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wynter. (#31722)

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Wynter Wonderland Farm
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Joined August 31st, 2014

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"Broken soul heart with a gaping hole"
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I'm Silver Wolf from lioden xD
6:01am Aug 27th, 2015
You're Wynter from lioden, right?
5:58am Aug 27th, 2015
Oh man if I had enough I would so buy Banka and Pirate as well >> Hnnnnng <3 If their still up for sale tomorrow I'll be back to buy them :D Unless you do holds, in which case I'd love to take them I just have to wait until I earn the points for
11:35am Jul 21st, 2015
"Broken soul heart with a gaping hole" "Dig up her bones but leave the soul alone.."
7:41am Jul 20th, 2015
Hey there. It's Malka(#27168) from Lioden :)
4:31pm Oct 23rd, 2014
Have to go now. It's time to go to bed for me. For later I wish you a good night and sweet dreams! *hugs*
3:38pm Oct 19th, 2014
Outsch, not good. From time to time I have a cold. Warm, cold, warm, cold - that's our autumn here.
9:29am Oct 18th, 2014
You still have a cold? It's typically at the moment. I need issues, too. ;)
9:20am Oct 18th, 2014
Of course you can get them via random event. The other way is the nest at april 1st. On that day I got my first one. *g* - And, evil penguin ... How many enemies have you already "killed"? ;)
8:14am Oct 18th, 2014
Got a Lolo-egg via random event. Now I have three in my inventory. *g*
7:29am Oct 18th, 2014
not to bad least its the 1st today so you should be safe to adventure out of the door
4:37am Oct 1st, 2014
Hi hows you doing today
10:18am Sep 30th, 2014
U winter from Lioden?
1:25pm Sep 21st, 2014
4:59am Sep 20th, 2014
Thanks for buying my dinos! Take good care of them!:) -Also if you change your mind I am willing to give refunds.
11:33am Sep 16th, 2014
get better soon <3
6:37am Sep 4th, 2014
being sick even if temporary is no fun just don't do to much get rest as well it will help
1:25pm Sep 3rd, 2014
you can curl up on me that is fine *wraps in a blanket* to feel better
12:56pm Sep 3rd, 2014
your welcome :) tell me if u need some EXD or a free stud
2:57pm Sep 2nd, 2014
just ask if u need any more dinos kk
2:54pm Sep 2nd, 2014
did u get the spino??
2:48pm Sep 2nd, 2014
Hi! Nice to meet you Wynter! Hope you like Exhibited!
2:33pm Sep 2nd, 2014
ok let me get on my other account after school just post something on my other account shoutbox kk
12:10pm Sep 2nd, 2014
hahahaha all i want is u to take care of it go to this Link n choose any one spino u want kk
11:06am Sep 2nd, 2014
good u I heard or read that u wanted a spinosaur n am willing to give u 1 for free if u want 1
11:02am Sep 2nd, 2014
10:58am Sep 2nd, 2014
By that do you mean " Insane cannibalistic psycho", because that seems more likely. XD
8:04pm Sep 1st, 2014