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Wilson Higgsbury (#33243)

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Hello me!
8:31pm Feb 19th, 2018 he good?
3:55pm Apr 29th, 2015
Take a look at marsh
3:54pm Apr 29th, 2015
What for dinos? i need some dinos that can battle
7:10pm Apr 9th, 2015
That sucks. Are you feeling any better? I'm sure you can get your herbs back up to where they need to be :) *hugs*
6:25am Apr 7th, 2015
how u doing?
5:23am Apr 7th, 2015
dangit u
9:39am Mar 31st, 2015
*is super late* yes hi did you say homestuck
4:35pm Mar 29th, 2015
Fixed! :3
7:24pm Mar 21st, 2015
Thank you! Do you want another lady rex?
4:11pm Mar 18th, 2015
Thank you for the allo! I'll take good care of him. I'm okay on dinos for now tho ;u; *pets you*
8:06am Mar 18th, 2015
I gave you Ten (the black and orange one). If you want, I could give you edgewater as well if you want.
11:44am Mar 17th, 2015
which do you want?
10:22am Mar 17th, 2015
you give me one, I give you one ouo no bums
9:51am Mar 17th, 2015
Thank you for the lil dino ;u; do you want one of my baby rexes? They all females tho
9:35am Mar 17th, 2015
alright :> I will toss the lill fella back at you then ;v;
7:32pm Mar 15th, 2015
oh dear, I don't realy breed much on here anymore :o would you like me to return the spino bab to you? ( that was real sweet tho, thank you for the kind gift even though I am not very active on here anymore ;v;.)
4:00pm Mar 15th, 2015
I didn't plan on breeding them together :3 Thank you for the warning! and thank you again for the spino-dinos! I love them ouo
9:46am Mar 13th, 2015
Thank you very much for the spinos, they're so pretty! I put a thank you on my spino's pen description sense all my spinos came from you.
3:00pm Mar 12th, 2015
Yis >:3
8:40am Mar 12th, 2015
Thank you so much! (:
6:26pm Mar 10th, 2015
You are welcome, my dapper Dino friend! :3
4:04pm Mar 10th, 2015
I love your T-rex wearing a tophat xD
1:07pm Mar 10th, 2015
I can draw you something for free!! :3 you've helped me enough with exhibited
2:23am Mar 10th, 2015
8:49am Mar 9th, 2015
Thanks so much! :)
8:01pm Mar 7th, 2015
Thank you. :D
4:14pm Mar 7th, 2015
Awww! You didn't have to do that....If you need help with anything just let me know. OK?
1:31pm Mar 3rd, 2015
You're welcome! Hope your dino is feeling better now. :)
1:09pm Mar 1st, 2015