. And since dilophosaurus means double crested lizard I guess they just got a different image In their head. They changed a lot of dino
8:38am Jun 1st, 2016
No. It was not could not spit venom or tar. However it was 20 feet long and extremely agile with long forearms. And while unable to produce venom, I personally wonder if dilopho had venom like a komodo dragon, if it had any venom at all.
8:31am Jun 1st, 2016
So you live in the USA. That was that I meant with my question if you are american. A simply question. And so we can't know each other, cause I don't live in the USA. Again: why did you write me?
8:28am Jun 1st, 2016
mammoths are up in auction for you.they breed again on the 20th of this month
8:27am Jun 1st, 2016
I suppose its possible. I myself wonder if spinosaurus ate other carnivores as well as herbivores and fish. But ya know what really bugs me? Dilophosaurus. The actual dino I like but every single game with Dino's I've played, gave it a frill.
8:25am Jun 1st, 2016
i will split a mammoth herd an put it on friends only auction for you
8:22am Jun 1st, 2016
Possible perhaps in a one on one confrontation, but it would take some serious skill to win against two at once. It would be possible but it would depend on T. Rex's agility and dexterity. Although t rex may have had small family groups to even out the nu
8:18am Jun 1st, 2016
I don't know. Are you American? And why did you write me?
8:17am Jun 1st, 2016
Sure,no problem.Got plenty of herbivores if u need any herds
8:15am Jun 1st, 2016
A strange question. But I'm sure that we don't know us from a fitness-center.
8:12am Jun 1st, 2016
Ya know how most big carnivores are solitary hunters? T. Rex, Acrocanthasaurus, spinosaurus were all probably solitary hunters. But Giganotosaurus may have hunted in packs of 3 or more. Giga is bigger then Rex but I think smaller then Acro. So that's a lo
8:09am Jun 1st, 2016
From where to example?
8:05am Jun 1st, 2016
Carnivores are definitely neat. Love how there's at least 3 bigger then T.Rex. lol he got dethroned. Usurpers, gotta love em. Also I spelt Acrocanthasaurus wrong.... Hey wanna here something that would be terrifying? Its about the big carnivores.
8:03am Jun 1st, 2016
Do we know each other from somewhere?
8:02am Jun 1st, 2016
LOL Too many. You're talking to a nerd over here. From the raptor family I like all of them but deinonychus is my favorite there. For Ceratopsians I adore Styracosaurus. I like hadrosaurs, most ankylosaur's I like kentrasaurus over stegosaurus and my over
7:56am Jun 1st, 2016
I'm fine, thank you. Hope you too.
7:56am Jun 1st, 2016
I guess so far so good. I kinda just woke up. Glad you're having a good day though. That's always good :)
7:49am Jun 1st, 2016
Well hello to you too.
7:45am Jun 1st, 2016
I'm not sure who you are XD but you posted in my shoutbox! Have a good day too :D
7:31am Jun 1st, 2016
Final exams
7:27am Jun 1st, 2016
7:14am Jun 1st, 2016
Can some one send me new outfits?
7:02am Jun 1st, 2016
I'm great thank you! How about you?
5:27pm May 31st, 2016
1:06pm May 30th, 2016
Dose any one like my out fit?
12:36pm May 30th, 2016
Yeah, most of the spinosaurids are my favourite.. Also microraptors! Do you mean in the game or in general? Also what are your favourites..?
2:31pm May 28th, 2016
8:00am May 26th, 2016
Why, thank you! x} You have really cool raptors yourself.
5:52am May 26th, 2016
5:47am May 26th, 2016
Hi there
4:10pm May 24th, 2016
Aw, thank you. :D
5:14pm May 23rd, 2016
Wow small world aye? *Chuckle*
5:12pm May 23rd, 2016
5:11pm May 23rd, 2016
Do you need something friend?
4:23pm May 23rd, 2016
Good, how are you? :)
1:36pm May 23rd, 2016
5:18am May 22nd, 2016
8:18pm May 20th, 2016
Hi every one!!!!!
4:03pm May 17th, 2016
Good morning!
6:43pm May 11th, 2016
5:32pm May 10th, 2016
8:47pm May 6th, 2016
Thanks! :D
10:08am May 6th, 2016