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Hey, i noticed that on your page it says if anyone would like a spino we can message you and buy one. I was just wondering how much you are looking for for a female or a male spino
10:08am Jul 26th, 2015
don't care for parents but for one of them have a red color in it and other one a green color in it and both males too
7:44pm May 12th, 2015
5:47pm May 12th, 2015
5:28pm May 6th, 2015
No problem
5:23pm May 6th, 2015
can u make two baby spinos??
7:33am May 6th, 2015
Thanks for the future baro herd ;)
5:29pm May 4th, 2015
You get them at a secret location. And most of mine already have good perfects. I could get more anytime.
5:28pm May 4th, 2015
I have four of them just sitting in my storage. collecting virtual dust.
5:25pm May 4th, 2015
Most of them you can average out (too much plus too little might equal perfect. Length however you just need to keep working up. Or you can use perfection potions. I have a couple im never using if you want em.
5:23pm May 4th, 2015
Talent. Define perfect?
5:19pm May 4th, 2015
well they kind of kept breeding lol. I sold a lot from last breeding
1:02pm May 4th, 2015
For the herbs can I have two spinos???
6:00am May 1st, 2015
You have to change the temperature of the incubator to what it says :) (Between 91 and 109 I think it was) but this will change all eggs you have to male then... if that's a problem, I'll breed my spino once and have her egg be male :)
3:16am May 1st, 2015
Just to make sure though, I would like the spino to be male (desperately need a male). The egg says female so I just wanted to make sure... ^^ I know it can be overwhelming when breeding for multiple people!
4:53pm Apr 30th, 2015
ok they r up kk here is the link
1:19pm Apr 30th, 2015
Honestly I have no idea XD I have seen them anywhere from 100 - 300k I guess? It depends on a lot more than perfects though, usually. Perfect genetics, colour, everything plays a role :P
12:43am Apr 30th, 2015
ok, if that's the price you want.
8:20pm Apr 29th, 2015
Yes he is, thank you very much ^^
3:57pm Apr 29th, 2015
well, any price you'd think fair. i'd say 5-10k?
7:22pm Apr 28th, 2015
Yes she's great :)
12:52am Apr 28th, 2015
Adding you to friends and putting up the dodos for 0$ bidding. Please bid on them asap!
12:45am Apr 27th, 2015
yea. that sounds good.
8:49pm Apr 26th, 2015
sure, splitting sounds great.
4:18pm Apr 26th, 2015
How many were you looking for? I could probably do a male and 2-3 females at the moment, any more and I might dwindle my numbers too much! Is that fine with you? I can offer chicks so they'll not get too old fast. They should also be A+ once I pull them o
12:08pm Apr 26th, 2015
Yes, a male spino would be great! (My female is a bit lonely). One that has colours kind of like would be great! What kind of herbies would you like though?
1:44am Apr 26th, 2015
uh, let me check. and i can split half of them if you'd like.
9:40pm Apr 25th, 2015
ok thats a deal closed :P
7:07am Apr 25th, 2015
Will give dodo chicks(8 males and 6 females) and woolly calves( 4 males and 4 females)?? Do u have any scales about 2?? Or 500k?? Or I can do the batch of spinos. U choice kk
8:40pm Apr 23rd, 2015
What kind of herbs do u want?? I have dodos, Baros, Hyraco, woollys, Euops, and Enigs
6:35pm Apr 23rd, 2015